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Guide and Walkthrough by Kizor Nerdbringer

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/28/2004

Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge singleplayer campaign hints, version 1.0.
Copyright Kizor Nerdbringer/Miikka Ryökäs, 2004. Last mod 28.3.2004.
Not to be used outside GameFAQs.com without permission from the author.
Please send any comments, suggestions, corrections and additions to
mryokas@edu.lahti.fi, if it's still there, or ryokas@hotmail.com.
(The author can be irritatingly slow at answering)


1. Table of Contents
2. About
3. Allied Campaign
 3.1. Time Lapse
 3.2. Hollywood and Vain
 3.3. Power Play
 3.4. Tomb Raided
 3.5. Clones Down Under
 3.6. Trick or Treaty
 3.7. Brain Dead
4. Soviet Campaign
 4.1. Time Shift
 4.2. Deja Vu
 4.3. Brain Wash
 4.4. Romanov on the Run
 4.5. Escape Velocity
 4.6. To the Moon
 4.7. Head Games

About One Thing and Another

Yuri's Revenge is an excellent add-on pack. Aside from adding a third side, it
increases the number of singleplayer missions by more than 50%. The Allieds and
the Soviets receive very few new units, but this is cleverly compensated by
adding special units previously only accessible in multiplayer into the regular
game. Unit statistics or exact descriptions are not found here - since there
already are guides for those, that would just be redundant.

This was written because, well, an opening was there. Previously GameFAQs had
hosted only one work on the singleplayer campaign, and that focuses on getting
through the missions ASAP. Plus I tend to start stuff that require a lot of
work on whims. I'm a bit odd that way (among others). Content-wise, this
oscillates somewhere between a tips list and a walkthrough.

who get and play expansions are not your average Red Alert 2 gamers, that it's
better to over- than to underdo it, and that I wanted a challenge after being
bored by the main game and it's doubtful if I would've started this thing at
all in any other case.

All guides are at least a bit idiosyncratic to the writer's playing style.
Naturally, I've tried to dampen this. As for how I play, I'm a defensive
builder, who consequently has missions turn to wars of attrition unpleasantly
often. I tend to attack either with small but (hopefully) effective guerrilla
missions or unstoppable armies of doooooooom, and relatively often employ
seemingly crazy tactics hoping that they'll work. Occasionally they do.
Unrusprisingly, my multiplayer experience is nonexistent.

Thanks go to Ståle, for services rendered... or something.

Allied Campaign

Allied 1 : Time Lapse

- This mission introduces the nice Allied GI guardians, GIs with added
anti-tank and anti-air capabilities. On Yuri's side, we meet the basic initiate
grunts with a nasty short-range weapon, lasher light tanks that are fast but
weak, and gattling cannons that become increasingly deadlier. These are best
taken out one at a time and ASAP.

- You have no structure-building capabilities, but can make basic infantry and
vehicles. You get three mirage tanks, which are fairly efficient against
Initiates. Endeavor to keep them alive, as they cannot be replaced.

- Your base will be attacked by groups of lashers and initiates from all
entrances, as well as the occasional Initiate paradrop from the southeast.
Reinforce the entrances as you see fit. Note that chrono miners may come under
attack while on their rounds. Garrisoning nearby buildings is an option, but
they must be repaired first.

- A building to the south is garrisoned by four experienced initiates.
Destroying this threat is not necessary, but it will help maneuvers. The forces
you have at the start will probably be insufficient.

- The main objective is the capturing of four power plants, two of which are
already visible and guarded by infantry. Mirage tanks should be able to clear
the troops easily. The other two are in the southwest corner, with some tank
support and a gattling cannon. Grizzly tanks are the best for the job.

- After the power stations have been captured, you'll shift. Tanya will emerge
in a couple of minutes; in the meantime, the dreadnoughts in the harbor and
four apocalypses next to the grand cannons will provide work. Note that the
grand cannons have a minimium range and a slow turn rate. Also deploy GI
guardians in the vicinity, the leftmost cannon has an incoming kirov.

- Tanya should be able to make it across by herself, though blasting Soviet
ships by cannon won't hurt. Keep in mind that she is capable of sinking
naval units. For an example of the iron realism of the game, Tanya can blow up

Allied 2: Hollywood and Vain

- Here, you'll be able to build grand cannons, which make excellent base
defence when coupled with walls to slow down the enemy. On the vehicle side you
gain the battle fortresses, behemoths that can crush vehicles. They work well
when carrying GI guardians. Yuri has gattling cannons tank-mounted, Yuri clones
that work like Yuris did in the original, and bases. He mines ore with slave
miners that move next to ore deposits and deploy, releasing slaves that
exacavate the minerals. Ore that reaches the miner is converted to cash. Slaves
can be released by destroying the miner, but they are pretty much cannon

- Aside from having to take out grinders, the mission is an old-fashioned
brawl. weather control is out, but the chronosphere can be used. Yuri has his
base on a hill on the north edge of the area, and a small unit-producing one to
the west of it. Four grinder outposts are located through the city and a number
of buildings have been garrisoned. Of the grinders, only the second from the
left has air defenses though the area of the leftmost one is patrolled by
gattling tanks. The entrance of the small western base is defended but its
interior is not. The garrisoned buildings have no air defense but gattlings may
patrol the vicinity.

- The enemy will attack often but in small numbers. Work on defenses and
garrison nearby buildings.

- The city has three movie stars that will come under your control when you
near them. One is just to the north of your standing position and takes down
infantry with ease. Another is in the northeastern grinder area and is deadly
to all but vehicles. A third is near the northwestern grinder and works well
against anything. All three are tough. Since the northeastern one does have
vehicles near them, aim any airstrikes at the vehicles first and at the grinder

- The city also has a machine shop in the southeast and a hospital in the
northwest. Controlling either gives vehicles or infantry auto-healing
capabilities. Near the hospital is an oil derrick and to the west of your base
is the LAX, which will enable paratroopers. All four can come under attack once

- A Yuri barracks next to one grinder is at a prime spot for infiltration.

- Destroying a grinder will make a cash crate appear nearby.

- Not every Yuri unit has to be taken out. The goal is to destroy all
buildings, and once heavy enough damage is inflicted (including all
constructing structures) Yuri will sell all the remaining ones for one last
charge. Which will not take place, since you win immediately.

- Chrono troopers and Yuri clones do not go well together, though a chrono
weapon hitting a mind-controlling Yuri will cancel that control.

Allied 3: Power Play

- Yuri gets virus infantry, who are basically snipers, but the infantry units
shot by one will leave poison clouds. Scouting would be useful in spotting
these before they start taking out your infantry, but Yuri clone presence makes
it highly hazardous.

- This mission is fairly hectic. Both you and Yuri have a superweapon, a
weather control device and a nuclear silo. Both sides hold several defended
power stations, needed to power the superweapons. Oh, and Yuri will nuke your
War Factory and knock your power below the required line in one minute. A hit
from a superweapon will decimate those guarding a power station but will not
destroy garrisoned buildings or the station itself. Thus, both sides will
launch assaults and defend what they have claimed, trying to keep their power
levels above the required line. Or you could go hi-risk and switch to Plan B.

- Yuri's base is on the northwest edge. His troops will attack both by the
land connection to the south of it and by the bridge to the southeast. The
land connection is quite defended so the bridge is the best route for a

- Garrisoning the space needle will give you a view of Yuri's power plants and
some other troop concentrations. Destroying the units near the Massivesoft
campus is not necessary, but will get you about $ 15000.

- Capturable buildings can help turn the tide. There are two oil derricks to
the southwest, an extra civilian power plant in the southwest and a war factory
near it. Do yourself a favor and save before capturing the factory in case
Yuri decides to switch targets and nuke that.

- Right at the start crank out as many units as possible, setting rally points
reasonably far away from the war factory. Immediately after getting the spoken
nuke warning, sell the war factory and the power plants next to it and move all
units in the vicinity (selling will create a few GIs) away as directly as
possible. Once the nuke hits, stop infantry production for a little bit for
the radiation near the barracks to subside.

- Yuri will repair but not rebuild. His base features a war factory, a barracks
and three bio reactors. A superweapon shot will destroy either of the unit-
producing facilities, hindering enemy attacks, or all power plants, making it
easier to cut off Yuri's power. Attacks can't be halted completely as
additional infantry is periodically delivered by air. Don't aim for the
silo, it's too sturdy and will just be repaired.

- You'll get two sets of much-needed vehicle reinforcements. However, it's not
quite clear what triggers them. Capturing some power plants will give you a
sniper airdrop in the region that'll likely need defending while airborne.

- When a nuke is about to launch, briefly evaquate your power stations. Move
the units back after the nuke hits, barring radiation.

- Plan B: Maneuver all your units into one place avoiding Yuri's troops. Then
rush the bridge leading to his base, destroying resistance as you encounter it.
Be wary of virus infantry and direct fire at any Yuri clones, as when not told
otherwise units will sooner take out a mind-controlled Allied than kill the
controller. Reinforcements should be sent to join in. Once you reach the base,
hit the silo. Yuri's air reinforcements will probably intensify as you near
the vicinity.

Allied 4: Tomb Raided

- You get tank destroyers, a German speciality. They take out vehicles in a
flash, but are nearly powerless against everything else. Give them some
anti-infantry cover, they should not be allowed to fall under mind control.
You can also build a robot control center that lets you construct robot drones,
weak but invulnerable to being controlled. Knocking out the center powers down
all robots. Yuri has psychic towers that mind control any units that get too
near, with a maximium of three. Tanya is immune.

- The map is bisected by a river. To the southwest are you, to the north is a
small Yuri base that holds Einstein and a larger, proper one, and to the
southeast is a small island with five oil derricks and bridges that connect it
to the other land masses. Ore is scarce, so the derricks are quite important.
Yuri attacks via the bridges and by hovercraft. slave miners mine in the north.

- Rescuing Einstein is a simple affair. The base holding Einstein has a fuel
drum next to its walls, enabling Tanya to get in. Take out the power, but do
not destroy the psychic dominator! Once Einstein is free, the weapon will be
set to self-destruct within two minutes plus you'll get one free shot with it.
It won't control continents, but it will cause great structure damage and
mind-control the units at ground zero. Combining using it with an attack on
the main base would be nice, but the game seems more urgent than usual in
telling you to rescue Einstein. Too long a delay might have adverse effects.

- After Einstein's rescue the mission switches to a standard build-and-destroy.
Take the derricks to ensure a supply of funds.

- As for using the psychic dominator, there appears to be a cluster of nine
tanks in the main Yuri base perfectly set for mind control. At the very least,
they'll knock out a good chunk of the enemy's mobile defenses. However, if you
can weather the initial attack it's entirely possible to take down the
construction yard, war factory and barracks. Move to the northeast of the base
once you get the chance, you'll want to avoid attracting the large group of
initiates in the south if possible.

- Tanya's survival is preferred but not imperative. Do not send her against
slave miners, their machine guns and a tendency to move in packs are not

Allied 5: Clones Down Under

- New: Yuri's boomer submarines, his only naval units with guns. A boomer has
twin torpedoes, ballistic missiles and a bad attitude. A secondary matter are
the chaos drones which make nearby units berserk, making them attack any nearby
target. Chaos drones see neglible use.

- Yuri has a large base in the southeast corner and a small submarine-producing
one northwest of that. Near the southwest corner of the map is a hospital,
east of it is an airfield, and northwest of the submarine one is a machine
shop. The hospital and the machine shop are near patches of ore and prime
locations for ore refineries.

- You have a few minutes before a fleet of boomer submarines attacks. One will
remain southeast of the opera house and hammer your air defenses, the rest will
go for the naval shipyard and the nearby power plants. Trying to blockade their
way does not seem effective, instead bolster your fleet to take the attackers
out. Add to your air defenses, too. Aegis cruisers are extremely effective
given the time and money to build them.

- Shortly after the attacking boomers are destroyed, a Korean air strike takes
out Yuri's sub pens giving you water superiority. All harriers you build from
now on will be elite black eagles. However, not long after this a number of
buildings in the city will be garrisoned by a handful of initiates each,
severely hindering your movements and possibly endangering the airfield. The
troops appear instead of traversing from a base so trying to intercept them
won't work. You might want to bolster the air defenses of the east part of your
base and leave the lone boomer attacking it alone until you're ready to clear
out the garrisoned troops.

- When the garrisoned initiates are forced to abandon one building, they'll try
to move to a nearby one. A good combination is units that outrange the
buildings coupled with anti-infantry units.

- Unfortunately, the main base is too far away from the sea for a naval attack.

Allied 6: Trick or Treaty

- Yuri's new toys are the master mind and the flying disc. The master mind is a
moderately durable tank that can mind-control multiple ground units at a very
rapid pace, but will start taking damage if the number of units exceeds three.
The flying disc is an UFO replica. It has a high-powered beam cannon with a
pretty low rate of fire and can disable power plants and defensive structures
or steal money from refineries if it gets directly over any.

- Master minds are not used half as efficiently as they could be but are still
a pain. Air attacks are effective, but the master minds often have gattling
tanks nearby. Groups of attackers in tight formation work in causing overload,
but are best used well away from your base and preferably without other enemy
activity. Best of all are fixed or robotic defenses and garrisoned buildings.

- This mission is in two parts. After protecting the parliament from attacks,
you have to take out a Yuri base. To start with you have a great cash reserve
of $ 20000 and fifteen minutes to build up your defenses before Yuri's attack
waves begin. You also start next to a large ore field, so begin working on
fund-generation and defenses like mad.

- Most attacks will come via the three bridges, although small forces will
approach from the north and a couple of hovercraft will go for the two
landings. The other side of the river is tightly packed with houses and
excellent for garrisoning. It also has three oil derricks that you should
capture immediately, blasting down the fence surrounding them with grizzlies, a
machine shop and a hospital.

- When building your defenses, keep in mind that you have to deal with master 
minds both alone and with other units. Garrisoning the building near the
northwestern edge should be enough to deflect attacks from there. Garrisoning
the two buildings nearest to each bridge will stop just about everything though
it will be a drain on your resources for a counterattack. For the hovercrafts,
you need either naval or air strike capabilities or reinforced landing sites.
Some air defense near the parliament will also be necessary due to the floating
discs. You'll need some units to deal with anything that gets trough. If the
parliament comes under attack an engineer or two near it will come in handy.
And you're supposed to get the funds for all of this somehow as well. Multiple
chrono miners and a ore purifier are a must.

- Capturing the hospital may cause more trouble than it's worth. The captured
building will come under fire from passing flying discs and will need at least
two patriot missile turrets, and later a pillbox for ground threats. The
missiles are best placed closer to the west end where they won't come under
ground fire. The northernmost oil derrick will thrice be attacked by six
initiates and its destruction will also take out the other two. Curiously, the
machine shop will be left untouched.

- Yuri's troops will begin attacks shortly before the timer has clocked down.
Mostly they attack in small groups, with a varying number of groups coming at
once. After a few clashes, master minds and flying discs will make their
appearances, at first by themselves but afterwards as parts of larger attacks.

- On occasion, a gattling tank will fire at a garrisoned building from outside
the building's range. If no tanks are nearby, abandoning the building to prompt
the gattling tank to move forward and then regarrisoning it immediately works.

- You'll switch to attack immediately after the treaty is signed. The map
expands to show Yuri's base. It'll also reveal an oil derrick next to another
ore field in the northwest. You'll probably be low on funds at this point so an
ore refinery there is a good idea.

- You'll receive a handful of Soviet units and ships. Yuri's base can't be
attacked by transport but is in range of dreadnought and aircraft carrier
attacks. If you use them you'll need some destroyers as there is light boomer
presence in the channel.

Allied 7: Brain Dead

- Wahoo! It's the final mission, and you'll be commanding both Allied and
Soviet units. Build both the ore purifier and the industrial plant. Chronoshift
 apocalypse tanks and use the iron curtain on them. Put crazy Ivans in IFVs. Go

- You have access to all four superweapons. Unfortunately, as soon as the
Allied MCV arrives Yuri gets both the psychic dominator and the genetic
mutator. The latter fires more often, turning all soldiers in a large area to
Yuri-controlled brutes. Keep few infantry out in the open and disperse what you
do keep well. Yuri seems to aim for quantity rather than placement, so placing
a squad of cheap troops safely far away from your bases will most often divert
a blast towards it. The best-case scenario has the brutes then run towards base
defenses. They're melee attackers strong against vehicles, but vulnerable to
anti-infantry fire.

- Yuri's last new unit is the not very useful magnetron. It can levitate units
towards itself, disabling them for the duration, and do some damage to
buildings. Dropping a unit on another will destroy both.

- You start with a Soviet base on a small peninsula surrounded by sea and well
away from the carnage. It has ore deposits to the north and south. Transports
will deliver periodic attacks from the west and east, and occasional squadrons
of flying discs from the south are something to watch out for. An oil derrick
and a machine shop are to the north and west, respectively.

- A few minutes after building a radar, an allied MCV and a few troops will be
chrono'd to the southwest. Build defenses fast, perhaps adding a few battle
bunkers. This area has ground connection to Yuri's southeast fortress and aside
from the troops transported to the Soviet base, enemy ground attacks will focus

- Two oil derricks and a cash crate are in the southwest corner. Yuri will
attempt capture.

- A small island in the northeastern sea has ore, and no enemy presence.

- You have more superweapons than at any point before. Keep in mind that troops
with an active iron curtain cannot be mind controlled. Nothing will survive a
nuclear missile/weather storm combination, but the two could see better use.

- Yuri doesn't actually have one base, but controls two independently operating
allied ones. The larger has the psychic dminator, the smaller the genetic
mutator. Knocking one's power out will not affect the other.

- Once the area with the genetic mutator is cleared out, it makes a splendid
landing site for spies and possibly engineers.

Soviet Campaign

Soviet 1: Time Shift

- Don't worry: Yuri's gattling cannons are formidable, but nothing as bad as
the first moments make them look. Their firing rate increases with time so they
are best taken out with fast attacks. And no infantry.

- Get to work on the coast guard. The scorpions can take out destroyer planes,
but they can come under fire from from either the grand cannons, the gattling
cannons or the Allied naval units themselves. The missiles of the dreadnought
are extremely damaging to ships, but also to squids attacking them. You don't
get to keep the naval units, so there's no sense in holding back.

- Meet Boris, Tanya-equivalent. He can take out infantry like anything and can
order airstrikes against structures (his MiGs are much deadlier than harriers)
but is not that good against vehicles so he needs tank cover.

- There's a hospital southwest of your starting position. This time around, it
will give all your infantry auto-healing as long as you own it. However,
capturing it will have it come under fire by four nearby grizzlies, so taking
them out first would be best.

- The Allies have GI guardian infantry troops with anti-tank weaponry. Luckily
they fall to Boris as easily as all others.

- Pick off the infantry around the base with Boris while rhinos rush the
pillboxes. Try not to lose any tanks, and pull back seriously damaged ones. The
base has repair facilities, both a repair depot and a machine shop that gives
all vehicles self-healing capabilities. Air defense is heavy but an airstrike
should be able to get through.

- Once you have the time machine, you must power it. There are six civilian
power ptations in the area, three in the vicinity of your base and three in a
triangle to the northwest. Yuri will now start sending transports with
initiates (basic grunts, nasty short-range weapon especially deadly for other
infantry) and engineers to take the plants. Some have Allied guards, but if
uncontested Yuri's troops will swiftly take all but the leftmost plant. As soon
as he has four plants, a ten-minute countdown for the psychic dominator will
start. As soon as you have four plants, you'll use the machine. Yuri will try
to retake captured stations, but as he has to use transports his response time
is slow. Repair tanks if you need to, then get a move on.

- There's not much to do during the interval, except maybe position your troops
 better. You'll get some extra ones as well.

- After the shift you'll arrive to the Soviet occupation. All structures will
be restored and returned to their original owners. Remember to take out the
pillboxes again! The city is now filled with gattling cannons and Yuri's lasher
tanks that are fast but weak. Luckily the grand cannons now seem inoperative.

- Moving any unit to the Soviet base will place the base under your command.
I'm betting there was quite some explaining to do. While you can reinforce the
base defenses if you wish, the base has little importance. Note the wonderful
new battle bunkers, essentially small, repairable garrisons.

- A surgical strike is better than an all-out fight. Blow a path to the beach
and move Boris to Alcatraz. He'll have little trouble completing the mission.
If you lose Boris, you can still complete the mission but will have to use
conventional troops.

Soviet 2: Deja Vu

- Look familiar? Those who have completed the main campaigns should already
know the area. The only required targets are Einstein's lab and the
chronosphere, so wiping out an yourself is helpful but not required. Rushing
may work.

- This battle is Soviets vs. Allied only, so those who expect unforeseen
challenges may be disappointed. Of course, since this is an expansion disc
things are not quite so simple as they were: The Allies have battle fortresses,
mobile behemoths that crush vehicles and can carry any type of infantry who
retain their firing abilities. Luckily they don't crush nearly as much as they
could. You get an industrial plant that lowers the cost and building time of
all vehicles. The chronosphere is also now functional, so you need to design
your defenses accordingly.

- The German outposts are not as easy to destroy as they were in the main game
but do fall to V3s fast. Note the tank destroyers in the southern one. These
will attack, and though they are almost powerless against infantry and
structures they're poison to vehicles. They must not get near V3s, but they
will win over four rhinos in combat. Deploy the conscripts in a nearby flak
track and use them instead. Once the border guards are out you'll get a MCV.

- Einstein's lab is surrounded by a second Allied base. Given time, this base
will grow and reinforce its defenses.

- The enemy has inconspicious mirages in abudance. To test a group of trees,
select any unit that could attack a tank and move your cursor over the trees.

- Protect your V3s. Aerial attacks seem to pay extra attention to them.

- To the south is an Allied refinery that has several prism towers and a
pillbox but no air defenses. Capture or destroy, preferably early to limit the
funds it provides to the enemy.

- The hill overlooking Einstein's base has ore and an outpost. V3s on the hill
can target northern parts of the base, but not without attracting harrier

Soviet 3: Brain Wash

- The psychic dominator cannot be reached until you free the Allied base. And
if it could, you'd be shredded in moments. Focus on the psychic beacon first.
You'll face gattling tanks that are basically fragile gattling cannons on
wheels, so things just got a whole lot hairier for unescorted infantry.

- Funds are a problem. Southeast of your base is an Allied refinery independent
of the main Allied base. It comes with a miner. On the eastern edge is an
example of Yuri's secondary resource-generation method. It has gattling tanks
nearby, so if you send Boris he'll need tank support. Blow up the grinder to
generate a cash crate and have Yuri sell his nearby structures. Capture the two
oil derricks as well.

- Four bridges lead to the other side of the river. All are defended. The first
will be blown up as it's neared, plus there is a sniper in the area. A terror
drone will be able to get across and kill the sniper with ease, which gives you
a small cash crate, but you don't get the sniper and possibly a SEAL once you
destroy the beacon. Attack-wise, you'd have to blast your way through the
Allied base and most of the units there. Not recommended. The second and the
third are lightly defended, but both will attract attention from nearby enemy
troops, especially the second one which ends right next to the Allied base. The
fourth has too heavy enemy presence. You can also use a hovercraft to go to the
landing area northeast the one on your side, though a gattling tank is in wait

- The psychic beacon can be blown up by an airstrike avoiding its defenses.
Once it's gone, you gain the Allied base along with Tanya (yay!), who can now
use C4 on vehicles as well, and the capacity to build the powerful but fragile
tesla tanks. The psychic dominator will now start a ten-minute countdown.

- Luckily, the psychic dominator here is not the continent-decimating kind. It
causes great damage to structures and mind-controls the units at ground zero.
You can withstand a hit. If an attack force is inside Yuri's base when the
timer reaches zero, it'll most likely be targeted.

- Tanya and Boris are expendable, though of course highly useful.

- There are two more oil derricks north of the Allied base.

- The assault on Yuri's base is a tricky one. His bases are fairly generic as
bases go, though they use psychic radars as radar and mine ore in a novel way.
This one has a considerable amount of troops. The southwestern entrance is a
bad idea as it has the most defenders; you'll want to deal with them some at a
time. Better ideas are the northern entrance and the landing to the southwest.
The latter will allow you to bypass the gattling cannons at the gates entirely
but limits the assault force you can take. Your transport will come under fire
from the fourth bridge.

- You have several units that are good against infantry, so your primary
concerns are turrets and vehicles. After you eliminate the immediate threat, go
for the power plants. The Psychic Dominator is surrounded by a ridiculous wall
of defenses and you need to bring down the power first. Note that these are bio
reactors - there can be units inside them. If you destroy such a reactor they
will emerge unharmed. Roughly half have to be destroyed to bring the base

- The dominator has a barrel on its right side that will knock a good hole in
the fence. Take out some extra power plants before going for it! The psychic
dominator counsumes a lot of power and you don't want to bring the gattling
cannons back online.

- A few seconds after the dominator is destroyed, Yuri will sell all his
structures and attack you with everything he's got. That includes slave miners.
This assault should be fairly easy to weather, but keep infantry away from the
machine-guns on the miners!

Soviet 4: Romanov on the Run

- Initial attacks can be fierce, and several Yuri clones will try to
mind-control your tanks. You'll also meet the new brute unit, melee infantry
good against vehicles and structures. They are more vulnerable to rifle than to
tank fire but immune to dogs. Terror drones will kill them as long as the brute
doesn't get into bashing range before the drone leaps. As new and even worse
are the Yuri clones, which work like Yuris did in the original.

- You can now build demolition trucks, slow and fragile vehicles that cause a
medium-scale nuclear explosion when destroyed. Whee. If you don't mind the
wastefulness you can use these to take out the garrisoned buildings in the
middle of the map. V3s can also be used. In either case you'll need something
to kill the initiates after they're forced out. Do not scout with these things,
you can't have one being controlled.

- There are Oil Derrics to the north and in the southeastern corner. They'll
need some defense - remember to keep any you build to the northern one out of
the range of the nearby gattling cannon.

- A secondary Yuri base exists to the north, next to the oil derrick.

- Romanov is in a building in the southeast of the city. He'll come out as soon
as you near the building. He's unarmed, so send a larger force than a couple of
scouts in case he comes under attack on the way back. As soon as you get him
you'll receive the capability to build an Iron Curtain. Note that unlike all
other characters, Romanov is vulnerable to mind control!

- If Romanov is captured by a Yuri clone, he and the clone will be taken to a
small fenced area south of the main Yuri base. Kill the clone to regain Romanov.

- A bridge leads to Yuri's base. Its defenses include new Psychic Towers that
can control up to three units. If you can't take these out from outside their
range, go in en masse.

- Units rendered invulnerable by the iron curtain can't be mind-controlled. As
the game suggests, this is an excellent way of getting a demolition truck
inside an enemy base. I say: Why use just one? Any number up to nine can be
shielded at once. When using several trucks in such an attack, group them
together close to an enemy base so they can all be affected. Immediately after
using the iron curtain, command all to move to some spot inside the enemy base
to save precious seconds. En-route, select them one by one and give them
specific targets. They are vulnerable to mind-control after the invulnerability
wears off, so careful. This is not exactly the most cash-efficient route, but
isn't the point to have fun? Smaller attacks are ideal for cracking outer

Soviet 5: Escape Velocity

- Prepare for a long and taxing mission. Enemy presence is heavy both on sea
and land. The roughly 'C' - shaped island is full of cliffs and twisty paths to
make navigating difficult. New virus snipers will pick off infantry and leave
poison clouds behind (bonus points for the animation, though). And it gets
better - humongous and durable Yuri statues, seen in this mission only, fire
powerful beam weapons at anyone who comes close.

- Yuri statues are capturable, but getting an engineer to the structure alive
is very diffucult - at least three are needed to get one in alive even if they
emerge from a flak track right at the base. A few, especially well-placed ones,
will be a good help in fending off the frequent assaults. The rest should be

- Of the three landing zones, the southern one has three oil derricks nearby.
The northwestern ore is overlooked by a Yuri statue, and the northeastern one
will be targeted by Yuri's slave miners. The southern one is probably the best.
Your naval forces are not sufficient to destroy the boomers that prey on the
routes to the two farther sites, but transports will be able to get through,
especially if they travel on land when possible.

- During this mission, you'll receive the capability to build siege choppers.
These can be deployed for long-range artillery, and when mobile utilize a
machine gun. They're quite good for bombardment purposes in packs.

- Note that a normal unit firing at your troops will only reveal itself for a
moment if it's still covered by the fog of war. Snipers won't reveal themselves
at all. It is possible to quickly target these units before they vanish back,
which can be useful in destroying statues.

- Your only target is the sub pen in the middle of the map, surrounded by
gattling cannons and other defenses. There's a base to the northeast of it,
but hitting that is not required. If you enter the base you'll find one
indestructible unknown structure (which doesn't do a thing in any case) and a
secret lab. Taking out the pen will need a large-scale attack by either sea or
air. The iron curtain can be used on deployed choppers, though your mileage
with the actual usefulness of this trick will vary.

- When the sub pen is destroyed, Yuri will sell everything and attack with the
same. In the right circumstances this can be a truly humongous charge, severely
imparing the performance of low-end PCs and requiring the deployment of
everything you have. Including miners. Any captured Yuri statues along the way
of the attacks will help, as will the presence of more than one base as the
forces will split up.

Soviet 6: To the Moon

- "Now this is silly! Except for my impending death." - Torg, Sluggy Freelance.
No camels are involved here, but the quote is as accurate. This mission takes
place in the Sea of Tranquility, and that's on the moon! Luna has no resources,
so your excessive starting capita of $ 55000 comes in handy.

- Due to the lack of an atmosphere, unit choices are limited. Vehicles are
restricted to rhino and tesla tanks, flak tracks, terror drones, useless MCVs
and apocalypses. Yuri uses his few vehicles normally. Both sides have
cosmonauts as infantry. These are fast, light and flying, basically much like
rocketeers. They're armed with a laser, quite powerful in packs, that can be
fired against any target. The Soviets can also train Devastators, but they
aren't very useful.

- I can't avoid adding that it's remarkable how well and fast both sides have
adjusted their guns in order to compensate for kickback in one-sixth Earth

- Yuri deploys his remaining units, magnetrons, master minds and floating
Discs. Magnetrons are vehicles that draw enemy vehicles towards them, disabling
them for the duration. Master minds are brains on wheels - they can
mind-control multiple ground units, but will damage themselves if they
control more than three. Floating discs are strong air units that fire beams
and can disable power plants and defenses if directly overhead. They can also
steal from refineries - good thing you haven't got any. You'll be demonstrated
the first two right at the start. During it there's a chance of the controlled
rhino going wild, which results in very heavy damage to itself and the MCV.

- The map is narrow but tall. There's flat ground for a base in the southwest
corner. Yuri's main base is on the north edge and two small unit-producing
ones are on the west and the east sides of the middle.

- Once the frequent attacks can be dealt with, the mission is actually rather
easy. The funds are more than enough to build a base and a good attack force.
Minimizing losses from attacks does help, though, so you'll need some fixed
defenses. Good flak cover is a necessity for the frequent cosmonauts and the
Flying Discs which have to be outnumbered. Some sentry guns or tesla coils
placed in the directions ground attacks appear to be coming from will not go

- The two smaller bases should be taken out first, as all enemy presence has to
be destroyed anyhow and completely destroying one will give you a small cash
bonus. The left one has defenses leaning more on gattling turrets, the right
one uses psychic towers more.

- Yuri will not sell his buildings for a final rush once brutally damaged
(ironically enough, since this is the one time it might actually work). All
have to be taken out, so kamikaze strikes are out of the question.

Soviet 7: Head Games

- Final mission! You're up against Yuri's forces, and mind-controlled Allied
troops, AND mind-controlled Soviet troops, all at the same time. Joy! Luckily,
taking out either of the two psychic beacons will cause the side in question to
revert under your command.

- To even the odds, there's a small village to the west and to the northeast of
your position. Both have a grinder, and both grinders make a cash crate appear
when destroyed.  A secret lab is to the east-northeast. Moving a unit to the
southwest corner will give you two demolition trucks and three terrorists as
reinforcements, which come in handy if you can keep them out of the way of the
enemy attacks. It's probably best not to get them until you intend to use them.

- Enemy presence is as heavy as they come, attacks will come frequently and
from all directions. Scout to extend the response time available and don't
forget air defenses. On the ground, a thing to watch out for are IFVs with
Soviet troops, most often tesla troopers and the occasional crazy Ivan which
behaves like a small demolition truck. These appear to often go for the
barracks. On the air, harriers and rocketeers aren't much of a problem but
floating discs are, and kirovs definitely so.

- You'll want some mobile air defenses as fixed ones just won't have time to
take out several kirov airships before they blow your base to pieces. Note that
kirovs intercepted before reaching your base will try to bomb the attacker.
flak tracks work best as they're agile enough to be steered away from blast
areas. Kirovs tend to come from the north-northeast.

- The psychic beacons are both deep in their respective bases. Battling your
way to them will require a good assault force and will seriously damage what
then passes to your control. They are far enough away to make iron curtain and
demolition trucks infeasible, though the device could help other kinds of
ground attacks. There is another way, though - you can finally build a nuke
silo. Unfortunately, several minutes after doing so the enemy will build a nuke
silo, a weather controller and a psychic dominator with intervals of ten
seconds. Your nuke attack will be able to stop one of the first two before it
fires at all and the other before it takes a second shot, but you will still
take damage.

- The psychic dominator is fortunately not the continent-decimating kind, but
will cause high damage to buildings and mind-control the units at ground zero.

- It's not possible to launch nukes less than ten minutes apart. You receive no
benefit from getting the enemy silo if you still have your own, and if you
don't have one then the timer will start at ten minutes.

- Somewhere along the road Yuri will deploy the genetic mutator, his minor
superweapon. It will turn all infantry in a large area into Yuri-controlled
Brutes. To keep the casualties down, keep little infantry out in the open and
scatter what you do keep. When you take out a psychic beacon, remember to check
your new base for troop concentrations! Yuri appears to go for quantity rather
than position, so blasts from the thing can usually be diverted by amassing a
small group of cheap soldiers safely far away from your base. Preferably in
front of some defensive structures.

- What with the nature of the objective, the Allies can't build a chronosphere.

- Although Yuri's forces occupy about 40% of the map, most of those are the
Allies and the Soviets. Aside from them, the actual Yuri base is actually
relatively feeble. Coming from the east, as few as three kirovs can work their
way to the castle. The castle itself is tremendously durable, though, well
capable of enduring a nuke storm (twin superweapon strike), so attackers will
need to either take out everything firing at them first, or tremendous

So there. By the way, is it really true that if you garrison
the pyramids in Allied 4, mummies will come out?

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