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Reviewed: 11/23/01 | Updated: 11/23/01

Dull single-player, great multi-player

Story: 5

With Tiberian Sun, I think C&C pretty much left its gritty roots and, not surprisingly, the Yuri’s Revenge story is very far-fetched and silly. I won’t go into the story too much but the general themes are time-travel, cloning and mind-control. The cut-scenes are even more tongue-in-cheek these days, showing that Westwood really don’t take their plotting seriously anymore.

Graphics: 7

The Graphics are identical to Red Alert 2, which is a mixed blessing. The terrain and structures look nice, although the units are blocky and somewhat short on animation frames. The voxel engine means it’s very system-friendly, although an inefficient engine compared to a polygon one.

Sound: 7

Good sound effects, but below average music. Most of the voices have been re-done too (some are a mixed blessing to be honest although you get used to them and at least all the tanks don’t sound the same anymore).

Control: 9

Control is exceptional with highly responsive mouse control, and many useful keyboard hot-keys.

Missions: 7

Very like Red Alert 2’s missions but noticeably harder. If you liked RA2 then you’ll like these missions, although the secret to winning is still to hog the ore and build a big tank rush with air and/or sea support. The missions are also very creative, although it’s a shame that there are no Yuri missions as every player has already played Allies and Soviets to death in the main game. A better solution would be truncated Allied and Soviet campaigns with a secret Yuri campaign available on completion of both.

Expansion: 8

The Allies and Soviets only receive a couple of new, but highly useful, units, making their forces a little bit more interesting for veteran players. However, you do get the brand-new Yuri army (which might just be the best of all). The Soviets, in particular, seem much improved and you get a sizeable number of Soviet players nowadays (in RA2, only newbies used to play as them really). You also get lots of new skirmish and multiplayer maps some of which are very good indeed.

Multiplayer: 9

The best thing about YR is the multiplayer. RA2 was great, but YR adds a host of new features such as customisable alliances and the new side, Yuri’s army. Soviets seem to have been improved greatly, as mentioned before, and all the armies seem very well balanced (Yuri’s army may be a little bit too good – overkill on the part of Westwood perhaps – but they should be evened out with future patches). If you enjoy RA2 multiplayer, then YR is an essential purchase (if you didn’t play then you’re really missing out).

Overall: 8

Questionable single player missions but a superb, and essential, multiplayer addition (especially because of the new Yuri army and excellent new host options).

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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