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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mister Sinister

Updated: 06/26/07

   =======   ===   ===   =======   ===     =======      
   ¦      \  ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦   ¦      \  ¦ ¦     ¦     ¦      
   ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦   ¦  ¦  --   ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ --- ¦      
   ¦  ¦\   ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦   ¦  ¦  ¦/   ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      
   ¦  ¦ \  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  =  ¦ ¦      /  ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      
   ¦  ¦  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦     (   ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      
   ¦  ¦ /  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  =  ¦ ¦      \  ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      
   ¦  ¦/   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦\   ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      
   ¦       ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  --   ¦ ¦ ¦==== ¦ --- ¦      
   ¦      /  ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦      /  ¦     ¦ ¦     ¦      
   =======   === === === =======   ======= =======      
                 ===   === ======= ===     ===     ======= === ======= =======
                 ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦     ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦     ¦
                 ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ==== ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦     ¦     ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ --- ¦ ¦  ====
                 ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦    ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦     ¦  ---  ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦  ¦   
                 ¦  ---  ¦ ¦  ==   ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦     ¦  ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦  --/  ¦  ==  
                 ¦       ¦ ¦   ¦   ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦     ¦  --   ¦ ¦ ¦  \    ¦   ¦  
                 ¦  ---  ¦ ¦  ==   ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦     ¦   ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦   \   ¦  ==  
                 ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ¦    ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦     ¦  --   ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦\ \  ¦  ¦   
                 ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦  ==== ¦ ¦==== ¦ ¦==== ¦  ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ \ \ ¦  ====
                 ¦ ¦   ¦ ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦     ¦ ¦  ¦    ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦  \ \¦     ¦
                 ===   === ======= ======= =======  ===    === ===   =========

                                Dedicated to Jan and Frank, David and Eileen.

¦      This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mister Sinister (2007)            ¦
¦ I don't mind it being lifted in its entireity, but if you do so, please   ¦
¦ make sure you give credit to the author (me) and DON'T pass it off as     ¦
¦ your own.  Thanks !                                                       ¦

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                                   INDEX                                   ¦
¦                                                                           ¦

           PART ONE              CHOOSING YOUR CHARACTER
           PART TWO              THE TOWN OF TRISTRAM
           PART NINE             HINTS AND TIPS
           PART TEN              ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                           BEFORE WE GET STARTED                           ¦
¦                                                                           ¦

Yes, before we get started I just wanted to say a quick thank you to you for
choosing to read my guide for Diablo: Hellfire.  I try and put as much work
and detail into my walkthroughs as possible, and it is always nice to get 
(ideally positive) feedback, so if you do have any questions, queries or 
HELPFUL suggestions (as sending me UNhelpful suggestions will just result in
you getting ignored - perhaps after a chiding), then feel free to contact me
by e-mailing me at shadowpath@hotmail.com.

So - the game at hand.  Diablo: Hellfire.  Fantastic Game.  The End.  Wait a
minute - you want ... what ?  You want MORE ?  Ok then ...

Diablo and the Hellfire Expansion pack are simple-interface point-and-click,
hack-and-slash adventure games where you select a character from one of the 
three that is on offer in the Diablo regular game, or the four available in
the Hellfire Expansion Pack, and then get a' hackin' !!

Your adventure starts in the town of Tristram, a town which has more than its
fair share of secrets let me tell you.  You arrive and swiftly learn that a 
lot has changed since last you were there ... little do you know just HOW 
much ... or what a huge part you will have to play in shaping forthcoming 

The game itself is very, VERY easy to play.  You simply left-click on the
things you want to hit, pick up, open or move, and right-click on the things
you want to fry or heal with magic spells.  What could be simpler !!      )

Obviously it's a BIT more complex than that, but not much ... honest !!

Here are the basic commands ... all of which can be found by pressing the F1
key at any time during play ...

   F1       Opens the Help Screen
   Escape   Displays the Main Menu
   Tab      Displays the Auto-Map
   Space    Hides all Information Screens
   S        Open your Spells and Skills Speedbook
   B        Open your Spellbook
   I        Open your Inventory
   C        Open your Character Screen
   Q        Open your Quest Log
   F        Reduce Screen Brightness (aka Gamma Correction)
   G        Increase Screen Brightness (aka Gamma Correction)
   Z        Zoom Game Screen
   + / -    Zoom In/Out of the Auto-Map
   1 - 8    Use Belt Item 1 - 8
   F5 - F8  Set Hot Key for Skill or Spell
   To move, simply click-and-hold the left mouse button to move in a given
   direction.  If you want your character to move to an object/enemy, etc.,
   then just click on that object/enemy.
   To interact with a character (which means to either speak with a friendly
   player, or strike an enemy character), simply left-click on them.
   To pick up an object, simply left-click on it.
   To strike at a target without moving, hold Shift and left-click the object
   or character you wish to strike at.
   To drop a specific amount of gold, right-click on a pile of gold in your
   inventory, and select how much of it you want to drop, in GP (Gold Pieces).
   You can "hot key" up to four skills or spells using the F5-F8 commands.  To
   use this functionality (which is VERY very helpful I must admit), press S
   to call up your Spells and Skills Speedbook, and then move the mouse over 
   the skill you want to hot key, and press either F5, F6, F7 or F8 to bind
   that command to that key.
   When you are in-game, pressing that key will make the bound skill or spell
   available to you immediately.  Simply repeat the process (S, hover, press
   the key) to bind another skill to the same key (should you pick up more 
   powerful spells, etc., etc.)

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                                 PART ONE                                  ¦
¦                          CHOOSING YOUR CHARACTER                          ¦
¦                                                                           ¦

Obviously the single most important decision you will make in any game of 
this ilk is one of the very first - choosing your character.  This is because
you cannot change your player once you have started them.  You can make new
ones, sure ... and you probably will, but you cannot change this one ...

So, without further ado, here are your choices !!

- T H E   W A R R I O R -

The Warrior is a very strong, brutish and capable fighter.  He likes to get 
stuck hip-deep in enemies and then slice them to pieces, wading through their 
battered corpses and bloodied bodies as he goes.  In short, he's a nasty pig.

Capable of wielding the most demanding of weapons, and heaviest of suits of 
armour the Warrior loves nothing more than the taste of battle, and the sound 
of his enemies screaming in agony as they expire upon his blades.


   Strength        30 
   Magic           10 
   Dexterity       20 
   Vitality        25 
   Life            70 
   Mana            19 
   Armour Class    04 
   To Hit          60% 
   Damage          1-1 


   Strength       250 
   Magic           50 
   Dexterity       60 
   Vitality       100 


   Strength        +1 damage per 3 points 
   Magic           +1 mana   per 1 points 
   Dexterity       +1 to Hit per 2 points, +0 Damage, +1 AC per 5 points 
   Vitality        +2 Life   per 1 point 


   Life            +2 Life per level 
   Mana            +1 Mana per level 


   Repair          This skill enables the warrior to perform repairs to his 
                   weapons and armour, thus negating the need to have Griswold
                   repair them for you.  HOWEVER, this skill comes at a high
                   price, for every time you repair an item, its overall 
                   durability decreases.  Griswold repairs items up to their
                   original durability (but he cannot replace maximum 
                   durability lost as a result of your having used this skill),
                   so use it wisely.


Well the most OBVIOUS reason to choose a warrior would be because you like to
hit things ..... a lot.  You would be the type of person that would rather just
pummel something into millions of little pieces with your fists and THEN ask
it for directions than to begin with a nice cup of tea and cucumber sandwich.

The Warrior's near TOTAL lack of skill with magic makes it an absolute 
necessity for him to be THE best when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, and I 
must say he does hold his own very well.  A high-level warrior will be able to
be completely surrounded by powerful enemies and batter them one-by-one with
his combat skills.

Statistically-speaking, the warrior gets the best benefits from the strength
attribute when compared with the other character classes.  This will enable
your warrior character to wear the best suits of armour comparatively quickly
when contrasted with the other classes.


His near total lack of skill in magic is the most obvious.  He will be able to
learn the bulk of spells in the game, but his limited maximum mana means he 
will never be able to do so at higher levels - he just won't have the skill
points needed to be able to read the tomes !!

- T H E   R O G U E -

Mistress of Stealth and Subterfuge, the Rogue excels at anything involving a 
high degree of dexterity and nimbleness of finger and foot.  She is swift to 
draw her bow, and swift to launch volleys of pain and death upon her enemies 
from afar.

Though she lacks the absolute mastery of either weapon or magic (as the Warrior 
and Sorceror have already taken those areas), her power comes from her ability 
to blend the two elements into one.  Thus, she is a formidable warrior both at 
close-quarters, at range, and with a magic spell in her midst.

Her forte is undoubtedly her ranged attacking powers, however.  Give her a bow,
and she'll turn herself into a minigun awaiting your command to fire.


   Strength        20 
   Magic           15 
   Dexterity       30 
   Vitality        20 

   Life            45 
   Mana            22 
   Armour Class    06 
   To Hit          65% 
   Damage          1-1 


   Strength        55 
   Magic           70 
   Dexterity      255 
   Vitality        80 


   Strength        +0 Damage 
   Magic           +3 Mana   per 2 points 
   Dexterity       +1 to Hit per 2 points, +0 Damage, +1 AC per 5 points 
   Vitality        +3 Life   per 2 points


   Life            +2 Life per level 
   Mana            +2 Mana per level 


   Disarm Traps    The Rogue has the power to disarm any trapped chests, 
                   sarcophagi, etc., that she encounters during her travels
                   in the game.  Beware, however, as it is only a CHANCE to
                   disarm these items - it is not guaranteed.


Representing balance between the other two extremes - the Warrior and the 
Sorceror, the Rogue is a fierce character when armed with a bow and arrow, 
and can hold her own pretty well in close-quarters combat.  However her 
general emphasis is on speed, and keeping her distance where possible from 
her enemies.

She can blend magic and regular attacks in a good, solid balance, and with
a potential maximum Dexterity (before modifiers) of 255, her chances of hitting
enemies are virtually guaranteed, and her Armour Class should be VERY healthy

So ... you would probably choose the Rogue if you wanted to be a jack of all
trades and master of none ... or if you just wanted to play the only female
character in the game.

The Rogue is a balanced character, to be sure.


It is her balanced approach as a character that is both her greatest asset and
her greatest downfall.  Since she lacks the insanely high Magic Attribute of
the Sorceror, and the insanely high Strength Attribute of the Warrior, her 
power comes from her pinpoint accuracy and resilience to being struck, meaning
you have generally got to play her with your head or you'll get MUTHERED in
close-quarters combat later on in the game.

- T H E   S O R C E R O R -

The Sorceror is an absolutely dreadful hand-to-hand combatant.  He can't swing a
staff for beans, and gets battered every time he tries to defend himself.  Give 
him a few magic books to leaf through, however, and you get the Sherman Tank of
the game.

Bolstered by the Mana Shield Spell, the Sorceror becomes a virtually 
undefeatable force of magic energy, able to stand up to Diablo himself with a 
smirk on his face.

Focus on his strengths and you will have a weapon of mass destruction.  Focus on
his weaknesses, and you might as well be grabbing your ankles.


   Strength        15
   Magic           35 
   Dexterity       15 
   Vitality        20 

   Life            30 
   Mana            70 
   Armour Class    03 
   To Hit          57% 
   Damage          1-1 


   Strength        45 
   Magic          250 
   Dexterity       85 
   Vitality        80 


   Strength        +0 damage 
   Magic           +2 mana   per point 
   Dexterity       +1 to Hit per 2 points, +0 damage, +1 AC per 5 points 
   Vitality        +1 Life   per point


   Life            +1 Life per level 
   Mana            +2 Mana per level 


   Recharge        The Sorceror has the power to recharge staves, thus 
                   increasing their longevity during play.  The only other 
                   character that can do this in the game is Adria, the Witch
                   on the far-eastern side of the town.  Be careful when using
                   this power, however, as every time you recharge your staff,
                   the maximum number of charges of whatever spell the staff
                   is imbued with decreases, so you are ultimately damaging
                   the staff as well as regenerating its power.  Adria does 
                   NOT do this - she replenishes a staff up to its maximum 
                   number of charges with no penalty (aside from the cash it
                   costs of course !!).


Well, you definitely SHOULDN'T choose a sorceror because you like to hit things
with your big staff - that really ISN'T his best selling point.  Oh no.  You
would play the sorceror if you were more the "ah-HAH !!  KABOOOOOOOOOOOOM !!"
kinda "I like to click on things and watch them burst into flames" kinda dude.

The Sorceror should be kept out of hand-to-hand combat (particularly earlier 
on in the game) AT ALL COSTS, or he WILL become mincemeat, guaranteed.

Once he has learned the infamous Mana Shield Spell, however, the worm turns, 
and with his HUGE Magic Attribute, he can DECIMATE huge numbers of enemies 
in very short order with his magical powers.


Well, basically he's CR@P at hand-to-hand combat !!  He's slow, he has two 
left-feet, he doesn't know how to fight, he just smacks things as hard as he
can and makes a poor "dink" kinda noise ... he's just pants basically.  However
if you can look past this and see him for what he is - basically a HUGE mana 
resource with a potentially LIMITLESS arsenal of magic powers at his disposal,
then I think you might find him worth the time it takes to get used to him ;)

... and ... in the Hellfire Expansion Pack

- T H E   M O N K -

The Monk - a character introduced purely for the Diablo: Hellfire Expansion Pack
is a purebred fighting machine.  He shuns the use of armour and weapons wherever
possible, preferring to rely upon his own martial arts prowess instead.  He has
the gift of searching, enabling him to identify those items which fall to the
floor and which might otherwise be lost to players for all time, and his ability
to defend himself in hand-to-hand combat knows no equal amongst the other 


   Strength        25 
   Magic           15 
   Dexterity       25 
   Vitality        20 

   Life            45 
   Mana            22 
   Armour Class    07 
   To Hit          62%
   Damage          1-1 


   Strength       150
   Magic           80
   Dexterity      150
   Vitality        80


   Strength        +1 damage per 3 points 

Strength           no effect 
Magic              +1 mana   per point 
Dexterity          +1 to Hit per 2 points, +x Damage per X points, 
                   +1 AC per 5 points 
Vitality           +1 Life   per 1 points 


   Life            +2 Life per level 
   Mana            +2 Mana per level 
   Damage          +1 max damage per level (1-1, 1-2, 2-4) 
   Mana            +2 AC per level 


   Search          Identical to the spell of the same name, the Monk is able 
                   to highlight all the items that are lying on the ground for
                   a short while, making them easier to spot, and thereby 
                   big-upping his profit-making potential.  Who says monks have
                   no concept of commerce !?!?! :)


Well in addition to the "wow, look !  A new character !!" feel that you will
get from playing the monk initially, he does have a completely different ethic
than the other players - his strength stemming from his martial arts prowess.

He is actually better unarmed, and unarmoured believe it or not, and you will
see him absolutely BATTER the enemies on the lower levels of the dungeon before
he starts to get a pasting ...

In addition, he benefits from having the Search Skill as a default option, and
it certainly has to rank as one of the best skills considering it does not 
cost him anything to use it.


Well, whilst he is a completely different type of character, little can be done
to change the fact that he is trying to muscle-in on an already well catered-
for group in the Warrior, Rogue and Sorceror.  Consequently he doesn't really
offer THAT much that you cannot get from the others.  However he does give that
LITTLE bit of extra flavour to the game, and is certainly a welcome addition
in my humble opinion ............. even if I never play him ... 'coz the 
Sorceror ROCKS ... ;)


Higher Strength means      

          - more damage 
          - you can wear better armour and wield cooler weapons 

Higher Magic means      

          - normal mana potions restore more mana 
          - you can read more spell books 
          - spells have a greater effect, such as casting faster, lasting 
            longer, or doing more damage

Hence, if you have the option of an increase in mana or an item that increases 
magic so that mana goes up by the same amount, the second item (an increase in 
magic) is definitely better.

Higher Dexterity means      

          - better AC 
          - higher to-hit 
          - more damage 
          - can wield the heavier bows 

Higher Vitality means      

          - more hit points 
          - normal heal potions (not full healing potions) restore more HP per 

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                                  PART TWO                                 ¦
¦                            THE TOWN OF TRISTRAM                           ¦
¦                                                                           ¦

Tristram - the town in which you start the game - was once a great place.  
They had a carnival, and regular fêtes where people would come and drop off
their children, and elderly ladies would make jam and everybody would smile
and be happy ...

... then, just recently, demons descended upon it and destroyed the vast 
majority of it.  Over half the townsfolk were slain in a demented slaughterfest
that swept the town, much like chuck-out down the town centre round our way.

Now there are only eight villagers left in the town of Tristram ..............
.................. nine in the Hellfire Expansion Pack ... so let's waste no 
time and introduce ourselves to them eh !!


   Also known as Deckard Cain, the Elder, or the creepy old guy that hangs 
   around by the well, Cain can be found right in the centre of Tristram, 
   standing by the well (whether it be brown or blue).  He is a deceptively
   knowledgeable character who knows HEAPS about the denizens of the dungeon,
   the legends and tales you will encounter therein, the other townsfolk ...
   in fact pretty much anything !!  If you can put up with his dodgy Scottish
   accent for long enough that is ... =./
   Cain is able to identify any unidentified magic or unique items you pick up
   in the game at a cost of 100 Gp per item.  Usually this works out as being
   a good investment, but smart money says save BEFORE shelling out to have 
   him identify the item/s, as those which are negatively enchanted (e.g. the
   WEAK staff of bla or the BENT shield of ka-ching), can only be sold for 
   1 Gp, meaning you lose 99 Gp a pop on those.  If you save before you speak
   with him, get him to ID everything, and then if you DID come a cropper and
   find out that he identified one or more items as being total POO, reload
   your game, drop those items and then only have him ID the ones that are 
   worth selling on.  Voilà !!

   Cain is responsible for giving you both the "Archbishop Lazarus" and 
   "Diablo" Quests.

   ANNOYANCE  : 2/5


   Another Scottish resident of Tristram, bless him.  Griswold is the resident
   Smith, and can rustle up quite a few tasty treats for you as the game moves
   along.  His shop is just to the north-east of Cain, in the main square of 
   The only downside to dealing with Griswold (aside from his only marginally
   better than Cain's Scottish accent) is the PRICE of the things that he wants
   to sell you.  I mean fine, I can appreciate that we are like ... his only
   living customer and everything ?  But we're not MADE of money, y'know !?!?!
   Anyhow - aside from that Griswold is sound.
   As a tradesman, Griswold will buy any regular, magic or unique weapons (with
   the exception of magic staves, which he does not deal in), or armour from 
   you.  He can also repair any damaged weapons or armour that you have on 
   your person, making him a VERY handy lad to know indeed !!

   Griswold is responsible for giving you both the "Magic Rock" and "The Anvil
   of Fury" Quests.
   ANNOYANCE  : 2/5


   Pepin the Healer has set up his shop on the western-side of the main square
   in Tristram, and you should pay him a quick visit if ever you come back to
   the town and are injured, as he will immediately replenish your health to 
   its maximum amount free of charge, just as a thank you for speaking to him !
   Sweet eh !!
   Pepin peddles an assortment of wares, all centred around healing.  He sells
   potions of healing, potions of full healing, potions of rejuvenation, potions
   of full rejuvenation, and scrolls of healing.
   Later on in the game (as in when you enter Hell), Pepin will begin selling
   you elixirs as well (but we shall come to those later on).

   Pepin gives you the "Poisoned River Water Supply" Quest, and is instrumental
   in progressing Adria's "Black Mushroom" Quest later on in the game.
   ANNOYANCE  : 1/5


   Adria the Witch is the most removed member of the townsfolk you will be 
   visiting on a regular basis.  Her shack is aaaaaaaaaaaall the way to the 
   east of the town, and you'll have to walk quite a distance to get there.
   In the Hellfire Expansion Pack, I would suggest you make good use of the 
   "Jog" option they have thoughtfully popped into the town options menu for
   you, as it makes your character peg it like they're on fire, thus cutting
   down what is otherwise a rather arduous walk to make on a repeat basis.

   Adria will gladly buy any staves and potions you have on your person, and
   will sell you spellbooks, scrolls, potions of mana, potions of full mana,
   magic staves and (in the Hellfire Expansion only) runes.
   When you enter Hell, she will begin peddling (along with Pepin) elixirs for
   your use as well, but we'll come to that in due course.
   Adria can also replenish any magical staves you have on your possession, so
   if you find one that you like but you run out of charges in it ?  Bring it 
   to her and, for a fee, she will gladly replenish it to its maximum number
   of charges for you ...
   Adria is responsible for giving you the "Black Mushroom" Quest.
   ANNOYANCE  : 4/5 (just from having to walk as far in Diablo !!)
                1/5 (in Hellfire ... 'coz you can jog)   


   Ogden and his wife Garda run the "Tavern of the Rising Sun" - the Tristram
   Inn, located on the northern-side of the main square in Tristram and, not 
   surprisingly, he appears to have had rather a downturn in his business of 
   Ogden is a pleasant-enough chap, but there is no point in speaking with him
   beyond picking up quests from him, as he cannot sell you anything, nor can
   he buy anything off you.

   Ogden is responsible for giving you the "Curse of King Leoric" and "Ogden's 
   Sign" Quests.
   ANNOYANCE  : 1/5

   Wirt, the peg-legged boy, is a Wheeler Dealer who buys and sells goods of
   dubious origin (as quoted by Griswold).  He used to be a nice, playful kid,
   but having lost his leg in a painful altercation with some demons, he has 
   lost that side of his personality and become a money-grubbing little wide
   You can find Wirt all the way to the west of Tristram, amidst the rocks
   past the church to the west.
   Wirt will trade items with you, but whatever he tries to sell you will be
   fantastically expensive.  Sometimes his goods are worth the price, but much
   of the time you WILL get ripped-off, so ALWAYS save before buying anything
   from him or risk CONSIDERABLY annoyance.

   Wirt gives you no quests.  He's greedy like that.
   ANNOYANCE  : 3/5


   Gillian the Barmaid cares for her psychic grandmother, in a house to the
   west of the Tavern of the Rising Sun.  She is a pleasant girl, who serves
   absolutely NO useful purpose WHATSOEVER.  She doesn't give you any quests,
   she doesn't sell you anything, she doesn't buy anything from you - there
   is only one character more annoying than Gillian in the game and that is 
   Farnham, as at least Gillian talks sense, and gives you her honest opinion
   about anything you discuss with her.
   Gillian doesn't give you any quests.  Perhaps she's too busy tending to 
   her grandmother, poor love.
   ANNOYANCE  : 4/5


   This USELESS b@stard can be found sitting by himself, getting tanked, to the
   south-east of the main square of Tristram.  Granted, Farnham has had his 
   fair share of troubles in his time - he was part of the party that the 
   Archbishop Lazarus tried to rustle up to accompany him down into the 
   dungeons to save Prince Albrecht - King Leoric's son who had apparently 
   been kidnapped by the demons, but Farnham lost his mind when he saw his 
   friends and fellows being hewn to pieces by the demonic Butcher Demon that
   lives underneath the Chapel, and it has driven him to drink quite a bit.
   Now I'm not an unsympathetic kind of guy ... but that does NOT excuse the
   fact that Farnham is a COMPLETELY USELESS DOODOOHEAD with absolutely 
   NOTHING useful OR interesting to say about ANYTHING.  If I could choose 
   to erase one video games character from existence for all time ?  It would 
   be one of the Power Rangers for SURE ... but if I could choose to erase TWO ?
   The second would be Farnham, GUARANTEED.

   Farnham doesn't give you any quests BECAUSE HE'S USELESS.

   USEFULNESS : -500/5
   ANNOYANCE  : 5000/5


   Lester, the Farmer, is only available for interaction with in the Hellfire
   Expansion Pack.  He is a friendly but slightly dim farmer that tends his
   herd of cows (who are CONSIDERABLY more fun to be around than him) to the
   north-west of Adria's shack, east of Tristram.
   You can speak with him at your leisure, but he will not give you the quest
   he has to one side for you - "the Farmer's Orchard" Quest - until you have at
   least cleared the Catacombs of monsters, as he doesn't want to trouble you
   with it ... basically he doesn't have any confidence that you won't screw
   it up !!!!!
   ANNOYANCE  : 2/5

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                                PART THREE                                 ¦
¦                        THE HELLFIRE EXPANSION PACK                        ¦
¦                                                                           ¦

In an effort to beef up the Diablo Title (did it NEED any more beef !?!?!), 
the Hellfire Expansion Pack was released by Sierra.  Boasting another player
character, the addition of another level of Spells, as well as Oils and Runes,
additional missions, new levels and badder monsters to face-off against to name
but a few, it is really quite a decent Expansion Pack (and is an OFFICIAL 
Expansion Pack for anybody that's curious about that) ;)

So !!  Once the Hellfire Expansion Pack is installed you will find that you 
have the option of porting across any of your existing Diablo Characters, if
you wish.


In order to "convert" your existing character from Diablo to Hellfire, you 
will need to change the file extension of the file that represents your 
character's save file.  I would STRONGLY suggest that you take a copy of 
the original file so that you can have both your original Diablo Character
available for play in regular Diablo, AND your newly-ported Hellfire Character
available to you - just in case you think Hellfire is a pile of plop, and want
to go back to Diablo.

Once you have ported a character from Diablo to Hellfire, you CANNOT bring 
them back to regular Diablo - that just won't work.

So, without further ado, let's run through the modifications that Hellfire
brings to the Diablo experience !!


   Although I have already gone through him in reasonable detail, just to 
   recap, the Monk is the additional player-character that is introduced in
   the Hellfire Expansion Pack.


   Lester the Farmer has been introduced into Tristram to facilitate the new
   missions you will be able to undertake as a part of the Hellfire experience.


   In Hellfire, you have the ability to pick up oils which are dropped in 
   little jars either by monsters or from chests, etc.  Here is a list of the
   oils and their effects :-

     Blacksmith's Oil       - Restores 20% of the durability of an item/weapon
     Oil of Accuracy        - Increases a weapon's chance to hit
     Oil of Sharpness       - Increases a weapon's damage potential
     Oil of Death           - Increases a weapon's damage potential, but does
                               not have any effect on bows
     Oil of Fortitude       - Increases a weapon's current and max. durability
     Oil of Mastery         - Greatly increases a weapon's chance to hit
     Oil of Skill           - Reduces attributes needed to use armour/weapon
     Oil of Hardiness       - Increases the Armour Class of Armour and Shields
     Oil of Hardening       - Increases the Armour Class of Armour and Shields
     Oil of Imperviousness  - Greatly increases the Armour Class of Armour and 


   Another new addition in Hellfire are runes.  Similar to oils insofar as they
   are dropped either by monsters or from chests and other receptacles, runes
   can be placed on the screen as traps, which are activated by somebody coming
   into contact with them.  BE WARNED THIS COULD BE YOU if you're not careful !

   You don't throw runes per se - you set them, so you can set one and place it
   on a monster in your line of sight no problem at all - bear that in mind ;)

   Here are the runes and their effects 

     Rune of Fire              - Sets Fire Trap
     Greater Rune of Fire      - Sets Immolation Trap
     Rune of Lightning         - Sets Lightning Trap (Single square wall of 
     Greater Rune of Lightning - Sets Nova Trap
     Rune of Stone             - Sets Petrification Trap


   Whilst I will go into far greater detail about these in section ten - quests,
   it is worth mentioning that there are THREE new missions for you to undertake
   in Hellfire, being :-
     The Farmer's Orchard;
                                 The Defiler; and


   You are able to venture into the Hive (aka the Nest) - an area under 
   Tristram where weird tentacles have started growing out of the ground (see
   Lester to get into that area), and the Crypt (aka the Tomb) - the resting
   place of Na-Krul - a BADASS dude with a BADASS attitude.
   I will go into more detail about these in section ten - quests, as you 
   cannot technically get into the areas without starting the Hellfire Quests,
   so it is something of a moot point at this time.

   There are a fair few new enemies in Hellfire as well.  I have included them
   in a separate Bestiary at the end of my regular Diablo Bestiary, and again
   in the Captains Section, but to give you a smattering, there are Hellboar
   (which you see in the introduction to Hellfire), Stingers (which are, again,
   visible in the introduction), Felltwin (twin-headed mutants), Liches and 
   a whole host of others.

   The Defiler and Na-Krul are the new bosses of Hellfire, and compliment the
   existing bosses - Archbishop Lazarus and Diablo - very well indeed.


   I have written these into section fourteen for you.

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                                 PART FOUR                                 ¦
¦                          HELLFIRE-SPECIFIC QUESTS                         ¦
¦                                                                           ¦



   There is no indicator for this quest per se, as the quests in Hellfire are 
   all mandatory if you want to complete the Expansion Pack itself.  The best
   I can say is that you need to go to Lester the Farmer and he will start you
   off ...


   Speaking with Lester the Farmer will see him give you one of an assortment
   of answers, depending on how far through regular Diablo's quests and levels
   you have progressed.

   If you are still in the Dungeons or the Catacombs, he will not give you the
   quest.  He says that you must clear out the Catacombs of monsters before he
   will divulge what his problem is to you ...

   ... I can tell you what his problem is right now if you like - it's those 
   CLOTHES !?!?!


   Once you have cleared out the Catacombs, Lester will tell you that he has
   got a problem insofar as some very strange vine-like tentacles have started
   growing out of the ground to the south-west of his present position, and that
   they are SERIOUSLY hampering his ability to tend to his flock of cows.  The
   cows won't go near them, and it's all just a big mess.  He wants to know 
   whether you would be able to take a Rune Bomb (which he gives you to), and 
   blow up the tentacles.


   Take the Rune Bomb Lester gives you, walk to the south-west, and use the 
   Rune Bomb on the tentacles.  Then go back and speak with Lester, to get ...


   The Auric Amulet.  It is an amulet which enables the person wearing it to 
   carry twice as much gold as they normally would be able to, so instead of a 
   maximum of 5,000 Gp per square in your inventory, you will be able to carry 
   10,000 Gp per square, as long as you keep wearing the amulet.

   The amulet can be sold for a MASSIVE 25 Gp, and is not all that good in my 
   humble (but jaded) opinion.



   As with the Farmer's Orchard, this is a mandatory quest - you don't get an 
   indicator for it per se - it kicks off as soon as you descend into the Hive
   from Lester's Orchard.


   Entering the Hive triggers this quest, as the Defiler - the ruler of the 
   Hive - speaks to you directly.


   You must work your way down into the Hive until you reach level four.  I 
   would suggest paying particular attention to whichever level (and it is 
   usually level three) that you find the Hork Spawn on.  This is because there
   will be a unique monster kicking about called the Hork Demon that towers 
   above you, and can prove to be quite a challenging opponent in his own 
   right to be honest.

   Once you reach level four, the Defiler calls out with a threat to you again,
   and you should be forewarned that he (the Defiler) is NOT bound in any sort
   of area on level four - he's just waiting for you somewhere random ...

   The Defiler is a very large, Preying Mantis-like monster with very sharp and
   pointy claws which he uses to strike at you.  He is quite stupid, however, 
   and has difficult navigating around pods on the level, so if you have left a
   few it may be possible to actually trap him and make this one of the easiest 
   boss fights in the entire game !!
   He is vulnerable to fire, so I pelt him with Fireballs until he dies, poor 
   He scuttles around reasonably quickly, so I would suggest you avoid letting 
   him pin you in a corner personally ... but whatever turns you on !! ;)


   Once the Defiler has fallen, he drops a Cathedral Map which is a very handy 
   map that probably came from Alice in Wonderland somewhere - open it up if you
   don't believe me ... see ??  It even tells you where to put it !!!!! :)
   The Cathedral Map is the only way to get into the Crypt, which is where you
   should be going next ...



   Again, as with the previous two Hellfire quests, this is a mandatory quest,
   and must be completed in order to finish the Hellfire Expansion Pack.


   Hokay - you have the Cathedral Map yep ?  You need to Town Portal back to 
   Tristram, and then head into the graveyard to the north-west of Lester and 
   his cows.  There you will find (and you can double-check exactly where on 
   the map should the fancy take you) a crypt upon which you should place the 
   Cathedral Map.

   Once the Map has been used, the crypt will swing open to reveal a set of 
   steps leading down.

   Take them !!

   You can activate the Na-Krul quest by either reading one of the many 
   journals in the Crypt, picking up and reading the torn note to the 
   Cornerstone of the World (which you will find lying around in the Crypt), 
   or failing that, by reading the reconstructed Cornerstone of the World note, 
   which is created when all three of the torn notes are reunited.


   The solution is very simple - find and kill Na-Krul !!  He's on the fourth
   level of the crypt, and there are three ways of getting in there to do 
   battle with him :-

      A)  The fair way - play through the whole of the crypt, learn the secret 
          to opening up his lair and weakening him, and beating him DOWN;
      B)  The harder-than-necessary road - just walk up to his lair, yank the
          three levers outside in any old order, and battle him; or
      C)  The sinister way - head up (on level four) to his lair, and activate
          the levers in the following order :-

             1)  In Spiritu Sanctum
             2)  Praedictum Otium
             3)  Efficio Obitus ut Inimicus

          Doing so will release Na-Krul from his lair, but weaken him 
          considerably so that you can beat him down with comparative ease.


   As with Diablo before him, Na-Krul is not immune to fire, and I would urge 
   you to keep this in mind as you're readying your Fireball Spell.  A few good 
   shots after the right combination of lines to gain access to his lair in the 
   first place, and this boy is going DOWN.  Unfortunately if you've made the 
   job of taking him out harder on yourself by botching up the lines of text 
   above, then you are in for quite a surprise, as Na-Krul at full strength is 
   hard as nails, not to put too fine a point on it ...

   He attacks with fists, and the nasty tentacles on his shoulders, and can 
   quite easily turn you into human paste if you're not careful.


   Once he has fallen you can pick up the THREE random magical items or weapons
   that he drops and, most precious of all, the Tome of Apocalypse (which will
   add that VERY very nice and powerful spell to your repertoire !!)

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                                  PART FIVE                                ¦
¦                            HELLFIRE-SPECIFIC SPELLS                       ¦
¦                                                                           ¦

- L E V E L   F I V E -

Please note that Level Five Spells are ONLY available in Hellfire - regular
Diablo only has four levels of Spells.

DESCRIPTION     : Identical to the Fire Wall spell, except with Lightning 
                  instead of fire.  It has the same benefits, and the same
                  pitfalls of the Fire Wall spell, so be warned ;)

NAME            : IMMOLATION
DESCRIPTION     : This is the flaming equivalent of the Nova Spell.  It releases
                  an ever-expanding circle of fireballs that spell certain DEATH
                  to anybody foolish enough to be standing in close proximity to
                  you when they go off.  Unleash them in confined spaces to 
                  maximise the damage.

NAME            : WARP
DESCRIPTION     : The Warp spell is REALLY quite handy to be honest.  It will
                  teleport you to the nearest exit from your level, based on
                  your present location (so always check your minimap before
                  you cast it).  This can enable you to leg it away from your
                  enemies in MORE than double-quick time ... coolies !! :)

NAME            : REFLECT
DESCRIPTION     : Causes a percentage of damage sustained to be returned to the
                  attacker, which is GREAT against those bullies that like to
                  get up close and batter you ...

NAME            : BERSERK
DESCRIPTION     : Causes any monster that has this spell cast upon it to enter
                  a blood frenzy, and attack anybody nearby - whether that be 
                  you or another monster.  Unfortunately its duration is short, 
                  but you can put it to good use in certain circumstances - like
                  when there are HEAPS of monsters around ;)

NAME            : RING OF FIRE
DESCRIPTION     : Generates a ring of fire around your character (there's a 
                  clue in the name, granted) which lasts much like a Wall of 
                  Fire spell, but is MUCH cooler to look at in my humble 
                  opinion, as you can pretend you're in Mortal Kombat or 
                  something !!  Just whack that CD into the player and away
                  you go !!  Doo doo DOO DOO Doo doo DOO DOO.

NAME            : SEARCH
DESCRIPTION     : One of the most useful spells in the game to be honest with
                  you - this highlights any items that are lying on the ground
                  with a blue aura, making them easier to see (although still
                  IMPOSSIBLE to see if they are behind the non-fading earthen
                  walls of the Caves - grrrrrrrr).  You will find you make a 
                  fair bit more money if you use this spell judiciously, as 
                  you'll pick up on objects that you'd just walk straight past
                  without it !  This spell, incidentally, is IDENTICAL to the
                  Monks' natural power, so if you're a Monk ?  This spell is
                  USELESS to you.

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                                  PART SIX                                 ¦
¦                           HELLFIRE-SPECIFIC SHRINES                       ¦
¦                                                                           ¦

... or should that say SHRINE - there's only one as far as I'm aware !! ;)

Shimmering Shrine
QUOTE  : Spiritual energy is restored
EFFECT : Mana is restored to full (I believe this shrine is only available in 
         the Hellfire Expansion Pack)

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                                PART SEVEN                                 ¦
¦                   HELLFIRE-SPECIFIC BESTIARY AND CAPTAINS                 ¦
¦                                                                           ¦

Here is a list of all the races that I have found whilst playing Diablo: 
Hellfire, together with notes on their resistances, immunities and average 
hit points.  If you can fill in any of the blanks, please let me know and I
shall give you full credit for your submissions =)

¦ RACE                   ¦ RESISTANCES       ¦ IMMUNITIES        ¦  AVG HP  ¦
¦                        ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Arachnon               ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Arch Lich              ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Biclops                ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Bone Demon             ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Brute                  ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Crypt Demon            ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Devil Kin              ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Felltwin               ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Firebat                ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Flesh Thing            ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Grave Digger           ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Hellbat                ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Hellboar               ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Hork Spawn             ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Lashworm               ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Lich                   ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Necromorb              ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Psychorb               ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Reaper                 ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Satyr Lord             ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Skullwing              ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Spider Lord            ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Stinger                ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ The Shredded           ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Tomb Rat               ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Torchant               ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦ Venomtail              ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦
¦                        ¦                   ¦                   ¦          ¦

Kill 15 of a given enemy and you learn their resistances and immunities
Kill 30 of a given enemy and you learn their hit points

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                                  CAPTAINS                                 ¦
¦                                                                           ¦

So ... we have covered the various races that you may well encounter during
your travels in Diablo, but now let's take a look at their Captains.  To the
best of my knowledge, each race has one or more captains.  That being said
my list is not complete, so it may be that SOME races don't actually have a 
captain ... but ANYWAY - here is my list ...

¦ CAPTAIN'S RACE         ¦ CAPTAIN'S NAME              ¦   FOUND ON LEVEL   ¦
¦                        ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Arachnon               ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Arch Lich              ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Biclops                ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Bone Demon             ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Brute                  ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Crypt Demon            ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Devil Kin              ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Felltwin               ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Firebat                ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Flesh Thing            ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Grave Digger           ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Hellbat                ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Hellboar               ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Hork Spawn             ¦ Hork Demon                  ¦                    ¦
¦ Lashworm               ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Lich                   ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Necromorb              ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Psychorb               ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Reaper                 ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Satyr Lord             ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Skullwing              ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Spider Lord            ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Stinger                ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ The Shredded           ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Tomb Rat               ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Torchant               ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦ Venomtail              ¦                             ¦                    ¦
¦                        ¦                             ¦                    ¦

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                                PART EIGHT                                 ¦
¦                  HELLFIRE-PLOT ACCORDING TO THE SCRIBES                   ¦
¦                                                                           ¦

Journal       The Meeting

I have tried spells, threats, abjuration and bargaining with this foul creature,
to no avail.  My methods of enslaving lesser demons seem to have no effect on 
this fearsome beast.

Journal       The Tirade

My home is slowly becoming corrupted by the vileness of this unwanted prisoner.
The crypts are full of shadows that move just beyond the corners of my vision.  
The faint scrabble of claws dances at the edges of my hearing.  They are 
searching, I think, for this journal.

Journal       His Power Grows

In its ranting the creature has let slip its name - Na-Krul.  I have attempted 
to research the name, but the smaller demons have somehow destroyed my library.
Na-Krul... the name fills me with a cold dread.  I prefer to think of it only as
the creature, rather than ponder its true name.

Journal       Na-Krul

The entrapped creature's howels of fury keep me from gaining much needed sleep.
It rages against the one who sent it to the void, and it calls foul curses upon 
me for trapping it here.  Its words fill my heart with terror and yet I cannot 
block out its voice.

Journal       The End

My time is quickly running out.  I must record the ways to weaken the demon, and
then conceal that text, lest his minions find some way to use my knowledge to 
free their lord.  I hope that whoever finds this journal will seek the 

The Torn Note in Hellfire reads ...

And in the year of the Golden Light, it was so decreed that a great cathedral be
raised.  The cornerstone of this holy place was to be carved from the 
translucent stone Antyrael, named for the Angel who shared his power with the 

In the year of drawing shadows, the ground shook and the cathedral shattered and
fell.  As the building of catacombs and castles began, and man stood against the
ravages of the Sin War, the ruins were scavenged for their stones, and so it was
that the cornerstone vanished from the eyes of man.

The stone was of this world, and of all worlds, as the light is both within all 
things and beyond all things.  Light and unity are the products of this holy 
foundation, a unity of purpose and a unity of possession.

The Reconstructed Note in Hellfire reads ...

Whoever finds this scroll is charged with stopping the demonic creature that 
lies within these walls.  My time is over ... even now, its hellish minions claw
at the frail door behind which I hide.

I have hobbled the demon with arcane magic and encased it within great walls, 
but I fear that will not be enough.

The spells found in my three grimoires will provide you protected entrance to 
his domain, but only if cast in their proper sequence.  The levers at the 
entryway will remove the barriers and free the demon; touch them not!  Use only 
these spells to gain entry, or his power may be too great for you to defeat.

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                                PART NINE                                  ¦
¦                              HINTS AND TIPS                               ¦
¦                                                                           ¦


   Do your best to try and learn the Town Portal Spell as soon as possible,
   as it will save you HUGE amounts of time in the long-run walking back to
   the town and selling all your clobber.  Always make sure you carry at least
   one full mana recharge potion on your person (unless you are playing the 
   Sorceror, in which case a regular mana recharge potion will suffice), so 
   that you can cast Town Portal and get the HELL outta thar when you need to.


   Take care when slaying your enemies, as the bodies of fallen foes can block
   doorways, meaning you can no longer close the doors over them.  This can 
   pose a number of problems for you, as lower-level enemies cannot open doors
   and can be routed around the dungeon on that basis.

   Therefore, wherever possible, stand IN the doorway to prevent enemies from
   blocking the door, and then fall back and CLOSE the door behind you when
   you go to prevent them from following you.  Doesn't work on ALL enemy types,
   granted, but even in the caves there are some enemies that just can't open
   doors - like the serpents, for example.


   Some enemies, most commonly the dogs you encounter in the caves and in hell,
   have the ability to spit acid which remains on the ground for a period of 
   time.  Be fleet of foot, and don't stand in it - it does unnecessary damage
   to your character.


   If ever you go to - particularly Pepin or Adria and think "I WISH you sold
   (x)", then you can force them to re-jig their inventory by viewing what 
   they have for sale, exiting your dialogue with them, saving the game and
   then reloading it.  Their inventory will be revamped and you might find what
   you're after !  If not, just rinse and repeat !!

   If you get tired of your player WHINING that he or she cannot carry any more
   in their inventory, don't forget that you can always drop things in the town
   and they WILL be there when you save and exit and then reload the game ...
   Just make sure you pick them up before you complete the game or start a new
   game ;)

   If you save the game, when next you reload it you will be in EXACTLY the 
   same location as you were.  This is a trick you should use whenever you're 
   about to fight a boss, as it can save you a HUGE amount of trouble.  Just 
   remember that you only have ONE save at a time with each character, so 
   saving at a poor time can make your life EXTREMELY more complicated than it 
   needs to be ;)


   Sometimes when you run out of space it is tempting to drop whatever you are
   carrying wherever you are, and to adorn yourself with unidentified magic 
   items for the trip back to Tristram.  This is all well and good, but beware
   as not all magic items are for your betterment.  Some are really quite CR@P
   as it happens, and as soon as Cain identifies each item, the full force of
   its enchantments is brought to bear (be they good or bad).  Therefore if I 
   were you, I would only ever have Cain identify magic items in your INVENTORY
   and NOT on your person.  Transfer items to your inventory from your person
   before he identifies them ;)
   Plus, this means that you won't forget to sell them off afterwards, as I 
   always seem to.  I get back to the caves wearing everything I'd so 
   painstakingly put on my body, having forgotten to sell any of it !!  Grrrr.

¦                                                                           ¦
¦                                 PART TEN                                  ¦
¦                             ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS                              ¦
¦                                                                           ¦

This guide is dedicated to Jan and Frank, and David and Eileen - my best 
friends' parents.  Thank you for always looking after me while my parents are
away, thank you for taking me into your homes and into your lives, and thank
you for your unwavering support of everything I do.  I love you x

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