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Lightsaber Tactics FAQ by DKulwicki

Version: 3.0 | Updated: 05/02/02

		         	Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
		  	     Lightsaber Tactics & Stratagy Guide
			 	  By: Dustin M. Kulwicki
				    Version 3.0 (Yay!)

Yay! you guys seemed to Enjoy the Guide so much and have so many questions and ideas that
it only seemed proper to update the guide, Enjoy!

Hooray! thanks everyone for the feedback, i get atleast 5 Email's a day with suggestions
and questions, So ive decided to update it AGAIN for you guys..The new Hidden Moves are
pretty damn good, and I added a few new Chapters, Take a look!!

Oh - btw - A Big thank you to everyone who helped me out with the Moves! I love you guys.
With one Exception.. Read below at the *Ahem*

OH. MY. GOD. you punks..hiding two stances from us? you bastards!

Oh.. Im sorry about my .. Hideous Tongue.. apparently some of the audience found it..
offensive.. What can i say? im a gamer? No Really.. Im Sorry.. Really .. I find that
using bad words is the easiest way to get my point accross, you Goofballs!


Oh, while updating this FAQ, I recieved a very "important" Instant Message about how a
lightsaber isnt a "laser" .. its some complex arc of light that reflects off the flux

I just wanted to say, i have a very "important" message also: Bite Me.

- Big D

Chapter 1: Hidden Moves ***3 New Moves Added***
Chapter 2: Stances *** 5 STANCES?!?! ***
Chapter 3: Beating your opponents Stance
Chapter 4: Stratagies
Chapter 5: Single Player Ideas
Chapter 6: CTF/Y - Classes
Chapter 7: Dueling - How to win

			          Chapter 1: Hidden Moves
In this game, there is a variety of hidden moves for the player to discover while wielding
the lightsaber in general is a great tool, and the game developers did a supreme job of
showing off what it really is supposed to do. Its a laser, plain and simple, you dont have
to swing to hurt someone, just walk up, and poke they're ass. Its that simple. Anyway,
they incorperated a variety of extra moves and such, that.. well.. can just make the player
look good.

This is a move thats in the classic premiere game, Half-Life, As getting up those pesky
crates, you had to jump, then crouch to lift Gordan's legs up. The same thing can be done
in Jedi-Knight II, and i found that you have to Learn the technique to actually get through
1 or 2 parts of the Single Player Game. To Do this, you basically Jump, Then hold crouch and
your character will pull his legs up, although it doesnt look like much, you can actually
reach, quite a bit higher than you'd expect, Half-Life gamers will know Exactly what im
talking about, We Love you Barney & Gordon, your both badasses.

Saber Throwing Trick
A Bit of a complex move, where you need saber throw + Force Speed, you simply turn toward
your opponent, they need to be about 5-10 feet infront of you (saber throwing distance)
from there, you throw your saber at them directly, and then turn on force speed, and run
past not only your saber, but them aswell, now turn and if they follow you, your saber
comes and hits them in the back while they turn, if you want to get even more devilish,
try force pushing them into your saber.

I cant believe I forgot this.. But this is a simple attack, when your opponent is
behind you, and ONLY when your opponent is behind you, you can tap back+attack to
spin your saber around and slice at him, this attack is almost impossible to block
ive found out, and on top of that, its Overly powerful, Ive almost found myself
trying to get people to follow me just so i can backstab!

Charging Lunge Slash
Wow, what a powerful move! just run forward, and while in the red stance, attack, and
as your character brings the saber down over his head, hit jump as the saber comes down,
Your character will slice part of the first slash (which, by the way, can still injur your
opponent) and then he leaps forward with a heavy slash. Cool move. it can be avoided by
a bit of strafing, and if your opponent knows to to evade, expect him to counter-attack
while your pulling yourself back up.

A Rather simple technique, It can only be done if your in the Blue or Yellow Stance,
basically, Hold Forward OR backword, and a Strafe, this creats 4 different Spin attacks,
The spin attack is generally MUCH stronger then a basic one, and allows you to move, beyond
that, it looks ****ing cool.

Running Up a Wall
Yes, you can run Up a wall, this is done by simply charging at a wall, and tapping jump as
you touch, your character will run up it, and flip backwords, Note that you can also control
how far your character jumps back by holding back to jump further and holding forward, to
jump less, this is useful for dogging out your opponent, and if your in the Red lightsaber
position, turn your saber off, and run up a wall, then Attack with it as your coming down
for a good Follow-up attack.

KickFlipping off a wall
Yes, you can do this too, not from forward though, only run up a wall, To Flip up a wall,
simply Strafe into the wall and tap jump, like above, and then hold left or right to
determine the distance your character moves off the wall, another clever technique is to do
this while being chased in a narrow hallway, and strike over your head as you flip.

Flying Up a Wall
Yes, you can do this too, its a combination of the above two techniques, you can Run WAY far
up a wall, and it just looks ****ing cool, simply Run alongside a wall while strafing
against it, then Jump and hold jump to literally scale the wall. A good technique is to Run
way up a wall, and when your about to hit the ground, hold crouch so your roll out of it,
not only does it look cool, its a good way to fake out your opponent.

A Very basic technique, yet, not very well used for how good it is, it serves as a speedup
and a dodge utility, simply Crouch while running in 3rd person, any direction and your
character can roll, If you roll against a downed Foe, your saber will roll against him, and
damage him/her, a clever technique if you dont have time to slash.

Sword Shield
A more Advanced Technique, and a bit harder to do, but you can fake out your sword, and make
it circle around you for a long time, infinite if you get good enough, simply throw the
sword, and as it comes back, begin to strafe left, then tap up, then strafe right, then down
and start over, your sword will circle around you, and Yes, it still CAN hit people.

Running up your Opponent
Yes, you can do this too. But you need a high level force Pull to do it, basically, you
pull your opponent too you, and as he/she touches you, Jump, and your character will run up
your foe, this not only looks badass, but if Floors your opponent, leaving him/her open to a
lot of follow-up attacks if they dont speed get up.

Quick Get Up
If you fall over, Tap jump a million times to Super-get up, if you have enough force,
sometimes your character will get up in a cool fashion, such as spinning around matrix
style, or something.

Spring Jump
If you have lvl 2 or 3 Force jump, there is a way to get even higher, its called the spring
jump, and basically, you get a running start, run forward, and Jump, HOLD jump, then let go
of Forward Immediately, then Rehold it back down, instead of flipping, your character will
hold out his/her arms, this looks SOooo cool, like Crouching/Hidden style, ya know?? But not
only does it look cooler, it does infact grant you a VERY small ammount of extra Height, but
also, it doesnt carry you as far forward.

Leap Attack Left/Right
If you have lvl 2 or 3 Force jump, there is a way to do a leaping side attack, that looks
very cool, its the same thing as above, but substitute forward with a Strafe key (ie: left
or right) your character will leap up and stick his/her elbow out, looks kinda like Superman
if you ask me, but Very cool none the less, What makes this effective, is you can also slash
while your doing it, for a totally unique slash with each style, They all look badass and
though probably very hard to connect with, it just looks cool.

More a Technique then a move, but just simply tapping back + jump and repeating as soon as
you hit the ground, will look like cool handsprings in a way, you want to jump as low as
possible here, so no force hoppin'

Flying Saber Slash
Though listed, its kinda sketchy in the book, Basically, When in the Yellow stance, your
character can perform a flying saber attack, this attack by far is one of the best looking
in the game, and its a good fake out. *ONLY* can be done when a target is directly infront
of you, tap forward+jump+attack, hold none down, your character will do a leap, spin around
and attack in a head-swipe. It looks AWSOME.

Instant Kill
This technique takes away 75-80 health a hit, its considered a finishing move and done just
as the one above, but no opponent needs to be infront, it looks cool, your character flips,
spins, and brings the saber down over his head. Oh, It can only be done if your in the Red
stance, sorry.

Crouching Strike
By far one of the most Usefull attacks in the game, and it can only be done if your in the
Blue fighting stance, Basicly, you hold Crouch, then You tap forward and attack at the same
time, your character will spring up, and bring his saber low to high, its hard to hit
someone with unless they're charging you (hint hint) but if you do hit them, its a VERY
good technique to use.

Some people dont know how to taunt yet, and you have to bind it. Its fairly simple to do,
when in a game, Bring down the console (Shift+~) and type:     bind (key) +taunt
Note: the key is what you press to taunt, and you can ignore the ().

I think thats it for the Hidden Techniques...

			  	     Chapter 2: Stances
I Keep refering to Red, Blue, and Yellow Stances, basically, each color means a style of
Jedi, they are as follows.

Yellow: Classic Jedi Stance
Your medium, not to fast, not to slow, and decent damage dealt here, While this is the
medium between the three stances, i believe that it is also one of the coolest, it makes
defending agaisnt attacks rather easy aslong as your not attacking, and it gives the user
advantages including the Flying Saber Slash, which is one of the coolest looking things
in the game. Its also worth noting that this contains the best looking Spinning Slashes
also. This stance is all-around nicely put.

Blue: Quick Jedi Stance
This is that quick Speed stance, suited to players who want to attack quickly. It does
succeed in being very fast, and its easy to attack, defend, and counterattack, but its also
difficult to break an enemies defenses, and it deals a considerable ammount of less damage
than any other stance. This stance allows you to defend rather easily aswell, like the
Classic jedi Stance, A Final note, although this stance is considered weak, its unlocked
technique, the Crouching Strike, Deals a Lot of damage, although its very hard to hit, if
utilized effectively, it can be devistating. You should use this stance to counter the red
stance, by dodging the heavy blows and counter-attacking them quickly while your opponents
guard is down.

Red: Heavy Jedi Stance
The Strongest of the three, this stance your jedi holds the saber upright, and it makes it
very easy for your opponent to determine if your in this stance, and use the Quick Stance to
counter-attack it, so beware. Because of the Saber positioning, and the Extremely long
recoil times, your going to have one hell of a time defending yourself using this stance, So
id recommend some training in Evading blows, Such as Rolling, or Force Pushing/Pulling or
Grabbing, to hault your opponents offensive, you want your opponent to be on the defending
side when you switch to this stance. Although it leaves you open, the stances attacks are
increadibly accurate and are extremely difficult to defend no matter what stance, in
addition to that, the damage dealt is 10 fold, this stance has attacks that kills opponents
in nearly one hit, making this stance Truely devistating.

*************AHHH!!! 2 New Stances that were hidden!*********************

Notes: Well well well..damn.. i was informed today that they're are actually 5 stances in JKII
But the other two are hidden, i dont know WHY Lucas Arts didnt decide to incorperate these
features into multiplayer..but they ARE there..someone release a god damn mod.. please? ..

Now, You have to cheat to get these stances, from my work.. and studying them, it is MY belief
that these stances are the ones the Computers use in the main Jedi-Fights..one stance is for
Deslanns Jedi-Apprentice girl.. the other is for the hords of Dark-Jedi people that you fight,
I think.

Getting the Stances: So far, ive only tested single player, and they DO work, so if you cant get
them, your not doing it right, be informed that there are no new "grid colors" they're will be 2
reds, and 2 blues, and 1 yellow. Basically, enable the cheats on singleplayer, and bring down the
console..and simply type this:

setforceall 10

You get it right? normally, you should only type a variable of 1-3 in they're..but for some reason,
if you type a number above 3, it gives the extra stances, this is due to saber combat, i believe,
and if its set at "4" it only unlocks one stance, and at 5, it unlocks the other one. I *THINK*
this will work in multiplayer if you turn the cheats on in the server (you know, for the dual-sided
lightsaber trick?) So Read below to figure out how to play with your new Stances.

Red X2: One Handed Heavy Stance
WOW! ..This stance is phat..is actually kinda fair too ..its like a good mix of Red-Yellow..right
between them both, but most of the big heavy attacks are one handed, so it looks cool, spins exist,
and thats about all ive found, fun to play with. It seems harder to guard in this stance for some
reason.. The Spins look nifty, check it out!

Blue X2: Odd Speed Stance
Its.. not quite new..just ..different.. The differences are hard to point out, and it looks kinda
sloppy for a Jedi Stance, I think this belongs to the "Crappy" jedi's that you fight against. But
either way, its kinda fast..and has the "crouch-Slash" where you hold C, then forward+attack. Nifty
stance, check it out.

			  Chapter 3: Beating your Opponents Stance

Stances are the most important thing in jedi duels, but the key lies in
studying your opponent, You need to counter his stance by whatever means you can, These are
the basic rules on what stance you need to pick, and how to utilize each stance effectively.
Using all of the stances however, is Very hard to start out with, and on top of that, almost
every Jedi Favors a Stance over the other two. But i have to say that a True Jedi knows all
3 to the best of his ability.

-If your opponent Switches to Blue, You Switch to Yellow.
	1-Your a bit slower than him, Dont play offensively.
	2-He can defend well, keep your guard up
	3-Wait till your opponent begins to fight offensively.
	4-When you know he's going to open with an attack, Swing at him.
	5-When parrying, Immediately turn into a lot of spins, Blue players love to chase
people, So if your spinning your likely to smoke him.

-If your opponent Switches to Red, You Switch to Blue.
	1-Your atleast 3 times as fast as him.
	2-He's atleast 3 times as strong as you.
	3-Use Saber Throw a Lot if you can.
	4-If your Light, Dissappear and strike from behind.
	5-If your Dark, Keep him drained to prevent Sick Force-to-Saber combo's
	6-When he plays offensively, You play offensively. Attack when he does you counter
him that way.
	7-If he plays defensively, You play defensively. Dont attack when he's not.

-If your opponent Switches to Yellow, You Switch to Red.
	1-Your about 2 times as strong as him.
	2-He's about 3 times faster than you.
	3-Play Fully offensively. But Carefully.
	4-Know that he's going to have a LOT of trouble guarding your attacks, so be worried
only about connecting blows with him, you can easily overpower him.
	5-Beware Saber Throwing, Use rolling to dodge it easily.
	6-Use Force Speed to make him only 2 times faster than you.
	7-Dark Jedi - Use Dark Rage to make him piss himself.
	8-Light Jedi - No Good force here, just play heavy striking.
	9-Use Strafing when you click attack to make your Jedi attack with those Huge
Side-Swipes, and charge him while you do it, Works good with force-speed. These will connect
a lot.

			 	     Chapter 4: Stratagies

- Maximum Defense -
Force: Light Jedi
Stance: Blue
Force Powers: Jump(3), Throw(2-3), Defense(3), Heal(3),
A Technique in which a Jedi can virtually become immunte to most forms of attacks and force
powers, basically, you play "keep away" with your opponent, and Run up walls, and kickflip
off of other walls, just Stay away, your opponent will get pissed, and when he charges again
you Wait for that opening attack, and whip your Saber at him, this will stun him, and you
repeat this little game, when you take damage, heal yourself.

- Maximum Offense -
Force: Dark Jedi
Stance: Red
Force Powers: Offense(3), Defense(1-3), Dark Rage(3), Speed(3)
This is meant for a one-hit kill player, and it succeeds in the highest of fashions, your
faster than anyone, & hit harder than anyone, but your life is being drained, basically,
you can play with your opponent for awhile, or Start right off with this, Basically, Get
AWAY from your opponent, and as he begins to follow up, Cast Speed, then Dark Rage on
yourself at the same time, your attack speed is +150% Virtually, you can attack as fast as
if you were in yellow stance, and if you touch your opponent, that fool is going to drop
like nothing, no matter his stance.

- Grip Death -
Force: Dark Jedi
Stance: Any
Force Powers: Grip(3)
Theres a whole stratagy when dealing with Gripping someone, The fact that you can move them
allows for a Lot of options, standing on the edge, and just waiting for that charge,
grabbing him, turning around, and dropping him. Also holding it out deals damage, which is
painful within itself, you can play keep away and just occassionally grab, choke.

- Pull-Kick Death -
Force: Any
Stance: Red
Force Powers: Pull(3)
Theres a hidden Technique in the Pulling Force when its at level 3, try pulling your
opponent directly to you, then run into him while Jumping, your character will matrix-like
Run up his face, and boot him over, while backflipping, The stratagy is Just that, then,
if they get up slow, Charge'm with that big Red Swipe and Finish'm off. Easy kill.

- Mind Trick Attack -
Force: Light
Stance: Red-Yellow
Force Powers: Mind Trick(3)
This is a Very powerful stratagy, simply because of the fact that no one ever carries the
Detecting Force Power. which makes it very easy to vanish from your foe. This leaves a Lot
open, including hiding yourself while invisable, then re-healing yourself, Or Suprising your
opponent with a heavy strike, then running and turning invisable once more.

- Saber Throwing -
Force: Any
Stance: Any
Force Powers: Throw(2-3)
Saber Throwing is an Extremely effective tool to play with, First off, its a good defensive
technique, If your opponent is in a red stance, throw it at him often, because he'll need to
move to dodge it generally. In addition to that, you wait for them to Charge and when they
do, you Throw your saber JUST as they're about to attack, the attack will hit and stun them,
this is a great stratagy to tag down your opponents health, works especially well on Dark
Jedi, because they have a hard time healing dmg.

- Drain, Then Kill -
Force: Dark Jedi
Stance: Any (Preferably Blue)
Force Powers: Drain(3)
This is a simplistic technique that allows you to fully handicap your opponent, keep him
drained and you on top, this will make it so he can use NO force powers if you keep the
offensive, and use the blue stance to keep him on guard, so he has to run from you, Chase
him down and poke at his life, while continually poking his force down, to minimize his
ability to fend you off, and you'll slowly win.

- Speed Fighting -
Force: Any
Stance: Any (Preferably Yellow)
Force Powers: Speed(3)
This is a simple ability that multiplies your speed by 100%, your exactly double as fast as
before that means you can get 2 attacks in where only one was possible, if your opponent is
in Red Stance, Switch to blue, and speed up, and pound it into him.

- Cheap Grip Drain -
Force: Dark
Stance: Red
Force Powers: Drain(3), Grip(3)
This tactic is a bit complex, and involves 3 phases, and it's viewed as CHEAP in a lot of
people's eyes, but theyre are plenty of ways to escape for the advanced Jedi. Phase 1 is
Force Draining ALL of your opponents Force, then immediately switching to Grip, and Grabbing
him, lifting him directly HIGH up in the air, and RIGHT infront of you, then phase 3 is
Madly clicking that heavy slash as they land, RIght into the slash, its basically an instant
death, and its VERY hard to avoid if caught by the Grip beyind Throwing your saber.

			       Chapter 5: Single Player Ideas

This section isnt any type of Single-Player guide, but theres a Shitload of Things that the
game does in Single-Player, that I either have questions about, or that i cant do in

Part 1 - Saber Loss - In Single player, you can loose your Saber in the heat of a duel, and
so can your opponent, It looks cool as hell too, because if you click at it, Kyle will pull
it to his hand, i think this feature would be even better in multiplayer, adding more depth,
but sadly, i cant seem to find it anywhere, i cant seem to get the saber out of anyones
hands, Or my own, force that matter...Someone MOD IT!

Part 2 - Characters Statistics - This game is based of the wonderfly done Quake 3 Engine,
and if i recall right, all the Quake Characters had statistics, Some were faster than others
some started with more life, I think its the same in Jedi-Knight II, Check who you play
carefully, as some characters go so far as toting different types of moves.

			       Chapter 6: CTF/Y Classes
I Got this idea from someone who simply said You should make CTF/Y Force Classes. And I
thought, geez.. smart guy, why didnt i think of that?
SideNote: CTF/Y is Capture the Flag/Ysalmari

CTF- Everyone knows what this is, if you dont, go .. play Q3.
CTY- This is an offshoot of Capture the flag with a few twists, the flag is replaced by a
Ysalmari, and when Carrying a "Ysalmari" your force powers are disabled, YOu might think..
"wow..thats cool..i guess..id rather play CTF" ..but they were very smart, because what
people do in CTF is Get the flag, then Force Speed They're way Back home, its almost like
a perfect capture if your running backwords, because your saber deflects shit, and your
moving faster than everyone. but if your carrying that Pesky Ysalmari, you cant Use any
force, Very good idea.

SideNote: I Think there's an option for this, but i wish another game would've put All
light Jedi Vs. Dark Jedi, but i think a Team FFA game does this if theres an option for it.

Note: Under "Force Powers" im only listing what is needed to effectively fill the class, you
can add anything else you wish.

- Combat Medic -
Force: Light Jedi
Force Powers: Heal(3), TeamHeal(3), Speed(3)
Why Not? ..For all you non-believers, imagine being able to charge, while having infinite
healing going on from behind you. Yess..you begin to see the picture now dont you?

- Combat Assistant -
Force: Any Jedi
Force Powers: Push(3), Pull(3),
When 2 Jedi are in a Duel, its like a sacred event, and although one might call you cheap
for having 2 Jedi work in a team, Its a simply God-like combination, 2 Jedi can be very
unstoppable, I reccomend one be the attacker, and one be the Assistant, Force Pushing &
Pulling the Target while the other Jedi cuts him to all hell.

- Base Attacker -
Force: Light Jedi
Force Powers: Speed(3), MindTrick(3)
The Ultimate Capture Technique, is Mindtrick, use it to slip behind enemy lings Swap to Red
stance, and Cut that guard in half, take the flag, use Speed! Run!

- Base Defender -
Force: Dark Jedi
Force Powers: Force Pull(3), True Seeing(3), Dark Rage(3)
When the Flag Gets taken, you go into Dark Rage..simple eh? I thought so too. Oh, Pull the
Idiot away from the flag, its funny to see him running at the flag, only to get yanked by
you, back toward everyone, use tree seeing when it gets..lonely, to avoid beeing Sneaked up
on. Oh, if your opponent is Running from you, Switch to a weapon, and shoot the bastard.
If a Jedi's back is to you, he aint blockin shit.

- Base Mechanic -
Force: Any Jedi
Force Powers: None
Not Really a Class, but more people need to use those Damned CTF Items because they're soo
powerful. Place Turrets All over your flag guys, yes, they're ARE turrets in the game, in
addition to that, Force walls are very cool too.

- Gunner -
Force: Light Jedi
Force Powers: MindTrick(3), SaberAttack(0), SaberDefend(0), SaberThrow (0)
You'd be suprised how much Force you can get, if you dont put anything into your Saber
Technique, and the force is not only a perfect match for the Saber User, but also a perfect
match for the weapon user. For a Sniper, use MingTrick, and then weapon 4, Snipe your target
Very Effective, an invisible Sniper, how Quaint. Another Very good trick is to switch Mind
Trick with Shield, and apply that and charge with a rocket launcher, they aint deflectin
shit, and you aint taking shit, very effective.

			       Chapter 7: Dueling - How to win

Dueling is a new way to play an FPS. No matter how you look at it, there is barely a game
anyone can name that truely recreates this sort of a combat experience, theres no one but
2 people, its simply about fighting. I think Dueling is one of the funnest ways to play. But
there are some core rules you should think about when you duel.

1 - When you duel, they're are only about 4-12 people total, and usually the number is less,
But when you see your opponents fight, Study them like the devil, Watch they're style,
watch what they do, and use the tactics to defeat him, Theres a way to counter every move
In Jedi-Knight so its impossible for one person to keep winning over and over again unless
no one is changing they're tactics.

2 - MOST duels are Sabers only.. Why? because it makes it more Duel like. Id like to see a
mod pop out that replaces all the weapons with melee weapons, that would be pretty slick i
think. And beyond that, in a Duel, Most guns are useless unless your opponent is stupid. If
you have a gun, and your opponent is playing offensively, switch to the gun, and blast him
while he's slicing, Always remember that key element, when someone is attacking, they cant
defend themselves. And Also, if someone Does have a gun out, Play defense or Pull out a gun
or Force Push them, then attack.

3 - Understand that some arena's are bigger than others, and Light Jedi's Fair much better
when they know the arena, because light Jedi's are defensively + Stealthily Set. So as a
Light jedi, its always good to know where the hiding spots are, you can play games with the
Dark Jedi, by Vanishing, Going to the hiding Spot, and turning off your saber, then heal
yourself. its a great Stratagy.

			Questions/Comments: Vanphinele@aol.com

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