Cheat for infinite force?

  1. I know that the Cheats on GameFAQs has a code for "full force," but is there a code for infinite force?

    Thanks in advance.
    CornisNice84 - 11 years ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. technically there's no cheat, only full force, but you can make a hot key for it by entering "bind (letter) give force".
    i recommend h i or j for the hot key. But first, don't forget to enable cheats.
    gob480 - 11 years ago - report 2   1


  1. Something that I have done for single player is instead of making a single hot key for it I used the console commands to rebind all my force powers to keys with the full force command added to the end of it. It isn't perfect but it works well enough. (that includes jump and saber throw (alt attack)

    Example: (this may not be 100% accurate) bind space "jump;+give force"

    that should more or less guarantee you don't run out of force. But I also bound it to all my force use keys.
    Dorman1986 - 6 years ago - report 0   5
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