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Reviewed: 10/15/00 | Updated: 10/15/00

Training kids to kill, one shotgun shell at a time(NOT!).

The most commonly cited ''violent video game'' ever made! Seriously, if you watch any so called ''investigative reporting'' on computer violence, this is all you'll most likely see as an example(I guess Joe Lieberman never saw ''Postal'', thank God) This ranks among Mortal Kombat and Splatterhouse as the innovators of violent action.

Graphics 8/10
The visuals were gorgeous for thier time. While it can't compare to Half-Life of Unreal, you gotta admit these were great grapics for a game released in 1994. Of course, there is the hideous pixelation that occurs when you walk right up to a wall or an object, but that was common back in the days anyway.

Sounds 8/10
The music was really cool and fit the DOOM environment rather well, too bad they removed ALL of it in the PSX version(Grrrrrr....). The sound FX such as gunshots and demons growling were all convincing enough, but did anyone notice that the zombie guys make noises like a camel when they die?

Story 5/10
Hmmm.... There's not much revealed in the game itself so much of the storyline is in the readme packed with the game. It has something to do with Demons coming through a transdimensional portal and destroying an occupied facilty on Mars, and you're with the guys sent in to find out what happened. Demons make quick work of your comrades and leave you all alone with a pistol and your trusty brass knukles. what happens from there is up to you.

Control 10/10
Nuthin' much here, the control is near perfect.

Fun Factor&Replay value 7/10
This game brought the FPS genre into wide notice, so it had to be really fun to get people's attention. Blood alone doesn't make a game! Several games came out solely for the shock value they'd generate and they FAILED (Anybody remember Rise of the Triad? I rest my case). But Doom stood out because of several reasons; It was darker and scarier than any FPS games out at that period, it had a better Build
Engine used to create its large levels, and you could use a shotgun(which was curiously missing from all those other shooters)! However, using cheat codes KILLS the gaming experience. Tempted as you may be, don't use 'em!! Not to mention tons of patches, levels, and total conversions can be used to alter the game to your tastes, only adding to the replay.

Overall 9/10
Take 10,000 savage demons, 27 huge levels, 7 killer weapons
and 1 really pissed off marine and throw it all together and you've got one badass congressman-irking First Person Shooter on your hands! Grab the Shareware now! Then buy a copy of the game! You won't be disappointed

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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