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Stormtrooper Script by WaveBird

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/05/02

for Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
by WaveBird
This FAQ is Copyright 2002 WaveBird
Version 1.0

Table of Contents
1. FAQ Information
2. Updates
3. Legal Stuff
4. FAQ Layout
6. Sources
7. Contact Me
8. Closing Statements/Special Thanks

1. FAQ Information

The Stormtroopers are my favorite characters in the Star Wars universe.  So 
naturally, while I first played through Jedi Knight II, I was very interested 
in the Stormtroopers and what they  have to say.  I played through the game 
once, and decided to go back and find all the quotes I could find and compile 
them together in a FAQ/Script.  Here it is!  I worked very hard on this, so 
I hope you enjoy reading these quotes.

2. Updates

3. Legal Stuff

This FAQ is Copyright 2002 WaveBird.  You may reproduce this FAQ on your 
website, as long as you e-mail the author and send him the web address of 
your site.  I will e-mail you permission after seeing the website.  You may 
never have web banners/advertisements on the same page that you post my FAQ.  
NEVER take this FAQ and call this your own, or alter it in ANY way.  Plagiarism 
is BAD!

4. FAQ Layout

This FAQ's layout is pretty simple.  I will go level-by-level, providing all 
of the quotes from Stormtroopers in the levels.  This does not include the 
repetitive "Get behind him!" and "Surround him!" and "Blast him!" type quotes.  
Only the interesting ones, like ones unique to the level they are found in.  
Now, onto the good stuff.   


Kejim Post
Trooper A: "This is my last day on this shift."
Trooper B: "Oh yeah, where you moving?"
Trooper A: "Sector 7 had an opening, so I applied."
Trooper B: "Not bad, should be a quiet last day."

Trooper A: "A disturbance was reported in Sector 10 this morning."
Trooper B: "What sort of disturbance?"
Trooper A: "A droid set off the security system on the lower levels."
Trooper B: "That's the third time this month."
Trooper A: "Won't be the last time either."

Kejim Base
None found.

Artus Mine
Trooper A: "Hmm.  I don't know."
Trooper B: "My shift doesn't end for another hour."

Trooper A: "Find out where you're stationed next?"
Trooper B: "Yeah, I'm getting shipped out to the Cairn Installation."
Trooper A: "Woah, nice assignment!  Sounds like a promotion may soon be on 
the way!"
Trooper B: "I sure hope so."

Artus Detention
None found.

Artus Topside
None found.

Massassi Temple
No Stormtroopers in this level.

Nar Shadaa Streets
No Stormtroopers in this level.

Nar Shadaa Hideout
No Stormtroopers in this level.

Nar Shadaa Starpad
No Stormtroopers in this level.

Bespin Undercity
No Stormtroopers in this level.

Bespin Streets
Trooper: "Let's go, we're pulling out."
Rodian: "What about us?"
Trooper: "You're on your own."

Cairn Bay
Trooper A: "Did you happen to get down to the armory?"
Trooper B: "Not yet, we're supposed to be getting some new blasters from RMP."
Trooper A: "Yeah that'd be nice, this thing hasn't been too accurate."

Trooper A: "I transferred here from Artus Mines, just before the Rebels 
Trooper B: "Too bad, you could've seen some good action!"
Trooper A: "I hear we might be next."

Trooper A: "Did you hear that?"
Trooper B: "Hear what?"
Trooper A: "I don't know, j-just something."
Trooper B: "No, I don't hear a thing."
Trooper A: "There!  There it is again."
Trooper B: "I don't hear anything."
Trooper A: "Just listen, it feels like someone's watching us."
Trooper B: "You're imagining it."
Trooper A: "No I'm not!  I could swear we're being watched."

Trooper A: "I thought I just saw something."
Trooper B: "Do you want me to call it in?"
Trooper A: "Eh, no, nevermind."

Trooper A: "Did you hear what happened at Kejim Post?"
Trooper B: "No, but I hear it was bad.  What did you hear?"
Trooper A: "I guess some Jedi came in and caused a lot of trouble."
Trooper B: "The last thing I feel like dealing with today is a Jedi."

Trooper A: "Have you seen the new T-17?"
Trooper B: "Yeah, looks like they modified the ion engine."
Trooper A: "I still prefer the old T-16's."

Officer: "Where is the quartermaster?"
Trooper: "I don't know, sir.  If there a problem?"
Officer: "The latest shipment didn't have the power converters I requested!"
Trooper: "If I see him, I'll let him know you're looking for him."
Officer: "See that you do!"
Trooper: "Yes sir!"
Officer: "Carry on." 

Trooper A: "These blaster rifles are going to be the end of us."
Trooper B: "Mine works fine!"
Trooper A: "Once you fight a blaster carbine you won't want to go back."
Trooper B: "What's the difference?"
Trooper A: "It's all in the feel and the kickback.  You can't stay on target 
with these things, you miss your first shot and you are lying on the ground 
with a hole blasted through your armor."
Trooper B: "Well, we don't have to worry about that. This place is so far 
removed from the core planets there's no way we're going to run into any 
Trooper A: "Keep talking like that and you're going to be the first man down 
when something happens."

Cairn Assembly
Trooper A: "Assembly 1 is offline, there was some kind of accident."
Trooper B: "There's still a fire burning."

Officer: "You ever fired a blaster at a living target?"
Trooper: "Hahaha, all the time, I was the top womp rat hunter in my unit!"
Officer: "No, I mean a sentient being, something that could shoot back."
Trooper: "No, I guess I never have."
Officer: "You must be joking!  How long has it been since you graduated?"
Trooper: "Over a year."
Officer: "What have you been doing all this time, looking the other way?!"
Trooper: "Never had a frontline assignment."
Officer: "The whole galaxy's the frontline now.  We aren't waging a full scale 
war here, we're hitting the Republic anywhere we can.  So be prepared."
Trooper: "Yes sir!"
Officer: "Damn rookies, no wonder we're losing our entire Empire."

Cairn Reactor
Trooper A: "Then I blasted the second one from behind."
Trooper B: "You fought 2 Jedis?!"
Trooper A: "Lots."
Trooper B: "I don't believe that!"
Trooper A: "It happened.  You should've been there, they're not so tough."

Trooper A: "Those Reborn give me the creeps."
Trooper B: "Me too.  I hate the blank stare on their faces."
Trooper A: "I just try to stay away from them."
Trooper B: "The Rebels don't stand a chance against them."

Cairn Dock 1
Trooper: "Alpha 956 reporting in.  Situation normal."
Commlink: "......."
Trooper: "Yes, I'm there, but I don't see anything."
Commlink: "......."
Trooper: "Affirmative, visual scan identifies nothing.  If you want more, 
send a thermal scan team down here."
Commlink: "......."
Trooper: "Uh, no-n-no sir, I-I'm sorry sir, I'll continue to look around.  
Alpha 956 out.  Stupid know-it-all officer!  How about you get into this armor 
and try to see out of this damn helmet, then I'll sit around in my comfy office 
and tell you how dumb and incompentant you are!"

Trooper: "Those officers always think they know best!"

Trooper A: "You ever see a Massassi Vambard?"
Trooper B: "No, what the stang is that?"
Trooper A: "It's an ancient Sith weapon, sort of a long axe with points on 
either end.  It's pretty nasty in the right person's hands."
Trooper B: "When did you see that?"
Trooper A: "Certain officers have quite large antique collections.  I saw 
a demonstration once."
Trooper B: "On what?"
Trooper A: "They used a thernbee they had taken from the Almania wilds."
Trooper B: "Sounds dangerous."
Trooper A: "It wasn't once they got done chopping it to pieces!"
Trooper B: "You hang out with the wrong crowd."
Trooper A: "That's the last time I spent my off-duty time with those guys!"

Doomgiver Communications Array
None found.

Doomgiver Detention Block
Trooper A: "I hear the new Shadowtroopers have performed better than 
Trooper B: "That doesn't bode well for us."
Trooper A: "Yeah, we'll probably be replaced in no time."
Trooper B: "Give us that armor and we'd do just as well."

Trooper A: "I knew we shouldn't have been working with Reelo.  He was too 
much of a risk."
Trooper B: "The Empire has always dealt with mercenaries, when needed."
Trooper A: "I still say it was a mistake, his blundering cost us!"

Trooper A: "So you want to become a TIE Fighter pilot?"
Trooper B: "Yeah, this is just a pit stop on the way."
Trooper A: "Well, you better know your stuff.  Who designs and builds them?"
Trooper B: "Siennar Fleet Systems, that's easy."
Trooper A: "How much cargo can they carry?"
Trooper B: "Not much."
Trooper A: "Well give me a number!"
Trooper B: "I don't know."
Trooper A: "You better!  You put in your full attack gear and you're getting 
shot down."
Trooper B: "That pack can't weigh more than 100 kilograms."
Trooper A: "Try 70.  You don't want to put more than 65 in your TIE."
Trooper B: "Really?"
Trooper A: "Yeah, hotshot."
Trooper B: "You ever fired those dual-fire-linked laser cannons?"
Trooper A: "I've never flown one."
Trooper B: "Then what the Sithspit are you talking about?"
Trooper A: "You got to know these things if you're going to pilot it!"
Trooper B: "Well how do you know?"
Trooper A: "I remember everything."
Trooper B: "Ha, sure you do.  What's my call number?"
Trooper A: "......."

6. Sources

All of this was taken from Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.  I played 
through the game up until the fight with Desaan, and these are the ones I 
found.  I plan to play through it again soon to see if I missed any quotes.

7. Contact Me

You can send me feedback, questions, comments, and only those at 
WaveBird986@hotmail.com.  Just be sure to include something about my 
Stormtrooper Script in the subject.

8. Closing Statements/Special Thanks

Well, there you have it, my Stormtrooper Script.  

I would like to thank Lucasarts and Raven for making such an excellent Star 
Wars game.

Be sure to check out my other FAQs, I've worked very hard on them.




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