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Equivalence FAQ by JHeyes

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/30/2001

Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge -- Equivalence
FAQ being updated and maintained by Jason Heyes (geoffhys@optusnet.com.au)
FAQ originally written by Jason Heyes (geoffhys@optusnet.com.au)
Version 1.0



30 November 2001 (v1.0) - First release by Jason Heyes.



I've written a time study on Red Alert 2 which I update regularly for
the Red Alert 2 expansion pack: Yuri's Revenge. This FAQ is also written
for Yuri's Revenge but those who still play Red Alert 2 will also find
it interesting and beneficial.


Equivalence in the Red Alert 2 expansion: Yuri's Revenge

Westwood designers have done a good job in making the available sides
unique and balanced at the same time. The expansion pack for Red
Alert 2 includes an additional third side called Yuri which is
possibly the most unique of sides ever created. Our task is to study
the similarities between the Allies, Soviets and Yuri.

The units and structures which constitute the three sides in Yuri's
Revenge are organised into heirarchical systems called tech trees.
Looking at the Allied, Soviet and Yuri tech trees we are able to
draw connections between units and structures belonging to different
sides. We refer to these connections as equivalencies.

The following table shows equivalencies for every unit and structure
in Yuri's Revenge. After that we can see how the Allies, Soviets and
Yuri are all similar to one another.

Allies                Soviets                  Yuri
Construction Yard     Construction Yard        Construction Yard
Power Plant           Tesla Reactor            Bio Reactor
Ore Refinery          Ore Refinery             Slave Miner
Barracks              Barracks                 Barracks
War Factory           War Factory              War Factory
Air Command           Radar Tower              Psychic Radar
Service Depot         Service Depot            Grinder
Battle Lab            Battle Lab               Battle Lab
Naval Shipyard        Naval Shipyard           Submarine Pen
Ore Purifier          Industrial Pla.          Cloning Vats
N/A                   Spy Plane                Psychic Reveal
Pill Box              Sentry Gun               N/A
Patriot Missle        Flak Cannon              N/A
Pill Box + Patriot    Sentry + Flak Cannon     Gattling Cannon
Prism Tower           Tesla Coil               Psychic Tower
N/A                   Battle Bunker            Tank Bunker
Chronosphere          Iron Curtain             Genetic Mutator
Weather Control       Nuclear Silo             Psychic Dominator

GI                    Conscript                Initiate
Engineer              Engineer                 Engineer
Rocketeer             Flak Trooper             N/A
Guardian GI           Tesla Trooper            N/A
Attack Dog            Attack Dog               Brute
Sniper                Desolator                Virus
Navy Seal             Crazy Ivan               Yuri Clone
Tanya                 Boris                    Yuri Prime

Grizzly Tank          Rhino Tank               Lasher Tank
IFV                   Flak Track               Gattling Tank
Prism + Mirage        Apocalypse               Master Mind
Tank Destroyer        Tesla Tank               N/A
N/A                   Terror Drone             Chaos Drone
N/A                   V3 Launcher              Magnetron
N/A                   Siege + Kirov            Floating Disc
MCV                   MCV                      MCV
Chrono Miner          War Miner                Slave Miner
Amphibious Transport  Amphibious Transport     Amphibious Transport
Destroyer             Typhoon Submarine        N/A
Aegis Cruiser         Sea Scorpion             N/A
Aircraft Carrier      Dread-nought             N/A
Dolphin               Squid                    N/A
Destroyer + Carrier   Typhoon + Dread-nought   Boomer


In what follows we reveal important similarities between units and
structures belonging to different sides. We proceed according to the
organisation of the equivalence table and select particular
equivalencies for discussion.


a) Allied Ore Refinery, Soviet Ore Refinery and Yuri Slave Miner

The Allied and Soviet Ore Refineries are identical. The Yuri Slave
Miner on the otherhand cannot even be classified a structure. The Slave
Miner is a vehicle which deploys into and out of an ore refinery type
structure, much like how an MCV deploys into and out of a Construction
Yard. However it's similarity with the Allied and Soviet Ore Refineries
should be clear: ore is deposited into it. The Chrono Miner deposits
ore into the Allied Ore Refinery, the War Miner into the Soviet Ore
Refinery and the Slave into the Yuri Slave Miner.

b) Allied and Soviet Service Depots and Yuri Grinder

The Yuri Grinder is a very different structure to the Allied and
Soviet Service Depots but their similarity is clear when we consider
what they actually do. The Grinder and Service Depots do the same thing:
they save money on damaged vehicles. The WAY they do this is the only
difference. With the Service Depot you repair the damaged vehicle back
to new again, saving money that way. With the Grinder you recycle the
damaged vehicle into cash and buy a new one, saving money THAT way.
Same thing.

c) Allied Ore Purifier, Soviet Industrial Plant and Yuri Cloning Vats

The Allied Ore Purifier and Soviet Industrial Plant do two different
things but they both yield 25% greater economic efficiency. The Ore
Purifier increases the value of your ore by 25% while the Industrial
Plant decreases the price and build-time of vehicles by 25%. The Yuri
Cloning Vats gives you a two for the price of one deal on infantry
units which is like 50% off the price of infantry. Seeing as vehicles
are more valuable than infantry on the whole, that 50% off infantry is
equivalent to the 25% off vehicles you get from the Industrial Plant,
which means the Cloning Vats is equivalent to the Industrial Plant
which is in turn equivalent to the Ore Purifier.

d) Pill Box + Patriot, Sentry + Flak Cannon and Yuri Gattling Cannon

The Yuri Gattling Cannon performs the tasks of both the Allied Pill
Box and Patriot Missle put together as well as their Soviet

e) Allied Prism Tower, Soviet Tesla Coil and Yuri Psychic Tower

All three provide good base defense against ground units like tanks.
The Prism Tower and Tesla Coil are obviously similar. Place a number
of Prism Towers near each other and you get increased power and range.
Get some Tesla Troopers charging your Tesla Coils and you get the same

f) Soviet Battle Bunker and Yuri Tank Bunker

Both are garrisonable structures. There is no Allied structure similar
to the Soviet Battle Bunker probably because their GIs are able to
fortify themselves with sandbags. Bunkers can be constructed upon
deployment of an MCV; no Barracks or War Factory need exist beforehand.


a) Allied Rocketeer and Soviet Flak Trooper

The Rocketeer is the only Allied air to ground infantry unit while the
Flak Trooper is the only Soviet ground to air infantry unit. Both become
available after construction of radar technology.

b) Allied Guardian GI and Soviet Tesla Trooper

The Allied Guardian GI and Soviet Tesla Trooper both have anti-infantry
and anti-tank weaponry. The Guardian GI cannot be run over by tanks when
deployed, nor can the Tesla Trooper when standing.

c) Allied Attack Dog, Soviet Attack Dog and Yuri Brute

The Allied and Soviet Attack Dogs and Yuri Brute all move quickly
around the map and serve as good scouting units. They are not vulnerable
to mind control.

d) Allied Sniper, Soviet Desolator and Yuri Virus

The Allied Sniper and Yuri Virus take out infantry units one by one with
long range weapons. The Soviet Desolator uses his Radiation Eruption to
disintegrate large numbers of infantry standing within its wide radius.

e) Allied Navy Seal, Soviet Crazy Ivan and Yuri Clone

The main similarity between the Allied Navy Seal and Soviet Crazy Ivan is
in their ability to plant explosives. The Yuri Clone, however, has little
in common with these infantry units.


a) Allied Grizzly Tank, Soviet Rhino Tank and Yuri Lasher Tank

The Allied Grizzly Tank and Yuri Lasher Tank are most similar, being
weaker than the Soviet Rhino Tank. The Soviet Rhino Tank, however, takes
extra long to build. All three are basic assault vehicles.

b) Soviet Terror Drone and Yuri Chaos Drone

The Soviet Terror Drone and Yuri Chaos Drone are fast moving, lightly
armored, robotic units capable of destroying isolated groups of tanks.
They also do well against groups of infantry units.

c) Soviet Siege Chopper + Kirov Airship and Yuri Floating Disc

The Yuri Floating Disc is capable of dishing out damage to both air
and ground units just like the Siege Chopper while also retaining the
ability to wreak serious havoc in an enemy base just like the Kirov
Airship. The Floating Disc maintains the abilities of both the Siege
Chopper and Kirov Airship put together.

d) Allied Aegis Cruiser and Soviet Sea Scorpion

The Allied Aegis Cruiser and Soviet Sea Scorpion both cause generous
proportions of anti-air destruction. They are the only anti-air naval
units in Yuri's Revenge.

e) Allied Dolphin and Soviet Squid

The Allied Dolphin is the only antidote to a Soviet Squid attack on
other naval units not submerged under water. Neither of these units can
be detected on enemy radar.

f) Allied Destroyer + Carrier, Soviet Typhoon + Dread-nought and Yuri Boomer

The formidable Yuri Boomer performs the tasks of both the Soviet Typhoon
Submarine and Dread-nought put together as well as their Allied



I'm a stratagist and my email is geoffhys@optusnet.com.au. I welcome
all non-offensive e-mails. If you found a mistake, or I missed
something, or you wish to offer comments, or wish for me to elaborate
on something, e-mail me. I'm open to conversation about stuff in
general but my interests lie in games, movies, programming,
mathematics and physics. My favourite games at the moment are RA2 and
YR (of course) and ThiefI/GOLD/II. My favourite movies are
The Terminator, Predator and Taxi Driver.

This document is copyright 2001 for Jason Heyes. If you plan to use
it in part or as a whole other FAQ, you need my permission first and
you must give me credit. However, if you want to post it on a website
or e-mail it to someone, you may do so without my permission. I would
appreciate it if you drop me an e-mail telling me where you're posting
it or who you're giving it to, but you don't have to.

Good luck in Yuri's Revenge!


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