Review by Virgilord

Reviewed: 07/02/04

Ugh, what a mistake this was...

Doom has to be one of the worst games that I have ever played... never have I quite understood what all the hype about it was. Although some of the games in the series were done moderately well, the original was "doom"ed (yeah, I'm funny) from the very beginning, the way I see it. It is just a simple, tedious shooter. There was nothing in particular there that enjoyed.

Graphics: 2/10

Is this some kind of joke? Not once have I looked through the levels and seen a thing resembling variety in them. I'd like to start with the resemblance of them. All of the level designs look almost identical. For example, I'm familiar with that long corridor you'll see at the beginning of a lot of levels. I'm familiar with those dark colors you'll ALWAYS be seeing, and very quickly getting sick of. It's not like they're designed well either. The design is blander than the floor in my house.

Like I mentioned earlier, Doom's graphics are far too dark. I have had endless trouble seeing my way through corridors, to be honest. The enemy sprites are also far too pixilated; it looks like something from a Commodore 64. I mean, get close to an enemy. It looks like a big pile of colors that's just thrown all over your screen. It's certainly nothing I'd call intimidating. This game has also got so much slowdown, I forgot where I was. Truly some of the worst graphics you'll ever seen on a PC.

Music/Sound: 0/10

Every single sound you'll hear in the whole game is either stupid or unrealistic. I mean, in a FPS shooter named Doom you have to try and make a game realistic and creepy, right? This game is about as scary as a kitten. I played this game at midnight, on a very dark night in winter. I had all the lights turned off in the house. I tried to feel like I was even the slightest bit creeped out, from the sound and stuff. Amazingly, I felt just like I had before, only much sleepier.

The music plain sucks, you can hardly hear any of it, and the melody is awful. It's not nearly upbeat enough for me. And that's ALL you need to know. It's all.

Story: 1/10

Aliens have come from two moons near Mars, and are now attacking, and you've got to stop them all! Seriously, all iD Software did was take already unoriginal elements from sci-fi novels and from other games and throw them into a new game. A movie needs to be made out of this game, I'm serious. I should also say this: I managed to complete this whole game, really. It was hard, but I did it. The ending is among the worst I have ever seen. Please, don't complete this, you'll feel like a fool for doing it.

Gameplay: 0/10

This is where Doom walks up a flight of stairs, trips, falls over backwards, and dies. The first ten or twenty minutes of Doom will start out fun, and deliver promising action. After you get past a little of that, it becomes a struggle to play through. No, it becomes a nightmare to play through. From the 4th mission, Doom becomes so repetitive I thought that something was wrong with my computer. I mean, wander down a corridor, kill a monster, open a door, go forward, kill more monsters. Fun for a little while, but if it's a whole, long game, it becomes treacherous.

Doom delivers punishing enemies who will whoop your ass. And hordes of them. I'd like to note this: the AI is the worst in any shooter I've ever played; there are some better ones on the NES. All of them will just go for you and do nothing else... *yawn* Boring, boring. Doom is a very long game with 36 levels. Sometimes it'll take you an hour to beat one of those stages, and after you get past them, you'll wonder why you didn't spend all that time playing a good shooter. Wolfenstein 3D, Goldeneye, hell, almost anything is better than this.

The controls and stuff like that aren't altogether terrible, but what I'd like to point out is: HOW THE HELL CAN YOU JUMP? Your character is that stupid; you need stairs to go up. To make things worse, the weapons in this game are boring and plain unoriginal. I mean, a shotgun, a rocket launcher, some really fast guns, etc... I'm sorry, but we've been there and done that. Dozens of times.

Buy or Rent

Do neither, please. There is no enjoyment here.

Overall: 2/10

This is one of the worst games I've played in a while. If you enjoy boring action we've all seen many times before, pick this up. But otherwise, I do not recommend this game at all, sorry. I'm quite sorry to need to bash the game so strongly, but I just need to express my opinion.

Rating: 2

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