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FAQ by Forgers

Version: 2.9 |

The Forger's HellFire FAQ v2.9
Copyright of The Forgers Inc., a subsidiary of The Cheaters Corp.
"Forge this and we will take legal action against you ! "

Table of Contents :

1. Version History
2. Monster Tables
3. Spells and Magic
4. Magical Items, Prefixes and Suffixes
5. Mundane Items and their Attributes
6. Magical Shrines and Fountains
7. Quest Walkthroughs
8. Bonus Quests ( v1.00A )
9. Rumors(?)
10. Acknowledgments

Section 1 : Version History :

Version 2.9 :

This is little more than an update of v2.8. I have added some information on
a few more HellFire unique monsters and corrected some minor spelling errors
to facilitate easy reading.

Version 2.8 :

Although I had originally decided to stop writing another HellFire FAQ until
the end of the year, I discovered that there were many mistakes in v2.6/2.7
that had to be corrected. Furthermore, I hope to answer some questions that
I received from people, but have not got around to answering ( I was black-
listed and I have no account ) in this FAQ. There are many glaring mistakes
that no one seems to have pointed out in the previous FAQs. I have corrected
them. Furthermore, I have included the statistics of some HellFire hidden(?)
uniques that I have encountered thus far and the information on the sword
"Ice Shank". Note also that I have included the data from my FAQ supplement
v1.00A into this FAQ under the new Rumors(?)section.

Version 2.6/2.7 :

In this updated version of my FAQ, I have corrected some of the minor errors
in v2.5, added a little extra information on the v1.00A upgrade, updated 
the items lists, included the statistics of more unique monsters and added
information of the special abilities of the Cornerstone of the World. 

Version 2.5 :

In this FAQ, I have corrected more mistakes, updated the statistics of some 
items and shrines and included a revised version of the quest walkthroughs.
I have also taken the liberty to include a special section on the updated 
HellFire v1.00A, as well as some information regarding the Bard character 
class from Diablo2, which can be used if you have certain files and the 
upgraded version of HellFire.

Version 2.2 :

In this version, I corrected some of the errors in the lists and charts. 
Unfortunately, this was not published.

Version 2.1 :

This FAQ, which was completed on the 28th of December, contains miscellaneous
information, lists and walkthroughs for HellFire. Most people should have 
read this FAQ.

Versions 1.0 to 2.0

These were all earlier versions of this FAQ, written between the 21st to the 
27th of December, and they contained only several lists, tables and quest 
solutions. They were not published because I sent them at an awkward time 
when the people in charge of GameFaqs were away for the holiday season.

If you have any information you would like to share or corrections you would 
like to make, please address them to either :

The Forger, N.H.M Ojo or Jason K. of The Cheaters Corp. 
( Redirect your mail to my assistant at 96161@oldham.acs.sch.edu.sg, and I
shall read them. )

A Brief Overview of the new features in HellFire :

For starters, HellFire features a new character class for those tired of
playing the warrior, rogue and sorcerer; that of the Monk. The monk is a 
slightly better than average character, and although he cannot attain 
extremely high statistics, his statistics are more balanced, thus allowing 
him to use most of the items and spells in the game. The monk also starts 
with the "Search" skill, which performs a function similar to the spell of 
the same name. The monk does great damage with his unarmed attacks, and may 
attack up to three opponents at once with his staff.
The maximum statistics of the monk are as follows : 
					Str.150, Dex.150, Mag.80, Vit.80.

Other features in HellFire also include the option to select the game's
difficulty level. Apart from the normal, standard game, there is now the 
option to select Nightmare and Hell settings. In the Nightmare mode, the 
monsters gain an increased armor class and resistance, as well as three 
times their normal health plus another one hundred. However, the rewards are
also increased, as you gain ten times the experience you would normally gain
fighting these monsters and ten times the gold. In Hell mode, the monsters 
are further powered up, and their health is double that in Nightmare mode, 
but likewise, the rewards are also doubled. I would not recommend playing 
the Hell mode setting unless you are really suicidal and enjoy seeing your 
character getting killed at every turn. I tried playing the Hell setting 
with my Level 35 Warrior and I still got killed by a Horror Captain in Level
There are now two new areas to explore, The Nest and The Crypt. There are 
four levels in each of these two new areas, as well as numerous new monsters 
to fight. There are also several new unique monsters such as the Hork Demon 
and The Defiler to battle.

There is now also a bonus section for HellFire v1.00A. If you have installed
this upgrade, together with the relevant command.txt file, you will discover
that you can use two new classes : The Bard and The Barbarian. The command
text file and upgrade patches, including the 1.01b file ( I have not tried it
yet though ) can be found at various Diablo and HellFire sites on the net.

The Bard is an all rounded character similar to the Rogue, but she can use
two weapons simultaneously, use most of the spells and items in the game and
Identify items as a skill. The Bard's maximum attributes are listed below :
					Str.120, Dex.120, Mag.120, Vit.100.

* If you equip two weapons that inflict different forms of elemental damage
on the Bard, ( e.g. Griswold's Edge and Lightsabre ), the Bard fires a bolt
of lightning ( similar to the spell but twice as damaging ) on every hit! *
The Barbarian, on the other hand, is a strong fighter based on the warrior
class who specializes in melee. The Barbarian is exceedingly strong and can 
wield two-handed swords such as a Great Sword with one hand, but cannot cast
or use magic spells, staves and scrolls with magic requirements. However, the
Barbarian's attack with an axe can hit multiple enemies. The Barbarian's
special skill is Rage, which throws him into a berserk fury and increase his
stats for a short duration. The Barbarian's maximum stats are as follows : 
					Str.270, Dex.40, Mag.0, Vit.150.

There are also two new quests in this upgrade, which will replace the Farmer
Quest. They are the Little Girl quest and the Jersey's Jersey quest, which 
take place in the last two levels of the hive. The quests are outlined below 
in the bonus section.

Remember, there are many more things which I have yet to discover, and if 
you readers out there find anything noteworthy, please send them to me.

Section 2 : MONSTERS

I have provided several monster tables which have the names of the monsters 
and creatures that I have encountered so far in HellFire. I have categorized 
them according to their relative power and order of appearance where 
applicable. Note that some of the information may be inaccurate as I have 
yet to fully determine all their abilities and statistics. Apart from The 
Butcher, King Leoric, Gharbad, Snotspill, Zhar, Red Vex, Blackjade, Lazarus, 
Diablo, The Defiler and Na-krul, who are all quest monsters, the rest of the 
unique monsters and monsters in the dungeons are randomized.

Diablo Monsters : The following is a list of the monsters and the unique 
monsters ( denoted by * ) in the Diablo section of the game.
Monster Type		#Hits  Resistances/Immunities/Abilities

Fallen One (spear)	1-2	 none
Fallen One (sword)	1-2 	 none
Scavenger		1-3	 none
Skeleton		1-2	 none/magic
Skeleton Archer		1-2	 none/magic
Skeleton Captain	1-3	 none/magic
Zombie			2-3	 none/magic
Bladeskin the Slasher*	?/?	 some/none
Bonehead Keenaxe*       ?/?      none/magic
Boneripper*		?/?	 none/some
The Butcher*		?/?	 some/none	
Carver (spear)		2-4	 none
Carver (sword)		2-4	 none
Corpse Axe		2-3	 none/magic
Corpse Bow		4-8	 none/magic
Corpse Captain		6-10	 none/magic
Deadeye*		?/?	 some/magic
Devil Kin (spear)	6-12	 none
Devil Kin (sword)	8-12	 none
Fiend			1-3	 none
Flesh Clan		15-22	 none
Flesh Clan Archer	10-17	 none
Ghoul			3-5	 none/magic
Goretongue*		?/?	 none/none
Hidden			4-12	 none
Plague Eater		6-12	 none
Pukerat the Unclean*	?/?	 some/none
Rotfeast the Hungry*	?/?	 none/magic
Rotting Carcass		7-12	 none/magic
Shadowbite*		?/?	 none/fire	
Soulpus*		?/?	 fire/none
Blink			6-14	 none
Black Death		12-30	 none/magic/life draining
Bongo*			?/?	 none
Brokenhead Bangshield*	?/?	 some/magic
Burning Dead		4-6	 fire/magic
Burning Dead Archer	5-12	 fire/magic
Burning Dead Captain	8-15	 fire/magic
Madburner*		?/?	 fire/magic
Dark One (spear)	10-18	 none
Dark One (sword)	12-18	 none
El Chupacabras*         ?/?      fire/none
Gutshank the Quick*	?/?	 fire/none
Horror			6-10	 lightning/magic
Horror Archer		7-22	 lightning/magic
Rotcarnage*		?/?	 some/magic
Shadow Beast		12-18	 none		
Skeleton King(Leoric)* 	?/?	 some/magic/raises skeleton warriors
Skullfire*		?/?	 none/fire
Warpskull*		?/?	 fire/none
Blackash the Burning*   ?/?      none/magic,fire
Bone Gasher		14-20	 magic/none
Gharbad the Weak*	?/?	 none/lightning
Gloom			14-18	 magic/none
Horror Captain		17-25	 lightning/magic
Moonbender*		?/?	 none/fire
Overlord		30-40	 none
Pulsecrawler*		?/?	 magic/fire
Snotspill*		?/?	 lightning/none
SpineEater*		?/?	 none/lightning
Bloodskin Darkbow*	?/?	 fire,lightning/none
Familiar		10-17	 magic/lightning/lightning attack
Foulwing*		?/?	 fire/none
Horned Demon		20-40	 none
Shadowcrow*		?/?	 none/none
Shadow Drinker*         ?/?      fire/magic/teleportation
Stone Clan		20-27	 magic/none
Stone Clan Archer	15-20	 magic/none
Winged Demon		22-30	 fire/magic
Wrathraven*             ?/?      none/fire
Acid beast		20-33	 none
Bilefroth*              ?/?      lightning/fire,magic
Bloodgutter*		?/?      none/fire
Deathshade Fleshmaul*	?/?	 some/magic/charge attack
Death Spit*             ?/?      some/none
Fire Clan		25-32	 fire/none
Fire Clan Archer	20-25	 fire/none
Unseen			17-25	 magic/none
Blightfire*		?/?	 none/fire/Bloodstar attack
Blighthorn Steelmace*	?/?	 some/none/charge attack
Blood Stone		27-37	 none/magic,fire
Gargoyle		30-45	 lightning/magic
Gorestone*		?/?	 some/none
Illusion Weaver		20-30	 magic,fire/none
Magma Demon		25-35	 fire/magic
Mud Man			50-62	 none
Night Clan		27-35	 magic/none
Night Clan Archer	25-32	 magic/none
Nightwing the Cold*	?/?	 fire,lightning/magic
Stalker			21-35	 some/some	
Baron Sludge*		?/?	 some/some
Chaos Howler*		?/?	 none
Firewound the Grim*	?/?	 fire/magic
Lava Lord		35-42	 none/magic,fire
Poison Spitter		30-42	 none
Toad Demon		67-80	 none/magic
Zhar the Mad*		?/?	 lightning/magic/casts spells
Blood Claw		37-62	 none/magic,fire
Breakspine*		?/?	 some/none
Brokenstorm*		?/?	 none/lightning
Hell Stone		30-40	 none/magic,fire
Mud Runner		25-45	 none
Oozedrool*		?/?	 fire/none
Redstorm		27-55	 lightning/magic	
Blackstorm*		?/?	 none/lightning,magic
Flayer*			?/?	 some/lightning
Frost Charger		30-50	 lightning/magic
Obsidian Lord		35-55	 lightning/magic
Pit Beast		40-55	 magic/none
Plaguewrath*		?/?	 lightning,fire/magic/acid attack
Succubus		60-75	 magic/none/Bloodstar attack
Cave Viper		50-75	 none/magic
Death Wing		42-75	 none/magic,lightning
Fangspeir*              ?/?      none/fire
Flayed One		80-100   magic/fire
Guardian		70-80	 magic/fire/Inferno attack
Goldblight*		?/?	 none/magic,fire
Storm Lord		37-67	 magic/lightning
Storm Rider		30-60	 magic/lightning
Maelstrom		45-75	 magic/lightning
Viletouch*		?/?	 none/lightning
Viperflame*		?/?	 lightning/fire
Firedrake		60-85	 fire/magic
Gold Viper		70-90	 lightning/magic
Lava Maw		50-75	 magic/fire
Snow Witch		67-87	 lightning/none/Bloodstar attack
Steel Lord		90	 magic,lightning/fire
Warlord of Blood*	?/?	 none/fire,magic,lightning
Witchmoon*		?/?	 some/none
Doom Guard              82       magic,fire/none
Rustweaver*		?/?	 none/some magic immunities
Fangskin*		?/?	 lightning/magic
Hellspawn		75-100   magic/lightning/Bloodstar attack
Lachdanan (NPC)*	?/?	 none/none
Stareye the Witch*	?/?	 none/fire/Bloodstar attack
Steelskull the Hunter*	?/?	 some/none
Blood Knight		100	 fire/magic,lightning
Vortex Lord		80-90	 magic/fire
Advocate		72	 fire/lightning,magic/casts spells
Azure Drake		80-100   fire,lightning/none
Balrog			90-100   magic/fire/Inferno attack
Blackjade*		?/?	 lightning/magic/Bloodstar attack
Bloodlust*		?/?	 none/fire,lightning/Bloodstar attack
Cabalist                60       magic,fire/lightning/casts lightning
Dreadjudge*		?/?	 some/lightning/casts spells
Lazarus*		?/?	 fire,lightning/magic/casts spells
Magistrate		42	 magic,lightning/fire/casts spells
Red Vex*		?/?	 fire/magic/Bloodstar attack
Soul Burner		70-112   magic,lightning/fire
The Vizier*             ?/?      none/fire/casts lightning
Black Knight*           75       magic,lightning/fire
Diablo*			?/?	 Immune to most spells/casts Apocalyse
Sir Gorash*             ?/?      none/none

These are the HellFire uniques I encountered in the game, as well as the names
of the other uniques I have not encountered as yet :

Madeye the Dead*        ?/?      some/some ( a glowing Burning Dead leader )
Graywar the Slayer*     ?/?      some/none ( a red-grey Doom Guard leader )
Windspawn*              ?/?      none/some ( a grey Vortex Lord leader )
Witchfire the Unholy    ?/?      none/some ( a pink Succubus leader )
Doomcloud*              ?/?      some/some ( a black Maelstrom leader ) 
Bluehorn                ?/?      some/some ( a brown Frost Charger leader )

Doomlock*               ?/?
Grimspike*              ?/?
Fleshdancer Webwidow*   ?/?
Zamphir The Vizier*     ?/?
Bloodmoon*              ?/?
Soulfire                ?/?
Howlingire the Shade*   ?/?
Lord of the Pit*        ?/?
Soulslash               ?/?
Blackskull              ?/?
Blacktongue             ?/?
Lionskull the Bent      ?/?
Festerskull             ?/?
Warpfire Hellspawn      ?/?
Stormbane               ?/?
Devilskull              ?/?
Sharpbone               ?/?
Bonesaw the Litch       ?/?
Doomgrin the Rotting    ?/?
Wrathfire the Doomed    ?/?
Bronzefist Firestone    ?/?
Glasskull the Jagged    ?/?
Warmaggot the Mad       ?/?
Hazeshifter             ?/?
Blightstone the Weak    ?/?

HellFire Monsters : The following is a list of the monsters and unique 
monsters ( denoted by * ) found in the HellFire section of the game.

Monster Type		#Hits   Resistances/Immunities/Abilities

Arachnon		30-40	none
Necromorb		15-20   none/Bloodstar attack
Torchant		40-60   fire/Fireball attack
Hellboar		35-50   some
Stinger                 15-20   none
Venomtail		20-25   none
Lashworm		15	none
Hork Spawn		15	magic
Hork Demon*		?/?	some/some
Psychorb		10-15	none/Bloodstar attack
Spider Lord 		40-50	none/none/acid spitting attack
Felltwin	 	30-40   none/none
The Shredded		40-60	fire,lightning
Devil-kin Brute		60-80	fire,lightning
The Defiler*		?/?	some/some/attack knocks target back
Gravedigger             60-120  none/lightning/self regeneration
Satyr Lord		80-100  fire,lightning
Crypt Demon             100-120 fire,lightning/magic
Firebat			30-40   fire/Fireball attack
Hellbat                 50-70	lightning,magic/fire/Fireball attack
Skullwing               35      fire,lightning
Tombrat			40-60	none/magic
Bone Demon              120-120 fire,lightning/Bloodstar attack
Flesh Thing		150-200 magic,lightning,fire
Biclops			100-120 lightning
Reaper			130-150 lightning/magic,fire
Arch Lich               90-100  magic,fire/lightning/Bloodstar attack
Lich			70-90   magic,lightning/fire/Fireball attack
Na-krul*		?/?     none/some/attack knocks target back.

Section 3 : Spells and Magic

The following are the spells that are available to a character in Hellfire. 
I have categorized them according to their spell level. Note that most spells
will increase in potency ( damage/duration/range etc. ) as your character
gains experience levels.

Level 1 :

Firebolt - A fire-based projectile attack. Inflicts moderate damage.

Charged Bolt - A lightning based spell, creates a spread of small lightning
bolts that home in on monsters around the caster.

Holy Bolt - A magic based projectile attack. Does moderate damage, but
affects only the undead and true demons e.g. Diablo and Na-krul. Note that
most creatures such as Succubi and their brethren, the Lichs in the Crypt
and other creatures that look distinctly undead, skeletal or supernatural
generally count as demons or undead. Use your discretion and common sense.

Heal Other ( Multi-player spell )- Similar to the Heal spell, Heal Other
restores the health of another player character.

Healing - Heals player character.

Inferno - A fire-based attack, creates a short stream of fire in front of
the caster. Has greater accuracy and damage potential compared to a Firebolt,
but its range is much shorter.

Level 2 :

Identify ( Scroll spell ) - Reveals the special abilities of a magical or 
unique item.

Firewall - Creates a stationary wall of fire that damages anything trapped
in it. This spell is great for killing big groups of monsters in confined 

Telekinesis - A fairly versatile spell, Telekinesis allows a player
character to move/push monsters and items.

Lightning - Hurls a wide bolt of lightning energy at enemies.

Town Portal - Opens a wormhole back to Tristram.

Flash - A magic based spell attack that inflicts great damage to all enemies
within two steps of the caster.

Stone Curse - Temporarily transmutes a monster to stone, allowing the caster
to attack or to flee from it.

Level 3 :

Phasing - Teleports the caster several steps away in a random direction. The
spell may be directed by the mouse pointer if target destination is within
five steps of the caster.

Mana Shield - Creates a magical shield which absorbs damage. The damage
done is deducted from mana instead of health. The spell ends when mana is

Elemental - Summons a Fire Elemental to attack enemies.

Fireball - A fire-based projectile attack. The fireball explodes upon
impact, causing devastating damage to a cluster of enemies.

Flame Wave - Creates a moving column of fire. This spell works as well as a
fire wall, and it does more damage. Very useful for destroying a large 
roomful of monsters.

Chain Lightning - Fires several lightning bolts simultaneously at enemies,
causing great damage.

Guardian - Conjures a Chimera, which attacks all monsters in its vicinity
with firebolts.

Level 4 :

Golem - Summons a Stone Golem to attack enemies.

Teleport - Teleports the caster to any location as indicated by the cursor.

Bone Spirit - Reduces an opponents health by 1/3. This spell is especially
useful against unique monsters like The Defiler and The Butcher.

Bloodstar - Creates a blood red missile of magical force, which inflicts great
damage on an enemy.

Apocalypse - A fire-based spell, Apocalypse causes all creatures in your
line-of-sight, i.e. the current screen, to be struck by a roaring jet of 
fire, suffering massive damage. This spell affects even those resistant to
fire magic.

Nova - An improved version of charged bolt, Nova creates a spread of bolts
which fan out to strike enemies in every direction.

Resurrect ( Multi-player Scroll spell ) - Restores the life of a slain
player character.

Level 5 ( New Spells ) :

Ring of Fire - A variation of the Fire Wall spell, this spell creates a 
fiery barrier which encircles the caster.

Immolation - A fiery variation of the Nova spell, Immolation creates a
spread of Fireballs which fan out to strike enemies in every direction.

Reflect - Causes an enemy's attack to damage itself instead of the player

Lightning Wall - Creates a barrier of magical lightning similar to the
Fire Wall spell.

Warp - Transports the caster to the nearest staircase.

Search - Highlights all items around the caster with a blue outline,
allowing the player to see the obscured items easily. With this spell, you 
will be much less likely to miss those items hidden behind cavern walls etc.

Berserk - Turns an enemy against its fellows. This spell does not affect
unique monsters.

Section 4 : Magical Items, Prefixes and Suffixes

The following is a list of the prefixes and suffixes of common magical items 
and their abilities, categorized according to their effects. 
The prefixes/suffixes denoted by * are new, and any item that has one or 
more of these prefixes/suffixes can only be found in HellFire.

Table 1 : Increases All Attributes
Sky : +1-3	
Moon : +4-7
Stars : +8-11
Heavens : +12-15
Zodiac : +16-20

Table 2 : Increases Strength
Strength : +1-5			
Might : +6-10					
Power	: +11-15		
Giants : +16-20			
Titans : +21-30			

Table 3 : Increases Vitality
Vitality : +1-5
Zest : +6-10
Vim : +11-15
Vigor : +16-20
Life : +21-30

Table 4 : Increases Magic
Magic : +1-5
Mind : +6-10
Brilliance : +11-15
Sorcery : +16-20
Wizardry : +21-30

Table 5: Increases Dexterity
Dexterity : +1-5
Skill : +6-10
Accuracy : +11-15
Precision : +16-20
Perfection : +21-30

Table 6 : Increased Resistances

Magic Resistance :
White: +10-20%
Pearl: +21-30%
Ivory: +31-40%
Crystal: +41-50%
Diamond: +51-60%

Fire Resistance :
Red: +10-20%
Crimson: +21-40%
Garnet: +41-50%
Ruby: + 51-60%

Lightning Resist :
Blue: +10-20%
Azure: +21-30%
Lapis: +31-40%
Cobalt: +41-50%
Sapphire: +51-60%

All Resistances :
Topaz: +10-15%
Amber: +16-20%
Jade: +21-30%
Obsidian: +31-40%
Emerald: +41-50%

Table 7 : Hastened Attacks

Readiness : Quick Attack
Swiftness : Fast Attack
Speed : Faster Attack
Haste : Fastest Attack

Table 8 : Increased Health/Mana

Hit Points (Life):
Fox : +10-15
Jaguar : +16-20
Eagle : +21-30
Wolf : +31-40
Tiger : +41-50
Lion : +51-60
Mammoth : +61-80
Whale : +81-100

Magic Points (Mana):
Spider's : +10-15
Raven's : +16-20
Snake's : +21-30
Serpent's : +31-40
Drake's : +41-50
Dragon's : +51-60

Table 9 : Miscellaneous Modifiers

Increased Damage :
Quality : +1-2
Maiming : +3-5
Slaying : +6-9
Gore : +10-13
Carnage : +13-16 
Slaughter : +17-20

Reduced Enemy Damage :
Health : -1
Protection : -2
Absorption : -3
Deflection : -4
Osmosis : -5/-6

Hit Recovery :
Balance : Fast
Stability : Faster
Harmony : Fastest

Enhanced Blocking Speed :
Blocking : Fast Block

Mana Draining(%):
Bat : -3
Vampire : -5

Life Draining(%):
Leech : -3
Blood : -5

Increased Light Radius(%):
Light : +20
Radiance : +40

Increased Spell Levels(Levels):
Angel : +1
Arch-Angel : +2

Item Durability : There are no exact stats for item durability, so I have 
provided a list of the suffixes that provide increased item durability, 
ranked in order of power. They are : Craftsmanship, Many, Plenty, Structure 
and Sturdiness. There is also one more suffix, that of The Ages, which 
renders an item indestructible.

Increased Hit% and Damage(+%):
Sharp : 1-5/20-30
Fine : 6-10/36-50
Warrior's : 11-15/51-65
Soldier's : 16-20/66-80
Lord's : 21-30/81-95
Knight's : 31-40/96-110
Master's : 41-50/111-125
Champion's : 51-75/126-150
King's : 76-100/151-185
Doppelganger's* : 20-30/81-95

Increased Hit% (+%):
Bronze : 1-5
Iron : 6-10
Steel : 11-15
Silver : 16-20
Gold : 21-30
Platinum : 31-40
Mithril : 41-60
Meteoric : 61-80
Weird : 81-100
Strange : 101-120

Increased Damage (+%):
Jagged : 20-35
Deadly : 36-50
Heavy : 51-65
Vicious : 66-80
Brutal : 81-95
Massive : 96-110
Savage : 111-125
Ruthless : 126-143
Merciless : 145-166
Increased Armor Class(+%):
Fine : 20-30
Strong : 31-40
Grand : 41-55
Valiant : 56-70
Glorious : 71-90
Blessed : 91-110
Saintly : 111-130
Awesome : 131-150
Holy : 151-170
Godly : 171-198

Table 10 : Other Prefixes/Suffixes
There are several other special abilities that items can have. Listed below 
are some of them.

Piercing/Bashing/Puncturing : Penetrates an opponent's armor.
Fire/Flame/Burning : Additional Fire damage (Varies).
Shock/Lightning/Thunder : Additional Lightning damage (Varies).
Jester* : Random 0-500% damage/Cast a random magic spell.
Plentiful/Bountiful : Additional Spell Charges.
Thieves : Absorbs half of a traps damage.
Mana* : Replenishes your mana.
Doppelganger* : As above, randomly summons a non-unique monster.
Devastation* : Randomly inflicts triple damage.

Table 11 : Negative Modifiers
Listed here are some negative modifiers that may affect your items.

Dull/Clumsy/Bent/Useless : Reduces Hit% and/or Damage.
Weakness/Frailty : Reduces strength and damage.
Crystalline* : Reduced durability, enhanced damage (+200-300%)
Decay* : Enhanced +150-250% damage, but gradually loses bonus.
Dyslexia/The Fool : Reduces Mana and Magic.
Brass/Tin : Reduces Hit%.
Jackal/Vulture : Reduces life.
Frog/Hyena : Reduces mana.
Tears/Pain : Suffer additional damage from enemies.
Disease/Illness : Reduces Health and Vitality.
Night/Dark : Reduces your light radius by 20%/40% respectively.
The Pit/Trouble : Reduces your all your attributes by a variable amount.
Fragility/Brittleness : Reduces item durability.
Atrophy/Paralysis : Reduces your Dexterity.
Peril* : Does double damage to the monster, and half that damage to you.
Rusted/Vulnerable/Weak : Reduces Armor Class or Damage by a 
variable %amount.

Table 12 : Unique Items :
Listed below are some of the unique items that I have found in HellFire. 
They are not categorized in any order, but all the Diablo items and some of 
the HellFire items should be there. The new items that can only be found in 
HellFire and not in Diablo are denoted by *. The Bovine Plate denoted by #
can only be found in v1.00A++.
Although I have the complete list of Diablo's unique items, I have only 
discovered the statistics of nineteen out of the twenty+ new HellFire items, 
and I would welcome any information regarding the other six or so.

"Doombringer" - +25% to-hit, +250% damage, -5 to all attributes, -25 hit 
points, -20% light radius.
"The Grandfather" - +5 to all attributes, +20% to-hit, +70% damage, +20 to 
hit points, can be used one handed.
"The Grizzly" - +20 str, -5 vit, +200% damage, knocks target back, high 
"Defender" - +5 AC, -5% to-hit, high durability.
"Inferno" - +2-12 fire-hit damage, +30% light radius, +20 mana, resist fire 
"Lightsabre" - +20% light radius, +1-10 lightning damage, +20% to-hit, +50% 
lightning resistance.
"The Falcon's Talon" - +20% to-hit, -33% damage, -10 dexterity.
"Gornnagal's Dirk" - -5 dexterity, +4 damage, +25% magic resistance.
"Gryphon's Claw" - +100% damage, -2 magic, -5 dexterity.
"The Celestial Axe" - +15% to-hit, +15 hit points, -15 strength.
"Eaglehorn" - +20 dex, +50% to-hit, +100% damage, indestructible.
"Fleshstinger" - +15 dex, +40% to-hit, +80% damage, high durability.
"Wicked Axe" - +30% to-hit, +10 dex, -10 vit, -2 damage from enemies.
"Messerschmidt's Reaver" - +200% damage, +15 damage, +5 to all attributes, 
-50 hit points, +10-50 fire damage.
"Hellslayer" - +100% damage, +25 hit points, -25 mana, +8 str and vit.
"The Mangler" - +200% damage, -5 to dexterity and magic, -10 to mana.
"Baranar's Star" - +12% to-hit, +80% damage, Quick attack, +4 dexterity, -4 
vitality, enhanced durability.
"Crackrust" - +2 to all attributes, +15% to all resistances, -25% damage, 
"Hammer of Jholm" - +7% damage, +15% to-hit, +3 str, indestructible.
"Cranium Basher" - +20 damage, +15 str, +5% to all resistances, -150 mana, 
"Schaefer's Hammer" - -100% damage, Lightning damage +1-50, +30% to-hit, 
+50 hit points, +10% light radius, +75% lightning resistance.
"Dreamflange" - +30 magic, +50 mana, +50% magic resistance, +20% light radius,
+1 spell level.
"Lightforge" - +40% light radius, +150% damage, +25% to-hit, +10-20 fire 
damage, +8 to all attributes, indestructible.(?)
"Rift Bow" - +2 damage, fires random speed arrows.
"Flamedart" - +1-6 fire damage, +10% to-hit, +40% fire resistance.
"Ice Shank" - +40% fire resistance, Str +9, altered durability.
"Blackoak Bow" - +10 dex, -10 vit, +50% damage, -10% light radius.
"Aguinara's Hatchet" - +10 magic, +1 spell level, +75% to magic resistance.
"Arkanines' Valor" - AC 25, +10 vital, -3 damage from enemies,
fastest hit recovery.
"The Bonesaw" - +10 to damage, strength and life, -5 to dexterity
and magic.
"Black Razor" - +150% damage, +2 vitality, altered durability.
"Bow of the Dead" - +10% to hit, +4 dexterity, -3 vitality.
"The Butcher's Cleaver" - +10 Str, unusual damage, altered   
"Civerb's Cudgel" - +200% damage versus demons, -5 dexterity, -2 
"Empyrean Band" - +2 attributes, +20% light, fast hit recovery,
absorbs 20% of trap damage.
"Executioner's Blade - +150% damage, -10 hit points, -10% light,     
high durability.
"The Protector" - +5 vit, -5 damage from enemies, AC +40, 86 healing 
charges, attacker takes 1-3 damage.
"Thundercall" - +35% to-hit, +1-10 lightning damage, +20% light radius, 
+30% lightning resistance, Lightning 76 charges.
"Mindcry" - +15 magic, Guardian 69 charges, +15% to all resistances, 
+ 1 spell level.
"Gleamsong" - +25 mana, -3 str, -3 vit, Phasing 76 charges.
"Storm Spire" - +35% to-hit, Lightning damage +1-10, +20% light radius.
"Leather of Aut" - AC 15, +5 str and dex, -5 magic, no requirements.
"Sparkling Mail" - AC 30, attacker takes 1-10 lightning damage.
"Wisdom's Wrap" - AC 15, +5 magic, +10 mana, +25% lightning resistance, 
-1 damage from enemies.
"Naj's Light Plate" - AC 43, +5 magic, +20 to mana and resistance, +1 
spell level.
"Scavenger's Carapace" - -9 AC, -15 damage from enemies, +5 dexterity, +40% 
lightning resistance.
"Fool's Crest" - -4 attributes, hit points +100, +4 damage from enemies,
attacker takes 1-3 damage.
"Royal Circlet" - AC 40, +10 to all attributes and light radius, +40 mana.
"Gibbous Moon" - +2 attributes, +25% damage, mana +15, -30% light.
"Gnarled Root" - +20% to hit, +300% damage,+10 dexterity, +5 magic,
resist all +10%, AC -10.
"Gotterdamerung" - +20 all attributes, AC 60, -4 damage from
enemies, all resistances=0, -40% light radius.
"Griswold's Edge" - Fire hit 1-10 damage, +25% to hit, fast attack, 
knocks target back, +20 mana, -20 life.
"Holy Defender" - AC 15, -2 damage from enemies, fast block, high 
durability, +20% fire resistance.
"Dragon's Breach" - +25% fire resistance, +5 str, -5 magic, AC 20, 
"Blackoak Shield" - +10 dex, -10 to vit and light radius, high durability.
"Harlequinn Crest" - AC -3, -1 damage from enemies, +2 to all
attributes, +7 to both mana and life.
"Immolator" - resist fire +20%, fire hit 4 damage, mana +10, 
vitality -5, no requirements.
"Optic Amulet" - +20% light, resist lightning +20%, -1 damage from 
enemies, +5 magic.
"Rainbow Cloak" - AC 10, +1 all attributes, resist all +10%, 
hit points +5, high durability.
"Ring of Engagement" - -1 damage from enemies, attacker takes 1-3, 
AC 5, damages target's armor.
"Ring of Truth" -1 damage from enemies, +10 resist all, +10 hit
"Ring of Regha" - -3 to str and dex, +10 to magic, magic resistance 
and light radius.
"Constricting Ring" - +75% to all resistances, every step you take drains 
1 life.
"Shadowhawk" hit steals 5% life, +15% to hit, resist all +5%, -20% 
light radius.
"Split Skull Shield" - AC 10, +10 hit points, +2 strength, -10% 
light, altered durability.
"Stonecleaver" - +30 hit points, +20% to hit, +50% damage, 
resist lightning.
"Storm Shield" - AC 40, +4 damage from enemies, +10 strength, fast 
block, indestructible.
"The Needler" - Hit% +50, Damage 1-3, Fast attack.
"Thinking Cap" Spells are increased 2 levels, mana +30, resist all 20%,
altered durability (1/1).
"Torn Flesh of Souls" - AC 8, +10 vitality, -1 damage from enemies,
"Undead Crown" - life stealing, AC 8.
"Veil of Steel" - -20% light, +50% resist all, +60% AC, mana -30, +15 strength
and vitality.
"Windforce" - +5 strength, +200% damage, knocks target back.
"Wizard's Spike" - +15 magic, +35 mana, +25% to hit, resist all +15.
"Bramble" - -2 to all attributes, +3 damage, +10 mana.
"The Bleeder" - +20% magic resistance, +30 mana, -10 life.
"Celestial Bow" - +2 damage, +5 AC, no strength requirements.
"Deadly Hunter" - +200% damage vs. demons, +20% to-hit, -5 magic.
"Sharp Beak" - +20 life, -10 mana and magic.
"Bloodslayer" - +100% damage, +200% damage vs. demons, -5 to all attributes, 
-1 spell level.
"The Celestial Star" - +20% light, +10 damage, -8 AC, no strength 
"Staff of Shadows" - -10 magic, -20% light, +10% to-hit, +60% damage, 
Quick attack.
"Naj's Puzzler" - +20 magic, +10 dex, +20% to all resistances, -25 life, 
Teleport ( 57 charges ).
"Helm of Spirits" - Hit steals 5% life.
"Overlord's Helm" - +20 str, +15 dex, +5 vit, -20 magic, altered durability.
"Gladiator's Bane" - AC 25, -2 damage from enemies, -3 to all attributes, 
high durability.
"Nightscape" - faster hit recovery, -40% light, AC 15, +3 dex, +20% to all 
"Demonspike Coat" - AC 100, +50% fire resistance, +10 str, -6 damage from 
enemies, indestructible.
"The Deflector" - AC 7, +10% to all resistances, -20% damage from enemies, 
-5% to-hit.

The following are unique items indigenous to the HellFire expansion only.

"Mercurial Ring"* - +60 dex, -30 str.
"Giant's Knuckle"* - +60 str, -30 dex.
"Xorine's Ring"* - +60 mag, -30 str.
"Korik's Ring"* - +60 vit, -30 mag.
"Amulet of Warding"* - +40% to all resistances, -100 HP.
"Ring of Magma"* - +60% fire resistance, -30% to other resistances.
"Ring of the Mystics"* - +60% magic resistance, -30% to other resistances.
"Ring of Thunder"* - +60% lightning resistance, -30% to other resistances.
"Shirotachi"* - Fastest attack, penetrates armor, +1-6 lightning damage, can
be used one-handed.
"Gnat Sting"* - Indestructible, quick attack, fires multiple arrows, unusual
item damage.
"Armor of Gloom"* - AC 225, all resistances are reduced to 0, -20% light.
"Bone Chain Armor"* - AC 40, extra AC vs. undead.
"Demon Plate Armor"* - AC 80, extra AC vs. demons.
"Bovine Plate"# - Indestructible, AC 150, +50% light, -2 spell levels, +30% 
to all resistances.
"Acolyte's Amulet"* - Converts 30% of your mana into Hit Points.
"Blitzen"* - Lightning Damage 10-15, unusual item damage, indestructible.
"Flambeau"* - Fire damage 15-20, unusual item damage, indestructible.
"Eater of Souls"* - +50 life, hit steals 5% life and 5% mana, constantly 
lose hit points, indestructible. 
"Gladiator's Ring"* - Converts 40% of your Hit Points into mana.
"Diamondedge"* - Altered Durability, +50% to-hit, +100% damage, +50% 
lightning resistance.
"Thunderclap"* - +20 str, +30% resist lightning, +20% light radius, hit
casts charged bolt, indestructible.

Many people have been writing in about the HellFire items featured at the
Sierra site and the back of the CD case/box. The truth is, I have only found
the items that are described above, and have no idea whether the other items
do exist. If any of you find some of those strange looking items ( Fool's
staff, spiky sword or that femur axe or whatever ) please mail me and I will
honour you in my FAQ. However, if anyone sends me falsified information, I
will not hesitate to openly discredit that person.

Section 5 : Mundane Items
The following is a list of the mundane items that can be found in HellFire, 
together with their relevant statistics. Again, * items are new and 
indigenous to HellFire, and cannot be found in Diablo. 

Weapon/Armor    Damage/Armor Class      Duration        Requirements

Dagger		1-4			16		None
Sabre		1-8			45		17 str
Short Sword	2-6			24		18 str
Scimitar	3-7			28		23 str, 23 dex
Blade		3-8			30		25 str, 30 dex
Falchion	4-8			20		30 str
Long Sword	2-10			40		30 str, 30 dex
Claymore	1-12			36		35 str
Broad Sword	4-12			50		40 str
Bastard Sword	6-15			60		50 str
2-Handed Sword	8-16			75		65 str
Great Sword	10-20			100		75 str
Short Bow	1-4			30		None
Long Bow	1-6			35		25 str, 30 dex
Hunter's Bow	2-5			40		20 str, 35 dex
Composite Bow	3-6			45		25 str, 40 dex
S. Battle Bow	3-7			45		30 str, 50 dex
Long Battle Bow	1-10			50		30 str, 60 dex
Short War Bow	4-8			58		35 str, 70 dex
Long War Bow	1-14			60		45 str, 80 dex
Club		1-6			20		None
Spiked Club	3-6			20		18 str
Mace		1-8			32		16 str
Morning star	1-10			40		26 str
Flail		2-12			36		30 str
War Hammer	5-9			50		40 str
Maul		6-20			50		55 str
Small Axe	2-10			24		None
Axe		4-12			32		22 str
Large Axe	6-16			40		30 str
Broad Axe	8-20			50		50 str
Battle Axe	10-25			60		65 str
Great Axe	12-30			75		80 str
Short Staff	2-4			25		None
Long Staff	4-8			35		None
Composite Staff	5-10			45		None
Quarter Staff	6-12			65		None
War Staff	8-16			75		30 str
Buckler		1-5			16		None
Small Shield	3-8			24		25 str
Large Shield	5-10			32		40 str
Kite Shield	8-15			40		50 str
Gothic Shield	14-18			60		80 str
Tower Shield	18-20			50		60 str
Cap		1-3			15		None
Skull Cap	2-4			20		None
Helm		4-6			30		str 25
Full Helm	6-8			35		str 35
Crown		8-12			40		None
Great Helm	10-15			60		str 50
Rags		2-6			6		None
Cape		1-5			12 		None
Cloak		3-7			18		None
Robe		4-7			24		None
Quilted Armor   7-10                    30              None
Leather Armor	10-13			45		None
H.Leather Armor 11-14			40		None
S.Leather Armor 15-17			45		20 str
Ring Mail	17-20			50		25 str
Chain Mail	19-22			55		30 str
Breast Plate	20-24			80		40 str
Scale Mail	23-28			60		35 str
Splint Mail	31-34			65		40 str
Field Plate	40-45			80		65 str
Plate Mail	46-50			75		60 str
Gothic Plate	51-60			100		80 str
Full Plate	63-75			90		90 str

Item					Effects

Healing Potion				Restores 20-50% of your life.
Mana Potion				Restores 20-50% of your mana.
Strong Healing Potion			Restores all your life.
Strong Mana Potion			Restores all your mana.
Potion of Rejuvenation			Restores 20-50% of your life and mana.
Potion of Full Rejuvenation		Restores all your life and mana.
Rune of Fire*				Sets a stationary fire trap.
Rune of Lightning*			Sets a stationary lightning trap.
Greater Rune of Fire*			Sets a more damaging fire trap.
Greater Rune of Lightning*		Sets a more damaging lightning trap.
Rune of Stone*				Sets a Stone Curse trap.
Oil of Sharpness*			Adds +1 to an item's maximum damage.
Oil of Accuracy*                        Adds +1-2 to a weapon's Hit%.
Oil of Imperviousness*                  Adds +3-9 to an armor's AC.
Oil of Skill*                           Reduces an item's requirements by 4-9.
Oil of Mastery*                         Adds +4-9 to a weapon's Hit%.
Blacksmith Oil*				Restores 20% of an item's duration, 
					or permanently increases an undamaged
					item's initial duration by 1. 
Oil of Death*				Adds +2 to an item's maximum damage, 
					and +1 to an item's minimum damage. 
					This oil only affects melee weapons.
Oil of Fortitude*                       Adds +5d10 to an item's duration.
Oil of Hardening*                       Adds +2-4 to an item's AC.
Oil of Permanence*			Makes an item indestructible.

Section 6 : Magical Shrines and Fountains
The following is a list of some of the shrines I have encountered in 
HellFire and their properties. The shrines denoted by * are new, and can 
only be found in HellFire.

Abandoned Shrine - +2 dexterity.
Blood Fountain - Each sip restores 1 Hit Point.
Cauldron - Has a randomly generated effect.
Creepy Shrine - +2 strength.
Cryptic Shrine - Casts the Nova spell, restores mana to its initial level.
Divine Shrine - Restores health and mana, and gives a player either two full 
potion of rejuvenation, or one full mana potion and one full healing potion.
Eerie Shrine - +2 magic.
Eldritch Shrine - all potions become rejuvenation potions.
Enchanted Shrine - One spell is reduced by one level while all other spells 
gain a level.
Fascinating Shrine - Reduces initial mana, increases Fire Bolt by 1 level.
Fountain of Tears -1 to one attribute and +1 to another.
Glimmering Shrine - Identifies all items in inventory
Goat Shrine - Causes a random effect.
Gloomy Shrine - All weapons lose 1 point of damage, while all armor gain + 2 
to Armor Class.
Hidden Shrine - One item in your inventory loses 10 durability, while all 
others gain 10 durability. 
Holy Shrine - Phases you to random location of currently explored level.
Imposing Shrine - +2 Dexterity.
Magical Shrine - Casts Mana Shield
Murky Pool - Casts Infravision
Mystic Shrine - Lose all but 1 gold piece, and gain experience points.
Mysterious Shrine - +5 to one attribute, -1 to all others.
Ornate Shrine - Reduces initial mana, increases Holy Bolt by one level.
Purifying Spring - Every sip restores one point of mana.
Quiet Shrine - +2 vitality
Religious Shrine - Repairs all items in the your inventory.
Sacred Shrine - Reduces initial mana, increases Charged Bolt by one level.
Secluded Shrine - Reveals the entire automap.
Spiritual Shrine - Adds 10-20 gold pieces to each empty slot in your 			       
Stone Shrine - Restores all spell charges.
Thaumaturgy Shrine - Closes and reseeds all chests in the level.
Weird Shrine - Increases the maximum damage done by all your weapons by 	
Solar Shrine* - Adds two to one of your character's attributes.
Shimmering Shrine* - Restores your mana to its initial level.
Glowing Shrine* - Adds 1 point to your initial mana and 5 to your magic.
Oily Shrine* - Casts Fire Wall on the player and adds two points to the 
character's primary attribute(s).
Town Shrine* - Casts Town Portal
Mendicant's Shrine* - Lose half your Gold and gain that amount in experience 
Sparkling Shrine* - Suffer some lightning damage, and gain experience points.
Murphy's Shrine* - Halves the durability of your non-permanent items.

Section 7 : Quest Walkthroughs
The following is a series of walkthroughs for all the quests in the game, 
arrange according to their level of solution. Apart from the quests in the
HellFire section of the game, all the quests in the Diablo section randomly
selected by the computer. Thus it is impossible to receive all the quests 
listed under the Diablo section of the game.

General Playing Guidelines : When you begin the game, you will only have a 
basic weapon, one hundred gold pieces and two potions of either mana or 
healing. The first thing you should do is to buy armor, such as a simple 
cloak, a cap or helm and, if you are using a one handed weapon, a shield. 
Do not buy any weapons or potions unless you have excess money to spend. 
These items can always be gotten from chests and monsters in the dungeon. 
You should also save as much money as you can to buy either scrolls of stone 
curse or runes of stone to tackle unique monsters.
After completing the first and second levels of the dungeon, you should be at
least Level 8, possess two to three magic items, a few spells, one unique 
item, and several thousand gold pieces. By now, you can purchase better items 
and armor. You should constantly return to town every one or two levels to 
restock your supplies, receive healing and sell off whatever useless equipment 
you find. Your common sense will tell you which magical items you should 
keep, should you find any, and what you should not. You should also return to 
town often to receive quests from the townsfolk.
The following tips and tricks are NOT foolproof, and depend both on your
character's class and current abilities/spells/weapons etc. However, there are
some tricks that apply to all classes such as these :

1. Use Walls and Stone Curse spells as often as possible, especially if you
   are facing a powerful adversary. The two Walls can be layered one on top
   of the other, which makes for an excellent tactic that can be employed
   against practically every creature in the game. This tactic is especially
   deadly if coupled with a Stone Curse spell.

2. Another trick I particularly favour is the "Room of Fire". Throughout the
   game, you will often encounter sealed rooms/chambers that are filled with
   hoards of nasties who have a tendency to swarm and overwhelm. Try filling
   the whole chamber with layers of Walls, then slam the door and let the
   monsters fry.

3. When faced with areas sealed off with a portcullis or some other barrier
   always try teleporting behind it to lure the monsters to the barrier,
   then quickly teleport back to safety where you can pick off monsters at
   your own leisure. Not only does this technique offer you some measure of
   protection, it also tends to prevent monsters from swarming or sneaking
   behind you. Furthermore, this trick almost always lines up the monsters
   for a little BBQ fun. Fry them to a crisp golden brown with a Fire Wall.

4. Always cast Golem if possible, for as they say, many hands make light work.

5. Do NOT waste mana casting spells like Elemental, Flash, Bloodstar etc.
   with little or no practical application unless you have a mana draining
   weapon on hand to replenish expended mana.

6. Against enemies with long-ranged attacks ( missiles/magic etc. ) try using
   a Stone Curse spell, then a few well-placed blows from your trusty weapon.
   This is usually more economical than wasting potions and mana. Berserk
   also tends to work well, especially if you can successfully turn a few of
   the enemy against their fellows. This should distract the enemy long enough
   for you to charge into the foray.

7. If possible, try using a combination of Reflect and Manashield. These two
   spells should keep your character from expiring too early in the game.

And now, on to the Quest Walkthrough proper.

The Butcher ( Lv.2 ) : This quest is fairly straightforward. After receiving 
the quest from the wounded townsman outside the cathedral, enter the dungeon 
and clear the whole of Level 1. You should receive some spellbooks from the 
bookcases in the level, some better weapons and a better suit of armor, which 
you should wear. If you are lucky, you will also find a unique weapon or item 
in the first level. Usually this item is only slightly more powerful than a 
basic item, but it should tide you through at least till you find a better 
item such as "Arkaine's Valor". When you have cleared Level 1, return to the 
town and sell off any excess equipment. With the money, you should purchase a
Rune of Stone or a Scroll of Stone Curse and a Scroll of Fire Wall. Return to 
the dungeon and explore Level 2 thoroughly, killing all the monsters in Level 
2. During your dungeon exploration, you should come across a large square 
room with blood covered floors, staked bodies and a door facing the 
south-east. This is The Butcher's room. Do not open the door until you have 
killed all the other monsters, as the Butcher will come rushing out when the 
door is opened, and immediately attack. When you are sufficiently prepared, 
open the door, and quickly cast Stone Curse or use the Rune of Stone on him 
when he has just stepped out of the room. If you have done this correctly, 
the Butcher should be immobilized, and you can roast him with the Fire Wall, 
which should kill him or weaken him sufficiently for you to slay him. The 
Butcher's Cleaver will make an excellent weapon for low leveled characters 
until they can get a better unique or magic weapon, though its durability is 
low and it tends to break easily unless you use Blacksmith Oil to increase 
its durability.

Poisoned Water Supply ( Lv.2 ) : Another straightforward quest, all you have 
to do is talk to Pepin when the fountain in the centre of the town is murky. 
Once you receive the quest, enter the Dark Passage, which can be found in 
Level 2, explore the mini dungeon thoroughly and slay all the monsters 
therein. If you have killed all the monsters, the brackish, brown water will 
turn blue, and you can return to Pepin to receive the Ring of Truth.

Leoric ( Lv.3 ) : This quest can be initialized by talking to Ogden when you 
are on the second level of the dungeon. On the third level of the dungeon is 
a large square structure with an archway to King Leoric's Tomb. Entering this
archway will lead you to a mini dungeon called the Skeleton King's Lair. King
Leoric has transcended death and has become an undead Skeleton King, who will
pose a somewhat difficult challenge to low leveled characters. The tomb is 
guarded by Burning Dead, Corpses and Horrors. Again, the tactics to taking 
down the Skeleton King and his minions are similar to the tactics used 
against The Butcher, except for several small differences. There are two 
levers, one in each anteroom on the north east and south west corners of the 
big room with the grille. The lever in the north east opens a secret door 
leading to some magic treasure, while the one in the south west opens the 
grille. You should take the treasure and return to town to stock up first 
before fighting the skeletons behind the grille. In town, buy some scrolls of
Lightning, Chain Lightning, or Stone Curse. The Holy Bolt spell and a bow are
especially useful here as well, if you can get them. Return to the lair, and 
use the Lightning spells, Holy Bolt or bow to shoot down all the skeletons 
behind the grille. Open the grille only when all the skeletons are killed. 
Enter the small passage behind the grille and lure the Skeleton King into one
of the anterooms. Cast Stone Curse on him, then proceed to blast him with the
Holy Bolts or smash him to death with a blunt weapon such as a mace. If you 
kill him, you will receive the Undead Crown. If you need more cash or items, 
you can proceed to kill all the skeletons in the large rooms behind the 
grille. There is also a secret room which can be opened by attacking the 
crucified skeletons in the four corners of the big room. This room contains 
another two pieces of treasure and some more skeletons.

Ogden's Sign ( Lv.4 ) : When you return to town while you are playing the
third level of the dungeon, Ogden may tell you that some Dark Ones stole his
sign. In Level 4, you will encounter a Dark One named Snotspill, who wants 
you to get the "Magic Banner" from the monsters around the corner. This magic 
banner is the sign, and it can be gotten from the chest in the room above 
Snotspill's, which is guarded by five Overlords. Kill them, and take the 
tavern sign to Ogden to receive the Harlequin's Crest. Take this opportunity 
to speak to Griswold as well, as he may tell you about the Magic Rock. Return
and fight Snotspill and his fellow Dark Ones. Kill them all and the way to 
Level 5 will be clear. ( There is a slight chance that Snotspill may drop a
unique item, but most often, it will be a magical item of better than average
quality. )

Gharbad the Weak ( Lv.4 ) : A sort of sub-quest, Gharbad the Weak is a Goat-
man who will plead with you for his life in exchange for some magic items. 
The first time you talk to him, he will tell you not to kill him and he will 
give you something good. Return later and talk to him again to receive an
item. You must then go down to Level 5, back to town, or kill some monsters
before talking to him a third time. This time he will tell you that he is not
done making an artifact for you. Repeat the procedure once, and he will fight
you when you speak to him. Kill him for a magic bludgeon.

The Magic Rock ( Lv.5 ) : This quest is very simple, and you can get it from 
talking to Griswold when you are on the fourth floor of the dungeon. All you 
have to do is find the Magic Rock on Level 5 and bring it back to Griswold to 
receive the Empyrean Band.

Valor ( Lv.5 ) : After you read the book on Valor, a door will be opened, 
enabling you to enter a chamber with horned demons and a pedestal with 
pool of blood in it and a bloodstone. Pick up the bloodstone and click on the 
pedestal when the stone is in your inventory, and another room to the north 
will be opened. Enter the room, kill the horned demons and pick up the blood-
stone. Place it on the altar and another room will be opened. Repeat the 
process, and when the last bloodstone is placed on the pedestal, the wall 
behind it will vanish, and a passage leading to the room with Arkaine's Valor 
will appear. Beware of the six horned demons inside though.

The Chamber of Bone ( Lv.6 ) : On Level 6, there is a staircase in a room 
which can be accessed by reading the Mythical Book. This leads to the Bone 
Chamber, a mini dungeon filled with Horror Captains, Horned demons and the 
Unseen. The only things of note in this straightforward level are the two 
levers, which open rooms to the north east wall filled with treasure. The 
numerous Horrors in the central room can be slain quickly with either the
Chain Lightning or Flame Wave spell. The highlight of this mini level is the
Ancient Tome, which imparts the Guardian spell to your character.

Halls of the Blind ( Lv.7 ): On the seventh level of the dungeon, there is a 
large enclosed central area with two small chambers within that is 
inaccessible. The entrances to this places can be opened by reading the Book 
of the Blind. This central area is guarded by Illusion Weavers, as are the 
rooms within. The Optic Amulet is in the small room to the north west, while 
a random magic item is in the room to the south east.

Zhar the Mad ( Lv.8 ) : Similar to the Gharbad quest, all you have to do is 
talk to Zhar to receive a spellbook. After receiving the book, open the 
bookcase behind him to receive another spellbook. After you pick up the book, 
Zhar will fly into a rage and attack. Stone Curse him, then slay him for a 
powerful magic item or another spellbook.

Black Mushroom ( Lv.9 ) : A series of tiresome errands rather than a full
quest, this quest can be initiated by taking the Fungal Tome found on Level 9 
to Adria the Witch. After giving her the Fungal Tome, return to Level 9, find 
the mushroom patch, pick up the black mushroom and return to Adria. She will 
tell you to bring Pepin a demon's brain. Enter the dungeon again, and slay 
the next monster you meet. Pick up the brain, give it to Pepin to receive the 
Spectral Elixir. Talk to Adria to end the quest. Drink to Elixir to boost all 
your attributes by three.

Anvil of Fury ( Lv.10 ) : Another relatively simple quest, all you have to do 
is to talk to Griswold before entering the tenth level, then find the Anvil 
of Fury in the center of a large, crossed piece of land in a large pool of 
lava and bring it back to Griswold to receive Griswold's Edge. Watch out for 
the Night Clan Archers and other monsters ! 

Warlord of Blood ( Lv.13 ) : This quest can be initiated by reading the Steel 
Tome, which will tell you about the Warlord of Blood. The Warlord guards the 
passage to the next level, and you cannot pass unless you kill him and his 
cronies. As with most unique monsters, the Warlord is susceptible to Stone 
Curse, and you can use that spell to freeze and slay him. If you can summon a 
Golem, do so, as the summoned Golem can take care of the other knights while 
you slay the Warlord. The Warlord's treasure includes several magic weapons 
and armors. ( The Warlord usually drops a unique item if you play the one of
the HellFire classes. )

Lachdanan ( Lv.15 ) : Somewhere on Level 14, you will meet a solitary Blood 
Knight NPC named Lachdanan who will ask you to help him get a Golden Elixir. 
This Elixir can be found near the giant pentacle of Level 15. Bring the 
Elixir to Lachdanan to receive a magic or unique item and the Veil of Steel.

Lazarus ( Special ) : On Level 15, there is a vile stand with Lazarus' staff. 
By bringing this staff to Cain, you will receive the quest to slay Lazarus. 
Return to Level 15, and a Portal to the Unholy Altar will appear beside the 
giant pentacle. Enter the portal, and you will be transported into Lazarus' 
Lair. Exit the room you are in and follow the passage until you enter the 
room with the Books of Vileness and the teleport pads, killing the Hell Spawn 
and Acolytes on the way. Step on the teleport pads and read the books to be 
transported in to the previously inaccessible grilled areas. Slay all the 
Hellspawn. Repeat the procedure until both the grilled areas are clear. 
Return to the chamber you first appeared in and step on the teleport pad to 
be transported into the altar room. The room is guarded by Blackjade and Red 
Vex, as well as eight Hell Spawn. Quickly kill the Hell Spawn and Lazarus' 
bodyguards with Fireballs before dealing with Lazarus. Stone Curse him to 
prevent him from phasing around and proceed to chop him up. Lazarus and his 
bodyguards will reward you with a lot of experience points and several pieces 
of magical or unique treasure. 

Diablo ( Lv.16 ) : After killing Lazarus, return to Cain, and he will tell 
you about Diablo. Return to Level 15, and you will discover that the large 
pentacle is pulsating. Go down to Level 16 to kill Diablo. Level 16 is 
guarded by a huge amount of Steel Lords, Acolytes and Sir Gorash. You should 
slay all of them before pulling the lever in the room in the upper north west 
area of the level which opens the way to the spiraling chamber in the upper 
north east area. Remember, Stone Curse works well against the monsters here, 
and Mana Shield and Golem are a must if you wish to survive all these tough 
monsters. After pulling the lever, you should enter the spiral chamber and 
slay all the monsters. Pull the lever at the heart of the room to open the 
chamber in the lower south west corner of the level. Enter this large chamber
and kill all the monsters. Pull both levers to open the last closed area to 
the south east and release Diablo. If you can, cast Golem now to deal with 
the monsters, and proceed to duke it out with Diablo. Diablo is impervious to 
most of your spells and attacks, and Holy Bolt is the only spell that really 
works well against him. Kill Diablo, and you will see the End Game sequence.

HellFire Section : In the HellFire section, there are another four quests, 
which span two new areas. The following are the solutions to these quests in 
order of their appearance. Note that you must complete all these quests 
before you kill Diablo.

Farmer's Orchard : After you have attained a significantly high level and 
have completed some quests for the townsfolk, talk to Lester the Farmer. He 
will ask you to help him blast open the Nest so that he can return to his 
orchard. Take the Rune Bomb and use it on the Nest to blast it open. Return 
to tell Lester the good news and he will give you the Auric Amulet which 
doubles your gold capacity.

The Defiler ( Nest Lv.4 ) : Upon entering the Nest, you will receive the 
quest to slay The Defiler. This quest is basically straightforward, and all 
you really have to do is to navigate the Nest, go down to Level 4 and fight 
the Defiler. The only significant things of note in this dungeon are the new 
monsters and the Hork Demon, a unique demon that can create Hork Spawn, 
which may overwhelm you with the sheer weight of their numbers. Nova works 
very well in this area, as the monsters tend to crowd round you. Like all 
other unique monsters, the Defiler is very susceptible to Stone Curse, and 
you can use it to slay the Defiler. Killing the Defiler rewards you with the
Cathedral Map, which can be used to open the Crypt.

Grave Matters : After completing the Hive, return to town and talk to the 
Barmaid, Gillian. She will tell you about her grandmother's story about 
great powers being hidden in the Crypts. This initiates the Grave Matters 
quest. Go to the graveyard beside the church, and use the Cathedral Map on 
the large ornate grave to open the passage down to the Crypts.

Na-krul ( Crypt Lv.4 ): Enter the Crypt, explore the first floor and you 
will find the necromancer's journal titled The Meeting. Read it and it will 
initiate the quest to slay Na-krul. There are also other journals in the 
Crypt which will shed more light on Na-krul and his nature. There are three 
Torn Notes in the Crypt, as well as the Cornerstone of the World, which will 
reveal the history of the cathedral to you if you drop an item on it. The
torn notes, when pieced together will reveal a secret essential to defeating 
Na-krul. The main quest for Na-krul is basically straight forward, and what 
you really have to do is to survive the Crypt until you do meet Na-krul. The 
Golem and Mana Shield spells should be cast often to prevent you from dying 
at the hands of the very powerful monsters in the Crypt. When you get to the 
fourth level in the Crypt, you will see a small rectangular room with ornate
double doors, three spellbooks, each containing a portion of the spell 
described in the torn notes, and a lever before it somewhere in the level. 
This is Na-krul's prison. Do not pull the lever ! Instead, read the books 
to cast the spell of unlocking. The spell should be cast in this order : 
"In Spiritu Sanctum, Praedictum Otium, Efficio Obitus Ut Inimicus." ( Sounds
familiar ? It's part of an old Roman Catholic exorcism rite. ) This not only 
opens the door, it also renders Na-krul powerless against most of your spells 
and attacks. If you kill Na-krul, you will receive three magic weapons and 
the spellbook of Apocalypse.

*Special note : If you place an item on the cornerstone and start a new game,
it will appear on the cornerstone in your new game.*

Section 8 : Bonus Quests
These quests are unique to version 1.00A, and are initiated if you have the
command.txt file. Note that these quests replace the Farmer's Orchard quest.
The upgrades, patches and command.txt files can be downloaded from Yegg's 
Tavern at the following site : http://diablo2.gamestats.com/hellfire/
There are also some strange patches and a few other upgrades, such as v1.01b
etc. though I have not exactly tried them myself. If any of you have tried
these files, do write in with your discoveries, views etc.

The Jersey's Jersey : This quest is initiated by talking to the Complete Nut
dressed in a cow suit near the entrance to the catacombs. The first through
third times you talk to him, he will utter some nonsense about just being a 
cow, but on the fourth time, he will tell you the reason he is dressed in 
the cow suit and ask you to retrieve his costumes for him. Pick up the Rune 
Bomb and use it to blow open the Nest. Enter the Nest and search for the 
Grey suit on Level 3 and Brown suit on Level 4. Return with the suits to the 
Complete Nut with the suits to receive the Bovine Plate.

Little Girl ( Nest Lv.3 ) : Before entering Level 3, talk to the little girl
standing under the tree near the bridge across the fork of the river. She 
will ask you to rescue her teddy bear Theodore from the clutches of the bugs
in the Nest. Enter the third level of the Nest, and kill the Hork Demon to
retrieve the bear. Bring it back to the little girl to receive an amulet.

*If you complete these quests, then release Na-krul by pulling the lever, 
you will hear him give a little advertisement for an Aerosmith concert. 
( Backstage passes ? Heh heh ! )*

Section 9 : Rumors(?)

A recent rumor I have tried to verify is one dealing with the time of day and
the generation of unique items. Though I have not successfully verified this
theory, I have discovered that generally, the HellFire character classes like
the Monk, Bard and Barbarian tend to find more rare unique items.

Furthermore, it seems that these classes have a higher chance of finding a
unique item, especially when the time is set to between 3:00 to 4:00 AM. I am
using the Taipei standard time timezone setting, so I am still unsure what
the correct time setting would be in the US or UK. Well, if anyone can verify
the rumor, do e-mail me through my assistant at the above-mentioned address.

The following is some text that I was told appeared in the program but have
yet to encounter myself. ( Do they occur in multi-player mode ? ) I suspect
that, like Na-krul's Aerosmith concert pronouncement, some of the following
are also products of the programmer's odd sense of humor.

Complete Nut ( The Jersey's Jersey Quest )
"All right, I'll cut the bull. I didn't mean to steer you wrong. I was sitting
in the privy, feeling moo-dy, when things got really un-stable; a whole
stampede of monsters came out of the floor! I just cowed. I just happened to
be wearing this Jersey when I ran out the door, and now I look udderly
ridiculous. If only I had something normal to wear, it wouldn't be so bad.
Hey!  Can you go back to my place and get my suit for me?  The brown one, not
the gray one, that's for evening wear. I'd do it myself, but I don't want
anyone seeing me like this. Here, take this, you might need it... to kill
those things that have overgrown everything. You can't miss my house, it's
just south of the fork in the river... you know... the one with the overgrown
vegetable garden."

A Diary Entry of sorts by the mage in the Intro ? ( Na-krul Quest )
"Cloudy and cooler today. Casting the nets of necromancy across the void.
Landed two new subspecies of flying horror; a good day's work. Must remember
to order some more bat guano and black candles from Adria; I'm running a bit

The Defiler ( Defiler Quest )
"Ahh, mammal, welcome. Such a... tasty planet you have. My Nest shall spread
across this land, and you and your species shall serve as food for our colony.
I'm sure our meeting will be quite... delicious. Have you been enjoying
yourself, little mammal?  How pathetic. Your little world will be no challenge
at all. Come closer, morsel...come find me, the Defiler. I have waited
thousands of years...do not try my patience any further. Ah, I can smell you.
..you are close! Close! Ssss...the scent of blood and fear...how enticing..."

A source who requested to remain anonymous also told me that the Map of Stars
quest which nobody has encountered so far exists. He claims to have gleaned
this piece of info from HellFire.MPQ file. There is also some mention about a
wandering merchant or trader in this file.

If any of you can verify these, please e-mail me.

Section 10 : Acknowledgments

Special thanks to the following people :

Anduril, ( current address unknown ), for some of the information on the 
Diablo unique items.

Desslock, interlog.com, for some information on monsters, items and unique 
items in the Diablo section of the game.

All the people at Yegg's Tavern, diablo2.gamestats.com, for some of the
information on unique HellFire items and shrines.

The Enforcer, of The Cheaters Corp., for information on Madburner,
Rustweaver, Madeye the Dead, the Bone Demon, Diamondedge and lots of other

Special mention :

A very special commendation to Lee Yi, for informing me about the Barbarian
class and the cow quest.

Copyright(c) The Forgers Inc., 20th September 1998.

Note : This FAQ can be distributed and circulated in any way you like, 
but it should not be used for any criminal purposes or for profit ( unless 
the Cheater's Corporation is given 20% of the spoils ). Note that the we 
will not entertain any plagiarising or open forgery of this FAQ, and will
take legal action if such practices come to our attention !

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