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Multiplayer FAQ by Heat

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/06/02


                    |   Multiplayer FAQ   |
                            By Heat

       +---- Version 1.2
               Added ignore the imposter at closure.

       +---- Version 1.0
               This version will hve most of the things
           that multiplayer has to offer in it. I am sure
           that I will cover everything but setting up
           your own server, since I still do not know how to
           do this.

     ..::: Contents :::..
   1| Introduction
   2| Getting into Multiplayer (Some of the features)
   3| Force Powers
   4| Pick-Ups
   5| Multiplayer Rules [NEXT UPDATE]
   6| Free For All
   7| Duel
   8| Jedi Master
   9| Capture the Flag
   10| Capture the Ysalamari
   11| Holocron
   12| Closure


       -^--- Introduction ---^-

In this FAQ, I will teach you some things like strategies,
rules, and other things about multiplayer. You will learn
how to use the force wisely, all of the pick-ups and
power-ups, and strategies for every mode including Free
For All, Holocron, Capture the Flag, Capture the Ysalimari,
Jedi Master, and Duel! May the force be with you!!!


       -^--- Getting into Multiplayer ---^-

Alright. First of all, how do we even get to multiplayer?
You have three options. The first thing you can do is play
through LAN, Local Area Network. If you live in a small town
and want to play on LAN though, dont expect to find anybody
to play. Your second option is through Internet servers.
In this FAQ I will not tell how to start your own servers.
There are many many internet servers to choose from.
Personally, my favorite server is a Duel Server called
NewSchool. Your third option, my favorite option, is playing
through Microsoft's Zone Network. You can get there through
www.zone.com and it is absolutly free!

So, we know how to find somewhere to play. Lets work on
your character customization! Open up the splash screen on
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast where it gives you the choice
of single player and multiplayer. Choose multiplayer. Now,
go into setup. The first menu you should see is the Player
menu. This is where we want to be :). The first thing in the
menu is your name.

Alright, the name of your character might seem like
something simple to you, but I could probably write another
FAQ on it LOL. It is time for the biggest decision of your
Star Wars: Jedi Outcast life. You must choose your force
side! What will it be? The Dark side or the Light side?
Personally, I chose not to be evil. Your name needs to
associate with your side. Dont be a Dark sider with a name
like "MASTER JEDI". Jedis are for the Light side! Alright,
you chose your name. Lets add some color to it! Erase your
name if you have already typed it in. Now, for your name
type in ^ and any number (e.g. ^3). Now retype your name,

Time to pick your saber color now! Your saber needs to
associate with your side. Heres the saber side list!

    Green = Light Side
    Blue = Light Side
    Purple = Light Side
    Orange = Both Sides
    Yellow = Both Sides
    Red = Dark Side

Pick one that corresponds with your side. Thats it for the
lightsaber part.

Now you need to pick your skin. Please do not go onto the
internet and download skins unless you want other people
wasting their time having to download them so they can see
you. May the defaults be with you :)


       -^--- Force Powers ---^-

The half RPG part of Star Wars Jedi Outcast is the force
part. With points, you can customize your force powers. Your
points are earned by killing other players, what else? This
is a list of every force power and its force side! **To
change your force side, while in game press Esc, then go
into the player menu and then into Configure Force Powers.
There you can change your force side** NOTE : Grey force
side means that every force user can use the ability.

    --  Dark Rage
         Force Side : Dark

         What it Does : Dark Rage makes you move quicker
                        and attack faster. Although, it
                        depletes your health as it is in
                        affect. Once your health is near
                        death, you will recharge, but move
                        very slowly.

    --  Force Seeing
         Force Side : Grey

         What it Does : With this you can dodge sniper shots
                        and even see players that are using
                        Mind Trick!

    --  Force Drain
         Force Side : Dark

         What it Does : This drains force energy from the
                        opponent's force pool.

    --  Force Protect
         Force Side : Light

         What it Does : This transforms damage into force
                        energy, which is very helpful when
                        fighting good lightsaberists!

    --  Force Absorb
         Force Side : Light

         What it Does : This transforms force damage into
                        force energy, which is very helpful
                        when fighting the dark side of the

     --  Force Team Heal(1)/Force Energize(2)
          Force Side : Light(1)/Dark(2)

          What They Do : If you are in a team battle, these
                         powers will heal your teammates
                         that are in a certain area around

     --  Force Push
          Force Side : Grey

          What it Does : Pushes an enemy to the ground

     --  Force Pull
          Force Side : Grey

          What it Does : Pulls an enemy toward you into the

     --  Force Speed
          Force Side : Light

          What it Does : Speeds you up dramatically.

     --  Force Heal
          Force Side : Light

          What it Does : Heals your character.

     --  Force Grip
          Force Side : Dark

          What it Does : Chokes an enemy.

     --  Force Mind Trick
          Force Side : Light

          What it Does : Makes you invisible.

     --  Force Lightning
          Force Side : Dark

          What it Does : Shocks opponents

     --  Force Boon (PICK UP)
          Force Side : Grey

          What it Does : Gives unlimited force pull for
                         a short period of time

     --  Force Enlightenment
          Force Side : Light/Dark

          What it Does : Gives every force power for the
                         side you are on


       -^--- Pick-Ups ---^-

This is the list of pickups you can get in multiplayer

     --  Ysalamari
          Description : When carried by a player, the force
                        cannot hit the player. Although,
                        the player cannot use the force.

     --  Shield
          Description : The most awesome item in the world.
                        This is a shield put on the ground
                        that blocks enemy movement and

     --  Med Pack
          Description : This replenishes your health
                        whenever you get it.

     --  Bio Canister
          Description : Instead of instantly replenishing
                        your health, you can save this
                        until you really need it and then


       -^--- Free For All ---^-

Free For All mode is where you get to have a lot of people
fighting it out with everything they got. Every little shred
of skill is used in a FFA combat. Heres a list of tips that
you might find helpful for your FFA combat.

    TIP #1: If you wanna duel, well then thats o"K"!
              If you wanna duel with someone on an FFA
         server and dont want any disturbance from other
         players, walk up to your opponent and press K.
         Make sure your lightsaber is off. If they press
         K, then you two will go into a duel. No one from
         the FFA world can harm you, but you cant run off
         and harm them either!

   TIP #2: "Time we teach you the ropes."
             Learn the environments of your maps. Learn
         every nook and cranny about them. In FFA you
         never know what will happen. At all times, if you
         want to be a pro fighting 3 or more people, you
         gotta know whats above, below, around, and beside
         you or else you will get caught by surprise or
         sniped or something!!

  TIP #3: Assign a Training Day
            At least one day in the week, you need not to
         get online and just go practicing your skills on
         a private little game you start. Just keep on
         practicing and praciticing. You can even add
         BOTs to help you! Trust me, just one day of
         training per week will get you into a very very
         good player. Thats what you will need for FFA
         because you never know what is going to happen!


       -^--- Duel ---^-

Duel mode is just a one on one skill fight. Personally, I
prefer duel mode. I like a specific rule on my duel fights.
NO FORCE AND NO GUNS. With force, you never show your true
skill, its just buttons on a keyboard. Guns? Bleh, thats
just sick. Lightsabers show your true skill as a Jedi or
Sith. So, heres the tips on duel mode!

  TIP #1: Expect the Unexpected
            Never underestimate your enemies. Watch their
        strategies and find their weaknesses. You never
        know what your opponent's next move will be. The
        best solution to the unknown is do something that
        will totally blow their mind.

  TIP #2: Don't Let the N00bs Slide..
           No matter how good anybody you are fighting is,
        never just go easy on them. Look, even a first
        timer is going to have a bit of skill with a saber,
        and you gotta fight that skill! Dont let them beat
        you or just mess with you. Dont let them just play
        around like going into a jumping (I can see you
        now flames2k1) frenzy. Kill them.

  TIP #3: Become one with the saber
           Practice your lightsaber skills. They will always
        come in handy.


       -^--- Jedi Master ---^-

Now this mode is totally awesome. Everyone starts out as
non-jedi players. There is a lightsaber somewhere in the
map! Once a player picks up the lightsaber, they become a
Jedi Master! They do not drop the saber until they are

  TIP #1: Become one with the saber
           Practice your lightsaber skills. They will always
        come in handy.

  TIP #2: Hide and Seek
           Shoot at the Jedi Master in dark places and run!

  TIP #3: Hide and Seek 2
           When a Jedi Master, turn off your lightsaber and
           hide until a non-jedi runs by. Then run up and
           kill them! Good strategy, no?


       -^--- Capture the Flag ---^-

Capture the Flag is one of my least favorite modes because
of the extreme difficulty. You must capture the opposing
team's flag and bring it back to your own base.

  TIP #1: Be quick
           You need to move fast and not be seen by enemies.

  TIP #2: Dont leave alone
           A thief should never leave alone. They need to
           have at least one or two gaurdians with them.
           The gaurdians need to stay back a bit though,
           not close enough to interfere.

  TIP #3: Gaurdians of the Night
           Always leave people at your base to gaurd your
           own flag!


       -^--- Capture the Ysalamari ---^-

This is just like Capture the Flag, but there is one big
difference! Once you are carrying the Ysalamari you cannot
use the force and the force cannot be used on you.

  TIP #1: Be quick
           You need to move fast and not be seen by enemies.

  TIP #2: Dont leave alone
           A thief should never leave alone. They need to
           have at least one or two gaurdians with them.
           The gaurdians need to stay back a bit though,
           not close enough to interfere.

  TIP #3: Gaurdians of the Night
           Always leave people at your base to gaurd your
           own Ysalamari!


       -^--- Holocron ---^-

In Holocron mode, you start out with no force. There are
force cubes all over the map in Holocron mode. Once you
pick up the cube, you learn that force power.

  TIP #1: Dont share
           Dont let someone quickly steal a cube that you
           saw first. If they steal it, kill them with
           your own force powers you have. If you dont
           have any, kill them when you get some.

  TIP #2: Team Up and Team Down
           Try to get a negotiation going with someone
           you dont know. Once you think they least
           expect you to kill them, kill them.

  TIP #3: What A Laugh
           If you know someone wants a force cube really
           bad, find it quickly before they do and gaurd
           it. Hide right beside it and when they run
           by pull your lightsaber and show them who owns
           the cube :)



        Ignore The Imposter :
         An imposter is going around saying that he is
         me etc. The e-mail address of this imposter
         is burntmetal@hotmail.com. Please ignore the

         Dungeon Siege Main ID: Jadeheat
         Zone Main ID: General_Heat
         E-Mail Address: bcglheat@hotmail.com
         MSN: bcglheat@hotmail.com
         AIM: Heat54911
         ICQ: 161294365
         Yahoo: Heat54911

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