16-bit RasterizersStephen Ash
Additional 3D ModelingKyle Balda
Additional 3D ModelingMarc Benoit
Additional 3D ModelingSteven Chen
Additional 3D ModelingGreg Gladstone
Additional Art TechniciansJillian Moffett
Additional Art TechniciansC. Andrew Nelson
Additional Music ProductionHans Christian Reumschuessel
Additional ProgrammersMark Cooke
Additional ProgrammersAmit Shalev
Additional ProgrammersHwei-Li Tsao
Additional ProgrammersAric Wilmunder
Art TechniciansLleslle Aclaro
Art TechniciansAlbert Chen
Art TechniciansTroy Molander
Art TechniciansRebecca Perez
Art TechniciansJosef Richardson
Assistant DesignersPeter Chan
Assistant DesignersEric Ingerson
Assistant DesignersBret Mogilefsky
Assistant DesignersPeter Tsacle
Assistant Voice EditorCindy F. Wong
Background ArtistsRalph M. Gerth IV
Background ArtistsGaurav Mathur
Background ArtistsJohn McLaughlin
Background ArtistsAdam Schnitzer
Background ArtistsPaul Topolos
Background ArtistsPaul Zinnes
Character AnimationSimon Allen
Character AnimationDavid Bogan
Character AnimationMark Hamer
Character AnimationSuzanne House
Character AnimationEric Ingerson
Character AnimationVamberto Maduro
Character AnimationChris Miles
Character AnimationChris Schultz
Conceptual ArtistPeter Chan
iMuse Music SystemMichael Land
iMuse Music SystemPeter McConnell
iMuse Music SystemMichael McMahon
Insane Video CompressionVince Lee
Lead ArtistPeter Tscale
Lead ProgrammerBret Mogilefsky
Lead Sound DesignerJeff Kliment
Music ComposerPeter McConnell
Music EngineererJeff Kliment
Pre-Production ManagerCasey Donahue Ackley
Production CoordinatorLinda Villalobos Grisanti
Production ManagerLleslle Aclaro
ProgrammersKevin Bruner
ProgrammersCharles Jordan
ProgrammersChris J. Purvis
Project LeaderTim Schafer
Renderoid Engine and ToolsRay Gresko
Renderoid Engine and ToolsRobert Huebner
Renderoid Engine and ToolsChe-Yuan Wang
Renderoid Engine and ToolsWinston Wolff
Senior Voice EditorKhris Brown
Sound Department CoordinatorKristen Becht
Sound Department ManagerMichael Land
Sound DesignersClint Bajakian
Sound DesignersJulian Kwasneski
Sound DesignersAndy Martin
Sound DesignersNick Peck
Sound Production SupervisionClint Bajakian
Sound Production SupervisionJeff Kliment
Sound Production SupervisionMichael Land
Technical WritersChip Hinnenberg
Technical WritersLynn Taylor
Texture ArtistsJapeth Pieper
Texture ArtistsSara Simon
Voice Department MangerTamlynn Niglio
Voice EditorsWilliam Beckman
Voice EditorsCoya Elliott
Voice ProcessingClint Bajakian
Voice Producer/DirectorDarragh O'Farrell
Voice Production Assistant EngineerLisa Carlon
Voice Production CoordinatorPeggy Bartlett
Voice Production EngineerGordon Suffield


Data and credits for this game contributed by ZFS, anarcho_selmiak, odino, oblivion from aoc, Blk_Mage_Ctype, BartSmith, and adultnature.

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