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Guide and Walkthrough by NVarkovsky

Version: Final | Updated: 01/18/2002

Yuri's Revenge FAQ/walkthrough/strategy guide
Written by Nadia Varkovsky (varkovsky@hotmail.com)
Last updated January 18, 2002 (Final Version) 

First of all, I would like to proudly dedicate this FAQ to Grace Yeo. I 
love you :) 
Secondly, this FAQ is also dedicated for those RA2 players out there. 
Thank you very much for all your support. This FAQ would not have been 
written without all your help and contributions. 

1. Updates
2. Introduction
3. Game overview
4. New Units and Structures

A.	Allied units

B. Allied structures

C. Soviet units

D. Soviet structures 

E. Yuri's units

F. Yuri's structures  

G. Tech Buildings

5. Walkthrough

   A. Allied campaign:
      Mission 1: Operation Time Lapse
      Mission 2: Operation Hollywood and Vain
      Mission 3: Operation Power Play
      Mission 4: Operation Tomb Raided
      Mission 5: Operation Clones Down Under
      Mission 6: Operation Trick or Treaty
      Mission 7: Operation Brain Dead
   B. Soviet campaign:
      Mission 1: Operation Time Shift
      Mission 2: Operation Deja Vu
      Mission 3: Operation Brain Wash
      Mission 4: Operation Romanov on the Run
      Mission 5: Operation Escape Velocity
      Mission 6: Operation To The Moon
      Mission 7: Operation Head Games
6. Credits 


1. Updates

October 12, 2001: Just started the FAQ today. I had put the format in 
and managed to finish the Soviet walkthrough. More will probably be 
coming tomorrow or I might resort to my Commandos 2 FAQ... (Version 

October 14, 2001: Finished the walkthrough for the Allied missions at 
quarter past twelve in the morning. The last mission was quite tough 
but it doesn't prove to be a challenge once the trick had been 
discovered... Should be starting the new units' descriptions soon as 
well as continuing my Commandos 2 walkthrough. (Version 1.1)

October 22, 2001: School starts again tomorrow... Not much update these 
last few days because I focused on my Commandos 2 walkthrough and my 
holiday homework. (Version 1.2) 

December 8, 2001: I know I haven't updated the walkthrough for so long. 
I finished most of my school coursework and now I only need to focus on 
exams which leave me some more time to tend to my walkthrough. I 
finished most of the units and structures descriptions except the tech 
buildings section. That'll have to wait I guess since I'm about to 
start another walkthrough on Return to Castle Wolfenstein. :) (Version 

January 18, 2002: Finally finish the walkthrough by adding the "Tech 
Structure" section after MIA for more than a month. Since my mock exam 
is starting next week, my RTCW walkthrough will have to be delayed for 
another two weeks. See you all in Return to Castle Wolfenstein! Auf 
wiedersehen! :)  (Final Version)


2. Introduction

Please note that I'm very busy with schoolwork (I'm a grade 12 student) 
and updates may be very slow. I will try to update as often as I can 
but the major ones will only come during weekends. This is my second 
FAQ so I hope you will forgive me on any mistakes and errors. If you 
have any critics, suggestions, comments and things to add, don't 
hesitate to email me at varkovsky@hotmail.com.
One more thing, this FAQ is protected by the international Copyright 
Law so if there's anyone who wants to post this FAQ in his or her site, 
YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW FIRST!!! I've heard many stories about people 
plagiarizing other people's FAQ to make money and believe me, writing 
FAQ is not easy and to you know how it feels if your hard work is used 
by other people. So for all plagiarizers out there, be warned that if 
you do anything to my FAQ, I SWEAR THAT I WON'T LET YOU OFF THAT 


3. Game Overview

Red Alert 2 is one of the best RTS games ever created (in my opinion at 
least). Everything was just amazing!!! The units and structures are 
absolutely fantastic and equally balanced on both sides. The heart-
thumping music just adds to the excitement of the game whether you're 
playing in the single player mode or battling other people online. And 
on top of that, the cut scenes are absolutely superb which will engross 
you deeper in the storyline...   


4. Units and Structures



Guardian GI
Cost: 400
Weapon: M60 heavy machine gun (undeployed) and anti-tank missile 
Armor: Flak (light)
Sight: 6
Speed: 3
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, increased 
firepower and rate of fire
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech level: 2

This is the advanced version of the basic GI. This un-crushable unit is 
the key to allied success. Using its awesome assault rifle it can 
demolish a group of GIs in seconds. When deployed he can take out 
planes, tank, and automobiles with his anti-tank missile. When you have 
these guys spread though your base your enemy may think again when he 


Battle Fortress
Cost: 2000
Weapon: 20mm heavy machine gun
Strength: 600
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 6
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower 
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: War Factory, Battle Lab
Tech level: 10

When the allies saw the Soviet Apocalypse tank, they wanted something 
better. Going into battle with out its heavy machine gun, it may look 
like an easy target. But when they rush it, say tank rush no more. This 
could also be considered as an IFV update because it also acts as a 
transport. It can carry up to 5 units, equivalent to the Soviet flak 
track. As a bonus the units inside the unit can fire from inside the 
tank while in combat.

Robot Tank
Cost: 800
Weapon: Short-range rocket pods
Strength: 180
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 6
Speed: 10
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: War Factory, Robot Control Center
Tech level: 2

This is the allied version on the Soviet terror drone. The robot tank 
is the result of anti-tank research. The speed of this tank makes it a 
vehicle suitable for hit-and-run. It is immune to psychic power, 
hovers, can go over water! 


Robot Control Center
Cost: 600
Strength: 600
Armor: Light
Sight: 6
Power: -100
Prerequisite: War Factory 
Tech Level: 10

The Robot Control Center is basically used to house the Robot Tanks you 
build. One thing to remember is that if your base becomes low on power 
the Tanks are just a piece of metal that can't move. So make sure you 
have adequate power!



Cost: 1000
Weapon: AKM machine gun, flare gun
Strength: 200
Armor: Flak (light)
Sight: 9
Speed: 5
Veteran abilities: stronger, ability to scatter, increased sight, 
increased firepower and rate of fire
Elite abilities:
Prerequisite: Radar Tower, Battle Lab
Tech level: 9

Boris, Boris, Boris... Brave, agile and cool-headed on the battlefield. 
What else could you want? Boris's elite snaking ability makes it nice 
and easy for dropping air strikes on enemy bases. His trusty AKM make 
ground attacks a little bit easier on him. But when it comes to 
structures, one push with his laser designator, and an air strike of 
MiGs will come to drop some bombs.  


Siege Chopper
Cost: 1400
Weapon: 160mm heavy machine gun and 155mm Black Hawk cannon
Strength: 300
Armor: Light
Sight: 7
Speed: 12
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower
Elite abilities: self heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: War Factory, Battle Lab
Tech level: 10

Soviet intelligence has developed air capability with the Soviet love 
for heavy-duty firepower. Using its machine gun, The Siege Chopper uses 
it to harass enemy units. When it is on the ground it deploys a 155mm 
cannon, making it easy to take out crucial enemy structures. This heavy 
duty flying piece of steel is a helpful hand to any Soviet attack 

Spy Plane
Cost: Free with radar tower
Weapon: Spy camera
Strength: 400
Armor: Light
Sight: 0
Speed: 15
Veteran abilities: None	
Elite abilities: None
Prerequisite: Radar Tower
Tech level: N/A

When the Soviets were left without a reasonable map gathering unit, the 
spy plane was created. What is so unique about this unit is that it is 
free, just like the American paratroopers. All you have to do is select 
a target when its ready and it will film and take away the shroud of 
the area for a short amount of time. This is useful for finding the 
enemy's base and their weaknesses. It's also a vital scouting tool 
since it's available early in the game.

D. Soviet structures

Battle Bunker
Cost: 500
Strength: 600 
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 1
Power: N/A
Prerequisite: Construction Yard 
Tech Level: 1

This new defensive structure, it is a garrison-able building that is 
capable for holding up to 5 conscripts. The Battle Bunker keeps your 
defensive line held up. It is a solid defense against any enemy's 
ground forces.

Industrial Plant
Cost: 2500
Strength: 1000 
Armor: Light
Sight: 4
Power: -200
Prerequisite: Battle Lab
Tech Level: 10

To enhance the economy, the Soviet developed this costly, but 
worthwhile structure. This building cuts the cost of vehicles by 25% 
while also decreasing vehicle build time by 25%. This is a key 
structure to getting your frontline assault team faster than your 

E. Yuri's units


Cost: 200
Weapon: Psychic blast bolt
Strength: 100
Armor: None
Sight: 9
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, firepower and rate 
of fire 
Elite abilities: self-heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech level: 1

Yuri's basic infantry unit costs just as much as the allied GI, but 
dishes out more damage at the cost of range. However, they are 
excellent in buildings and can dice up anything on land when 
garrisoned. With the cloning vats they are only $100 and can easily be 
mass-produced, just watch out for mass-infantry killers like Navy 
SEALS. Snipers can also pick off Initiates with ease, so make sure they 
have some sort of backup.

Cost: 700
Weapon: Viral dart gun
Strength: 100
Armor: None
Sight: 9
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, firepower and 
rate of fire
Elite abilities: self-heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: Barracks, Psychic Sensor
Tech level:

This female sniper is the only female soldier in Yuri's Revenge, and 
she comes with quite a sting. Her sniper rifle has less range than that 
of the famed English snipers, but her shots have a side effect - any 
infantry shot will balloon up with toxic gas and explode, and the gas 
will spread, damaging anything in its path. However, just like the 
English snipers she is helpless against vehicles and structures, so she 
must have some sort of support. Brutes and Initiates combined with a 
few Virus snipers can be very hard to stop.

Cost: 500
Weapon: Big hands
Strength: 200
Armor: Flak (light)
Sight: 8
Speed: 6
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, firepower and 
rate of fire
Elite abilities: self-heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: Barracks
Tech level: 5

This hulking mass of muscle is Yuri's toughest infantry unit. Un-
crushable, immune to psychics, and fast for his size, the brute carries 
no weapon other than himself, and that is all he needs. He uses his 
fists to destroy enemy troops, and is most effective against enemy 
tanks. He is also fairly good vs. infantry, but due to his lack of 
range he is not the best choice vs. infantry. Against structures he 
does not fair so well, and pillboxes/sentry guns take down brutes very 
quickly. Overall they are Yuri's best unit against tanks, and a single 
brute can take on almost any tank in the game and win, save for anti-
infantry tanks (such as the tesla tank) and apocalypse tanks/battle 

Cost: 500
Weapon: Bomb defusing kit
Strength: 75
Armor: None
Sight: 4
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Prerequisite: Barracks 
Tech Level: 1

Engineers can repair your damaged buildings back to full health again. 
They also can repair destroyed bridges. Just order them to go into the 
bridge hut and the bridge will be automatically repaired. 
Not only that, you can also tell them to defuse Crazy Ivan's bombs by 
targeting the affected units or structures. 
However, the most useful feature is probably their ability to capture 
buildings. Just order them to enter the intended building and it will 
be yours straight away. They are also needed to capture neutral Tech 
Buildings for your own benefits.

Yuri Clone
Cost: 800
Weapon: Mind control and psi-wave
Strength: 100
Armor: None
Sight: 12
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, firepower and 
rate of fire  
Elite abilities: self-heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: Barracks, Psychic Sensor 
Tech Level: 10

Yuri clones are duplicates of the original Yuri, and they have the same 
mind-control ability as he does. However, they can only mind-control 
units, and their range is less than that of Yuri Prime/Yuri X. Be 
careful with them on the battlefield, strategic use of Yuri Clones can 
turn the tide of battle, but they are also a fragile unit and can do 
nothing against robotic units and units that are immune to mind-
control. He does have a short-range psychic blast but it does take a 
few seconds to recharge, and due to its range it should not be relied 
on as a "weapon."

Yuri Prime
Cost: 1500
Weapon: Super mind control and psi-wave
Strength: 150
Armor: None
Sight: 9
Speed: 6
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster increased sight and firepower
Elite abilities: self-heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: Barracks, Battle Lab 
Tech Level: 10

Yuri's hero unit is, well, Yuri himself. He is similar to the Yuri 
clone except he cannot be crushed, and he also has slightly better 
range. He mind-control structures, and once that structure is mind-
controlled, you can use it in any way you want to. If you mind-control 
an allied barracks, you can produce allied infantry. Soviet vehicles 
can be produced from a Soviet war factory. However, if Yuri Prime is 
destroyed while the building is under mind-control or the target is 
changed, the building reverts to its original side. You can also sell 
enemy structures... mind control construction yard-sell, war factory-
sell, radar-sell, etc. Since you get two Yuri Primes with the cloning 
vats, you can use them to take out a base very quickly. The only 
structures that cannot be mind-controlled are each side's unique 
structures (ore purifier, cloning vats, industrial plant, psychic 
towers, and super weapons).


MCV (Mobile Construction Vehicle)
Cost: 3000
Weapon: None
Strength: 1000 
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 7
Speed: 4 
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Prerequisite: War Factory and Service Depot 
Tech Level: 10

This is the origin of your most important building, the Construction 
Yard. Basically, you just have to deploy it by clicking D and it will 
magically transform itself into a Construction Yard in one second. 
When in multiplayer, if you create a game, you will be given the option 
to enable "MCV Repacks" or not. If you choose to do so, you can order 
the Construction Yard to transform back into an MCV thus letting you to 
deploy it somewhere else.  

Slave Miner
Cost: 2000
Weapon: None
Strength: 1000
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 4
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: none
Elite abilities: none
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech level: 1

Yuri's miner can be built both as a structure and a vehicle, which 
means you can build two at once. It is entirely self-contained, and 
requires no power or maintenance whatsoever. When it reaches the ore it 
deployed five slaves to gather the ore, and each slave can store up to 
200 credits on himself at a time. When ore runs out at a mining 
location the miner packs itself up and heads for the next closest 
source of resources. Keep an eye on it though; having it wander into 
enemy territory to mine ore can be hazardous to your economy. They do 
have a gun to defend themselves but it is NOT very powerful vs. tanks 
so be careful. Fortunately Slave Miners are terror drone and mind-
control immune, so you don't have to worry about Yuris or terror 
They also have a lot of health, so if it comes under attack chances are 
very high that you will be able to get it out before it is destroyed. 
It is impossible for Yuri to repair the miner when deployed, but it 
does self-heal when in vehicle form. If it is destroyed, the slaves go 
to the side that destroyed the miner and fight for that side, whacking 
things with their shovel. If they are destroyed by something "neutral" 
such as an oil derrick explosion, the slaves turn white and attack 
ANYONE near them.

Chaos Drone
Cost: 800
Weapon: Hallucinatory gas
Strength: 200
Armor: Light
Sight: 6
Speed: 8
Veteran abilities: none
Elite abilities: none
Prerequisite: Weapons Factory 
Tech level: 4

This small but fast drone is great for stopping enemy attacks. The 
chaos drone releases a cloud of gas that makes any enemy units within a 
small radius go berserk and start attacking their allies before their 
foes. The affected units turn a reddish-pink and do not respond to any 
orders given by their owners. If the chaos drone is destroyed or the 
unit moves out of the gas radius, the unit stays confused for a short 
period thereafter until the gas wears off and they resume their normal 
functions. The chaos drone is best when placed in the incoming path of 
enemy troops - don't try to send it after some tanks, for it will be 
destroyed before it can release its gas. Some units, such as miners, 
cannot be confused.

Lasher Tank
Cost: 700
Weapon: Short-range anti-tank shell
Strength: 300
Armor: Medium
Sight: 8
Speed: 7
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower
Elite abilities: self-heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: War Factory
Tech level: 2

Yuri's basic tank is weaker than its allied and soviet counterparts, 
but it compensates by having a lower price tag and higher speed. It 
fares alright against other tanks but not too well against structures 
or infantry. However, due to its good speed, it does a good job of 
crushing infantry before they can move out of the way. It is best used 
in tank bunkers, where it is well-protected and can fire at enemy units 
without fear of being hit. Lashers must be used in groups of 3-5 or in 
tank bunkers to be effective; when they are alone they get blown away 

Gatling Tank
Cost: 600
Weapon: Gatling gun
Strength: 210
Armor: Light
Sight: 10
Speed: 6
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower
Elite abilities: self-heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: Weapons Factory
Tech level: 4

Like its stationary counterpart, the Gatling Tank dishes out more 
damage the longer it is firing. It has good speed and does a good job 
at mowing down enemy infantry. When going full steam, the barrels can 
quickly take down light vehicles and structures, but they do not fare 
too well against enemy tanks. They are an essential component of any 
strike force for they are the only mobile Yuri land anti-air. They do 
very well in tank bunkers as well because it doesn't take very long for 
them to become elite.

Master Mind
Cost: 1750
Weapon: Mind control
Strength: 500
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 9
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower
Elite abilities: self-heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: Weapons Factory, Battle Lab
Tech level: 2

This large tank is heavily armored and therefore fairly slow. It does 
not house a conventional weapon - instead, it can mind-control an 
unlimited amount of enemy units. However, after more than three units 
are under its control it starts to overheat and take damage. If nothing 
is done about this, it will continue to take damage until destroyed. 
The more units it has under its control, the faster it overheats and 
can actually self-destruct quickly if the owner is not aware of it. It 
has almost no cool down between mind-controls, and therefore can be 
used to take control of an enemy strike force very quickly. Just be 
sure to send the controlled units on suicide runs or to the grinder 
before the mastermind self-destructs. Once destroyed, captured enemy 
units are returned to their original owners.

Cost: 1000
Weapon: Magnetic beam, magnetic field
Strength: 150
Armor: Light
Sight: 10
Speed: 5
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight and firepower
Elite abilities: self-heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: War Factory, Psychic Sensor
Tech level: 2

This versatile unit has a very unique method of attack. It emits a 
magnetic beam which can lift any vehicle - from the tiny terror drone 
to the massive battle fortress - into the air. The lifted unit is than 
brought closer to the magnetron and is deposited adjacent to it. The 
airborne unit cannot fire and it cannot be controlled in any way by its 
owner. However, it can be shot at by anti-air units, and Gatling tanks 
excel at chewing up units while they are in the air. If the magnetron 
is destroyed or ordered to stop, the magnetic beam ceases and the unit 
are dropped. If dropped onto a cliff, structure, or other obstacle 
(such as another unit) then it is instantly destroyed. If dropped onto 
a structure, the structure will be damaged or, depending on the size of 
the unit and the structure, it can be destroyed as well.

Amphibious Transport
Cost: 900
Weapon: None
Strength: 300 
Armor: Light
Sight: 6
Speed: 6 
Veteran abilities: None
Elite abilities: None
Prerequisite: Naval Yard 
Tech Level: 4

These specially designed hovercrafts are mainly used to transport units 
and vehicles from one place to another in a short time. They can cross 
over water also so they can be used to transport units from one island 
to another. However, they have no weapons at all and the light armor 
makes them very vulnerable to enemy fire. 
Be warned that if an Amphibious Transport is destroyed while traveling 
across water, all the units and vehicles on board will also be lost so 
take all the necessary precautions to prevent that from happening by 
escorting it with some naval support.      

Cost: 2000
Weapon: Torpedoes, cruise missiles
Strength: 2000
Armor: Medium
Sight: 8
Speed: 5
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, firepower and 
rate of fire
Elite abilities: self-heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: Sub Pen
Tech level: 2

Yuri's one and only naval assault unit is an expensive one, weighing in 
at a hefty $2000. However it boasts an impressive arsenal, housing twin 
torpedo launchers and sea-to-surface cruise missiles. It is also 
heavily armored, and its main weaknesses are that it is slow and it has 
no anti-air defense. Because of this, UFO escorts are required to keep 
it free from rocketeers and siege chopper assaults. The cruise missiles 
do take a few seconds to launch, and it is at this point that the 
Boomer is at its most vulnerable point. It must surface to launch, and 
cannot move or fire torpedoes while the missiles are prepping for 
launch. Therefore make sure you have multiple boomers in an assault, 
and do not order all of them to fire at once - keep some submerged to 
defend the others.

Floating Disc
Cost: 1750
Weapon: Transport beam, small laser
Strength: 100
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 9
Speed: 4
Veteran abilities: stronger, faster, increased sight, firepower and 
rate of fire
Elite abilities: self-heal, stronger, increased firepower and rate of 
Prerequisite: War Factory, Battle Lab
Tech level: 1

The only air unit for Yuri's side, the UFO is a large and heavily 
armored spaceship. It houses a laser to defend itself against land and 
air attacks, but its true strength lies in its siphons. When placed 
over an enemy power plant, the base loses ALL of its power and all 
powered defenses are rendered useless. The power plant being siphoned 
cannot be sold, and the UFO must be destroyed/moved in order to get 
power back online. When placed over an enemy refinery, it slowly steals 
money from the refinery until the cash supply is depleted. Finally, if 
placed over enemy base defense of any kind, that particular defensive 
structure shuts down and the UFO must be destroyed/moved in order to 
power it back up again. All this comes at a price, and at $1750 per UFO 
a fleet of them can be hard to afford.

F. Yuri's structures

Construction Yard
Cost: 3000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 10
Power: 0
Prerequisite: none 
Tech level: none

Yuri has a construction yard just like the other two sides; the only 
difference is in aesthetics. It builds all of Yuri's structures and is 
the heart of your base. Late in the game it is advisable to have two to 
three con yards so you don't lose production capability if you lose 
your main one.

Citadel Walls
Cost: 500
Strength: 300
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 1
Power: 0
Prerequisite: Barracks 
Tech level: 2

These walls are identical in function to the allied and soviet walls - 
they are a passive base defense which must be destroyed before any land 
units can cross them. They are slightly stronger than their allied and 
soviet counterparts, but they are not invincible and crumble quickly 
under fire. Walls are best used to surround important structures, such 
as your Construction Yard or your Battle Lab. Walling in Psychic Towers 
is also a good idea because they still function properly yet it is much 
harder to destroy the tower.

Tank Bunker
Cost: 400
Strength: 1000
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 5
Power: -100
Prerequisite: Psychic Radar 
Tech level: 3

The tank bunker is a great defensive structure. It can house almost any 
tank in the game, and the tank is completely protected by the bunker. 
Anything attempting to destroy the tank must destroy the bunker before 
it can harm the tank. Meanwhile, the tank gets a firepower and range 
boost from inside the bunker, making them very deadly. There is 
however, a weakness to the tank bunker. They are open on top, so any 
air attacks can easily destroy the tank without worrying about having 
to destroy the bunker. Also, some of the larger tanks will not fit 
inside the bunker, and tanks without rotating turrets cant go inside 
either (they would be useless if they could go inside, for the tank 
cannot rotate inside the bunker). Some of the tanks that can't go 
inside are: mastermind, apocalypse, tank destroyer, mirage, battle 
fortress, and v3. Also siege choppers cannot land inside tank bunkers.

Bio Reactor
Cost: 600
Strength: 700
Armor: Light
Sight: 4
Power: 150
Prerequisite: Construction Yard
Tech level: 1

Yuri's power plant costs just as much as a tesla reactor and gives out 
the same amount of power. However, there is a twist. Infantry of almost 
any kind can be placed inside the reactor to increase power output. Up 
to five infantry can be placed inside, and for every infantry placed 
inside you get an additional +100 power, which is great when you are 
trying to build a compact base. Keep them guarded though, because 
losing a single loaded bio reactor can cause a sharp drop in your 
base's power output. However, when the reactor is destroyed, all 
infantry inside come out in the state they were when placed inside. 
This means enemy infantry placed inside the reactor will be 
controllable by their original owners (unless mind controlled again, of 

Cost: 500
Strength: 500
Armor: Medium 
Sight: 5
Power: -10
Prerequisite: Construction Yard, Bio Reactor 
Tech level: 2

Yuri's Barracks is the same for the other two sides, and it is the same 
size as the allied barracks (2x3 squares). All of Yuri's infantry are 
created here, and this structure is also needed to produce base defense 
and some more advanced structures. Aside from aesthetics and size, it 
is identical in purpose to the Allied and Soviet Barracks.

War Factory
Cost: 2000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Light
Sight: 4
Power: -25
Prerequisite: Barracks 
Tech level: 2

Yuri's War Factory, like the con yard and barracks, functions just like 
its allied and soviet counterparts. Vehicles come out the front, and 
UFO's come out the top. The war factory is a vital addition to any 
base, because it produces all of Yuri's vehicles (with the exception of 
the slave miner, which can be produced at the con yard). It is also 
vital in the sense that it is the only structure which can build a new 
con yard (in the form of an MCV). The war factory, unfortunately, has 
relatively light armor and will NOT survive a super weapon blast. This 
makes it a good target to pick if the enemy has a spread out base and 
only one war factory. It costs him 2000 to rebuild, halts his vehicle 
production, and prevents him from climbing the tech tree.

Psychic Radar
Cost: 1000
Strength: 750
Armor: Light
Sight: 10
Power: -50
Prerequisite: Weapons Factory 
Tech level: 3

The soviet psychic sensor was stolen from them when Yuri left to form 
his own army. Not only does it perform its previous function of 
allowing you to see enemy troop movements, but it now also provides 
Yuri with his radar. Besides these two functions, it has a third - it 
gives Yuri access to the Psychic Reveal special ability. This allows 
you to instantly remove the shroud from anywhere on the map instantly. 
The amount removed is about the same size as the area covered by a gap 
generator. Because of its three functions, the Psychic Radar is a 
structure that should be fairly well-protected. However, they are 
relatively cheap ($1000) and build fairly quickly so it is not much of 
a problem to rebuild a destroyed Psychic Radar. If you have a large 
base it is even advisable to have two so most of your base is under the 
"psychic detect" radius.

Sub Pen
Cost: 1000
Strength: 1500
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 10
Power: -25
Prerequisite: Barracks 
Tech level: 4

The Sub Pen is Yuri's naval production structure. Surprisingly, it is 
only capable of producing two units: Yuri's Amphibious Transport and 
the Boomer Submarine. The transport is identical to the allied/soviet 
ones aside from looks, and the boomer is his only naval assault unit. 
I'm not going to go into detail about the boomer here - go to the units 
section for information on it. Anyways, the Sub Pen is one of the 
strongest structures in the game, and is one of the few that can 
survive a super weapon blast. I'm also fairly sure that the Sub Pen 
(and Naval Yards for that matter) is the only structures that can 
survive more than one direct hit from a Kirov. Bottom Line: Sub Pens 
are tough to destroy - dolphins/carriers/dreads are your best bet.

Cost: 600
Strength: 900
Armor: Light
Sight: 6
Power: -50
Prerequisite: Weapons Factory
Tech level: 9

Yuri's counterpart to the Allied and Soviet Service Depots bears no 
resemblance to them at all. Rather than repairing a vehicle back to 
full health at a (relatively) small cost, the grinder destroys the 
vehicle, giving you a 100% cash refund. Infantry can also be sent to 
the grinder for a 50% cash refund. The grinder is a very useful 
structure, and is a great counterpart to psychic towers in your base. 
As soon as an enemy unit is mind controlled, send it to the grinder in 
order to "free up" the unit/structure that mind-controlled it. You get 
100% cash no matter who owns the vehicle or what health the vehicle 
has. Grinders are also cheap ($600) so you should have several of them 
around your base in order to grind enemy units as quickly as possible 
so they enemy doesn't have a chance to save them.

Battle Lab
Cost: 2000
Strength: 500
Armor: Light
Sight: 6
Power: -100
Prerequisite: Psychic Radar, Weapons Factory 
Tech level: 8

Like the Sub Pen, Con Yard, Barracks etc., this one is identical to its 
counterparts. This structure bridges the gap between Yuri's low tech 
stuff and his high tech stuff. Protect it with great care. Losing your 
battle lab is hazardous to your health - if lost you lose the ability 
to make high tech structures and units. They also cost quite a bit 
($2000) so they can be a pain in the wallet to rebuild as well. The 
main problem with them is their sickeningly light armor - Battle Labs 
for all sides have very little armor and die very, very quickly when 
assaulted. A great way to protect your lab is to surround it with walls 
- this will protect it from engineers and infantry. Watch out for tanks 
that shoot over walls though.

Cloning Vat
Cost: 2500
Strength: 1000
Armor: Light
Sight: 5
Power: -200
Prerequisite: Battle Lab 
Tech level: 9

Like the Psychic Sensor, Yuri stole the cloning vats from the soviets 
when he left. Only two things have changed: the symbol on the front is 
a Yuri symbol, not a soviet, and the vats no has the ability to 
"destroy" (cant use grind here) enemy infantry units for half price - 
the grinder does that now. Since Yuri has very powerful infantry, the 
cloning vats are a valuable asset, if not an expensive one ($2500). 
However they quickly pay for themselves in free infantry and getting 
brutes for $250 and Initiates for $100 is pretty damn sweet. Because 
you can get two infantry at a time, it is easier to repel attacks for 
you can raise an infantry army far more quickly than you can without 
the vats.

Gatling Cannon
Cost: 1000
Strength: 810
Armor: Medium
Sight: 10
Power: -50
Prerequisite: Barracks 
Tech level: 4

This stationary base defense is unique as it combines Yuri's low-grade 
land defense and his air defense into one. The Gatling Cannon has 
variable firing rates and its twin barrels can target both land and air 
units, although it is a much better AA defense than it is a land 
defense. The longer it is firing the faster its barrels spin, and when 
going full blast it can dish out quite a bit of damage. Its land range, 
however, is quite limited and therefore Psychic Towers and Tank Bunkers 
should be relied on for ground defense. However, it chews up harriers 
and rocketeers, and only UFOs and Kirovs can survive for more than a 
few seconds under the immense firepower of the gatling cannon, and even 
those fold relatively quickly when the cannons are going full speed. 
Against land units it fairs fairly well against infantry, but is quite 
useless against tanks even when going at full speed.

Psychic Tower
Cost: 1500
Strength: 455
Armor: Medium
Sight: 10
Power: -50
Prerequisite: Psychic Radar 
Tech level: 7

One of the best anti-land defenses in the game, the Psychic Tower can 
mind control up to three units at once, with a relatively short cool 
down rate. Use them in conjunction with Grinders to quickly dispose of 
enemy units, and the enemy will be hard-pressed to penetrate your base. 
Their weaknesses are that they are completely vulnerable to air attacks 
and psychic-immune units. If a Psychic Tower is destroyed, all units 
under its control are freed and returned to the original owner, and 
this is why it is best used to send enemy units to the grinder. Psychic 
Towers are essential when playing as Yuri and are a must when defending 
your base.

Genetic Mutator
Cost: 2500
Strength: 1000
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 5
Power: -200
Prerequisite: Battle Lab 
Tech level: 10

Yuri's low-grade super weapon is a deadly one, and has the ability to 
mutate any infantry in a wide radius into Brutes under Yuri's control. 
This can be used in a variety of ways. One is to use the Mutator on 
enemy troops and send them on a killing spree inside your enemy's base. 
Another is to build a lot of cheap infantry (such as Initiates for only 
$100 with vats) and mutate them to create a much more powerful army. 
One overlooked strategy is to mutate your own slaves from your miners 
into brutes, and then send them to the grinder for a cash boost. The 
Mutator has one more use - use it to assassinate an enemy hero so you 
won't have to deal with him/her later.

Psychic Dominator
Cost: 5000
Strength: 1000
Armor: Heavy
Sight: 5
Power: -200 
Prerequisite: Battle Lab
Tech level: 10

Yuri's ultimate weapon is a massive structure which generates large 
amount of psychic energy. On the same level as the Weather Control 
Device and the Nuclear Missile Silo, the Dominator is indeed a weapon 
to be feared. When activated, it does two things: it mind-controls all 
units within a small radius (same as Iron Curtain/Chronosphere radius) 
and destroys/damages all structures within a much larger radius (same 
was WCD/Nuke radius). Keep in mind that infantry and tanks not within 
the smaller mind-controlling radius will be completely unaffected by 
the blast. The biggest advantage the Dominator has over the Weather 
Storm and Nuclear Missile is that it happens almost instantaneously - 
there is no delay like there is with the Weather Storm or Nuke. This 
gives the enemy almost no chance to prepare for the blast. Although 
this may sound unfair, keep in mind each super weapon has its own 
unique side effect. Weather Storm causes radar to shut down, Nuke has 
radiation, and Dominator has mind-control. Treat the Dominator just as 
you would any other high-level super weapon - if the enemy builds one, 
destroy it before it comes online and destroys (or at least cripples) 

G. Tech Buildings

Tech buildings have to be captured by Engineers first before you can 
utilize them to your advantage.

Power Plant 
Strength: 800
Armor: Concrete
Tech Level: 1

This building doesn't do much except to boost the power in your base. 
It's very handy when there is a power blackout. 

Machine Shop
Strength: 800
Armor: Concrete
Tech Level: 1

The most useful tech building because once captured, it will provide 
self-heal ability on all of your vehicles. 

Secret Lab
Strength: 1000
Armor: Concrete
Tech Level: 1

The usefulness of this building actually depends on luck. Once it is 
captured, you will be provided with the ability to train/produce a 
random unit belonging to other countries.  


5. Walkthrough

--> This walkthrough was based on playing in normal difficulty. 
--> This walkthrough is written for the purpose so that players can 
complete the missions in the shortest time possible. Additional info 
and secrets in each mission will be placed under the "Additional info" 

Playing easy difficulty would mean less aggression from the enemy and 
they will seldom attack your base. The enemy's base defenses are not 
that strong also. You are also given an excessive amount of par time.
Playing normal difficulty would mean more aggression from the enemy and 
they will be commencing more frequent assault to your base. The bases 
are usually moderately defended. Par times are shorter and will prove 
to be quite challenging. 
Playing hard difficulty would mean that the enemy will be very 
aggressive and your base will be pounded from time to time with a 
shorter interval between one assault and the next one. Enemy bases are 
always heavily defended and you will need to assault it several times 
before completely destroying it. Par times are very short and timing is 
really crucial if you want to finish the mission under the time limit.  

Mission one: Operation Time Lapse
Location: San Francisco, California
Par time: 20 minutes 
Rank: 1st Lieutenant


It's only a matter of time before Yuri brings the Psychic Dominator on 
Alcatraz back online. Our only chance is to use Professor Einstein's 
Time Machine to send us back in time and stop Yuri before he can 
complete his worldwide network of Psychic Dominators.  

Objective 1: Capture Power Plants to power the Time Machine. 

Objective 2: Defend the Time Machine. 

Objective 3: Destroy the Psychic Dominator on Alcatraz


Train four Engineers immediately and get the tanks to secure the two 
Civilian Power Plants to the south. Get the Engineers to capture them 
and then the tanks should head to the west to secure the two Civilian 
Power Plants there. Send the two remaining Engineers to capture them as 

The Time Machine will be activated and everything will be shifted back 
to the Soviet invasion in RA2. Use the Grand Cannons to take out the 
Soviet Dreadnoughts while the Guardian GIs should take care of the 
Kirov coming from the northwest. Repel the Soviet tank assault with the 
base defenses and Tanya will appear from the Time Machine. 
Get her to swim to the north towards the Psychic Dominator and C4 the 
two patrolling Sea Scorpions. Head inland and kill off the conscripts 
as well as the dogs around the Psychic Dominator. 
Shoot the barrels next to the wire fence around the Psychic Dominator 
then move in to blow it up. Mission accomplished!!!  


Your quick thinking caught both the Soviets and Yuri off guard. The 
Soviet invasion of San Francisco has been thwarted and Yuri's plans 
have been thrown into disarray. Well done, Commander. 


Mission two: Operation Hollywood and Vain
Location: Los Angeles, California
Par time: 1 hour
Rank: Captain


Yuri has mind controlled the population of Los Angeles and is feeding 
the civilians into his Grinders to fund his Psychic Dominator project. 
If we can eliminate the Grinders, Yuri will have lost a significant 
source of funds.  

Objective 1: Destroy all Grinders in the city.

Objective 2: Destroy all Yuri buildings. 

Hint: Not all civilians have been mind controlled. Some of them may 
even be able to help us in the coming battle.


Deploy the MCV and start building as usual. Get the GIs to head 
slightly to the northwest and they will find a movie actor called Flint 
Westwood. He is very good in repelling infantry attacks so keep him 
Send the GIs to garrison the hotel to the northwest and train more 
Guardian GIs and the regular ones to help defend the base from initial 
Yuri attacks. Don't forget to repair the hotel when it gets damaged. 

Quickly build a Battle Lab and reinforcement will come which is 
consisted of a Battle Fortress and some regular plus some Guardian GIs. 
Get the Guardian GIs to enter the Battle Fortress and help defend the 
base while the Prism Tanks should begin to be mass-produced. 
When there are about ten Prisms, send them to destroy the Grinder to 
the east and head north to destroy the Grinder near the stadium. Send 
an Engineer to capture the Machine Shop along the way to the second 
Destroying the second Grinder will reveal a crate of money along with a 
new movie actor, Sammy Stallion. 

Head west from here to destroy the third Grinder, again revealing 
another crate of money. Head to the southwest to penetrate Yuri's base 
defenses and destroy everything; Yuri will sell his buildings when 
enough damage is inflicted. Proceed to kill all his Initiates and any 
remaining tanks then destroy the fourth and last Grinder to the 
southeast, thus revealing another money crate as well as a new movie 
actor, Arnie Frankenfurter. 
Get the Prism Tanks to go to the northwest corner of the map and 
destroy all Yuri's buildings here. Mission accomplished!!!


Great job, Commander. Your quick actions minimized civilian losses in 
the city and denied Yuri an important source of income to fund his 
plans. Hollywood agents are already offering deals for the right to 
your life story. 


Mission three: Operation Power Play
Location: Seattle, Washington
Par time: 30 minutes
Rank: Major


Now that we've destroyed Yuri's primary source of funds, the madman has 
decided to take a more direct approach. Yuri has set up a Nuclear Silo 
in Seattle and is using it to extort money and technical expertise from 
the MassiveSoft Corporation. We must save the city and MassiveSoft from 
Yuri's nuclear threat. 

Objective 1: Destroy Yuri's Nuclear Silo. 

Objective 2: Liberate the MassiveSoft campus. 


SPEED is the key for this mission. Quickly get the regular GIs to 
garrison the Seattle Space Needle and the whole map will be revealed. 
Train some Snipers and Engineers then move your troops slightly 
northwards. Get the two Engineers to capture the two oil derricks to 
the southwest. Train another Engineer and get him to capture the 
Machine Shop to the east of the base.
When the Weather Control Device is ready, fire it at Yuri's base to 
take out his Bio Reactors. Just before Yuri launched his nuclear 
missile, sell the War Factory and the two Power Plants to get the money 
because they will get destroyed anyway. 

Quickly get a sniper to take out the Yuri Clones guarding the Civilian 
Power Plant and send the tanks in to take care of the Lashers and 
Gatling Tanks. Send an Engineer behind to capture the Civilian Power 
Plant once it is secure then the nuclear missile timer will be halted 
and some more snipers will be parachuted in including a reinforcement 
of some tanks.  
Yuri will try his best to re-take the Civilian Power Plant; make sure 
that doesn't happen by protecting the parachuting snipers from the 
Yuri's tanks. 

Don't forget to leave a sniper and a Mirage tank near the Barracks to 
repel Yuri's infantry assaults.
Get some more snipers to snipe the Yuri Clones near the Civilian Power 
Plant to the northwest of the base (along the road). Send the tanks 
again to secure the area and get an Engineer to capture the Civilian 
Power Plant. 
Send another tank brigade to the north and secure the Civilian Power 
Plant then get an Engineer to capture it. When the Weather Device 
Control comes back online, use it to take out Yuri's forces around the 
MassiveSoft campus then send in some tanks to mop up. Doing this will 
reward the Allies with three crates of money. 

Now send a small strike force (bring a sniper) along the western edge 
of the map and enter Yuri's base through the side entrance. Use the 
sniper to protect the tanks from Yuri Clones while they pound away at 
Yuri's Missile Silo. Mission accomplished!!! 


Yuri's plot to blackmail the city of Seattle has been thwarted. Your 
lightning-fast response prevented heavy losses to the population. Yuri 
will have to look elsewhere to fund his war effort.  


Mission four: Operation Tomb Raided
Location: Egypt
Par time: 45 minutes 
Rank: Major 


Yuri has captured Einstein in an attempt to expedite the completion of 
his Psychic Dominator technology. It is imperative we rescue Einstein 
immediately and then rid Egypt of all Yuri forces. 

Objective 1: Destroy Bio Reactors around Great Pyramid to rescue 

Objective 2: Destroy Yuri's base. 


Setup the base as usual but don't forget to build a few Pillboxes 
around it. Load Tanya and the two Engineers into the Night Hawk 
Transport then fly them to the oil derricks at the eastern part of the 
map. Use Tanya to kill the nearby Initiates then get the Engineers to 
capture the derricks. Tanya should head to the north and blow the 
bridge connecting to the other side of the river to prevent Yuri from 
sending his troops. 
Send the Night Hawk back to base and train 3 more Engineers to capture 
the remaining oil derricks then start to mass-produce Prism Tanks.  

Now Tanya should swim across the river towards the Great Pyramid and 
shoot the barrel to open a hole in the wall. Go inside and kill all the 
Initiates then C4 all the Bio Reactors to free Einstein. A Night Hawk 
Transport will then come to pick him up. 
After the short cut scene with Einstein, wait for the Psychic Dominator 
to charge first then use it on Yuri's base to destroy as many buildings 
as possible (try to mind control a few units as well). Simply get Tanya 
to destroy all the remaining Yuri buildings here.        
Now just station at Tanya near the riverbank to the northeast of the 
base to keep an eye on any incoming Yuri's Amphibious Transports. 
Repair the bridge that Tanya blown up earlier then send the Prism Tanks 
to the east and destroy Yuri's base. Mission accomplished!!! 


With your speed and accuracy Einstein was rescued and Yuri's 
installation is no more. Yuri realizes now you're a force to be 
reckoned with. 


Mission five: Operation Clones Down Under
Location: Sydney, Australia
Par time: 45 minutes
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel


Yuri has established cloning facilities in Sydney, Australia. It is 
believed he plans to clone the world leaders. We must put an end to 
this operation at any cost. 

Objective 1: Find and destroy Yuri's Cloning Vats. 

Objective 2: Destroy Yuri's remaining forces.  


Start by building some Pillboxes and Prism Towers around the base and 
garrison the building just in front of it. 
After a few minutes, Eva will inform the base that Yuri is sending his 
Boomers. Destroy them all with the Destroyers and Dolphins then Eva 
will transmit that the Koreans are helping by donating their Black 
Eagles to destroy Yuri's Sub Pen. 

Consolidate the base defenses then start to mass-produce Prism Tanks. 
Build two War Factories to increase the production rate. When enough 
Prism Tanks are produced, send them along the road to the southeast and 
destroy any buildings that Yuri garrisoned. 
Capture the Machine Shop along the way and there is also a Hospital at 
the southwestern edge of the map but it is not vital to the war effort. 
Get the Prism Tanks to destroy every single Yuri's units and buildings. 
Mission accomplished!!!


Yuri's cloning facilities are now rubble thanks to your incredible 
tactics. Well done! 


Mission six: Operation Trick or Treaty
Location: London, England
Par time: 30 minutes
Rank: Colonel


Having failed to clone the world leaders, Yuri plans to capture the 
real ones. Defend them at the Houses of Parliament in London, 
England... then deal with Yuri. 

Objective 1: Defend Parliament from assault. 

Objective 2: Destroy Yuri's base.


A twenty-minutes timer will start, signaling the countdown until the 
arrival of Yuri's forces. Deploy the base and quickly pump out as many 
GIs as possible then garrison the Big Ben and all other buildings on 
the Allied side. Send more GIs to garrison the buildings next to the 
three bridges (2 buildings for each bridge). 

Get a tank and three Engineers to head to the northeast and look for a 
small enclosed area with three oil derricks. Blast the wire fences with 
the Grizzly then send the Engineers to capture the derricks; the income 
of cash is vital in this mission. 
Setup defenses around the Parliament by building some Pillboxes, Prism 
Towers and Patriot Missile System then deploy some Guardian GIs.   
Send two more Engineers to the northeast then look for a Hospital and a 
Machine Shop to be captured. 
Build the Robot Control Center and mass-produce Robot Tanks along with 
Prism and Mirage Tanks. 
Once the attack began, build some Rocketeers and IFVs, as Yuri's last 
assault will come in the form of 4-5 Floating Discs. Quickly shoot them 
down before they can do too much damage to the base. 

When Yuri's attacks have been successfully repelled, the Soviets will 
send some reinforcement. Use the Soviet navy to help destroy Yuri's 
Boomers later.
Mass-produce on Prism Tanks immediately and send them to level Yuri's 
base at the northeastern side of the map. Mission accomplished!!!

Yuri never had a chance. The world leaders are safe and Yuri has been 
driven from London. Excellent work, General. 


Mission seven: Operation Brain Dead
Location: Antarctica
Par time: 1 hour
Rank: General of the Army


It's almost over, Commander. Yuri's plot lies in ruins. However, he 
still has one last Psychic Dominator located somewhere in his 
stronghold in Antarctica. Bring the abandoned Soviet base on Tierra Del 
Fuego back online and build a radar dish so that we can pinpoint Yuri's 
exact location. Then, with the combined might of Allied and Soviet 
forces, put an end to Yuri's plans once and for all. 

Objective 1: Build a Soviet Radar Dish. 

Objective 2: Destroy the Psychic Dominator in Antarctica. 

Objective 3: Destroy all Yuri forces. 


Get the Engineers to capture the Soviet Construction Yard as well as 
the Tesla Reactor. Develop a base and garrison the army tent as well as 
the communication center with conscripts to help the Sentry Guns repel 
Yuri attacks. Send an Engineer to the north to capture the oil derrick 
as well as the Machine Shop to the west. 
Build a few Battle Bunkers and Flak Cannons to strengthen the defenses 
against Floating Discs as well as some Flak Tracks then build a Soviet 
Radar Dish when ready. 

Wait a while and an Allied MCV will be chronosphered to the south. 
Yuri's Genetic Mutator and Psychic Dominator will come online at the 
same time. Quickly climb the Soviet tech tree and build an Industrial 
Use the Allied MCV to build an Ore Purifier as well then focus on 
building some Grand Cannons (4 to 5) to repel Yuri's assaults. Send two 
Engineers to the south and grab the money crate near the two oil 
derricks then capture them. Be sure to train a chrono legionnaire and 
send him to take out the Psychic Dominator. This is possible to be done 
by positioning the chrono legionnaire slightly behind the Psychic 
Dominator but keeping him out of the range of the nearby gatling 
cannons. If Yuri's Psychic Dominator managed to destroy any building, 
simply rebuild them again. 
Quickly build a Weather Control Device and Nuclear Missile Silo then 
use them both when ready to destroy the Psychic Dominator. 

Mass-produce Prism Tanks and send the rolling to Yuri's base to 
demolish everything in the way (Beware of the Magnetrons and Master 
Minds). Use the nuclear missile and weather storm to help the Prism 
Tanks destroy Yuri's base and forces. Mission accomplished!!!  


The whole world now knows your true brilliance as a commander. Your 
image is appearing on stamps in every nation across the globe and a 
worldwide holiday has been declared in your honor. 

Congratulations!!! This is the end of the Allied campaign. You have 
saved the earth from Yuri's evil plan for world domination as well as 
making sure that the Soviets remain as the loser in the war. Enjoy the 
ending!!! ^_^   


Mission one: Operation Time Shift
Location: San Francisco, California
Par time: 35 minutes 
Rank: Lieutenant


The world is in ruin. Yuri is poised to rule unchallenged. Only a 
daring Allied plan to travel back in time stands between Yuri and total 
domination. But Yuri must pay for his betrayal at Soviet hands, not 
Allied. We must capture the Time Machine and travel back ourselves.    

Objective 1: Destroy the Allied Navy and Grand Cannons. 

Objective 2: Destroy Pill Boxes around Time Machine to capture it. 

Objective 3: Capture 4 Power Plants to power Time Machine. 

Objective 4: Take control of Soviet base and use it to destroy the 
Psychic Dominator. 


Start by destroying the Allied Navy with the Submarines, Giant Squids 
and Sea Scorpions. Use the Dreadnoughts to take care of the two Grand 
Cannons. When it is done, they will retreat and four Amphibious 
Transports will land at the waterside then unload some units. 

Zofia will appear to give some explanations on Boris. Move Boris 
forward followed by the other units behind. Head to the southeast to 
reach the Time Machine while destroying any opposition and use an 
Engineer to capture the tech hospital on the way (make sure that the 
patrolling Grizzly Battle Tanks around are destroyed first).  
Ram through the wire fences with the Rhino Heavy Tanks and kill the 
GIs. Use a second Engineer to capture the Machine Shop next to the Time 
Machine while the others should be pounding away at the Pillboxes.  
A group of Engineer will be parachuted in. Use the Rhinos to secure the 
four nearest Civilian Power Plants and get the Engineers to capture 
Be on the lookout for Yuri's Amphibious Transports, as he will try to 
capture the Civilian Power Plants as well. If he managed to do that, 
just send an Engineer to re-capture it again.  

After four Civilian Power Plants have been captured, the Time Machine 
will be activated. It turns out that the Engineers put too much energy, 
causing the time shift to travel back to 65 million years ago. Get the 
troops to stay were they are and protect the Time Machine from the 
incoming T-Rexes for about one and a half minute. After a few moments, 
time shift will occur again and this time the troops will find 
themselves in the middle of the Soviet invasion in RA2.   

Re-capture the Machine Shop next to the Time Machine and head to the 
northwest along the road to take control of the Soviet base.  
Quickly get Boris to head to northeast and destroy Yuri's Lasher Tanks 
near the Grand Cannons. The Rhinos should come in to help destroy the 
lone Gatling Cannon nearby. Load Boris into the Amphibious Transport 
and ferry him over to Alcatraz Island. Boris should disembark and kill 
off all the Initiates then call an air strike to destroy the Psychic 
Dominator. Mission accomplished!!!  


You have destroyed the Psychic Dominator before Yuri could react. Yuri 
does not yet realize our plans. 


Mission two: Operation Deja Vu
Location: Black Forest, Germany
Par time: 1 hour
Rank: Senior Lieutenant


We lost the battle here in the Black Forest the first time around and 
were eventually defeated by the Allies with the help of Einstein's 
Chronosphere. This time, we must not fail. Destroy Einstein's 
Laboratory and Chronosphere to ensure Soviet victory in our war against 
the Allies.

Objective 1: Destroy the outposts guarding the German border.

Objective 2: Destroy Einstein's Laboratory and Chronosphere. 


Use the V3 rockets to take care of the outposts then send the Rhinos 
and Flak Tracks to the north. Go all the way to the west and go south 
towards the Chronosphere. Destroy all the oppositions along the way and 
charge the towards Einstein's Lab. Shoot the barrel to destroy his lab 
then destroy then focus on the Chronosphere. Mission accomplished!!!   


Your ferocious assault on Einstein's Lab and the swift destruction of 
the Chronosphere have ensured that the Soviet people shall be 
victorious in the war. The Allied are already retreating on all fronts. 


Mission three: Operation Brain Wash
Location: London, England 
Par time: 30 minutes 
Rank: Captain


The Allies have discovered a Psychic Dominator in London, England. Yuri 
has taken control of the Allied strike force to help defend his near-
complete Dominator. Free the Allies and join forces with them to defeat 
Yuri... but beware, the Dominator could become operational at any 

Objective 1: Destroy the Psychic Beacon. 

Objective 2: Destroy the Psychic Dominator. 

Objective 3: Finish off Yuri's forces.


Get Boris to board the Amphibious Transport and ferry him to the north 
and land near the cruise ships. Destroy the Grizzlies ad Lasher Tanks 
here then proceed to the northwest. Target the Psychic Beacon and call 
in an air strike to take it out.  
The Allied base will come under Soviet control and Tanya will join 
Boris. A ten minutes timer for the Psychic Dominator will start. 

Get Tanya and Boris to go to Yuri's base at the northeastern edge of 
the map. Circle around from the left and use Boris to target the Bio 
Reactors. Yuri will counter by sending his Lasher Tanks. The tanks will 
blow a hole on the wall so sneak Boris and Tanya inside. Try to take 
out as much Bio Reactors as possible by using air strikes to deprive 
the base of power.  
When the base's power is down, simply use Tanya or Boris to shoot the 
barrel outside the Psychic Dominator's wall then send Tanya inside to 
C4 it. Yuri will sell all his buildings after the Psychic Dominator is 
destroyed; kill the remaining Yuri's forces. Mission accomplished!!! 


The Psychic Dominator has been destroyed and the Allies believe we 
fought for a common good. Fools.  


Mission four: Operation Romanov on the Run
Location: Morocco
Par time: 40 minutes
Rank: Major


Premier Romanov has been shot down by Yuri's forces. We must locate the 
Premier and take him to the airport so he can be rescued. Yuri has 
built a tough defense around the airport that we need to eliminate 
before the Premier's rescue will be secure. 

Objective 1: Locate Premier Romanov and protect him. 

Objective 2: Destroy Yuri's base guarding the airport. 

Objective 3: Take Romanov to the airport once it is safe.  

Setup the base as usual and build a couple Battle Bunkers to counter 
the initial Yuri attacks. Send an Engineer to capture the oil derrick 
to the northeast (near the small Yuri base there). Build a Sentry gun 
nearby to protect it from Yuri's forces. 
Build two more War-miners to increase cash flow then start building 
some Rhino Heavy Tanks. Quickly develop the base and build the 
Industrial Plant to cut the cost of building vehicles then mass-produce 
the Rhinos (build two War Factories to increase production rate). Use 
the Spy Plane when it is ready to reveal the eastern part of the city; 
the Premier is hiding inside the building called "Rick's Place".  

Yuri will occasionally attack the base with some Lasher and Gatling 
Tanks along with some Initiates plus some Yuri Clones but the Battle 
Bunkers should be able to take care of them. 
While waiting for the tank production to finish, use the Spy Plane to 
clear as much of the map as possible. Start attacking the central part 
of the city and wait for the reinforcement to come, which is consisted 
of three desolators and two Crazy Ivans. 
Build five V3 Rockets and use them to fire at the buildings garrisoned 
by Yuri Initiates while the desolaters should radiate the ground to 
kill the Initiates once they come out of the building.   
Bring the Rhinos over to destroy Yuri's Barracks and the four Gatling 
Cannons nearby. Go across the bridge on the river and put the Rhinos at 
near Yuri's base as a "cork" to repel the endless Initiates and Gatling 
Tanks that Yuri is going to send. The V3 should fire their rockets 
SIMULTANEOUSLY to take out the Gatling Cannons at the entrance followed 
by the Psychic Towers.  

Send in the Rhinos when the obstacles are cleared to destroy Yuri's 
base. When the mop up operation is completed, go to the eastern part of 
the city and approach "Rick's Place" while clearing any opposition 
along the way. 
The Premier will come out after a short cutscene. Simply escort him to 
the airport. Mission accomplished!!!


Premier Romanov has been rescued and safely evacuated thanks to your 
quick and decisive elimination of Yuri's base. 


Mission five: Operation Escape Velocity
Location: An uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean
Par time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel  


We have uncovered Yuri's secret Submarine Base on an uncharted island 
in the Pacific Ocean. The threat of Yuri's Boomer Subs must be 

Objective 1: Pick a landing zone and construct a base. 

Objective 2: Locate and destroy Yuri's Submarine Pen. 

Objective 3: Finish off all remaining Yuri forces. 


Get everyone to land at the southern landing zone while destroying 
Yuri's Boomers along the way. Setup a base and train three Engineers to 
capture the oil derricks further to the west. Build a few Battle 
Bunkers near the westernmost oil derrick to protect against Yuri's 
troops, which are usually consisted of Initiates, Viruses, Brutes, Yuri 
Clones and Lasher Tanks. 

Build two War-miners as usual and develop the base until Zofia 
introduced the Siege Chopper. Build an Industrial Plant then there are 
three choices from which to decide how to complete this mission. 
The first method is to mass-produce Siege Choppers. Destroy Yuri's base 
from behind by landing on the ridges and deploying into artilleries 
before advancing slowly towards the Submarine Pen. 
The second method is to mass-produce Kirov Airships and charge the 
Submarine Pen, hoping to destroy it before getting shot down by the 
Gatling Cannons. 
The third method is to mass-produce submarines and head to the 
Submarine Pen while fighting off Yuri's Boomers. 
When the Submarine Pen is destroyed, Zofia will inform the Soviets that 
Yuri's base is actually a launching facility for a spacecraft. Mission 


Your swift attack will keep this secret island a secret forever. Yuri's 
forces are in full retreat. Press on, General--Defeat Yuri!


Mission six: Operation To The Moon 
Location: The Moon
Par time: 45 minutes
Rank: Colonel  


Yuri plans to launch himself to the moon after initiating his Psychic 
Dominator wave over earth. We need to install a base on the moon so we 
can build an attack force capable of destroying Yuri's moon bases and 
his Lunar Command Center. 

Objective 1: Find a location to build a base. 

Objective 2: Locate and destroy Yuri's Lunar Command Center. 

Objective 3: Destroy Yuri's remaining base. 


Welcome to the moon! Move the MCV to the east and setup a base on the 
flat land there. Develop the base as usual but there is no need to 
build a War Factory. Focus on building some Flak Cannons and Sentry 
Guns to ward off any Yuri attempt to destroy the base. 
Train as many cosmonauts as possible (until there is no more money if 
possible) and head north to look for Yuri's base. If necessary, sell 
off the other buildings to get more cosmonauts.  Yuri has three bases. 
The main one occupies almost half of the map. The other two smaller 
bases are located at the western and eastern edge of the map 
Get the cosmonauts to hit the smaller bases first but only take out the 
Bio Reactors aside from the attacking units. Head to the main base and 
repeat the same process in order to disable all the defenses. Mopping 
up should be easy when the defenses are down. Destroy every single one 
of Yuri's buildings and units including the Lunar Command Center. 
Mission accomplished!!!  


You moved so quickly that Yuri couldn't do anything but watch his lunar 
establishment crumble. The moon is now a part of the glorious Soviet 


Mission seven: Operation Head Games
Location: Transylvania
Par time: 45 minutes
Rank: Marshal of the Soviet Union


Hoping to hide from your onslaught, Yuri has retreated to his ancestral 
home in Transylvania. We cannot allow him any respite or he will only 
rally his forces and return again to threaten us all. Eliminate Yuri 
now and forever!

Objective 1: Destroy Yuri's Fortress. 


Deploy the MCV and start building as usual. Build a couple Battle 
Bunkers to ward off Yuri's initial assaults. Build one or two Flak 
Cannons as well. 
QUICKLY build five Flak Tracks and scout to the north with the Spy 
Plane's help to prepare for the two Kirovs that will come later. 

Assemble a small strike force and head to the northeast of the base to 
find a small town with a Grinder in the middle. Destroy it to find a 
crate, which will boost the income slightly. Head to the north from 
here to find a secret tech lab, capture it with an Engineer.  
Head to the west just across the river to find another small town and a 
Grinder, destroy it to find a money crate. 

Quickly build a Nuclear Missile Silo and Yuri will comment that he will 
make one as well. Roughly three minutes later, he will have one as 
well. Approximately two minutes later, the Allies will have a Weather 
Control Device as well. Wait again for another two minutes and Yuri 
will have a Psychic Dominator. 
Don't worry and keep protecting your base from Yuri's attacks. If 
anything gets destroyed, rebuild it again. 
When the nuclear missile is ready, launch it to destroy the Psychic 
Beacon controlling the Soviet base. Wait for the next nuclear missile 
to be ready while building some more defenses to protect against Yuri 
or build up a strike force. 
When the missile is ready, fire it to destroy the Psychic Beacon 
controlling the Allied base then start building some Prism or Robot 
Tanks. Combine them with the Soviet strike force that had been built 
earlier then launch a powerful attack to Yuri's base from both side. If 
the nuclear missile or weather control device is ready before the 
assault began, use them to destroy Yuri's Bio Reactors so the defenses 
will be down thus making the strike force's task to be easier. 
Ignore any other buildings; focus only on Yuri's Fortress then destroy 
it once and for all. Mission accomplished!!!    


The sheer ferocity of your attack and genius of your tactics left Yuri 
stunned. There is no doubt you have crushed him once and for all.

Congratulations!!! This is the end of the Soviet campaign. You have 
saved the earth from Yuri's evil plan for world domination as well as 
establishing a new golden era of Soviet supremacy under Premier 
Romanov. Enjoy the ending!!! ^_^   


6. Credits 

God - for giving me the ability to write.

Westwood - for creating the expansion pack to Red Alert 2!!!

C Jay C - for posting this FAQ. 

Me - for writing this FAQ. ^_^

Grace Yeo - for being my girlfriend. ^_^

You - for reading this FAQ of mine. ^_^ 

Red Alert II Extreme - for allowing me to copy their units statistics. 

This FAQ is Copyright 2001 of Nadia Varkovsky. 

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Lastly, any further questions, comments, critics, suggestions and 
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