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Reviewed: 12/05/04

An instant PC gaming classic....Thanks id!!!

Dooms contribution to the FPS genre, and in PC gaming in particular is huge. When Doom was released, it was easily a smash hit. Not only did the game sport a beautiful graphics engine, but it also provided some of the best pacing in an action game with its single player, and also embraced one of the earliest incarnations of Death-match gaming, and created a frag-fest phenomenom like no other.

Doom was being developed by those folks at id software a small game developing team which had originated from Texas. id software created a series of shareware "Commander Keen" titles, but then surprised the world a little bit with their release of Wolfenstein 3D. However, id softwares following title "doom" would lay a foundation or a blueprint that all FPS games today follow.

The Game was developed at an era in when Stories for Action games didn't quite matter. While the Story of Doom is just a few petty sentences in the Readme file, It isn't as thin as most action games. You just play a role of a Space Marine, who has been exiled in a Mars base called "Phobos". You then wake up, with a surprise to see that the facility has been rundown by Creatures from Hell!! Not very original, but atleast the game had a story.

Graphicswise, the game is a beast. It required a hefty 8mb of ram to play, and atleast 25 Mhz(I think)....the Doom engine is such an improvement over id softwares previous Wolfenstein 3D engine. It sported some better textures, and emphasised a lot on lightning effects. Monsters from the common Infested marines, to those outrageous pig creatures sports much more detail then an ordinary soldier enemy from Wolfenstein 3D. Overall, Doom rules Graphic wise.

The Game plays a little like Wolfenstein 3D. You move around in a 2.5D enviornment, collect keycards to open specific doors, and maybe blast a couple of Baddies back to hell with your BFG. Luckily you can use your Mouse in conjuction with your keyboard to develop a more "Accurate" controls layout. Some Enviornments like gasoline cans can be blowned up using your weapons....and there are also some more traditional obstacles that can keep you from escaping....

However the action just never lets down. This game just skips all that story cinematics crap, and places you in a hellish enviornment, where the only thing that matters is surviving and blowing the head off those annoying Monsters. The game runs fast.....and if you completed the game, you can always replay the game in another difficulty(Goodluck trying to beat it in Nightmare mode).

Overall Doom has all the ingredients to be an instant classic game. No game in history had created such a phenomenom then Doom. It mainstreamed FPS and PC gaming, and even influenced other companies thanks to its Multiplayer options.

I played the game, and had fun. While companies like Valve had defenitly refined the FPS genre more with titles like Half-life, there was no denying that Doom was the first game to Capture so many different markets at once. If you haven't played the game, then I suggest you do...because it happens to be a computer gaming mainstay with the likes of the Greatest PC games(Starcraft, Civilization, Diablo...etc).

If you can find a store where they sell Doom, then defenitly buy it. If you can't, then download the Shareware version of the game, which everyone has probably played already. Doom changed gaming......and it will always be remembered as one of the greatest action titles around.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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