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Allied Multiplayer Tactics by saintsaga

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/30/2004

  CCCCCC    &&&       CCCCCC               YY     YY              II  ''       
CCC    CC  && &&    CCC    CC      ::       YYY YYY                   '      
CC          &&&     CC             ::        YYYYY   UU   UU RRRR II     SSSSSS
CC        &&&&&&&&  CC                         Y     UU   UU RR   II     SSS   
CCC    CC &&   &&   CCC    CC      ::          Y     UU   UU RR   II        SSS
  CCCCCC   &&&&&&&&   CCCCCC       ::         YYY    UUUUUUU RR   II     SSSSSS

C&C: Yuri's Revenge
Allied Multiplayer Strategy Guide
By Rowanto(saintsaga77@yahoo.com & saintsaga77@hotmail.com *OLD*)

Version 2.0 (Probably Final)


This is the FAQS for the people that tend to lose on a multiplayer game. 
For now it only exist in :
-GameFaqs (I'll post the newest update here)

If you want to post it at other place, ask me first. 
Even if I let you post it, you must not change anything.

I'll take legal actions if you post it without telling me first.

This FAQS is copyrighted to Rowanto 2004. All Right reserved.

))Table Of Contents((

1. 	First Words
 1.1	Introduction
 1.2	Why Allied?
 1.3	Difference with RA2
2.	Units
 2.1	Allied Units
2.2	Soviet Units
2.3	Yuri Units
3.	Allied 
 3.1	Allied special units
 3.2	Simple Tactics
 3.3	Battle Strategy
 3.4	Team Battle Strategy
4.	Tips and Beware
5.	Version
6.	Closing Words
7.	Credits

))***1.First Words***((

=1.1 INTRODUCTION=						
This is my first FAQS. But I guess that it was not too bad to read. 
And I have also played it for a long time...

This Yuri's revenge is the expansion of the RA 2. So it was basically 
The same with RA2 except there are some new units.

Well, In this Version 2.0, I'll write all of my tactics.
At the previous section, I didn't write it all, cause I want to settle
My score on my Rival. (Yeah! I win them all. CS,RA2,Yuri's,General,etc)

Well, this FAQS is created for playing with Human on LAN or ONLINE.
Well, I never played online before though. :_(

This because the AI is easily defeated. This has been proved to me.
When I was proud that I can crush all the 7 Brutal AI, Some of my senior
Come in and beats me up to it. That make me learn more, and now I'm
At the same level with them. On all the person I know,
I only can't beat 3 person.

That's why I'm pretty good... :)

=1.2 Why Allied=							
The answer is simply easy. Because allied is the good guy. :)
I love playing the good guy on every game I played. I know
That I'm not a really good guy. But playing the good side 
Make some sensation for me.

And one other is cause allied is better then the other. 
(That's what I guess) It's okay if you don't agree.

=1.3 Different with RA2=
The main different about its older game is there are new units and country.
For example, allied now have Guardian GIs. Soviet lose its mind control 
Abilities but there are siege copter and Boris. And the new brand country
Yuri. And many others.


=2.1 Allied Units=


Cost: $200

This is the basic infantry of the allied country. They were strong when
They were deployed and packed together. A bunch of them can easily 
Destroy any tanks, including Apocalypse. So they were a good choice. 

Guardian GI
Cost: $400

This is the advanced version of GIs. The undeployed of guardian GIs have
The same weapon as the deployed GIs. And when they're deployed, they are
Lethal to tanks and air units (Deployed Guardian GIs can shoot at the air).
If you have money, buy this. If not, just make GIs.

Attack Dogs
Cost: $100
This dog is a good choice to kill infantry since they can kill infantry
With one hit. But as you know, they are useless against vehicles and buildings
. I usually build some of this to guard my place from approaching Yuri or 
Spy. By the way, this dog is a German shepherd.

Cost: $500
This one is a dangerous unit when they were inside enemy base. They can 
Capture buildings with going into the building. But they can be also used
To defuse crazy Ivan bombs  (I rarely use them for this). And as you
Know they can repair building too. And they make a good units when they 
Were inside IFVs (see Simple Tactics below).

Cost: $1000
These units can disguise as other player and can infiltrate the enemy buildings
, But they can be get caught by Yuri or dogs. Entering this building will
Give you this:
Power plant: Shut the enemy power 1 minute
Ore refinery: Stole half of the enemy cash
Radar: Reset the radar
War Factory: Your War factory makes veteran vehicle
Barrack: Your Barrack makes Veteran Units
Battle Lab: Give you special units
Super Weapon: Reset the timer

Navy Seal
Cost: $1000
They are the same like the RA2 Tanya except they were a man.
They can swim, and a real infantry killer. And also, they can C4 buildings.

Chrono Legionnaire
Cost: $1000
These guys can teleport and chronoshift the enemy buildings or units.
They can also do a sneak attack (see simple tactics below). When he
Is attacking a unit. That unit will not able to be attacked by other

Chrono Commando
Cost: $2000
These guys are the real man in this game if you ask me. The can chronoshift
And the can also C4 the building. If you are really neat. The can also 
C4 Prism tower or tesla coil.

Cost: $1000
Basically, this is a Yuri clone with the C4 ability. They can mind control
Unit. And they can also C4 building. But since they can't swim and Chrono
Shift. They are not very good.

Cost: $1500
Well, the old Tanya is back again with new ability that she can destroy tanks
With her C4. Just put her to the front line and all the infantry will be toast,
And just order she to blow out tanks. She also can't be mind controlled.


Cost: $700
This is the standard tank for the allied country. It is fast but also weak,
At least weaker than Rhino tank. You also start the game with these tanks.

Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
Cost: $600
Now, this vehicle is useful because it can shoot at the air, and they were 
Stronger than rocketeers. So if you build rocketeers just for anti air units,
I suggest you to just build this one cause they are at the same price and
They were stronger than rocketeers. The only thing is that they can't fly.
They can also get special ability if you put in infantry. Just check out other
People FAQS for more detailed info.

Mirage tank
Cost: $1000
You must always have at least one of these tanks in your base, cause they kill
Infantry with one hit. So it is effective to counter Chrono legionnaire or
Chrono commando that try to sneak in your base.

Prism tank
Cost: $1200
Now, we are talking about dangerous units. These tanks is extremely dangerous
Because they're strong and they shoot from far away. Their only weakness is
That they're weak, ore miners or pillbox can easily destroy them.
So if you see a pack of them wondering, just kill them before they reach your
Base, or if you see that they are not guarded by anti air units. Just build
3-5 rocketeers to kill them and they will be easily destroyed.

Battle Fortress
Cost: $2000
This tank is the most dangerous vehicle in the game cause they're strong and
Mostly, they can crush tanks. *Gulp* Just be sure if you make them, don't put
Them near mastermind, or you'll be toast. They can be also put infantry inside,
My favourite combination is All Guardian GIs and One navy seal.

Robot tank
Cost: $600
This is the anti tank vehicle in the game, they can easily destroy tank and
They can also cross water to attack water unit. Since they can move at water,
They're perfect for the hit and run tactics. If you see some tanks wonder near
Water, just shoot it, and then go into the water again. And repeat. But just
For you to remember, they can't move or shoot if the robot centre is destroyed
Or there were no power. Since they were robots, they can't be mind controlled.

Chrono Miner
Cost: $1400
This is the miner for the allied country, after they harvest ore, they can
Chrono shift back to the ore refinery. If there were another miner putting
The ore back to the refinery, they will drive to the base until that miner
Have gone. They can't be mind controlled. And maybe they are fast but they 
Harvest less ore than war miner

Mobile Construction Yard
Cost: $3000
This is your MCV, I guess there is nothing to explain.

Cost: $1000
This is the helicopter of the allied country, they can shoot at land unit and
carry people.

Cost: $1200
This is the plane for the allied country, it is simple. Just shoot and watch
Out for the anti air unit or structure.


Amphibious transport
Cost: $9000
This is a transport unit that can carry on vehicle and infantry. 
And they can also travel on water.

Cost: $500
This is the enemy of the squid, squid can't grab ship if these guys is around.
I suggest you to build 10 dolphins first after you build the naval yard.
Because you'll be able to counter any other naval units and some protection to
Your naval yard.

Cost: $1000
This is the standard of the allied naval, they can shoot submarine and boomer
with their helicopter. And fire the ground with their cannon. Not pretty useful

Aegis Cruiser
Cost: $1200
Now now now,... were talking about the strongest anti air units in the game.
Just build 2 of this and even Kirovs will be a toast. When I said air units
, it means everything flying. Yes, you're right, including Missile and etc.

Aircraft Carrier
Cost: $2000
This is a real dangerous unit. They can launch 3 hornet per ship and their 
Hornet can move pretty far and they are pretty dangerous. Never let the
Other player to build any of these! But they are really slow when turning,
But they're not that bad when they move straight. 

=2.2 Soviet Unit=
Well, now because this FAQS is about allied multiplayer tactic. I'll say the
bad/weakness about the soviet units. Hue hue hue...


Cost: $100
This is useless, GIs easily kill them. Their best part is their 
Screaming when they died. "Mommy!"

Attack Dog (Siberian Husky)
Cost: $200
They are the same with allied dog, but allied dog look cooler!

Flak Trooper
Cost: $300
GIs still easily take them out.

Cost: $500
They pretty much the same with the allied engineer.

Tesla Trooper
Cost: $500
Waste of money, useless. GIs still easily take them out. I never see them
Charge at the other player base before, just doing housework on the owner
Base (charging tesla coil).

Crazy Ivan
Cost: $1000
Their dynamites are easily defused and when killed, blow up and kill the
Around units. Just kill them when they are packed together and you'll
See a beautiful chain reaction. Hue hue hue...

Chrono Ivan
Cost: $2000
They're basically Ivan with a Chrono ability, too bad they're still not
Good enough.

Cost: $1500
Strong, but sitting duck when calling Migs.


Rhino heavy tank
Cost: $900
Strong but slow making them easily killed by hit and run tactics
Weak against Gis.

Flak Track
Cost: $500
Useless anti air units, only used for some engineer or terrorist rush.

Terror Drone
Cost: $500
Effective against vehicle but still easily destroyed by some deployed GIs.

V3 Rocket Launcher
Cost: $800
Useless, their rockets can be easily taken out in the air by Guardian GIs and
Patriot missile.

Cost: $1750
Not too bad, but our prism tank when packed together still able destroy them.

Siege Copter
Cost: $1000
Can be easily blew out of the sky.

Cost: $2000
Strong, but extremely slow. Use this opportunity.

War Miner
Cost: $1400
They can harvest more ore than Chrono miner and they also equipped with a 
Gun. But they are slower...

Cost: $3000
Nothing out of ordinary


Amphibious transport
Cost: $900
The same with the allied.

Sea Scorpion
Cost: $600
Another useless thing, Aegis Cruiser still 100 times better. Yeah!

Typhoon Sub
Cost: $1000
Destroyer still stronger

Giant Squid
Cost: $1000
They were sitting duck when dolphin is around.

Cost: $2000
Their twin missiles can be easily blasted back to the sky.

=2.3 Yuri Units=
Again, I'll say the weakness.


Cost: $200
Annoying, Lethal when they garrisoned building. BEWARE!

Cost: $10

Cost: $500
The same as others

Cost: $500
Maybe, he is strong against tank because tank fire slowly. But
They'll toast against GIs.

Cost: $600
Can be easily killed by Rocketeer. Besides, British sniper can snipe farther 

Yuri Clone
Cost: $800
Can mind control one unit, but weak. And easily killed by Rocketeer.
Don't ever try to charge your Infantry to kill these cause they can deploy them
Self and kill your infantry. Maybe you're thinking "Oh, he can control one. But
Not everyone!", Right but he also can kill you instantly.

Prime Yuri
Cost: $1500
Like Yuri clone, but can mind control further away and take over building.
Again, easily killed by Rocketeer.
Beware of this units, Place dogs far from your base to counter him.
Don't ever try to charge your Infantry to kill these cause they can deploy them
Self and kill your infantry. Maybe you're thinking "Oh, he can control one. But
Not everyone!", Right but he also can kill you instantly.
I've ever taste this, when I have no dogs he come charging past the sea, and
To make him never get a piece of my base I charged my 20 GIs there and then
He deployed himself. Whoa, a beautiful and sad scenery...


Cost: $700
Fast, but Weak.

Gattling tank
Cost: $600
When I test Yuri, I ever charge 20 of these to 4 veteran apocalypse.
My Gattling is Toast. With 1 remaining Apocalypse.

Cost: $1000
Can only lift one. Destroy them with the remaining tank. Remember to not
Make your naval unit near them, as they can also lift naval unit.

Master Mind
Cost: $1750
Can mind control unlimited units, but after 3 units. It's hp decrease
Slowly. Destroyed instantly when mind control more than 10 unit.
So if it managed to mind control you just bring more for it to control.
But don't try this if there were more than one Master Mind.

Chaos Drone
Cost: $1000
Make people berserk. Just kill them with Rocketeer.
Another way is send ONLY one tank there and he should take care of it.

Floating Disk
Cost: $1750
Wow, U-F-O. They are strong enough and fast. Don't let them drain your
Power or all the patriot missile will useless. If this happen,
Just bring all of your anti air units.

Cost: $3000
Nothing out of ordinary.

Cost: $2000
Just bring them destroyer accompanied with dolphins.

Hover transport
Cost: $900
The same.


=3.1 Allied special units=						
This is the most favourite country of mine. This country gives you an airborne
That drops GIs, It gives you a total of 8 GIs.
It means 200 X 8 = 1600. So you can use them in early of games and use 
The money for making GIs to build other things.

This country has their well-known snipers. They were not bad because when 
They kill they did not reveal the shroud. So make them perfect for 
A silent assassin. Plus you can place them on IFV to make them snipe 
From further away.

This country has a grand cannon, which is not that useful. They may be able
To takes tank quickly, but they also can be easily destroyed. 
And make them useless when no powers.

This country has a Tank destroyer that can kill tanks quickly. But they are
Pretty weak against infantry. I've ever tried it with one deployed GI's,
The tank loses. So the alternative way when you meet infantry is crushing them.

This country is pretty much useless. I know that their black eagle is strong,
But it was also more expensive and slower making them hardly come back to base.

=3.2 Simple Tactics=							

+ = Attack tactics
- = Defend tactics
* = Two of them

+ Engineer rush
 If you play with the Computer a lot, you must have known this. Just simply
 Build 3 or 5 of them and rush them to the enemy base. Since allied didn't
 Have any flak track. So you have to sneak them. Use the area that you 
 Guess that the player hasn't reveal. And rush the engineer from there.
 When you capture the building, SELL THEM!

* America Airborne
 While playing America, quickly build an air force command. You can use the 
 Airborne as the defends of your base. So you'll have a free ground defends
 (200X8=1600). So Instead of making tanks or units you can use this instead
 That could save you money. Or another tactics is that some player tends to 
 Only build defend structure on their front line (if the are surrounded by 
 Mountains or at the corner) so drop the airborne at the place that 
 Have no pillbox or prism tower, battle bunker, or teslacoils and anything 
 Else so you'll be able to destroy a few structures. Or you can capture an 
 Airport so you'll have more dropped GIs if you drop them the same time.

* Chrono Legionnaire
 When the things heated up between the players. Just place some one (only one,
 If more than one will be easily founded by looking radar) legionnaire 
 At the centre of their base that have no units or defensive building. I've
 Often make some of the building disappear. And I've also often makes the 
 Enemy conyard disappear. ;)

 Another way to defend, If you see aerial unit like harrier attack your base
 Just force attacks the targeted building. And it will be unscratched.
 You can also use this to defend from coming Kirovs that has entered your
 Base for a moment. But be sure to shot from left if they come from right
 And vice-versa. If not your legionnaire will die.

+ Racketeer
 On the early of the games, just build 3-5 rocketeers and charge the enemy 
 Base that is not reachable by their anti air buildings. Sometimes, there are
 Enemy that even didn't build an anti air building or units, shot at there
 Power first to make sure that the going to be make anti air structure will
 Have no powers, and kill the anti air units fast. Then the barrack. And 
 Destroy as many building as you can.

+ Black Eagle
 This tactics will require lots of money for sure. First build 3 Air force 
 Command and Build 12 of Black Eagle. After that Charge them to the building
 You want to destroy. It's most likely will be destroyed even if it is a 
 Conyard. But there is a high chance that most of your Black Eagles will not
 Survive. : _(

- Repair IFV escort
 If you want to charge with your tanks. Make sure that you make 3 IFVs and
 Put engineers inside it and guard (Ctrl+Alt) some of the tanks. So the IFVs
 Will repair the vehicles and removes terror drone. Which is quite useful. 

+ Hit and Run
 You have grizzlies, when you started the game. If you are near enemy.
 Just hit some of them with your grizzlies and run. At least you have make
 The other player angry. Hue hue hue...

+ Robot Tank
 This thing is quite useful because they can move at water. 
 First, if you see some enemy unit wonder at a narrow path near
 Water, or standing next to water. Just hit them with some of your robot tank
 And run again. Usually you'll be able to take down some units with that.
 Plus you can easily destroy dreadnought and boomer if they try to shot your
 Base, when you have no naval units around.

* Dolphin
 If you want to play naval with your friend, when you get a naval yard, just
 Make about 20 dolphin and charge at the player base. First kill their naval
 Unit(it should be easy) , And after that destroy the naval yard. But 
 I suggest you to destroy in front of the naval(don't near land) because
 Some player can force shot the water that can do serious damage to you.

- Anti Submarine/Dolphin
 If there were some of them attacking you, just use your tank to force shot
 The water, if they were hit, they will be uncloaked.

- Packing MCV
 If you see harrier coming for your CY and you don't have legionnaire around
 . Just when the missile about to launch. Undeploy it. Most of them should 

- Dog
 This is useful to counter any Yuri prime that try to sneak into your base,
 But be sure to place them a little far from your base. Cause P. Yuri can
 Control building from far.

- Anti Rhino Rush
 If you think people charge at you with Rhino early is awesome players,
 I don't agree, I'll call them stupid, If they know I'm America, I'll
 Call them fool. It's simple because your packed GIs in about 20 can destroy
 20-30 Rhino easily.

That is all the tactics for now. If I can I'll add more of them at the next 
Updates. You can also send an email to me.

=3.3 Battle Strategy=
1. Simple One

Well, when the game starts just build a power plant after that build a barrack
And then an Ore refinery. When you have built the barrack, and are building
The ore now. Place a patriot missile to the centre of your base. And wall
Around your conyard (supposed if there are people using engineer rush).
Then place a few pillboxes. Now your ore must have been completed. Place it.
If you did not use America, make a few GIs or Guardian GIs first.
If you're using America or British. Build an air force command first. So you'll
Able to use the airborne as your first line defends or make some snipers to
Kill the infantry on the enemy base. After that build the war factory, and
Make 2 extra Chrono miners. And then if the enemy has attack, use the previous
GIs to defend them. Or if the enemy attack with rocketers quickly build 
A few Guardian GIs. If the enemy didn't attack at all, it means you're lucky.
(Some players tend to charge at early of the game). Then after you have
Build the main buildings, start building as you wish. But I advice you to
Build about 8-10 IFV or many Guardian GIs to counterpart Any Kirovs or Rocketer
. You can build naval too if you want. But I suggest you to build Battle Lab
First, so you can make some mirage or prism to attack the other players.
But be sure to give them repairs IFV (see simple tactics).

2. Offensive

REMEMBER: Speed is the key of to win

Hmm, First I guess that you should choose the America Country. First start the
Game builds a power plant after that build a barrack and then an Ore refinery.
When you have built the barrack, and are building the ore now. 
Place a patriot missile to the centre of your base. And wall around your 
Conyard  (supposed if there are people using engineer rush).
Then place a few pillboxes. Now your ore must have been completed. Place it.
Then quickly build the air force command then place it. After that build
The war factory and start making 2 or 3 extra miner. Then when the airborne is
Ready drop them at the place you guess where the enemy is. Even if you don't 
Find them; use your dropped GIs to go to 8 directions until you find your 
When you find them, try to drop your GIs to the safe place near the enemy base
(Airborne tactics) and try to destroy some building. If you see that their
Air defence is low (no Guardian GIs/Flak trooper/no patriot missile/gattling,
Etc) if you have money, build some Rocketeer, and try destroying some of their 
After that build the battle lab and charge them with some prism and Grizzlies.
If the enemy is not destroyed, make your base defence stronger to counterpart
The enemy counter attack, while making some of your tanks. While you feel
Your units is enough to destroy them (10 IFVs for anti air, 10 Prism tank,
30 grizzlies, 100 GIs, etc). Charge!!!!

3. Defensive

About this one, sometimes you'll be going to called chickens when you use this.
Again I suggest you use America cause French Grand Cannon is Expensive and
Not too great for everything causes it shoots slow. First start the
Game builds a power plant after that build a barrack and then an Ore refinery.
When you have built the barrack, and are building the ore now. 
Place a patriot missile to the centre of your base. And wall around your 
Conyard  (supposed if there are people using engineer rush).
Then place a few pillboxes. Now your ore must have been completed. Place it.
Then build the air force command and drop all the GIs at your base and deploy
Them. I can swear that if there were many of them, even apocalypse will be a
Toast. Then build a war factory and build 4-6 miners after that build about
10-12 IFVs. After that, with that many miners, you must have a steady flow of
Cash but before building them I suggest you make about 10 Guardians GIs if
You have money to counter any coming UFO. After that as time progress, your
Dropped GIs must have provides great land defence. If there were snipers or
Viruses, make a Rocketeer and kill them. Then build as you wish, if there were
Kirovs, take any Anti air vehicle/infantry you have build to kill them!
After you have much money. Build this order:
3 Grizzlies - 2 Mirages - 1 Prism
Until you're done with your money. And you guess that is enough.

Well, that is the strategy. I guess that the best strategy is gained from
Experience. It is depending on whom you are playing with. 

But feel free if you want to submit some great (when I saw great it means
Totally awesome and superb) strategy. And I'll post it.

=3.4 Team Battle Strategy=
Because this is an allied multiplayer FAQS, I'll suppose that you're an
Allied country. And if you're team you should choose map that allow you
To stick with your friend.

1. Two versus One

All I can said about this is that your are picking on a player or the
Player you're facing is too great so that you and your friend agreed to
Kill him.

Well, if you are on a small map, this is reaaaaaaaaaly easy. When the game
Start just head to his place with your units and your friend units. If he is
Not fast enough, he will be positively destroyed. If you lose, just start 
Making GIs without building the ore refinery(QUICK!). And charge at his
Place with 10 GIs at a time and start making again, asks your friend to do so.

2. Two versus Two

Your team is Allied

Now, all I can say is that this team is not too good because a team of the
Same country makes no big difference at all. But here is the tactics.

First just mess up the thing like the above tactics. But because now
You have a friend, you could split up the work, like you make the defence and
Your friend makes the offensive units. Or you could also make it like you
Make the ground units and your friend makes the naval or air/anti-air unit.

Your team is Soviet

This is a great combination because you could make 2 different unit.
Now start the game, do as the usual. But now instead of deploying the GIs,
Just ask your friend to build a battle bunker and put your GIs inside,
This should provide a great defence. After that you could make a customised
IFV to make your enemy become irritated. Like making an IFV with an Ivan inside
To become the small demolition truck, or you can also put tesla trooper inside
To make a weaker version of tesla tank(but it is also cool). The best thing
Is now you can use your friend's Boris to Migs building while put your Tanya
To guard him from attack. 

Your team is Yuri

Well, I suppose this is the perfect combination because you can make cool
Trick from them. Like you could give spy to your friend if he needs them.
If you use this combination, I suggest that you ask your friend to do the
Defensive things. Like ask him to place many Gattling gun. And ask him to
Make a tank bunker and put inside Gattling tanks for perfect without power
Needed anti-air unit. Some of my friends even said that you could put
Prism tank inside the tank bunker(I haven't test it) to make a single stand
Prism tower, but in this type it can hit several unit at once instead of
Joining beam without spreading like prism tower. You could also give him
Some of your building to your friend by letting it mind controlled by
Prime Yuri. The best part is joining Battle fortress with 5 Yuri clone
*REAL EVIL*. So I guess you have understand my words, Just let your friend
(Yuri) build up the defence and you attack.

3. Three/Four Versus Three/Four

Well, now this is the WAR! I guess there nothing to explain here. 
Usually if you play this, everything will be a total mess. But in here
I advise that you make the defence first. Because if they start fighting,
This will be a total war. In here teamwork is essential. If your ally is
Attacked, be sure to help him to destroy the enemy. If you lost one of
Your ally, it means you lost 25% of your speed to make unit so rescue them.

))4. Tips and Beware((

-Don't panic, losing conyard is not the end of the world.
 If you lose your conyard, it's not the end of the world. Trust me
 I swear that is your are careful, you could still destroy the enemy!

-Again, Don't panic, hit by a super weapon is not the end of the world.
 Every time I fight a newbie, who use like to use rule to play like
 "Give me 10 more minutes!" or "Oh, no you're cheating, Air units isn't
 allowed!" I was really annoyed, after he agrees to start the match
 he will bring all his prism (it's about 100-200; awesome!)
 Then I'll strike his base with my super weapon, after that he just quit
 And said gibberish like cheating, etc.

 I hope you're not like this.

-In every game, don't use any Mercy. Or you'll end with no mercy.
 Some enemy I played like to mercy me by waiting me, They don't know
 That I'm still preparing 50 engineer near their base. So after the game
 Start. I have no mercy!

-Speed is the key to win.
 70% of my game I win always less than 20 minutes.

-Remember, revenge always exist.
 If you get beats up in the first time, Then read this FAQS again and
 Read again until you win!

-Do not underestimate your enemy.
 Even if he is 10 years old, never underestimate him. It must be that
 He is genius cause he play strategy game at his young age.
 Well, but sometimes he don't... 

-Hit and Run isn't cheating, it is tactics.
 This is the style of ages, exist in every game.

-If you get trough the dark time, there will rise the bright time.
 I always believe this, as this always happen.

-Prism tank and mirage tank will be destroyed instantly if go through 
 A radiation area created by desolator.
-An anti air unit is a must, in case some air units come to attack
 When you are low power.
-Pillbox and war miner can still easily destroy prism tank. So always
 Give them a repair IFV escort.
-Allied missile will only kill one unit in one shot. But the soviet flak
 Can kill a bunch in one shot cause when they shot, the damage is spread.
-Some maps have no money, so it could make you broke.
-Pay attention to the other player, There were many that like to 
 strike your back!

))5. Version((
Version 1.00 -This FAQS is created

Version 1.20 -Now available at NeoSeeker and dlh.net 
             -Plus added Beware section and
             -Some new tactics and tips.

Version 1.7  -Now available at supercheats
             -Added a ASCII text title
             -Added team battle section
             -Added some simple tactics
             -Added Tips and beware

Version 2.0  -Finishing...

))6. Closing Words((
Well, this is the first of my FAQS. But I think that it was not too bad.
Feel free to send me tactics or strategy, you'll be credited.

And another, You should check fancy post at other website that post useless
Hints, like charging wit 2 UFOs. As you know, this is useless against me
But sometimes I see that there are still people do that.
As you know I guess that post like affect people a lot, so check out
Regularly as you'll have an idea what stupid tactics will come out next.

Believe me, I am the EXPERT.

))7. Credits((
As far as this:

Me myself   :   For creating this FAQS
CjayC       :   For posting my First FAQS
Westwood    :   For creating this game
Firmansyah  :   For playing this game with me all the time
                (You still can't beat me!)
Hartono     :   For playing this game with me all the time
                (You still can't beat me!)
Killer & Sin:   For being too good to beat. Especially Killer.
Other player:   For the tough time they have make me through
                And also stupid time.


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