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Reviewed: 12/03/01 | Updated: 05/11/02

36 levels of terror! Can you survive! Or will you meet your DOOM?

Yes, I'm not drunk. Ultimate Doom has 36 levels, divided into four episodes. Episode 1: Knee-Deep in the Dead. Episode 2: The Shores of Hell. Episode 3: Inferno. Episode 4: Thy Flesh Consumed. Everyone had the shareware version of Doom, so they only had 9 levels, or the first episode. But if you paid $40 to ID Software you would have received Episodes 2 and 3. But I was lucky. I actually paid MONEY!! for Ultimate Doom, so I got all four episodes. So here goes:
Story 10/10- The story (at release time) was new and original. So I give it a 10. Everyone should know the story. Everyone but you is dead. So you must kill, kill, kill until your ''flesh is consumed.'' Then you will descend to Hell and destroy it. Then you'll win the first chapter of Doom.
Graphics 9/10- The graphics are Doomy and not that great, but it doesn't bother me.(Since Doom isn't about graphics.)So why am I even reveiwing graphics? Let's move on, then.
Gameplay 10/10- This is where Ultimate Doom shines. Episodes 1 through 4 all use the same controls, so anyone, no matter where they choose to start thanks to the start anywhere feature on real Doom games, can get the hang of it. But what Doom does that no other FPS does is the controls must be manipulated in different ways for different enemies. For example, when facing the Cyberdemon in Episode 2, you want rapid-fire instead of just running from enemies. When facing a Lost Soul, you want to just run. So the controls are always different, no matter how you use them.
Multiplayer 10/10- Deathmatch. This is the jewel of the 21st century. Strange how fun killing your friends can be. You'll stay up late and skip school to kill your friends. Of course, your friends can help clean up the moon bases and Hell itself in Co-op mode. Multiplayer rockx!!
Verdict- Ultimate Doom is the first chapter of Doom. With 4 episodes, 36 levels, secret levels, many enemies, and tons of weapons and collectibles, you're gonna have a blast! And when you finish Ultimate Doom (like who really can?), you'll move onto Doom II: Hell on Earth and finally Final Doom. So get Ultimate Doom. It started the FPS genre and is a living legend in its own time. Thanks for reading this review. Now check out my Doom II: Hell on Earth review and my new Final Doom review.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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