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THE GREAT GAME of all time.

Doom is a phenomenon. A legend. A masterpiece. A timeless classic that forever defined the FPS genre. It is the pinnacle of computer gaming in general.

In 1994, I was not very familiar with computer gaming. I was a young boy, in love with my console games. Until one day when I got a hold of a shareware called DOOM. The rest is history.

What is DOOM? Well, sir/madam. If you own a computer, played or heard of computer ''games'' before, but never heard of DOOM, then with all due respect where were you for the past decade?

I apologize that I must repeat this, but DOOM is the greatest game of all time. Not the greatest action game, or FPS, or even PC game.. but The greatest game of all time.

Allow me to explain this:

Graphics: back in 1993, this game took the world by storm. ID software, now a relatively famous company with fame for making the first FPS ever WOLFENSTEIN 3D. People knew the game was going to be amazing, but no one knew just exactly how amazing the finished product would be. When the shareware was released, it became the best selling shareware ever. It was spread like a plague. The game featured an engine with z-axis (which wolfenstein 3d didn't have) and featured stairs, elevator lifts, outdoor areas, amazing looking structures and so on. The environment was so atomospheric and horrific, it seems as if it were real.

Story: What story? Oh sorry. The story of Doom? Bah! You're a space marine trapped on a mars base which was infested by hell itself!! (Very original, I'm serious! However, the game was not meant to be engaging story-wise).

Gameplay: Kill everthing in sight. You have no friends in hell. This was the first game which features literately legions of enemies on screen and with no slow downs. (unless you have a 386 :)
You have an assortment of modern weaponry from the lowly pistol, to shotguns and chainguns to the devestating BFG 9000 to the cool chainsaw.

Sound/Music: Amazing. (think i've said that before). Every monster had distinctive sounds, and it was really, really SCARY. I still remember the first time I saw a Baron of Hell throwing green fireballs at me...
The music was excellent with slow sad music to upbeat fast tunes. The music was so memorable in fact, I still remember Episode 1 Map 1's music clearly to this day.

Difficulty/Replay Value: Difficulty? From extremely easy, to Nightmare, which is literatelly a nightmare. If you beat the game on nightmare mode without any kind of cheat, then I salute you.

The year is 2001. Doom still has a very active community of fans with many ports to enhance gameplay and graphics from transparency and openGL hi-res support to jumping and freelooking with mouse and countless other features that you could customize the game anyway you want. The fans made countless maps and mods to this game, simply because it's DOOM. 'Nuff said.

If you never played Doom, I can understand as today's games are alot of appealing visually, games like quake III or half life or max payne. However, you owe it to yourself to see what real gaming was all about. It's the least you can do.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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