• Cheat List

    During gameplay, press CTRL+SHIFT+C, and a prompt will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Enter one of the cheats below to enable the code.

    1000 Simoleonsrosebud
    Add family history stat to current familyhist_add
    Append route destination list to AllRoutes.txt when new route foundwrite_destlist
    Architecture tools automatically set the level as neededauto_level
    Begin sim logging sim_log begin
    Crash game:crash
    Create moat or streamswater_tool
    Create shrunk_text_#.bmp filesshrink_text (font_size) (text)
    Create-a-character modeedit_char
    Disable ''draw all animation frames''draw_all_frames off
    Disable floorable griddraw_floorable off
    Disable map editormap_edit off
    Disable preview animationspreview_anims off
    Disable routing debug balloonsroute_balloons off
    Draw dots at each Sim's origindraw_origins
    Dump memory to core_dump[date:time].txt: core_dump
    Dump most recent list of scored interactions to a filedump_happy
    Dump motive contribution curve to a filedump_mc
    Enable ''draw all animation frames''draw_all_frames on
    Enable floorable griddraw_floorable on
    Enable map editormap_edit on
    Enable review animations preview_anims on
    Enable routing debug balloonsroute_balloons on
    End sim loggingsim_log end
    Execute ''file.cht'' file as a list of cheatscht (filename)
    Fix lot objectsprepare_lot
    Flush to VM file when running Windows NTflush
    Force assertassert
    Import and load specified FAM fileimport (FAM File)
    Invisible objectsgenable_objects off
    Load househouse (house number)
    Log animations in event log window log_animations
    Move any objectmove_objects on
    Prevent browser crashes browser_failsafe
    Programmer statstile_info
    Quit gamequit
    Rebuild control panel/UCP from scratchrebuild_cp
    Refresh character texturerefresh_textures
    Restore tutorialrestore_tut
    Rotate camerarotation (0-3)
    Save family historyhistory
    Save housesave
    Say ''plugh''plugh
    Say ''porntipsguzzardo''porntipsguzzardo
    Say "xyzzy"xyzzy
    Set event logging masklog_mask
    Set game speedsim_speed (-1000-1000)
    Set grass changevalue edit_grass (number)
    Set grass growthgrow_grass (0-150)
    Set lot sizelot_size (number)
    Set menu items to appear for in-use objectsallow_inuse
    Show personality and interestsinterests
    Show tile informationtile_info on
    Sim's path displayeddraw_routes on
    Sim's path hiddendraw_routes off
    Ticks disabledsweep off
    Ticks enabledsweep on
    Toggle assets reportreport_assets
    Toggle automatic object resetauto_reset
    Toggle camera modecam_mode
    Toggle musicmusic
    Toggle object compressionobj_comp
    Toggle sound logsound_log
    Toggle soundssound
    Toggle web page creationhtml
    Total Reloadreload_people
    Trigger sound eventsoundevent

    Contributed By: Jobu Dudley.

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  • Move anything

    Bring up the Cheat box/menu by pressing and holding, control, shift, and C. Then in the box, type ''move_objects on'' without quotes. To disable the cheat, type ''move_objects off'' without quotes.

    This cheat allows you to move anything, at any time, such as sims, or a chair in use, this can be helpful, or risky. Below are some risks of the cheat.

    DO NOT delete your Mailbox or original Trash Can, this can cause problems with your Newspaper, Bills, and Carpool.

    Also, Don't delete your sim without saving first, because when you bring your sim back, (Along with all of his/her needs being full) their Skill/Personality points are back at what they were when you last saved. To bring your sim back, simply click on their ''icon/Face''.

    Oh, one more warning, deleting your sim, and trying to bring him/her back where there is no space, such as over a pool, or crowded room, the game may just shut itself off, likewise, bringing them back over the ''Grey'' area that surrounds your lot can permanetly trap them there, unless you evict the family (Or the game may just shut off).

    Contributed By: Esker.

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  • Money Cheat

    To bring up the cheat menu, press and hold CONTROL, SHIFT, and C. A little gray box will appear.
    In the box, you can type the following codes:

    Rosebud (Gives you 1000 simoleons)
    ! (Type after typing rosebud, gives you 1000 simoleons)
    ; (Seperates exclamation marks. For example, if you typed !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;! you would get 14 000 simoleons)

    Contributed By: Popuri123.

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