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FAQ by mighty mosquito

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 08/25/2002

NHL 2002 FAQ/Strategy Guide

Author:  mighty mosquito <mighty_mosquito@hotmail.com>
Version 0.2
Last update: August 2002

1.  Legal
2.  Version History
3.  Controls
4.  Teams and Players
5.  The Game [in operation]
6.  Strategy [coming soon]
7.  Review [coming soon]
8.  Credits/Thanks

1.	L E G A L

This document is strictly copyright by mighty mosquito.  It 
should appear on <http://www.gamefaqs.com>, 
<http://dlh.net>, <http://www.neoseeker.com>, and nowhere 
else!  If I find it on another site, especially without my 
permission, I will sue!  If you really want this FAQ on 
your site, you must e-mail me first and clearly mention my 
name when you post it.  You are not allowed to print many 
times or photocopy and sell this.  If you are unsure if you 
can do something or if you have any questions or comments, 
feel free to e-mail me at <mighty_mosquito@hotmail.com>.  
And no, I am not a fan of junk mail, chain letters, and 
letters that were sent to me for no reason at all.  If the 
e-mail is not strictly about this FAQ or about writing 
FAQs, then I will block you without hesitation and if you 
do have a question or comment, it will never get to me.  If 
you want to e-mail me about helpful tips and additions to 
add into my FAQ, it is encouraged.  You will get full 
credit for what you wrote and your name will be added to 
the Credits/Thanks section for everybody to see.  Oh, and 
before I forget, no plagiarism either.  It's my pet peeve 
and it's not permitted.  

(if you don't know what plagiarism means, it means copying 
my work and putting your name on it)

2.  V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y  

08/25/2002 - I'm back.  I've fixed my margins that used to 
be way too small; I've given the permission for 2 new sites 
to post my FAQ (see legal section); I've fixed a couple of 
minor spelling changes. (Version 0.2)

08/19/2002 - Initial release.  I've done enough for now and 
I'll be back in 1 week (Version 0.1)

08/13/2002 - Started writing my FAQ :P (Version 0.0)

FAQ Notes: 

Yes, this is my first FAQ, so if you don't like it, don't 
worry, because they'll improve.

I am a Canadian and I am using Canadian spelling. (No, I do 
not have a pet beaver)

On to the FAQ!

3.  C O N T R O L S

Keyboard / Gravis Gamepad Pro / SideWinder

Player with Puck:

Shoot         (Spacebar)/(Button 1)/(A)
Pass          (C)/(Button 2)/(B)
Speed burst   (X)/(Button 3)/(C)
Deke          (Z)/(Button 4)/(X)

Player without Puck:

Hook          (Spacebar)/(Button 1)/(A)
Hold          (Spacebar)/(Button 1)/(A)
Block shot    (Spacebar)/(Button 1)/(A)
Change player (C)/(Button 2)/(B)
Speed burst   (X)/(Button 3)/(C)
Body Check    (X)/(Button 3)/(C)
Big Hit       (Z)/(Button 4)/(X)

Goalie with puck:

Pass          (C)/(Button 2)/(B)
Clear puck    (Spacebar)/(Button 1)/(A)

Goalie without puck:

Save attempt  (X)/(Button 3)/(C)+hold
Free skate    (S)/(Button 8)/(Right Trigger)+hold

Face offs:

Draw puck     (C)/(Button 2)/(B)
Big hit       (Z)/(Button 4)/(X)


High punch    (Spacebar)/(Button 1)/(A)
Low punch     (C)/(Button 2)/(B)


Change lines  (F1)-(F4) Away
              (F5)-(F9) Home /(Button 7)/                      
              (Left Trigger)

Additional controls:

Skate backwards(B)/(Button 6)/(Z)
Deflection     (D)/(Button 5)/(Y)
Block shot     (D)/(Button 5)/(Y)
Reverse the
camera angle   (Tab)
Change cameras (Ctrl)+(F1)-(F8)


Pause game     (Esc)/(Button 10/Start)/(M)
Slap shot      (Spacebar)/(Button 1)/(A)+hold
Saucer pass    (C)/(Button 2)/(B)+hold

4.  T E A M S & P L A Y E R S

Teams are rated by several factors including goaltending, 
powerplay, defense, scoring, etc.

NHL TEAMS (alphabetical order):
(team - overall rating)

Anaheim - 81
Atlanta - 75
Boston - 80
Buffalo - 82
Calgary - 79
Carolina - 80
Chicago - 79
Colorado - 84
Columbus - 79
Dallas - 88
Detroit - 84
Edmonton - 82
Florida - 77
Los Angeles - 82
Minnesota - 78
Montreal - 80
Nashville - 81
New Jersey - 84
New York Islanders - 78
New York Rangers - 79
Ottawa - 83
Philadelphia - 84
Phoenix - 82
Pittsburgh - 78
St. Louis - 83
San Jose - 84
Tampa Bay - 79
Toronto - 83
Vancouver - 80
Washington - 85


Eastern Conference - 92
Western Conference - 92
North America - 94
World - 92


Austria - 76
Belarus - 76
Canada - 94
Czech Republic - 89
Finland - 82
France - 73
Germany - 77
Great Britain - 75
Italy - 72
Japan - 76
Kazakhstan - 73
Latvia - 75
Norway - 72
Poland - 76
Russia - 87
Slovakia - 85
Sweden - 87
Switzerland - 75
Ukraine - 76
USA - 90

Players are rated by many factors including Speed, Agility, 
Shot Power, Shot Accuracy, etc.

(Team - Player1 - Overall rating, Player2 - Overall rating, 
Player 3 - Overall rating, etc.)

Anaheim - P. Kariya - 89, J. Friesen - 86, S. Rucchin - 85

Atlanta - R. Ferraro - 83, P. Stefan - 83, L. Bartecko - 
79, S. Guolla - 79

Boston - J. Allison - 88, B. Guerin - 88, J. Thornton - 87

Buffalo - S. Barnes - 85, C. Gratton - 83, M. Satan - 83

Calgary - J. Iginla - 87, C. Conroy - 82, M. Savard - 82

Carolina - J. O'Neill - 88, R. Brind'Amour - 87, S. Kapanen 
- 84

Chicago - T. Amonte - 88, A. Zhamnov - 86, M. Nylander - 84

Colorado - J. Sakic - 94, P. Forsberg - 93, R. Blake - 89

Columbus - M. Sillinger - 85, G. Sanderson - 84, S. Aubin - 

Dallas - M. Modano - 91, J. Nieuwendyk - 85, D. Hatcher - 
84, P. Turgeon - 84

Detroit - S. Fedorov - 92, S. Yzerman - 90, B. Shanahan - 

Edmonton - R. Smyth - 85, A. Carter - 83, T. Marchant - 83

Florida - P. Bure - 87, V. Bure - 83, V. Kozlov - 81   

Los Angeles - Z. Palffy - 86, A. Deadmarsh - 85, B. 
Smolinski - 84

Minnesota - W. Walz - 85, M. Gaborik - 79, A. Brunette - 
78, D. Hendrickson - 78, S. Roest - 78, L. Sekeras - 78

Montreal - S. Koivu - 84, M. Rucinsky - 82, P. Brisebois - 
81, J. Juneau - 81

Nashville - S. Walker - 84, G. Johnson - 83, C. Ronning - 

New Jersey - P. Elias - 89, J. Arnott - 86, S. Niedermayer 
- 85

New York Islanders - B. Isbister - 86, M. Peca - 86, M. 
Czerkawski - 85, A. Yashin - 85

New York Rangers - T. Fleury - 88, P. Nedved - 86, B. 
Leetch - 85, M. Messier - 85

Ottawa - M. Hossa - 86, R. Bonk - 85, W. Redden - 85

Philadelphia - J. Roenick - 91, M. Recchi - 90, E. Lindros 
- 89

Phoenix - S. Doan - 85, M. Handzus - 84, C. Lemieux - 82, 
T. Numminen - 82

Pittsburgh - M. Lemieux - 94, A. Kovalev - 91, M. Straka - 

St. Louis - D. Weight - 86, P. Demitra - 85, C. Pronger - 

San Jose - O. Nolan - 91, P. Marleau - 86, T. Selanne - 86

Tampa Bay - V. Lecavalier - 87, B. Holzinger - 81, F. Modin 
- 81

Toronto - M. Sundin - 88, G. Roberts - 86, A. Mogilny - 84

Vancouver - M. Naslund - 89, T. Bertuzzi - 85, E. 
Jovanovski - 84

Washington - J. Jagr - 92, P. Bondra - 88, T. Linden - 87

TOP DEFENSEMEN (overall rating of at least 84):

Rob Blake - 89
Brian Leetch - 85
Scott Niedermayer - 85
Chris Pronger - 85
Wade Redden - 85
Eric Desjardins - 84
Derian Hatcher - 84
Ed Jovanovski - 84
Nicklas Lidstrom - 84

TOP FORWARDS (overall rating of at least 90):

Mario Lemieux - 94
Joe Sakic - 94
Peter Forsberg - 93
Sergei Fedorov - 92
Jaromir Jagr - 92
Alexei Kovalev - 91
Mike Modano - 91
Owen Nolan - 91
Jeremy Roenick - 91
Mark Recchi - 90
Steve Yzerman - 90

TOP GOALTENDERS (overall rating of at least 90):

Dominik Hasek (DET) - 96
Curtis Joseph (TOR) - 92
Sean Burke (PHX) - 91
Roman Cechmanek (PHA) - 91
Mike Dunham (NSH) - 91
Olaf Kolzig (WAS) - 91
Patrick Roy (COL) - 91
Tommy Salo (EDM) - 91
Martin Brodeur (NJD) - 90
Patrick Lalime (OTT) - 90

5.  T H E  G A M E


After you start up NHL 2002, you will be at the main menu.  
The options are "Play Now", "Game Modes", "NHL Cards", 
"Customization", "Play Online Now", and "Online Game 
Modes".  These are the selections I will be discussing in 
this chapter.

At the bottom of your screen, you will see an options bar.  
The first icon on the left-hand side is a hand with an "X" 
on its palm.  If you select this, you will quit to windows.  
The next icon is 2 cards.  If you select this, you will go 
to the NHL Cards screen (scroll down to see part on NHL 
Cards).  To the right of that icon is a video camera icon.  
If you select that icon, you can view a saved highlight.  
The next icon is a floppy disk.  If you select that, you 
can load a previously saved "Play Now" game.  After the 
disk, there will be a "stick with three arrows".  So help 
me!  That's my best description!  Anyways, if you select 
this icon, you will be able to edit your rules and options.  
The next icon is a hockey player.  If you select this icon, 
then you will get options that a coach would have (example 
- edit lines, view prospects, trade).  The last icon on the 
right-most portion of the options bar is a graph.  If you 
select this icon, then you can view statistics by team, 
player, or position.  

On to the main menu options:  


Brief description (as taken from the manual):  
Play against the opponent of your choice in an NHL pre-
season or International type game.   

So you start up NHL 2002 on your PC for the very first time 
and you don't know anything about this game, so you feel 
the safest choice is to click "Play Now".  Smart choice, 
because this is the simplest and quickest.  

After you select "Play Now", there will be a screen titled 
"Game Setup".  The "Game Setup" screen is a screen where 
you can choose your team, skill level, profile, and 
controller.  For your skill level, you can choose between 
"Beginner", "Easy", "Medium", or "Difficult".  If you've 
never played any NHL or EA Sports game before, then I 
suggest beginner level.  If you've played an NHL game 
before, then I suggest one or two beginner games only to 
get the feel of the game, and then move on to Easy or 
Medium.  If you are an NHL ace, then you should be able to 
handle difficult within the first couple of tries.  

Once you move on from the "Game Setup" screen, you will 
have a "Starting Lineup" screen to deal with.  At this 
screen, you can choose to start with one of your four 
lines.  You can also select your home, away, or if you have 
them, third and fourth jerseys.  Also, if you are an "in-
betweener", where for instance, you are better than easy 
but worse than medium, you can select medium and give 
yourself a player and/or goalie boost to help you win more 
games.  This also helps if your friends are better than you 
and they say to you "Let's play a game of NHL 2002!"  You 
can say all right, but before you start, make sure you give 
yourself a nice player boost.  You can also toggle "auto 
shot aim" on and off.  

Once you have selected everything and are happy with it, 
you can go on and play some hockey! :D      


Brief description (as taken from the manual):
Take it all the way to the Stanley Cup if you can in Season 
mode, jump to the playoffs in Playoff mode, battle to rule 
the ice in Tournament mode, take on the intensity of an OT 
finish in Shootout mode, or play for 10 years in Season 

[more coming soon]


Brief description (as taken from the manual):
View your Cardbook or tasklist, see what celebrations or 
Easter Eggs you've earned, or create or modify profiles

I just collect NHL Cards for fun but you can use them to 
boost your player's performance in a match.  To obtain NHL 
Cards, you need to have 2000 points.  You get points for 
completing tasks.  Depending on the skill level and the 
difficulty of the task, each completed task is worth in 
between 200 points and 2000 points.  The difficulty of 
tasks range from level one to level four.  The level one 
tasks are extremely easy to accomplish whereas the level 
four tasks are extremely hard to accomplish.  I will give 
you the complete Level Two tasklist right here so you get 
the picture.  I won't give you Level one, Level three, or 
Level four because you can get the picture from this one:

Level Two:

Get a Shutout
Get 15 Hits in 1 period
Get 5 Big Hits by one player
Score a Hat Trick with one player
Score a Short Handed Goal
Score on a Breakaway
Get 2 or fewer penalties in a game
Get the Game Tying goal
Score a Natural Hat Trick
Score a Deflection goal
Get a +/- rating of 4 for one player
Win an Overtime Game in the Playoffs
Finish 1st in Playoff GAA
Score 20 goals with one player in a Season
Win 3 consecutive Road games in a Season
Win the EA Sports Trophy in Season Mode
Win the All-Star Game in Season Mode
Finish 1st in your Conference in Season Mode
Finish 1st in your Division in Season Mode
Finish 1st in your 16 Team Tournament Pool
Win the Bronze Medal in Tournament Mode

You say you want the other 3 levels?  Too bad, play the 

In Season, Playoff, or Tournament mode, you can access the 
NHL Cards screen by going to the Central screen and 
selecting NHL Cards.  To activate a ==Hero Celebration 
Card==, choose celebrations from the NHL Cards menu.  
Select the button to which you want to assign your 
celebration to.  Now your hero can do the celebration after 
goals when you press the button.  To activate an ==Easter 
Egg Card==, from the NHL Cards menu, select Easter Eggs and 
then click on the Easter Egg that you want to use during 
your games.  Now that Easter Egg will be in effect when you 
play a game.  To activate a ==Player Card== during a game, 
pause the game and choose NHL Cardbook.  Click on the NHL 
card you want to use and flip it.  Names under players will 
change colours if the card affects him.    


Brief description (as taken from the manual):
Create a player, celebration, or custom team, or create or 
access the AI Options

[more coming soon]


Brief description (as taken from the manual):
Go up against the best in the world, without even leaving 
the house

[more coming soon]


Brief description (as taken from the manual):
Join a season, playoff, or tournament series and compete 
against other human opponents

[more coming soon]

6.  S T R A T E G Y

[coming soon]

7.  R E V I E W

[coming soon]

8.  C R E D I T S

GameFAQs - For helping me through many games when was 
having trouble.

CJayC - For creating GameFAQs, for posting my FAQ, and for 
taking many hours to manage and improve GameFAQs

Bernd Wolffgramm - For posting my FAQ at DLH

Peter Judson - For posting my FAQ at NeoSeeker

EA Sports - For making and developing this game

Wayne Gretzky - For being a great hockey player and role 

My cousins - For getting me this game at Christmas

You - For taking the time to read this FAQ

Me - For taking the time to make this FAQ

My fingers - For typing this guide


I've told you everything you need to know before starting a 
game of NHL 2002.  Now, you can only learn more by playing 
the game.  Hope you enjoyed this FAQ and come again another 

End of document

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