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Reviewed: 04/25/03 | Updated: 04/26/03

Copycat tangos

The second sequel to Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear for the Personal Computer (PC). What makes this game so unique is that Redstorm is integrated into Ubi Soft. Meaning that Redstorm handed the license to produce the game to the market and instead, Redstorm is now the developer and Ubi Soft is officially responsible for distributing the game into the world market. So, this is the first game in the Rainbow Six series to be marketed by Ubi Soft. Another thing here is that there are no new operatives but instead, only new weapons included in the arsenal. Oh well! Even though that there are little changes in this little improved game (nah!), it's still a good action game to play with, since I'm a Rainbow Six and a Tom Clancy fan. So, here goes for this review.


A new surge of terrorist attacks have been in the world news after the Rainbow team has taken care of Azeri crime lord Vezirzade and Russian mafia leader Maxim Kutkin. What only makes these terrorist attacks very unique from other kinds of terrorist attacks known in the history of terrorism is that these incidents have been staged before in the 20th Century during the Cold War and to make thing even more worse, someone is paying mercenaries to stage them for world attention. NATO and UN officials, as well as John Clark, has called on the Rainbow team to step into the situations and quell again the terrorist incidents and prevent them from happening again. As more anti-terrorist attacks continue, Rainbow intelligence later finds out that a supposed Rainbow recruit named David Newcastle is responsible for all of the events taking place, who became a bad guy from an unfortunate incident, which I can't tell...

It'll remain a secret until you play the game itself.


Still the same here, nothing hasn't changed yet (Oh come one, why can't they make new changes?). I wish they could improve this for the next, next sequel, Raven Shield. ''Nuff said here.


So's here too. Nothing here has also changed (Also here, why can't they do something about this?). But, I think that they've further improved it with the sound effects and the background music. 'Nuff said also here too.


Like I said before, there are mission maps planned. But, you can alternate them to see if they can help your mission better without any casualties. So, experiment, plan and test to see if they'll do good.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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