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Guide and Walkthrough by arandomgamer02

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 03/27/2006

H  A  L  F    L  I  F  E:    B  L  U  E   S  H  I  F  T
(PC Version)

T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

1. Foreword
2. Version History
3. Walkthrough
4. Enemies
5. Allies
6. Weapons
7. Easter Eggs
8. Cheats
9. Legal
10. Contact


In this guide, I'm assuming you are playing the hardest diffilcuty available.
Plot spoilers inside the walkthrough will be present. I'm assuming also that
you have played the other Half-Life games and know the area and the enemies
and the weapons. Things explained in the other game will not be explained
again in depth. Finally, I'm playing on "hard" difficulty.


Version 1.0, March 8, 2006: First release. The walkthrough is complete! I hope
you like it. I might do a slight revision for grammar and revise the later
sections, but for now I think it's pretty good!

Version 1.1, March 10, 2006: Added a lot of minor sentances, general cleaning
up and the like. Check out the new guide! Stay tuned for more updates!

Version 1.2, March 27, 2006: KMuneta has informed me of a new easter egg in
Insecurity. Updated accordingly. Also added "Cheats". Hope to update again
soon! That probably won't happen, though.



Enjoy the tram ride. You'll see things such a pizza joint, scientists playing
a video game, and scenes from the original Half Life. You'll end up at Area 3
Security Facilities.


Get off the tram and go to the door. It's locked. As the guard opens it, you
see Gordon Freeman ride by in a tram. Go on in and talk to the guard about
problems with the equipment. Exit the door, go right. Appearantly, you need
your sidearm and uniform. Turn around and go the stairs ahead. Proceed into a
reception-like area, where a scientist complains about accessing his office.
A security guard at the big desk greets you. Follow the nearby red stripe
marked "Personal Facilities". There are two locker areas, a near and far one.
Calhoun's vest and helmet is in the  far section. (NOTE: SEE EASTER EGGS FOR

Return to the desk. The guard tells you to go to Sector G and fix the Main
Access Lift. First, you need your sidearm. Near where the arguing scientist
(who has relocated to Refreshments) was are a green and blue stripe. Follow
them to an elevator (SEE EASTER EGGS!). Upstairs, follow the green stripe.
Check out the videos in the next room. You'll see the sample being delivered,
and more of Gordon Freeman. Now follow the blue stripe to the firing range.
Talk to the guard behind the window to get your Pistol. In the firing range,
snag a few extra 9mm clips. Return to the guard who said you needed your
sidearm and uniform. He admits you to the H-E Particle Labs, one step closer
to Sector G.

The labs are straightforward. Just walk through the linear area (watching some
scientists trying to fix a computer console) until you reach a scientist
reading "The Mesa Times", who tells you that the tram is out, and you have to
walk to Sector G. Descend the ladder at the tram platform.

Start walking. When you arrive at a "High Voltage" sign, enter the gate and
activate the power box. Head through the regular door, turn right, and activate
the switch, lighting the area. Continue down the hallway until you reach a
stripe reading "SECTOR G MAIN ACCESS LIFT". Along the way, you'll encounter the
G Man on a tram. Wait until he passes, then activate the bridge using the
circle button to lower a bridge. Now you can cross the tram tracks.

The scientists in the lift urge you to make the lift work. Press the panel with
the buttons to start it. The elevator takes you on a journey, but stops
halfway. There's a power failure, or so it seems. It's probably from Sector C.
You continue down the shaft until you reach an open area. The power dies, and
a train flies off the track. A few aliens start appearing. The cable snaps,
and you are sent to the bottom.....let the game(s) begin.


You wake up. Exit the lift and get a Crowbar. Use it to the break nearby boxes
with ammo. To the right are some Houndeyes, use the Pistol. The door at the end
of the staircase nearby leads to a locked door, so instead take the only other
passage, breaking boxes, until you come to a power box. Shoot it from afar. The
locked door is now open. Continue into an office.

Shoot the two Headcrabs to the right, jump onto the desk, then quickly move to
the other side of the office and shoot the next Headcrab (by moving quickly,
you kill a Headcrab that falls into the slime). Open the nearby door, shoot the
Headcrab, get the ammo, and climb the ladder to a scientist. He says the canals
are the only way out of Black Mesa. The game's ultimate goal is to escape, so
let's hop to it! See the view of the office? See the explosive barrels behind
the jammed gate? Shoot the barrels, and continue through the gate until you
come to a lift.

Activate it. Shoot the Houndeyes as you are in transit. When you land, walk off
the lift and shoot the two Vortigaunt ambushers. Enter the door near "North
Tunnel", and open the South Tunnel. In the South Tunnel, shoot the two
Houndeyes there. Kill the next one in the ajoining tunnel. Back in the South
Tunnel, break all the breakable boxes to uncover another houndeye and some
Medkits. In the ajoining tunnel, collect the fallen guard's Helmet. Nearby is a
console with two switches, controlling two lifts. Pull the left switch until
the bottom of the lift is even with "BLACK MESA RESEARCH FACILITY" on the boxes
ahead. Pull the second one until the lift no longer obstructs your view of the
red ladder. Take a nearby box and drag it to the first lift. Jump onto the
lift, then to the BMRF box, then to the second lift, then to the ladder, them
climb to the top. Continue to an area with two Vortigaunts. Shoot them. Hurry
down a nearby ladder: more may teleport in! Welcome to the canals.

Continue. At the T-junction, turn right. Proceed through the door, and jump
into the suspended ladder after a few turns. At the top, turn a valve. Continue
until you reach a ladder near some steam. Take it down to another valve. Turn
it, go down the tunnel, and get the Shotgun. Look up: the light markes the
level's end. Go back to where the steam was. Go on to a window overlooking a
lift with some Vortigaunts on it. Kill all three of them (one is JUST in your
range). Remember the T-junction (line one of this parapgraph)? Take the branch
you haven't explored yet. Climb up the ladder, then travel along the nearby
brown girder.

Don't touch the Barnacles in the next area. Get into the water and enter the
broken barred window. Activate the "FLOW CONTROL" switch. When the water rises,
jump onto a floating green barrel, then hop to the ground from there. Collect
nearby items and continue through the next few doorways until you reach a
broken bridge. Kill all the Vortigaunts that appear with your new Shotgun. At
the broken section of the bridge, look left. See the lower brown pipe? Jump to
it and cross to an area below the bridge. Push on until you see a guard being
ripped to pieces by Zombies. Wait until the Zombies come to you, then Shotgun
them. Continue to where they ripped him apart (looking for a new Vest, ammo,
and two more Zombies). Go on from here, and kill the Bullsquid (when you meet
him) with your Shotgun. Explore the nearby area for three Vortigaunts (who
teleport in) and a Bullsquid. At the other end of the tunnel where the
Bullsquid came from, kill the 'Squid on the right, turn left, flick the switch,
kill the 'Squid and the Vortigaunt. Activate the elevator near the first
Bullsquid (2 lines up, 'the one on the right'). From there, go through the

You're in the area where you sniped the Vortigaunts. Drag the "DANGER!
EXPLOSIVES!" box into the nearby canal and watch as it creates a passage for
you. Proceed past the sole functioning rotor thing in the canal (that didn't
come out right) and climb up the ladder. Watch the soldiers complain that
Adrian Shepard and his team have not arrived yet. From there, it's a linear
walk to the end of the level.

Time to meet the marines!


Keep going and climb the ladder to the surface. Don't move. See the army truck
on the right? Crouch and creep toward the half-wall of tan bricks. When there,
arm the Shotgun. Stand and QUICKLY blast one of the Turrets. Crouch, wait, and
blast the other. The exit behind the truck is blocked! Dang it! Now we have to
fight through the Frieght Yards and find another exit! Grab the equipment from
the truck (Grenades, MP5 Ammo, and Satchels) and go back to the manhole. Go
the other way to a tunnel. Grab the Magnum and Vest/Helmet from a car about
halfway in. See the locked gate? Break the lock with the Crowbar, hold down the
wheel, then jump into the opened steam tunnels.

Kill the Headcrab here. The tunnels are very linear. Just keep going, killing
another Headcrab. After you turn the wheel and enter the next area, there is
another you must kill on your walk through here. Yet another is near some
steam pipes (you can deactivate the steam with the Pressure Release Valve IN
the steam-filled area!). Go on through the water-filled area. When you surface,
go on and then kill a Bullsquid, and then kill the other one that you've
probably attracted. At the end of the tunnel where the second Bullsquid came
from are two Headcrabs and an elevator which takes you to the Freight Warehouse
Basement...and two more Headcrabs. Remember to break all the boxes to find
ammo: you'll need it.

At the first turn, two Headcrabs fall from a ceiling vent. A few turns later,
three Vortigaunts try to give you trouble. After you walk by a ladder, kill the
Vortigaunt that interrupts your quest. At the turn ahead, kill the Headcrab far
to your left. At the T-junction, go right, killing the three teleporting
Vortigaunts and a Headcrab, who is behind some boxes (this happens very fast).
(Note: taking the other branch leads to a Vortigaunt and seven Headcrabs, but
you get a MedStation for your trouble....) Proceed through the electrified area
when no currents are in your way, kill the Vortigaunts and Headcrabs, and push

Kill the Vortigaunts near the pile of junk. You can shoot the barrel, kill the
new Vortigaunt, or kill the original Vortigaunt. Drag some nearby green boxes
to a vent sticking out from the top of the junk pile. Hop into the vent. At the
junction, Grenade the Headcrab to your left. Go to the right, Grenade the
Headcrab behind the vent and go on in that very same vent. Another ambush is
waiting about two turns later. You can Grenade it, if you bounce the Grenade
off a specific angle. Right after that, toss a final Grenade down the vertical
shaft to kill a final Headcrab. Go down that shaft to emerge in a room, still
in the Basement. Outside the room: to the left is a Vest/Helmet combo, to the
right are two Marines, use the Shotgun. Enter the room they were guarding and
talk to Harold. You need to find Dr. Rosenburg in order to escape. How fun...
don't miss the Magnum ammo in the lockers to the right. Exit the room and MP5
Grenade the Marine that comes in. GO through his door. Continue to a stairwell.

At the top of the stairs, MP5 Grenade (I'll now call it MP5G) the Marines, then
MP5 any survivors. Go back to the Storage Room (Floor 1). Go through those two
rooms (break the crates!) and go through the green exit door to an outside area
with Marines. Hurl a Grenade in their general direction (which actually works
well) and use the cars as a shield to Shotgun the rest. Now go back to the
doorway you used to get here and face outside. Take two left turns and Magnum
the Marine. Climb on the boxes and tires to get to his window. Take the light
gray door to the Yard Manager Office. Go through the other door to the
Warehouse Security office. Grab the Magnum Ammo, break the lock on the left
(Use the Crowbar) and grab the stuff in there. Leave the room using the other

Kill the Marines here with the MP5 and only one (so you follow my munition
levels) MP5G. Enter Parcel Receiving (parallel of entrance door) and collect
the munitions there. In the main area, open the RED, not BLUE, car by standing
next to the very back. The scientist there isn't Rosenburg, so back up. See the
"Storage Room" sign to the right? Go there, and MP5G the Marine that appears.

Kill all the Marines here with no more than 3 Magnum Shots per Marine. Use
evasive tactics to save health. When they're killed, gather all the surrounding
munitons (the Vest/Helmet combo can be found). See the red car? Break the small
kickstops holding the adjacent cylinder thingys together so you can open the
door. Not Rosenburg, so what good is he? Anyway, face the "STORAGE CAR ACCESS"
sign. Turn around. See the ".50 CALIBER MACHINE GUN" box? Break it, arm it, and
kill the mass of oncoming Marines. Don't let one leave your line of fire.

Go down their tunnel. When you SEE (NOT GET TO) the next area, Magnum the far
away Marine. You should Magnum 4 total. See the Rocket Launcher in the truck?
Run for it (Magnum-ing a 5th Marine) and shoot down the tank (without getting
hit).  Gather all the munitions (including the ones inside the blue car with a
hole, opposite the truck where you got the Rocket Launcher) and leave using the
Maitenance Access door.

Continue to a tunnel and Grenade the Turret to the right. Go to the left, climb
up the ladder, break the boxes, and shoot the four mortars once each with the
Pistol. Climb through the hole and kill all the Marines with the Magnum.
Collect the munitions, and enter the Turntable Controls (left from entrance).
Activate both switches, grab the Vest/Helmet combo, and enter the door you
opened (right from entrance). Activate the switch at the head of the red car
and it starts moving. When it stops, enter it from the back. It's Rosenburg!
The Marines come and lock the door, though. Rosenurg boosts you through the
ceiling. Use an MP5G/MP5 combo on the Marines. Take Rosenburg to a door
straight across from the entrance point of this area. Lead him to the
stairwell. Go all the way up into a new area. Leave him here and Shotgun the
two Marines ahead. Take him through the hallway (snag the Helmet at the end)
back to the very first stairway of this level. Go back to the Basement. Have
Rosenburg follow you until he stops and says you made it. Break through the
light brown (tan?) boards, then the boards blocking the elevator. Go down. Take
the good doctor down the hallway. He opens the old lab for you (before going
in, loot the security office opposite the door). He starts to explain that you
must go to Xen in order to align a survey team's equipment so you can actually
teleport out of Black Mesa. Evenutally, the portal warms up. Jump in the orange
ball to go to Xen.

Level Four: Focal Point

Kill the three Houndeyes here. Behind the start point, jump on the rocks, then
to the ring ledge overlooking the area. Kill the Houndeyes. Cross the ring to
the other side. Enter the cave, kill the Houndeye, and enter the alien vent
type thing behind the Thrashing Plant. Continue until you reach a larger room,
then take the vent to the left. At the first turn, throw a Grenade around it
and kill two waiting Headcrabs. Continue right (left will net you ammo and
another Headcrab, use the Pistol) until you reach the next room with two
Headcrabs (Pistol) and a Bullsquid (use the Shotgun). Across from the vent you
emerged there is another vent on a ledge. Enter that one. When the tunnel
widens, watch out for a Headcrab, and one that drops from a ceiling vent.
Continue. When you reach the exit, kill the Headcrab at the far end of the
pool, and the one to your right (NOTE: SEE THE EASTER EGGS FOR FOCAL POINT).
After you've visited the Chumtoads, use the Healing Pool. Take the exit across
from it.

To the left are where you emerge is a jumping puzzle. First, jump to the far
left platform. Then go to the only other one you can reach. The next one: to
the far right, then to the only other one you can reach. Left, left, right.
Then Vortigaunts teleport in, Magnum them. Then it's straightforward to the
end. Continue (use the Shotgun on the Houndeyes) to the second jumping area.
See the opening on the left? QUICKLY jump using the platforms to get there,
ignore all other activity. Run until you see a teleporter but DON'T ENTER IT.
Turn around, and when an alien ship flies by, enter it (the teleporter) (but
equip the Shotgun). Shoot the Vortigaunts here and heal yourself using the
pool. See where a green pole has fallen? Walk over it to a new platform. Behind
the rocks in an air duct. It leads to a stream which leads to a Bullsquid.
Shotgun it. Follow the stream to a very large area. MP5 the Bullsquid, and use
the Alien Pad he was guarding to float to the opening directly across of the
way you got to the large area. Follow the stream past the Healing Pool and to
a new area. Kill the Bullsquid on the left with the Shotgun, then travel right,
making use of rocks to jump to higher areas. Use the Shotgun on all the enemies
you encounter. When you reach an Alien Pad, use it to get to a higher ledge.
Proceed to the Survey Team HQ.

Grab EVERYTHING here (all hell will break loose later) and explore all the
niches you can find. We'll call the tunnel the Inside Area. Now inspect the
machine attached to the large yellow crystal. A cable runs from it to a silver
machine to a generator. Turn on the generator's power switch, then go to the
silver machine. Use the knobs to align the yellow triangle inside the larger
red triangle. When you've completed both, you have two options:

Magnum the three Vortigaunts and two Alien Controllers. Rocket Launcher the
Alien Marine.

Run to the Inside Area.

Go to the Inside Area and watch as the Vortigaunt kills itself. Jump up the
rocks it created. Kill the Headcrab here and go on into a new area. Use the
pool for healing (come back here if you're hurt!) and kill the three Headcrabs.
Go forward and kill the Bullsquid. Go to his body and kill all the other
enemies with the Magnum, using the Alien Pad to access the platforms with ammo
on them. Continue through the rest of the tunnels, killing all the Headcrabs
with the Pistol, until you reach the beginning of the level. You can kill all
the enemies, but I'd quickly hop into the teleporter - it can't stay open

Welcome back! You'd be able to teleport out now, but you need a new Power Cell
to fuel the teleporter. Rosenburg sends you to the Sub Basement.

Level Five: Power Struggle

At the bottom of the elevator, open the door and Shotgun the Bullsquid. Collect
the Vest/Helmet combo on the right (on the left is a door marked "Reserve
Coolant Basin; remember that) and take the elevator up. Continue until you see
a Scienist and Security guard get killed. Return to the Coolant Basin Sign. An
enginner from the Marines breaks it open. Toss 5 Snarks at them. Kill any
Marine survivors. Grab the ammo and continue ahead, killing all the Marines you

Proceed through all the small blue offices until you come to a four way
junction. Go ahead until waterfalls are on your left, wall on your right, and
a lift ahead. Throw a Grenade to the top of the lift (a little ways past where
the lift drops off) so it'll kill a Turret. It was guarding a shortcut back to
Rosenburg's place. Go to the waterfalls and cross the bridge there. Magnum any
Marines on the bridge and beyond it. Watch out for a Vending Machine! Some
Marines were in a room with flashing lights. Climb the ladder there and Shotgun
the Marine.  Next to the ladder is a grading. Climb it to a passage leading to
some Snarks. Back to room where you found the grating.

Take the doorway labeled "Auxilary Generator Access" to a junction. Go right to
some Houndeyes, etc. Use the Shotgun. Now take the left branch. See the broken
wire? Drag a nearby steel barrel to bridge the gap. Follow the wire to a
detonator. Use it. Enter the hole it made. Kill the Vortigaunts and the
Headcrabs on the upper level. Climb to the upper level and continue. At the
junction, go right, kill the Headcrabs, activate the coolant pump, go left at
the junction, kill the Bullsquid, grab the armor combo, take the lift down, and
enter an area with blue barrels. Arrange the barrels so they form a line
on the silver grating (you can see blue water under it). Keep in mind that
there's a ladder leading to more barrels. Reactivate the coolant pump and
return to the area where you killed the Houndeyes.

Rocket Launcher the Alien Marine and Magnum the Vortigaunts. Climb across your
barrel bridge and open the door. Go on and Magnum any Vortigaunts until you see
Marines fighting. Ignore them and climb over the crates to the left, Rocket
Launcher the Alien Marine, and enter a door at the bottom of his ledge.
Continue (killing the Headcrabs) until you come to his ledge. Go on from there,
killing Vortigaunts, until you reach the Control Room. Kill the Bullsquid and
pull both switches. Follow these directions to get to where you need to be.

Cross the barrel bridge.
L (Left)

You should be overlooking the waterfalls. Pull the switch and cross the upper
level. Continue, Magnum-ing Vortigaunts, until you reach the Security Guard.
He moves out of the way for you. Push the Power Cell into the charging station
then into the Payload Lift. Send it up. Return to Rosenburg the same way
you came here. There's a shortcut to the very beginning in this room, BTW.

Level Six: A Leap of Faith

Roseburg leads you to the main room. After he's through talking, climb up the
ladder, pass the pressure system valve, and the control room, and enter the
control room overlooking the teleporter. Flip the MAIN POWER switch.

Midway into the process, the pressure breaks. Go there, Shotgun the Houndeyes,
and turn the valve.

When Rosenburg tells you, throw the Damping Locks switch.

Do the same thing with Walter and Dr. Rosenburg.

When he's gone and it's charging, plant a Satchel at the control room door.
When it bursts open, detonate it. Release the Damping Locks. Rush to the
portal, killing all the Marines you can, but shrug off their hits if you can
and just run! Throw yourself into the portal.

You teleport to the Arizona sode of the Black Mesa South Access Tunnel.
Rosenburg says you're glowing green. You accidentally teleport to Xen as part
of an infinite teleport sequence and then you witness Gordon Freeman being
dragged to the trash compactor. The random teleporting stops, and you and your
friends go off to a happy ending. The end.........?

   Subject: Calhoun

   Status: Out of range

   No further comment.


Houndeye (Duty Calls): Looks like a green dog with one eye. It emits a charge of
blue light. Use the pistol or crowbar. Danger level is about 1/5, 2/5 in large

Headcrabs (Duty Calls): Yellow crabs. They can jump at you. They tend to attack
in groups. Use the pistol or crowbar. Danger level is about 1/5.

Vortigaunt (Duty Calls): One-eyed humanoid things. They emit a lightning charge
attack that's unavoidable at most ranges. Take cover. Very annoying, even moreso
in groups. Use the Shotgun up close, and the MP5 from far away. Danger: 2/5,
3/5 in groups.

Barnacle (Duty Calls): Red blobs that hang on the ceiling and try to trap you
with their long gray tong. Always avoid them. 0/5 danger.

Bullsquid (Duty Calls): It's on all-fours and is brown with spots. It shoots
slime at you, and tail-whips you up close. Use the Shotgun or MP5 Grenades.
Danger is 2/5, they rarely attack in groups.

Zombie (Duty Calls): Slow-walking mutants with headcrabs on their...head. Only
attacks up close. Use the Shotgun. 1/5 danger, usually 0/5.

Turret (Captive Freight): Use the Shotgun up close. From far away, use Grenades
of any type.

Marines (Captive Freight): Soliders. Very dangerous. They use MP5s, Shotguns,
and Grenades. MP5 is the overall best choice. Also use MP5 Grenades and
Satchels. 3/5 danger.

Tank (Captive Freight): Very dangerous. Use the Rocket Launcher about 4-5 times.
Danger: 3/5.

Thrasing Plant (Focal Point): Weird peach colored thing. Don't get too close,
not really a threat. 1/5.

Alien Marine (Focal Point): Shoots from rather weak hive hand. Never get close.
Avoid contact. If you must, use MP5 Grenades or the Shotgun. 4/5 danger!

Alien Controller: (Focal Point): Sends fireballs at you. Use the Magnum, but
only if needed; avoid contact. 3/5 danger.


Security Guard (Insecurity): They only appear in that level. Unlike other games,
you can't enlist their help.

Scientist (Insecurity): Pretty useless. They appear later on, but only briefly.

The G Man (Insecurity): Very mysterious. Only appears once.

Harold (Captive Freight): A colleague of Dr. Rosenburg. He sets you on your
mission to find him.

Dr. Rosenburg (Captive Freight): He helps you teleport out of the facility, thus
saving your life.

Walter (Captive Freight): A colleague of Dr. Rosenburg.

Simmons (Captive Freight): A colleague of Dr. Rosenburg.


Pistol (Insecurity): 17 rounds per clip. Uses 9mm ammo. Use it on Headcrabs
and Houndeyes.

Crowbar (Duty Calls): Use it to break boxes.

Shotgun (Duty Calls): Uses 12-gage shells. Use on Zombies, Bullsquids, Marines
up close, Turrets, and Vortigaunts.

Grenades (Captive Freight): You can carry 10, they come in 5-piece incriments.
Use on Bullsquids and Turrets.

Satchels (Captive Freight): Plant them for unsuspecting enemies. They come in
1-charge incriments, 5 max. Use on Marines and thougher aliens.

Magnum (Captive Freight): Great handgun. Horrible reload time, you can use it
over any distance. Use on Alien Controllers, Alien Marines, Marines, and
Vortiguants as a Shotgun alternative.

MP5 (Captive Freight): Use it on Marines and any other moderate alien. It takes
9mm ammo. Marines often drop 25-clip ammo. Comes with Grenades.

MP5 Grenades (Captive Freight): Great weapon that comes in 2-packs, with a max
of 10 at once. Use on Turrets, Marines, Alien Marines, and Bullsquids in a

Rocket Launcher (Captive Freight): You should only use it against Alien Marines
and Tanks. They come in 1-rocket incriments.

Snarks (Focal Point): They come in 5-Snark incriments. You can hold 15. They are
small animals that attack anything. Use on large groups of Marines.


Med Station (Insecurity): Restores about 30-40 health.

Helmet (Insecurity): Restores 40 defense.

Vest (Insecurity): Restores 60 defense.

Medkit (Duty Calls): Restores 10 health.

HEV Station (Duty Calls): Unusable.

Healing Pool (Focal Point): If you stand in it long enough, it restores all your

Ammo Pack (Focal Point): A black cylinder contaning random ammo.

Vending Machine (Power Struggle): Each can it depenses restores 1 health.
Limited cans.


Insecurity: Use the Impulse 101 cheat in Insecurity to break open the box
in Calhoun's locker. Inside is a Chumtoad.

Insecurity: Noclip inside the elevator (that leads to the Video Room and the
Armory) and you'll see a purple box covered in Lambda logos. Shoot it with
any actual gun that has bullets. The elevator moves up. It also moves down.
How strange.

Focal Point: At one section, there is a very deep pool. At the bottom, there's
a blocked tunnel. Unblock it with the Crowbar and proceed to "Chumtoad's Lair".
The three Chumtoads teleport out, leaving Snarks. This is one of two places in
the whole game where Snarks are available.


Create a shortcut to Blue Shift on your desktop. Right click and select
"Properties". Modify the "Target" field so it looks like this, and the quotes
are part of the actual target!

"C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 130 -dev -console

Ingame, press "~". Type any code you want. Highlights include "god", "map xx",
"impulse 101" and "noclip".


This guide is copyright (C) 2006 Pierre Andre III

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site besides GameFAQs, or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.


Email: tripp9@bellsouth.net (Label the subject "GameFAQs Blue Shift", etc.)

AIM: "colorlesspriv"


Thanks for reading!!

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