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    Scavenging Guide by Wraith10x

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    Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
    Scavenging FAQ
    Copyright 2009
    Wraith10 wraith_10_@hotmail.com
    Version 1.0
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    Version History
    1.0 First Edition
    Section 1: General FAQ Questions
    1. What is the difference between crafting and gathering?
    Crafting skills allow the player to make new items from smaller components. 
    Gathering skills allow players to collect the components used in crafting.
    2. How many crafting and gathering skills can I have?
    You may have 1 crafting and 1 gathering skill for a total of 2. 
    3. What crafting and gathering skills are there?
    Crafting: Apothecary, Talisman Making
    Gathering: Scavenging, Salvaging, Butchering, Cultivation
    4. What is scavenging?
    Scavenging is searching humanoid corpses for resources. You may also scavenge
    enemy player corpses. 
    5. Where can I train scavenging?
    Trainers are located in your chapter 2 quest location or The Inevitable City 
    (Destruction) and Altdorf (Order)
    6. I don't want to scavenge how do I switch to butchering?
    As of patch 1.2 you can respec for free to butchering. You will need to visit
    Lorne Foulsteel in The Inevitable City (Destruction) or Elsbeth Reiss in Altdorf
    (Order). They will give you the quest "Welcome to the Meat Market" which will
    let you train in Butchering if you had Scavenging. You will then have the same
    level in Butchering that you had in Scavenging. 
    7. How do I switch to a trade other than butchering?
    Talk to a trainer of the desired trade. Please note you will have to start over
    at your base skill level in your new trade and will permanently lose your 
    scavenging skill. 
    8. What is the purpose of epic quality (purple) fragments?
    Epic quality fragments will produce permanent Talismans when used with the 
    Talisman making skill. Non-epic fragments in contrast will have a duration and
    then expire when the duration is up. 
    9. I thought scavenging was supposed to give apothecary components?
    This was changed which is why you are given a free respec to butchering if you
    choose. Please see question 6 for how to switch. Or question 7 if you would
    now rather learn cultivating. 
    10. What crafting skill should I take to go with scavenging?
    Talisman Making uses the containers, fragments, curios and gold dust you 
    scavenge. As of patch 1.2 butchering is now the skill of choice for apothecary. 
    11. What is the max skill in scavenging?
    12. If I didn't train scavenging in tier 1 do I have to go kill low level mobs?
    No. You can kill and scavenge mobs of any level to level up scavenging. This
    means you do not have to go back to lower tiers just to level up the skill. 
    13. Why is my scavenging skill not going up anymore?
    Assuming you are not at the 200 cap you need to scavenge higher level creatures
    for your skill to continue to increase. You will probably find a cap of around
    50-60 points per tier and then have to move up to the next tier. 
    14. How do I use the skill?
    First loot a corpse so it no longer sparkles and gives you the hand icon. Your
    icon should change to a pair of pliers. Click the corpse as if you are going
    to loot it again to scavenge. 
    15. It won't let me scavenge a corpse. 
    It must be a humanoid corpse or an enemy player. There also needs to be no 
    loot left on it. Finally if it was killed by someone else it may take a short
    time until the corpse becomes open to other players to scavenge. There is also
    a bug with some female models that will not allow scavenging. This bug has
    been re-occuring since beta and there is no confirmation that it is permanently
    fixed yet. 
    Section 2: Scavenged Components
    1. What can I scavenge?
    You can scavenge containers, fragments, curios and gold dust
    2. Do scavenged components stack in my inventory?
    Identical components stack.
    3. How do you determine the level of the components you will scavenge?
    Component level is roughly 5 times the level of the mob you scavenged. This 
    means that level 10 mobs drop around level 50 components and so on. The actual
    drops follow more of a curved pattern. If you have low scavenging skill the 
    components may be of lower quality until you raise your skill. 
    4. Do more powerful mobs (heroes, champions) give better components?
    Yes there is a chance for better components but it is not guaranteed.
    5. Do better components give better talismans?
    Yes better components give talismans of more power. The fragment being the 
    most important part. 
    6. Do better components give more chance of a skillup?
    It appears that they do. Just how much more of a chance is unsure.
    Section 3: Fragment List
    1. What are fragments?
    Fragments are the main and one of two required components for talisman making.
    Each fragment will have a stat such as willpower. The stat on the fragment will
    be the same as the stat on the finished talisman. 
    2. What is the purpose of epic quality (purple) fragments?
    Epic quality fragments will produce permanent Talismans when used with the 
    Talisman making skill. Non-epic fragments in contrast will have a duration and
    then expire when the duration is up. 
    3. How much can I sell scavenged fragments for?
    Epic fragments sell for 2 silver, normal sell for 10 brass
    4. What is the skill level on the fragment for?
    You cannot use fragments if you do not have a high enough skill in talisman
    5. How do I get fragments that are blue/green quality?
    Those are from salvaging not scavenging. 
    *fragments listed below are white unless specified as epic (purple)
    Fragments - Skill Level 1
    Roaring Sorrel Heart (epic) - ballistic
    Lethal Lavender Frost (epic) - intelligence
    Gust of Indigo Haze (epic) - willpower 
    Primal Rugged Debris (epic) - strength
    Snarling Sorrel Heart - ballistic
    Sparkling Carmine Ingot - weapon skill
    Wispy Indigo Haze - willpower
    Nascent Beryl Dust - resist
    Blurred Slate Fiber - initiative
    Flickering Incandescent Glimmer - resist
    Glowing Flaxen Nugget - armor
    Noble Entrancing Gauze - resist
    Barbarous Rugged Debris - strength
    Deviant Insulating Brand - toughness
    Venomous Lavender Frost - intelligence
    Rough Charcoal Sand - wounds 
    Fragments - skill level 25
    Roaring Russet Heart (epic) - ballistic
    Lethal Orchid Frost (epic) - intelligence
    Gust of Viridian Haze (epic) - willpower
    Primal Sturdy Debris (epic) - strength
    Snarling Russet Heart - ballistic
    Venomous Orchid Frost - intelligence
    Flickering Lucid Glimmer - resist
    Wispy Viridian Haze - willpower 
    Sparkling Scarlet Ingot - weapon skill
    Glowing Honeyed Nugget - armor
    Blurred Smokey Fiber - initiative
    Noble Mystic Gauze - resist
    Deviant Protective Brand - toughness
    Dense Ebon Sand - wounds
    Nascent Malachite Dust - resist
    Barbarous Sturdy Debris - strength
    Fragments - skill level 50
    Roaring Umber Heart (epic) - ballistic
    Lethal Violet Frost (epic) - intelligence
    Gust of Azure Haze (epic) - willpower
    Primal Potent Debris (epic) - strength
    Snarling Umber Heart - ballistic
    Wispy Azure Haze - willpower
    Flickering Fiery Glimmer - resist
    Nascent Nephrite Dust - resist
    Glowing Golden Nugget - armor
    Venomous Violet Frost - intelligence
    Noble Thaumaturgical Gauze - resist
    Barbarous Potent Debris - strength
    Blurred Leaden Fiber - initiative
    Dense Sable Sand - wounds
    Sparkling Vermillion Ingot - weapon skill
    Deviant Warding Brand - toughness
    Fragments - skill level 75
    Roaring Bister Heart (epic) - ballistic
    Lethal Perse Frost (epic) - intelligence
    Gust of Cerulean Haze (epic) - willpower
    Primal Mighty Debris (epic) - strength
    Snarling Bister Heart - ballistic
    Venomous Perse Frost - intelligence
    Wispy Cerulean Haze - willpower
    Barbarous Mighty Debris - strength 
    Flickering Fervent Glimmer - resist
    Blurred Ashen Fiber - initiative
    Glowing Aurulent Nugget - armor
    Noble Runic Gauze - resist
    Nascent Emerald Dust - resist
    Deviant Guarding Brand - toughness
    Sparkling Sanguine Ingot - weapon skill
    Dense Jet Sand - wounds
    Fragments - skill level 100
    Roaring Amber Heart (epic)- ballistic
    Lethal Amethyst Frost (epic) - intelligence
    Gust of Sapphire Haze (epic) - willpower
    Primal Puissant Debris (epic) - strength 
    Nascent Jade Dust - resist
    Snarling Amber Heart - ballistic
    Flickering Ardent Glimmer - resist
    Glowing Aureate Nugget - armor
    Wispy Sapphire Haze - willpower
    Barbarous Puissant Debris - strength
    Venomous Amethyst Frost - intelligence
    Blurred Cinereal Fiber - initiative
    Noble Sorcerous Gauze - resist
    Sparking Crimson Ingot - weapon skill
    Dense Obsidian Sand - wounds
    Deviant Shielding Brand - toughness
    Fragments - skill level 125
    Roaring Sorrel Core (epic) - ballistic
    Lethal Lavender Ice (epic) - intelligence
    Gust of Indigo Gloom (epic) - willpower
    Primal Rugged Slag (epic) - strength 
    Noble Entrance Linen - resist
    Snarling Sorrel Core - ballistic 
    Venomous Lavender Ice - intelligence
    Nascent Beryl Shard - resist
    Barbarous Rugged Slag - strength
    Blurred Slate Thread - initiative
    Glowing Flaxen Ore - armor 
    Deviant Insulating Mark - toughness
    Wispy Indigo Gloom - willpower 
    Flickering Incandescent Emanation - resist
    Sparking Carmine Rod - weapon skill 
    Dense Charcoal Pebble - wounds
    Fragments - skill level 150
    Roaring Russet Core (epic) - ballistic
    Lethal Orchid Ice (epic) - intelligence
    Primal Sturdy Slag (epic) - strength
    Gust of Viridian Gloom (epic) - willpower
    Snarling Russet Core - ballistic
    Nascent Malachite Shard - resist
    Noble Mystic Linen - resist
    Barbarous Sturdy Slag - strength
    Venomous Orchid Ice - intelligence
    Blurred Smokey Thread - initiative 
    Deviant Protective Mark - toughness
    Wispy Viridian Gloom - willpower
    Glowing Amber Ore - armor
    Dense Ebon Pebble - wounds
    Flickering Lucid Emanation - resist
    Sparking Scarlet Rod - weapon skill
    Fragments - skill level 175
    Roaring Umber Core (epic) - ballistic
    Lethal Violet Ice (epic) - intelligence
    Gust of Azure Gloom (epic) - willpower
    Primal Porten Slag (epic) - strength
    Noble Thaumaturgical Linen - resist 
    Snarling Umber Core - ballistic
    Venomous Violet Ice - intelligence
    Barbarious Potent Slag - strength
    Blurred Leaden Thread - initiative
    Deviant Warding Mark - toughness
    Nascent Nephrite Shard - resist
    Wispy Azure Gloom - willpower
    Glowing Golden Ore - armor 
    Flickering Fiery Emanation - resist
    Sparking Vermillion Rod - weapon skill
    Dense Sable Pebble - wounds
    Fragments - skill level 200
    Roaring Amber Core (epic) - ballistic
    Lethal Amethyst Ice (epic) - intelligence
    Lethal Perse Ice (epic) - intelligence
    Roaring Bister Core (epic) - ballistic
    Primal Puissant Slag (epic) - strength
    Primal Mighty Slag (epic) - strength
    Gust of Cerulean Gloom (epic) - willpower 
    Gust of Sapphire Gloom (epic) - willpower
    Snarling Bister Core - ballistic
    Noble Runic Linen - resist
    Nascent Jade Shard - resist
    Deviant Shielding Mark - toughness
    Nascent Emerald Shard - resist
    Snarling Amber Core - ballistic
    Venomous Amethyst Ice - intelligence
    Deviant Guarding Mark - toughness
    Dense Obsidian Pebble - wounds
    Barbarous Puissant Slag - strength 
    Noble Sorcerous Linen - resist
    Blurred Ashen Thread - initiative
    Blurred Cinereal Thread - initiative
    Dense Jet Pebble - wounds
    Barabarious Mighty Slag - strength
    Venomous Perse Ice - intelligence
    Glowing Aurulent Ore - armor
    Flickering Arden Emanation - resist
    Flickering Fervent Emanation - resist
    Sparking Sanguine Rod - weapon skill 
    Wispy Cerulean Gloom - willpower
    Wispy Sapphire Gloom - willpower
    Glowing Aureate Ore - armor
    Sparking Crimson Rod - weapon skill
    Section 3: Curio List
    1. What are curios?
    Curios are components for talisman making. They add to the strength of the 
    finished talisman.
    2. What is the purpose of green/blue/purple quality curios?
    Higher quality curios will add more power to the finished talisman. 
    3. How much can I sell scavenged curios for?
    White/green curios sell for 1 brass, blue/purple sell for 5 brass. 
    4. What is the skill level on the curios for?
    You cannot use curios if you do not have a high enough skill in talisman
    Curios - Skill Level 1
    Mojo Coin (white)
    Gold Skeleton (green)
    Heirloom Pocketwatch (blue)
    Family Signet (purple)
    Curios - Skill Level 25
    Rabbit's Foot (white)
    Thrown Horseshoe (green)
    Diviner's Soothsaying Dice (blue)
    Auspicious Scarab (purple)
    Curios - Skill Level 50
    Ghostly Knucklebones (white)
    Lich Finger (green)
    Lovelost Amulet (blue)
    Everliving Eye (purple)
    Curios - Skill Level 75
    Bizarre Pendant (white)
    Oddly Glowing Gem (green)
    Arcane Brooch (blue)
    Cathayan Jade Figurine (purple)
    Curios - Skill Level 100
    Thaumaturgic Seal (white)
    Hexxing Doll (green)
    Shrunken Head (blue)
    Canopic Jar (purple)
    Curios - Skill Level 125
    Pilgrim's Prayer Beads (white)
    Ecclesiastic Symbol (green)
    Horned Effigy (blue)
    Timeworn Statuette (purple)
    Curios - Skill Level 150
    Steelcap Mushrrom (white)
    Primeval Spinel (green)
    Primordial Petrified Root (blue)
    Eight Leaf Clover (purple)
    Curios - Skill Level 175
    Sabretusk Canine (white)
    Griffon Talon Fetish (green)
    Rhinox Horn (blue)
    Carnosaur Stinger (purple)
    Curios - Skill Level 200
    Forgotten Soldier's Insignia (white)
    Bitherstone Arrowhead (white)
    Memento of Home (green)
    Ashlar of Eight Peaks (green)
    War-Hardened Heart (blue)
    Lahmian Charm Bracelet (blue)
    Cathayan Dragon Disc (purple)
    Paragon's Ashes (purple)
    Section 4: Gold Dust List
    1. What are gold dusts?
    They are components for talisman making. They add to the strength of the 
    finished talisman.
    2. What is the purpose of green/blue/purple quality curios?
    Higher quality curios will add more power to the finished talisman. 
    3. How much can I sell scavenged gold dusts for?
    White sell for 1 brass, green sell for 5 brass. 
    4. What is the skill level on the gold dusts for?
    You cannot use gold dusts if you do not have a high enough skill in talisman
    Gold Dusts - Level 1
    Impure Gold Dust (white)
    Curious Gold Dust (green)
    Gold Dusts - Level 25
    Coarse Gold Dust (white)
    Unusual Gold Dust (green)
    Gold Dusts - Level 50
    Granulated Gold Dust (white)
    Dim Gold Dust (green)
    Gold Dusts - Level 75
    Powdery Gold Dust (white)
    Glowing Gold Dust (green)
    Gold Dusts - Level 100
    Crude Gold Dust (white)
    Incandescent (green)
    Gold Dusts - Level 125
    Fine Gold Dust (white)
    Radiant Gold Dust (green)
    Gold Dusts - Level 150
    Refined Gold Dust (white)
    Lambent Gold Dust (green)
    Gold Dusts - Level 175
    Polished Gold Dust (white)
    Lucent Gold Dust (green)
    Gold Dusts - Level 200
    Flawless Gold Dust (white)
    Refulgent Gold Dust (green)
    Section 5: Container List
    1. Do containers add power to the finished talisman?
    The top level container adds slighly to power (+1) but no other containers add
    to power. 
    2. What is the difference between containers?
    It will slighly increase your chance of a critical success so you "make
    something awesome". Containers have a 1%-5% chance to do this as they go up
    in quality. 
    3. Do I need to use higher level containers to skill up?
    No you can continue using level one containers.
    Apprentice's Relic Box (white) level 1 [sell:62 brass]
    Journeyman's Relic Box (white) level 50 [sell:1 silver, 20 brass]
    Craftsman's Relic Box (green) level 100 [sell:5 silver]
    Artisan's Relic Box (blue) level 150 [sell:4 silver, 87 brass]
    Master Artificer's Reliquary (blue) level 200 [sell:5 silver, 68 brass]
    Quick Reference Chart
    Vendor Prices
    Component           White             Green           Blue        Purple
    Fragment            10 brass          N/A            N/A          2 silver
    Curio               1 brass           1 brass        5 brass      5 brass
    Gold Dust           1 brass           5 brass        N/A          N/A 
    Container           62b/1s20b         5 silver       4s87b        5s68b

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