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Disposable Like A Diaper, But He Doesn't Take Any Crap

You are Scud, the coolest robot assassin to ever be dispensed from a vending machine - a coin operated killer hellbent on customer satisfaction. Programmed to self destruct, but intent on sticking around quite a bit longer, you must now protect the same twisted freak that you were hired to wax in the first place.

So go ahead, plug away while you still have the chance. Grab your twin magnums and blast the crap out of every mutant pervert and senseless droid that crosses your path as you make your way through the bizarre world of Scud: Industrial Evolution.

Because you just never know when it'll be time to meet your maker.

*Go Solo - Multiple-mission/single-player mode challenges you to bury everyone - except your assigned target!
*Fire On Your Friends - Waste up to 16 of your truly best friends simultaneously over LAN or HEAT.NET!
*More Loaded Than A Sailor On Saturday Night - Tons of power-ups and weaponry, including proximity mines, bouncing bullets, and hologram decoys.
*Go Berzerk On Everything In Sight - Match firepower with an unforgiving army of human, mutant, and robotic freaks.
*Speak To The Dead - Exclusive "Chat" feature allows you to taunt your opponents before blowing them into the abyss.
*Rage As Your Favorite Assassin - Choose from three Scud assassins to command, including Scud, Oswald and S.A.M.
*Compete On HEAT.NET - Experience true multiplayer mayhem on HEAT.NET, the Internet Game Network. Includes three months free premium membership.

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