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Capture the Flag FAQ by TripleEej

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/20/02

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By: E.J. Downes (TripleEej)

Version 1.0 (4/20/2002)

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Basics
3. Useful Force Powers
4. Items
5. Map-Specific Strategies
6. Netiquette
7. Strategies From Other People
8. Credit/Props
9. Contact Information
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1. Introduction

If you already know Capture the Flag like the back of your hand, 
then you may just want to skip this FAQ.  This is really intended 
for the rookie, the upstart...the complete and utter newbie.  
Anyone that hops around like a baboon on LSD only to get completely

Now that I've gotten the obligatory monkey reference out of the 
way, I'll tell you why I wrote this.  This more or less started as 
a thread I made on the JKII Message Board on GameFAQs because I 
wanted to rant.  You see, I had played quite a bit of CTF that day 
and had noticed one thing in particular:


And it's not because they're bad at FPS games, either.  Most of the
time it just comes down to the fact that they play CTF like they 
would play a Free For All...they just try to kill people.  Now, 
killing people is a very essential part of CTF.  However, so 

It's a simple concept, really.  One that I'm surprised so few 
people understand.  Still, it's a problem that needs to be 
addressed.  So, as a public service to all of us (or not, depending
on if you like totally 0wning people or not :) ), here is my FAQ 
for JK:JO CTF.
 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 

2. Basics

You win by getting the flag back to base more than the other guy, 
but you can only score if your flag is at base.

One or two people should be the "Flag Runner/Carriers". These 
people do nothing but go after the other team's flag. The others 
should be either helping the Runner/Carrier, or defending the base. 
A successful game means that everybody does ALL these things, not 
just one or two of them. I've had single games where I capped 
flags, defended the base, and helped out the carrier.

To get the flag, you usually have to be:

-HELPED BY TEAMMATES! I've gotten plenty of captures by myself, but
they're about a million times easier if I have someone that has my 

-Good at running. If you don't have Force Speed at Level 3, forget 
about flag running. Just forget about it. Go defend the flag 
instead. Or support the flag carrier. Or pick up and never use 
vital items for the team (more on that later...) Or go to Taco 

-Sneaky. Running in guns-a-blazing doesn't work too well if the 
other team doesn't completely suck. The easiest way to get the flag
is if they don't see you going for it until you have it already.

If you are NOT the Flag Runner, then either HELP the Flag Runner or
defend your flag. If you see the Flag Runner, get behind him and 
run backwards, shooting at anybody chasing the Carrier. Try to take
shots for him--you are his personal Secret Service. :)

If both teams have each other's flag, there are 3 basic roles the 
team must assume:

-Flag Carrier: The flag carrier has a simple task: don't get 
killed! This is best accomplished by avoiding encounters with the 
enemy, and just running. However, if you're already back at your 
base, DON'T just run and hop around like a jackass. Monopolize the 
health and shields areas (your teammates don't need them--they'll 
respawn at base anyway so they won't be far away). Also, ATTACK 
anyone harassing you! Even though you have the flag, you are not 
some helpless little idiot. No doubt you probably have the best 
weapons (since you pretty much ran the length of the level twice) 
so you have the most potential to kick some ass! Finally, DO NOT go
after the other Flag Carrier for ANY REASON! Even if you beat them,
you still have to go all the way back to base again, and your flag 
can be re-stolen in the meantime.

-Flag Defender: If everyone is off trying to get the flag back, the
Flag Carrier is screwed. Have at least a couple of people PROTECT 
the flag! Ideally these people should be the best at "0wning" 
people, because in most situations they WILL be outnumbered. If you
have light powers, use Team Heal on your carrier a lot, because he 
will need the help.

-Flag Attacker: Alternatively, don't have everyone just sitting 
defending the Flag Carrier! You don't score points by defending 
(well, not for the team anyway). These people should probably be 
the best ones at just wreaking major havoc with rocket launchers 
and whatever that "Flak Cannon" thing is called. Scare the opposing
Flag Carrier. Force them to make a mistake. Push them off a ledge. 
And focus ONLY on them. Don't go running off fighting one of the 
Flag Defenders--they'll just respawn at their base anyway!

-Most of the times I've seen the other team (on on rare occasion, 
my team ;) ) get trashed at CTF is when they failed to divvy up the
team like this.
 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 

3. Useful Force Powers

Some Force powers are MADE for CTF. They make captures and defenses
a LOT easier:

-Force Speed: This is your best friend. Always have it on Level 3 
if you can. Flag Running becomes a whole lot easier if you can run 
faster than anyone else. This is also useful for catching up to an 
opposing Flag Carrier and beating them down.

-Force Pull: A defender's best friend. The lazy man's way of 
catching up with an opposing carrier. Also useful for screwing up 
people's jumps in places like Nar Shaddaa.

-Force Push: Like Pull, it can really screw up people's jumps.  It 
can also be used by defenders to push Flag Runners away from the 
Flag before they take it.  Finally, it will send projectiles back 
towards whomever shot them!

-Team Heal: This is a team game, right? RIGHT? Use this on your 
Carrier during those tense moments where both teams have each 
other's flags.

-Force Grip: The way to piss people off. :) Grip the carrier and 
hack 'em to bits, or move them over a cliff and let go.

-Force Jump: Useful for getaways, but only really needed in levels 
like Nar Shaddaa. The Achilles' heel of Force Jump is Force Push 
and Force Pull, because it's really easy to get thrown around when 
you're in midair. Still, give it at least one level because some 
shortcuts require a higher jump than the standard one.

-Force Heal: In my opinion, it's really just better to use bacta or
have someone else Team Heal you (you only really need healing if 
you have the flag in CTF), because not only does it eat up Force 
power and not give a lot in return (health only, not shields), but 
there is also a delay of about a second before it works, and you 
can get killed before it works (I know I have, anyway. :) )

-Jedi Mind Trick: This Force power makes you invisible to a certain 
umber of people, depending on what level it is on.  Level 3 makes 
you invisible to the entire other team, but you must have one of 
them in your sights to activate it.

-Force Lightning: It sure looks impressive, but the damage/Force 
consumption ratio is a bit high. It's still better than in JK1 
where a single wussy bolt shot out, though. Somewhat useful when 
combined with Force Grip in levels without pits.

-Dark Rage: It's hard to kill someone that has Dark Rage on. Dark 
Rage minimizes damage taken and speeds up everything you do. 
However, the cost is it almost completely eats away at your health 
(and you can't pick up more health when it's active), and when it 
does wear off, you get sluggish. If you see someone with Dark Rage, 
either push them off a ledge, completely barrage them with 
explosive weapons, or just wait until it wears off and do the 
weakest lightsaber strike.  Dark Rage becomes very lethal when 
combined with Speed, as you will go faster than either one can by 

-Force Seeing: If you know someone is using Jedi Mind Trick, 
allocate some points to this so you can see them.  Otherwise it's 
not terribly useful.

-Force Drain: This is a valuable power to have if you defend.  If 
the other team steals your flag, use it on their Flag Carrier so 
that their getaway will be harder.  Also useful for Dark Side 
Carriers when they are running low on health, because it turns 
their Force energy into health for you.

-Force Protect: Turns physical damage into Force damage. It's fine 
until you run out of Force and get killed. Don't bother.

-Force Absorb: Turns Force power used against you and adds it to 
your Force meter, and also negates the effect. Cool, huh?  It will 
suck down your Force energy, though.  Turn it off when you don't 
use it.

-Force Team Energize: Only useful if you're around the Flag 
Carrier. It'll restore other people's Force energy in return for 
your own energy, so give it to the Carrier so they can re-activate 
their Force Speed.
 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 

4. Items

This is where I get ultra-ranty. Too many players do not know about 
the other items in the game. This is bad for two reasons:

1. All of the items are extremely useful in CTF, and

To use an item, hit the bracket keys [ and ] to scroll through the 
items, and hit Enter to use them.

Here are the items and why I want you to use them if you pick them 

-Bacta Tanks: A travel-sized Force Heal for the masses! Use this 
when you're almost out of health, as it will completely refill it 
in multiplayer. B is the default hot-key. Flag Carriers should 
always have this.

-Assault Sentry: Probably the Flag Defender's best friend. This is 
an automatic turret that will fire on any enemy that it sees. The 
best place to put these is in heavily travelled doorways near the 
flag, as it also gets in the way of would-be enemy Flag Carriers.

-That cute little ball that shoots lasers: Remember that little 
ball that floated and shot at Luke when Obi-Wan was training him 
with the saber? Haha that thing nailed Luke good the little 
whiny... Anyways, this thing floats around your head for a limited 
time, shooting at any enemy it sees. This makes saber combat a lot 
easier, as your foe will spend time blocking the potshots it 
takes...until they get run through with your saber. :)

-Force Enlightenment: This will give you all the powers on your 
side of the Force at their top levels. Useful if you didn't quite 
put enough on Grip. Note: do not confuse this with Force Boon--you 
do not have unlimited Force energy!

-Force Boon: THIS one gives you temporary unlimited Force energy. 
This should be in the Flag Carrier's possession for obvious 
reasons.  NOTE:  this will not add to your Force energy if you have
Speed, Absorb, Sight, Rage, etc. on.  It only adds back to your 
Force energy when you AREN'T using a power.

-Stationary Shield: I saved this for last because it's my favorite 
item. What this does is put up a big flat shield that only members 
of your team can cross. This is what the Flag Carrier should have 
in levels like Yavin, because it will completely stop anyone from 
chasing you. This is also good for stopping the enemy Flag carrier 
in Yavin by running in front of them and deploying it, thus making 
them have to either turn around and find another way out, or try 
and smash through it while you kill them. :)
 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 

5. Map-specific Strategies

-Nar Shaddaa (Warring Factions): Take the high road if you want to 
get to the flag. Too many people spawn on the lower passages and 
it's very easy to get pushed or pulled off by someone above you. 
Try to kill enemy flag carriers before they make it to the middle 
of the map. The Flechette is very useful to Flag Defenders. If you 
snipe, there had better be someone else closer to the flag 
defending as it is almost impossible to catch up to an enemy Flag 
Carrier from the best place to snipe (right under the huge 
Imperial/New Republic emblems.)

Force powers you NEED:

Useful Force powers:

-Bespin (Bespin Exhaust Shafts): The best route I've found is NOT 
to cross the bridges in the middle. It's laughably easy to toss 
anyone off these. How should you get through there, then? First, 
take the way out of your base where you go down the stairs to where
a couple of shield powerups are. Keep going straight and Force Jump
into the little alcove in the enemy's base where the Thermal 
Detonators are (further in there's the zig-zaggy corridor, if that 
helps you get a picture at all). The most effective way to return 
is to then Force Jump across the gap to the little rectangular 
window where the sniper rifle is.  You will have to hold down 
crouch and forward in order to fit inside of it, but you will have 
an almost guaranteed capture if you actually make it through.

Stick the Assault Sentry right in the doorway to the flag platform 
to slow down enemy Flag Carriers. Only get tangled in the mess in 
the middle if you're a defender that wants to prevent the enemy 
from even entering your base.  Either that or do what I do--wait in
the doorway yourself, and whenever the enemy tries to go in, Force 
Pull them so they fall down, and then kill them however you like to
kill people.  :)

Force powers you NEED:
Jump (if you want to try my shortcut)

Useful Force powers:
Team Heal

-Garrison 27-D: Take the high road on the catwalks, but don't go 
straight down the middle all the way. Make a right at the halfway 
point, then a left, and go through both doors to make flag capture 
MUCH easier. This level is probably the one where most likely BOTH 
flags will have been taken, so this is also where all of Part 1 
comes into play (and also the reason I bothered to write all this 
up). There's a powerup that will give 200 shields just to the left 
(if you're facing the other team's base) near the big entrance to 
your base. Let the Flag Carrier have this. You will respawn in the 
same area if you die, but if the Carrier dies then the other team 
will more likely than not score. Don't be selfish about this. :)

If you're the Flag Carrier, hanging around your base when both 
teams have the flag is a good way to get killed, because the other 
team will be rushing over there to get you, and there really isn't 
that much room to run away.  Find a quiet spot somewhere in the 
level that isn't TOO far away should your teammates get your flag 
back.  You'd be surprised how quickly the other team can 
"re-acquire" your flag if you dawdle.

Force powers you NEED:
Speed (Notice a pattern?)
Team Heal

Useful Force powers:

-Yavin (Temple Tournament): Flag Carriers trying to flee by going 
out the slow-opening doors in the middle of the base are likely to 
get a rocket up their behind. Go out one of the side doors, and 
deploy a Stationary Shield to keep people from chasing you. This is
my favorite level because I can usually do this loop several times 
easily. If you're defending, place Trip Mines around the flag so 
that it will take at least two attackers to successfully get the 
flag, and stick some on the side entrances too if you have any. 
Make sure you let your own team know (team chat is the letter T) 
they're there, though! On that note, make sure that there are at 
least two of you going for the flag at any time.

Use the mines effectively.  I had one poor guy guessing all the 
time because I would mine different parts of the base.  A good 
place to mine is the side doors because Flag Runners seem to prefer
those doors to the slow-opening middle door.  Also, it seems like 
90% of the time the door they will come through is the one to the 
left (the one with the stationary shield and the repeater behind 
it).  I don't know why, but it's true.

If you're defending, a good tactic if someone gets the flag is to 
watch which side door they head towards, then go through the 
slow-opening middle door and head them off.  Yes, this route will 
end up being faster despite the door, and you will catch the Runner
by surprise because he will think everyone is BEHIND him.  If you 
really want to be a sneaky bastard about it, quickly lay down a 
couple of Remote Mines and detonate them when he comes.  :)

Force powers you NEED:
Team Heal

Useful Force powers:

Definately useful item:
Stationary Shield
 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 

6. Netiquette

I figure I might as well have a PSA about this, too.  Some people 
really need to read this (well okay, MOST people do...)

Don't whine about losing, or how your team sucks, or how TripleEej 
uses cheap tactics on Yavin. Nobody likes a crybaby.

There is no Uber-weapon or Uber-power. Everything can be countered 
in the game. Saturday night I saw someone whine about how they were
gonna play FFA, because there's "no one weapon wonders there like 
(name omitted)." If you keep falling victim to the same thing over 
and over, then maybe YOU should figure out how to counter it. 
Either that, or start using the tactic yourself. I sure didn't make
up the shield tactic on Yavin--I saw someone else do it to me and I
thought it was a good idea (no idea who it was though, or I'd give 
credit where credit's due).

Don't badmouth your team. If they're doing something wrong, don't 
just say they all suck--TELL them what they should do. Why do you 
think I went to the trouble of writing this? :)

Compliment your enemy if they do something that caught you totally 
off-guard. It's not much but it helps lighten the mood.

Ask the other team what they did differently if you completely got 
trashed. Most people are more than willing to share their 
strategies with you.

Don't boast excessively. Especially not if you just spent the whole
time just engaging people in combat. CTF doesn't stand for "Kill 
The F'ers" because "Kill" starts with K, silly! ;)

Don't switch teams just because they are winning. That's what sore 
losers do. You're not a sore loser, are you?

Have fun, of course. Raven didn't make JK2 to piss you off. If you 
don't like the way things are going, switch servers or play the 
single player or go watch Hentai, you Hentai-watching freak!
 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 

7. Strategies From Other People

I'm certainly not the definitive person to ask about CTF.  Plenty 
of other people have good strategies.  If you don't like mine, 
maybe some of these are better.

NOTE: Most of this is compiled from the CTF Mini-FAQ thread on the 
JKII message board.  I only included strategies that don't sound 
redundant compared to my FAQ (as it stands now.  I've revised a few 
things since I originally wrote it.)  All names are usernames from 
the GameFAQs message board.

From Tommatt:

"I agree ppl need to read this. PPl don't understand that you can't 
score ifyour flag isn't at your base. I've played many games where 
I go through all the work to get the flag back top base, and I'm 
holding on to i for over 5 minutes, because nobody bothers to kill 
their guy with our flag. I'm basically screaming at the team at 
this point. It happens quite often, as I seem adapt at sneaking 
into the base and getting back with the flag.

One game my oppenent had the same problem, so if we each had the 
flag for over 3 minutes, we'd take turns getting killed so that 
somebody could score LOL.

But defianately get in a defensive position. Don't engage in combat 
unless you have to. Get up on some high ground, when somebody jumps
at at you, push em down, they'll go to where your teamates should 
be. Use your force powers to your advantage. I use dark side so I 
have drain, if I see somebody coming I always use drain even if I 
don't need health, steal their force power before they can use it 
on you. If all else fails, run to a new defensive position. Your 
teamates should help. 

THe main thing I see the newbies doing is just engaging anybody in 
combat, if they other team has your flag, don't engage someboyd in 
the middle of the map, push them down, keep running, get to the 
opposing flag carrior!"

"When running back with a flag, pre plan your route if possible, 
and always try to pick a route that has med power ups, shield power
ups, canisters, and always have a force field item on you when you 
grab a flag. It will delay pursuing greatly by dropping it at the 
right time. I try to have a forcefield on me when I get the flag, 
and hope one has respawned on my way back."

From silentbill515:

"Couple of other things that everyone needs to know.

Just do Join Game and let it put you where it needs you. I had a 6 
on 2 the other day. I ran around for over 5 minutes with our flag 
before I got overpowered. I looked to see where my team was and 
turns out it was just me and one other. Keep them somewhat even. 
It's a video game not game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals with the 
series all tied up and your in the 4th overtime!

Sabers do have a place. Deflections. I've killed a LOT of people by
running at them with my saber and just deflecting shots.

If your the flag runner make sure you have Heal & Speed. These our 
your best friends (Light only of course). If your Dark then grab 
bacta tanks. Not as easy as the Light side but can still be done."

From PSFreak:

"Lets face it. Every game with a CTF mode has problems. Most people
are complete and utter dumb asses when something requires teamwork.
There are always a few freelancers that think they can do 
everything and they get shot down for it. I must say that I have 
always liked to be a runner in all CTF's and I have learned that 
you just have to be able to rely on yourself."

From SeTSwiPe:

"Speed R3 vs Rage
I didn't have a stop watch (stupid cell phones making me think I 
don't need a watch) so I had to make due with a quartz metronome. 
At R3 Speed is faster than Rage. Of course I've only tested with R3
speed as of now. How much is it faster by? Not by very much. I 
tested this in Nar Shadaa by putting myself up to the wall near the
cantina and counting the number of metronome tics it took to reach 
the other wall. It was only 1 tic or so. As far as which is better 
for ctf, it's up to you really. Rage does have the distinct 
advantage of faster RoF and reduced damage, so it might equal out. 
My advice, decide by the level, if the stage is fairly open, I'd 
sudgest Speed so you can run faster. If it's more corridor-like 
I'd sudgest rage, You'll have an easier time if you have a gun like
the repeater firing faster.

Speeed/Rage vs Rockets
I tested by shooting the rocket and seeing if I could catch it. 
Both R3 Speed and Rage couldn't keep up. I did also notice that 
even if it's going forward, one can push the rocket so it moves 
another direction. I cannot tell if it's a random direction, or if 
it goes toward the nearest opponent since there were no opponents 
in the room. But since I've found this trick, I've added a new test
to my list

I haven't officially tested it, but the more I play online, the 
more I believe that it poisons you at a constant rate no matter 
what rank. I will also have to test to see if multiple Lightnings 
from different opponents add damage or not."

Great for defense. Mostly because of the increased RoF. Imagine 
explosives coming out at double the RoF.

At R3 Speed, you run faster than normal when in the slowdown. It's 
slower than Rage, but still faster than normal. So a strat for 
running would be Rage, then changing to speed during the cooldown."

From CrazyBallz:

"rage3 vs speed3
Rage cost about 40% of ur force bar wen its full...
and can pretty much catch up to speed3... not to sure...
cuz people like to zigzag... but wen they run staright and ur 
following straight from behind with rage you have good chance to 
catch up and possible overtake them...

as far as i figure for ctf... rage + speed will get the job down...
get the flag... hit rage... run like no tomorrow... =) then wen 
slowmoenss begins hit force speed... well after that ur pretty much
running a tad bit faster then normal... the sucky part is you have 
no mana..."

"ohh yeah guys dont say to balance out the teams when you have 
people TKing the other side to help you out... thats wack... i 
figure its pretty balanced if the other team can score a point or 
two... is our fault if you dont have runners going in and out...

people enjoy th game... guys chill with the smack talk if u really 
dont do neting... kinda gets annoying especially if your talking to
your own teamates..."

"well since your making a CTF guide... you can put this for uber 
defense.... =)

For Light side...
for force level jedi knight...
JUMP level 3
PUSH level 3
PULL level 3
Speed level 1 to 3 (if possible)
ABSORB Level 3
Protect level 1 to 3 (3 if Jedi Master)
Mind trick level 3
Saber level 1
Saber defense level 3
well this build dominates for Nar Shada and Bespin
for the Imperial level and Yavin... just walk around with a rocket 
launcher...that will pretty much do it for uber defensiveness...

For Dark Side
JUMP level 3
PUSH level 3
PULL level 3
Speed level 1 to 3 (if possible)
RAGE Level 3
Drain level 1 to 3 (3 if Jedi Master)
Grip level 3
Saber level 1
Saber defense level 3
same tactic as above but then you have grip foryavin and 
imperial... and if you do have drain... drain a person whos gunna 
get the flag it will screw them up so badly... its not even 
funnie... plus repeater has a sick rate of fire with rage.... ohhh 
the best way to catch up to a flag runner is speed3 and rage3... 
ull catch up to neone...in a matter of seconds... so just blast 

dont 4get the best defense is a good offense...own the other sides 
team.. and u wont have a problem... =)"

From whoomp:

"Just thought I'd add my two cents:)

One thing to consider when thinking about rage vrs speed, is the 
lack of lightpowers you'll be missing out on by choosing a darkside
ability. I find abilities like protection, heal, and absorb 
invaluable for flag capturing. More often than not the flag 
capturer is a lightside user, not a darkside one.

On ledge-happy maps (nar-shadda, bespin come to mind), I'd rather 
have absorb to counter grip/drain than just push alone. I can't 
count the number of times people chase me with speed/drain, only to 
fill my meter so I can heal almost constantly :)

Heal/Protection also helps sustain life those extra few seconds to 
make the cap, or for your defenders to deal with the threat. Rage 
is alot better for anti-flag captures, with the added speed/RoF 
(why you can shoot guns faster than normal, I'm not sure).

Right now, my favorite tactic is being the 1 man diversion. I'll 
usually max absorb/heal/push and just stall. It's amazing how many 
people will try to stack the odds. In a 7on7 CTF game, I had 5 
members of the opposing team chasing me constantly. That left the 
bulk of my team to overpower the 2 remaining members and cap the 
flag. The basic idea is to just defend, and only attack when you 
have an extremely clear lightsaber shot. Absorb should be on, since 
their's almost always 1-2 guys that'll try to lightning/grip you 
despite having absorb on. This'll keep ur force up for awhile so 
you can heal and push the occasional gun toters explosive shots. 
Roll around alot if their are only lightsaber users chasing you 
(just don't roll INTO your opponent). You'll live 10x longer if you
can keep rolling around. You won't live forever, but I've kept 
people tied up for 4-5 minutes sometimes :)"

From CBrate:

"Just one pet peeve of mine. If your team has a couple of first 
timers and other assorted newbs that ask questions (like me), 
answer them. Its better to have a halfway decent team than pride 
oneself on owning everyone else and still losing."
 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 

8. Credit/Props

While I did write a lot of this on a whim one day, I never really 
thought too seriously of submitting it until I got the response.  
As it stands I believe the thread for this FAQ has the most posts 
on the GameFAQs message board, and everyone has been really 
supportive, whether they agreed with me or not.  ;)

First off I have to give Activision/LucasArts/Raven Software some 
major props for making such an awesome game.  I haven't been so 
absorbed in a FPS since the original Jedi Knight.

These people definitely stand out when I think of this FAQ, though:

Tommatt--The first person to reply to my thread, and certainly one 
of the more enthusiastic ones about keeping it at the top of the 
list.  Thank you!

SeTSwiPe--Probably the one that caused me to rethink and change my 
strategies the most.  I've since experimented with (and removed the
degrading comments about ;) ) the Light Side, and he's the one that
got me curious about this whole Dark Rage deal.  I would have never
tried Rage/Speed so quickly if it weren't for him.

CrazyBallz--The only one of these three that I've actually managed 
to play with for a significant amount of time.  Gave SeTSwiPe a 
hard time since he started posting on the thread, and proved to be 
almost as big of a dork as him with his *FORCE SPAM PUSH*  ;)
 _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 

9. Contact Information

Got a strategy for CTF that you think is awesome?  Like the CTF?  
Hate the CTF?  Hate me when you get (cheaply) killed by me?  Think 
I'm a LAMER?

Contact me!

GameFAQs message board thread:
I'm TripleEej.  You can tell because I've posted the most.


In JKII multiplayer:
Search for TripleEej.  I'll most likely be in a CTF server if I'm 
on.  ;)

Thank you for reading this!

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