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Guide and Walkthrough by acidslayer57

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/08/2003

                   Half-Life: Blue Shift FAQ/Walkthrough
                            by acidslayer57

Table of Contents:

-A very important spolier message-

I:    Introduction
II:   Version History
III:  Walkthrough
       - Insecurity
       - Duty Calls
       - Captive Freight
       - Focal Point
       - Power Struggle
       - A Leap of Faith
IV:   Weapons of Blue Shift
V:    Enemies of Blue Shift
VI:   Credits/Disclaimer

                            |!SPOLIER ALERT!|
|This FAQ contains major, major plot spoliers. If you want to see the   | |plot
in the game, I suggest you do not read this FAQ and figure stuff  |
|out yourself. Also, if you want to DO the game by yourself, figuring   |
|out puzzles ect. then obviously you should skip this FAQ as well.      |

<-=                        Part I: Introduction                       =->

I love Half-Life. Plain and simple. The only reason this FAQ exists is as a
tribute to possibly the best shooter on the planet. In this FAQ I will cover
how to beat the game, weapons, and enemies of the game. It is small and simple
really, as the game only takes a few hours to beat. Try to finish it on a lazy
weekend day or something. It only took me two weekdays Hehe.

Anyways, I am kind of assuming the only reason you are playing this game is
that you have beaten the original Half-Life, and even opposing force. You
should really know how to move around switch weapons and all that jolly stuff.
This means I am not going to write a basics section on anything including which
buttons do what and

<-=                       Part II: Version History                    =->

December 7, 2003
Version 1.0

This is the completed guide.It is 100% done. Walktrough, weapons, enemies, and
all. Yay.

December 5, 2003
Version 0.5

Finished the complete walkthrough of the game. (Damn that was a short one.)
Added the only slightly overdone spolier message. I think I got the point

December 4, 2003
Version 0.1

Finished three parts of the walkthrough: Insecurity, Duty Calls, and half of
Captive Freight. That's basically all. I'm planning on adding a weapons and
enemies section as well. I might add a basics section because why not?

<-=                        Part III: Walkthough                       =->

Upon pressind New Game you will take on the role of Barney Calhoun, who is a
security guard for Black Mesa Research Facility. He is on a normal day at work
as a security officer at the Research Facility. Blue Shift covers his story, as
Half-Life covered Gordon Freeman's and Opposing Force covered Adrian Shepard's.
Wait for the long inro to be over, introducing you to the facility, and begin
at the first chapter which is named:


When you get off of the tram, go to the door. You will find the gaurds having a
wee bit of trouble getting you inside. Stick around for a minute and you will
see that you were only a tram in front of Gordon Freeman. Isn't that something?
The guard will then tell you theve been having those types of small problems
all over the place recently. Continue after he lets you through and head to the
place labeled area three security on the wall. Follow the green line down some
stairs and into the main area where security personel work here at Black Mesa.
Head to the front desk.

Take the crap the guard at the desk gives you then if you want, check out what
the scientist says to the guard at booth. Then go into the hallway that says
personal facilitis. This is basically a big locker room. Take your suit from
the thrid row of lockers and then head back out again toi the front desk.

There the gaurd will inform you that there is a access life in sector G that
needs repairing. He tells you to go check it out, but before we do so, you need
a gun. to the right of the main desk is a line on the wall that says armoury.
Follow that blue colored line and down into the elevator. Follow the blue line
again until you find the armoury and talk to the guard behind the window.  He
will give you the 9mm pistol. Great. At least you are armed. Go into the range
and nab all of the spare ammunition then leave, unless you want to take a few
shots. I don't really recommend it. Spare ammunition is pleasant. Go to the
surveillance room and check out all three monitors. It's basically just for
coolness, but you can see Freeman going about his business.

Head back up the elevator. It's time for you to go to that elevator that needed
repairing. Backtrack to the front desk, and then out of the guard's chambers.
Head to the red line on the wall that says 'H-E particle labs.' Talk to the
guard that comes up to the left and he will let you through the door. If he
doesn't it's because you either forgot to get your uniform or you didn't get
your firearm. Maybe you should re-read the FAQ up to here and see if you are
better off.

Through the door, go left around the semi-circle like corridor to see a
slightly humorous conversation with different scientists and a guard trying to
get some computer fixed. After that, continue along across the small bridge, to
the right, then through the double doors. continue along to the tram station
there, and you will find a scientist telling you it will take a shorter time to
walk your way to sector G then wait for the tram, as all of the trams are
havinf difficulties. Grrr.

You heard then man. It's time to do a little hiking. Go down the ladder to a
platform below and through a small door labeled authorized personel only. Then
continue down the stairs. Now, move the barrel away from the door to get
through into an annoying dark room. Here switch on your flashlight and get
going. At the other side, climbe up the ladder and get trough the door.

Here you will find a river. Head to the middle of the river and press the
switch. The bridge won't open up very quickly because you will find G-man
coming down the river in a working tram. Yikes. After that wait for the bridge
and continue through the next door, around and up the stairs, and through yet
another door.

Through this door, you will find an area that says 'Sector G Main Access Lift.'
For those of you a little slower, this means you made it to sector G. Go into
the lift and press the button for the lift with the two scientists. Tale more
crap from those scientists and wait. Soon enough the lights will start to
flicker and an annoucement will reveal the elevator is not going anywhere too

Soon enough a chain reaction of events will occur that ends with your elevator
falling, fast. You will black out and wake up to find things trashed.

                               Duty Calls

When you wake up you will find yourself in front of a dog-like thing. Go
forward, take out the pistol and shoot two doggies to death. Go down the stairs
to find a locked door. That is where we must go. You aren't required to, but
breaking the boxes, clearing the way and getting ammunition is recommended.
After doing, or not doing so, you will find a curcuit box on the wall that is
gray. This box should be shot or crwobarred off the wall. The power will go out
as well as the security door. This means that you can go through the door down
those stairs. Turn on the flashlight if you have trouble navigating your way

Through the door and down the hall you will find a room full of a pool of
radiation. Jump an the table (while killing those annoying head crabs) and get
to the other side. You can get through the fenced off door, or even shoot
through it, but that is where you want to go. Go through the door opposite of
the fence, and climb the ladder, minding the headcrab on the way in.

Up the ladder in that room, you will find a scientist with a flashlight hiding.
He keep's referring to 'them' because he thinks 'they' are trying to kill Black
Mesa Personal. Anyways he tells you to get to the canal if you want to get out
of here. To do so, shoot the barrels near the fence I was talking about. With
the elevation you will be able to score a direct pistol hit and explode the
barrels blocking the way. Head through the fence.

Go through a strage series of indented rooms and across a catwalk to get to a
transport device with no sides. Go on it and sit there until it takes you to
the destination.

Across the pit, two dogs will appear, followed by two slaves. Kill them. Be
sure to get rid of the slaves fast because it can be difficult to avoid their
lasers because there are no easy hiding spots here.

Go through the only door here where there is a switch that says south tunnel
access and north tunnel access. Since the north tunnel is conveiniently broken,
the only way to go is south after pressing the button. The huge door will open
and you will be on your way.

More dogs will attack you in these corridors. Be sure to remember to break the
boxes on your way to get much-needed ammo. Crawl under the second door to find 
yourself in a place where there are two cranes that can get you up to the top
level. You job is to place them in a way where you can get up.

Bring the left one down until the bottom of the elevator shadows over the words
"Clack Mesa Research Facility" on the box. This should get you to to the big
box. Move th other elevator only down a little bit and by moving the box to get
on the left elevator, you will be able to access the top up there.

You will then go to the left corridor and into a wrecked room. Two slaves will
appear out of nowhere. Kill the left one first while still in the corridor and
then take cover only to kill the one on the right after. Two more will appear
after you get into the room. Kill them in a similar fashion.

Now go down to the ladder on the right, and you will fine yourself in a canal
with gears and greenish-water. Cross the river and go on the catwalk above it.
go through the door on the right.

Jump to the ladder that seems to be hovering above the river. Go up and turn
the crank. Then go left and down the ladder to turn another crank to get
through the chemicals at the top level. Be sure you grabbed the shotgun down
where you turned the steam off. Press a button in the next room to get the
slaves to come down. Pistol snipe them and get the health and armor. Fall
through the mindow and then follow against the current to that main room with
the two gears. Go up the ladder and right. Tlook around a bit to see a ladder
gointo upwards. You have to climb this.

Go up and through until you find a chasm with water in it. Jump down and look
for a grate that is broken. Go through it and turn the crank that is labeled
flow control. This will raise the water. You must now quickly swim back through
the grat and onto the green barrel nearest the opposite shore. Then jump to the
shore. Easy enough.

Break the boxes in the corner for some goodies, then get the shotgun ammo on
the opposing side. Go through the corridor with the shotgun at the ready. Blow
the slaves away when they get to you. A single blast with the shotgun is
sufficient. Break the box and go into the next corridor.

Two more slaves will spawn, one to your front, and one to your back. The front
one will break the bridge, fall into the pit and die. So be sre to blast the
one in back quickly before he gets you with his electrical gun there.

Keep going by falling down onto the pipe and to the corridor below the bridge
that the alien broke. You will see two zombies trying to tear a guy in half. I
suggest you pistol snipe them from here so later, they are no threat. Go left
and if you killed none, there will be four waiting to ambush you. A nice double
blast from the shotgun each and they will be down for the count. Time for more
box-breaking action for shotgun and pistol ammo.

Continue along the catwalk to come across a health machine. Suck up the health
and prepare to kill a monster at the bottom of the ladder to the right. I hate
this part.

Go aroud the larg structures and then kill a slave that will spawn behind you,
then get the other on the other side. Kill one down a little further, and then
to the right, a four-leged monster thing. Go down the path and then sneak up on
the other monster. You can easily kill it. Loot the place of ammunition and
then to the gray power-switch in the distance, watching for the enemy on the
left before you press it, and the slave that spawns after you do so.

Go up that elevator now that the power is on. You will find youself on the
other side! There may be now way up the elevator, but there is a box that is
explosive on the elevator. push it in the river and the gears at the end will
explode, creating a very fine pathway. When you surface up a ladder after
getting through the canal path, you will find guards throwing your security
forces in the canal. They are big whiners too.

Well, you can't go up to where they are immediatly, but going down a coridor
will get you into the next chapter called:

                            Captive Freight

When you start turn the corner to the left. Break the boxes and head up the
ladder. Your really not gonna make it passed those guns at this point, so go
right to the south exit and open the door. Near the wrecked car get the magnum
gun and some body armor ect. then go around the other way to see a group of
marines block you off.

Now you have one option. Going in the fenced area down the ladder. Do so, you
will have to shoot the lock to the door off. The ladder will break and you will
fall to the bottom. Quickly take out the headcrab there with you pistol. There
is another one to look out for on the left.

Go left ad through a long series of tunnels, killing headcrabs on the way. You
will have to turn a level to open one of the doors. Jump through all of the
steam as quick as you can to suffer minimal damage.

Go under the water and then find the crank and turn it to get to the other
side. Kill a monster on that side too. Turn to the right and kill another
monster and a headcrab or two. Then take the elevator up a level. Be ready for
about four headcrabs here.

Go over that slippery annoying crap and continue down the corridor while being
ready for three teleporting slaves. When passing a ladder, be ready for a
headcrab and three more slaves appearing. Go doen the corrider to the left
first and kill countless headcrabs and a slave. Turn around and get the
healthpack on the far wall. Now go back to the corridor you haven't been down
yet. Stop at the electricity. Your gonna have to time your run through this.
It's quite easy though, so don't worry too much.

Turn left to find a headcrab and a slave. Kill them both. Now kill the last two
slaves here and position the boxes so you can get up the vent here. Go left and
up the incline, constantly swing your crowbar to ward off any headcrabs here
keep following it. You should be familiar enough with Half-Life at this point
to get through it. Break through to the room. Go down and left to get some more
armor. How useful. Then go the perpendicular way to see a marine shooting
at...something. Sneak up on them with the magnum and two shots each they will
die. Go and see what they were shooting at.

It turns out it was a friendly scientist that was being killed. He almost is
dead too. He says that it is almost immpossible to get out by the frieght car
and you should try to find Dr. Rosenburg passed the marines. The marines are
killing off everybody they can or questioning them. Get out of that room and a
marine will ambush you, kill him and go through the door he opened for you.

Go down the corridor to a sign that says stairs. Go through the door. Then head
up the stairs killing any marines on the way.

Go to the first door you come by and break the boxes in this room for supplies.
Then continue to the next room. Then go back to the stairs.
Head for the top of the stairs, where you will find three marines. Get thier
attension and then run a flight down, killing them as they come.

Now that you see the third and second floors are locked, there is only one way
to go. The first floor. Be sure to be VERY cautious of the five gaurds when you
get ot in the open. Use your remaining magnum bullets on them then use MP5
volleys. The Magnum can penetrate armor so it is great against those marines.

Also, be sure to kill the goon in the window, because that is precisely where
you are going to go next. Climb the series of random objects to get up there.

You are on the second floor. Go to the right to open a way to the main
starwell, then go left and prepare fro some gun fights, asfter you fins a huge
supply of ammo and armor. Go through the larger room/garage type thing to the
other side and let the marines come to you, then exterminate them. Then go into
the garage and explore around getting boxes open for satchel charges and
health. It's very useful. When exploring, watch the two trucks, because one
will have three slaves in it, while the other will have one living and one dead
scientist in it. The living one(or the dead one) is not doctor Rosenburg.
Inside the storgae area are two marines.

Now go outside to the freight train area. There are a lot of marines out here,
and your the one who is going to have to out-gun them. Get the scientist out of
the train by destroying the wodden stopping mehanisms for the huge
cylinder-like thigs on the train, then going in the back of the train. He's not
Dr. Rosenburg either.

At this point loads of marines will come into the trainyard with the intent of
exterminationg you. It seems like the marines are nedless for a bit, but I
assure you, they will run out eventually. Tactics here involve running around
and strafing with any gun out that will do you best. I suppose you could hide
in a building and wait for them if you wanted to. Anyways, It might take
multiple tries to beat them, but you will eventually.

Then go down the tunnel where the guards spawned from and take out every marine
from a distance. After, you are sure there are not more, go in the area run
down it so the tank misses, and takes awhile to align itself with you, then
quickly turn around and go into the truck get the rocket launcher, rockets, and
medi-kits. Destroy the tank with four rockets.

Now, jump on the boxes to collect the extra ammunition and items, then go into
the door that says maintenance access. Go through and throw a grenade to the
drone gun on the right. Get on the train car and hit all of the CO2 canisters
with your crowbar to knock down the door.

After coming out of that hole in the door, your first priority is to kill every
marine in here. I think there are around five of them, which is not too bad
considering what you just faced.

After you do so, go into the little hut in which you can turn and press a
button. Turn the table until it gets horizontal and press the button that says
open bay five. To the right bay five wiil open, and you will be able to move
the train. Use it to get to the center. Keep moving it and get out. When the
train hits the wall, the door will open up and Dr. Rosenburg will be inside.

He will tell you he was partially responsible for what happened at Black Mesa
because he helped invent the technology that is responsible for transporting
quickly. He knows that inside the lab he could make a rough transporter to get
you out of there, but then he boosts you up on the train where you kill
soldiers. Now you have to go back to the lab you met Harold in or the scientist
that told you about Dr. Rosenburg. This is after you kill the soldiers and let
Dr. Rosenburg out of the train.

Go to the door that was previously locked and up the stairwell. Go up to the
third floor, and you must not let Dr. Rosenburg get killed when you take out
these marines, or you shall fail. Keep going and going.

After every marine is neutralized, go down the stairs on the other side and to
the basement. Walk through and you will find the dead Harold. You might have to
wait for Dr. Rosenburg to catch up. He's kinda slow, especcially on those
stairs. Just remember, he needs to rest every once in awhile. It can be pretty
annoying at times.

In the basement, break down the walls that are just plaster and you will find
an elevator. Bring Dr. Rosenburg on that and he will tell you a little about

Go down and bring him so he can put his hand on the door. Once through, go
straight across. Dr. Rosenburg will talk to the scientist who peiced together
the transport. Dr. Rosenburg will make a few inspections and find that he is
using the old equiptment. He says you will be sent to Xen, the alternate alien
world to turn on the transporting mechanism. Then they will all get out of

When Dr. Rosenburg gets the feild open, go through.

                                 Focal Point

When you first get into Xen, kill all of the dogs. Be aware of the healing pool
even though you probably don't need to too badely. It comes in handy if you
have some health lost. Then you must climb up some rocks to get to a large
semi-circle ledge. Once there, go around and in bewtween two walls. Then you
must take out the crowbar and bash the vines under the whip-like creature. Keep
folowing the tunnel until you  get into a circular room with more tunnels in it
and whippy creatures.

Go through the left tunnel and kill the headcrabs. Then go through the path and
then right (left has some ammo in it) when the next path appears. Then you are
in a room with a bullsquid and a headcrab. Go to the tunnel at the bottom ramp.
You can go either way. I suggest you go up the ramp because then you will be on
dry land in the room with the large pool you go to next.

In this large room, there is a healing pool. Now go around the pool and crawl
down the tunnel and bash yourself you. Turn to the right. Here you have a small
and slightly annoying jumping puzzle. Jump from platform to platform to get to
the right cave opening. Soon enough, a fw ships will appear and slaves will
spawn on the platforms. I suggest you ignore them and keep going to the tunnel

Kill the doggies and to right. Now jump across to the donut like platform to
the healing pool. Here turn around and kill the slaves that spawn. Stay in the
pool and you can kill them all. Watch out for extra bombs that the alien ships
drop. When you are fully healed go across the bridge that fell when the aliens
bombed. and bash you way down into the tunnel again.

You will fall into some water and then have to go down the path and underwater.
When your surface, kill the bullsquid. Now fall down the red water waterfall
and kill the next bullsquid. Get on the dry land in the middle use the bounce
to get to the top of the waterfall to the front. Go through, ignoring
barnacles, and use the healing pool. Get leftover ammo and continue. Now fall
down the rapids and get to the above place where you couldn't reach from the
below pool. Head up using platform jumping. Use the bounce to get up to the
next platform when you get all the way upstream.

go through to find a very mechanical structure. Go to the thing with two
switched and bring the green triangle into the red triganles. It sort of looks
like a radar screen. Now it will say aligned or something in the monitor.

Prepare for four slaves, a grunt, and two master-minds to teleport in. Kill em
all. Then go back into the tunnel to the left and kill a slave. Then stuff will
fall on him. Go up the fallen debris and kill two headcrabs and get healed. Go
down the path and kill the bullsquid. Prepare to kill more teleported enemies.
Go back into the pool if you must, but then continue.

You can use the bounce to get to the left, but eventually you must go straight.
Killing more enemies. Fall down the ledge, kill the two slaves in the front of
you, then make a run for the teleporter.

Finally, your back. Sadely, to get everyone out, there needs to be a spare
power-cell. It's you job. Dr. Rosenburg will show you to the lift that takes
you there. Now get the power, charge it, and send it up. Go down the lift.

                              Power Struggle

Once down the lift, open the door, kill the bullsquid and grab the armor. Then
go up the right lift.

Look through the left fence to see a guard and scientist arguing. Return back
to the bottom floor to see an engineer take a door down. You are gonna have to
kill them. Shoot the explosives on the right side of the door to kill them all
in one shot. Go through the old labs and keep killing guards. You going to be
in for a small shoot-out.

Keep going throgh until you find the level 2 access lift. Get the health on the
wall and make your way to across the bridge. Kill more marines. Move across and
keep killing and killing marines. When you get to a blue door get all of the
ammo near it. There is a ton of ammo.

Go up the ladder near here and kill the unsuspecting guard near the radio. Now
go down the corridor and press the explosive, nothing will happen. Kill the
dogs in the next room as well. You cannot get across here. Go back to the
explosive and use the metal barrel in the corner to trigger the explosion. Go
through the door, and then kill the damn appearing slaves. Watch out for
headcrabs at the top of the ladder. Go through the left and press the coolet
pump to drain the water from the room you can't get passed with dogs formally
in it. Turn around, kill the bullsquid and go down the elevator.

Kill the headcrab and get the health down there. Now go down the hall and into
the drained water resoivior. Push every barrel you casn find in the center
(including those at the top of the ladder) Repump the water into the pool, and
the backtrack and jump across. Loads of aliens will spawn across the water so
be ready.

Go through the door on the far side and kill the slaves waiting for you.
Continue down the hall. You wgo into this room with another pool of coolant in
it. Look across the pool to see marines fighting off aliens. After the fight
stops, kill them and climb up the boxes. Watch out for an annoying grunt who
will ambush you. Kill it quickly and get on the other side of the boxes and
through the door. Go around the stairs and kill headcrabs, and dodge any
fire-spewing things that are in the way.

Kill the slave and then make you way to the control room. Go down the ladder
and kill the Bullsquid. In this room, turn both units on and then make you way
back across the barrels and all to the place witht he radio. Head back and then
go around and up the steps. To press a switch that brings the elevator up.
Cross again.

Go left, down the hall, kill the slaves, and get the health and armor. Go
around, and you objective becomes clear due to a dying guard. Push the
battery-ish thing in the room behind him and charge it, then put it in the
thing that says 'payload.'

Now go through the door you haven't and keep going down back to the elevator
you were at, at the beginning! Great. Head back up.

                            A Leap of Faith

Once you get up you hear Dr. Rosenburg very happy that you did it. He tells you
that he will need you this time around because it will be a bit more
complicated. Follow him.

First he will tell you to go up to the control room and activate the main power
switch, you of course should faithfully do so.

After a bit Dr. Rosenburg will be panicked because the coolent system will go
down. You have to release some coolent by going around and turning the handle.
In thi middle of this two dogs will appear magnum them up and turn the pump to
the green. That was the most intense cooling system I've ever seen.

After that, you must press a small red switch in the control room when he says
so. Do it. Keep doing it until every scientist is out of the facility. As Dr.
Rosenburg gets out, he sets the machine to automatically let you out. You just
hvae to press the button at the time.

This charge seems to take extra long and marines will come and try to kill you
as a final attempt. Kill them and press the button at the designated time. Go
through the portal.

When you make it, you will be caught in a small error of the portal and go to
three other sequenes. One is highly entertaining. Im not gonna spoil it. Enjoy
the ending.

               ...so ends another chapter of Half-Life.

<-=                     Part IV: Weapons of Blue Shift                =->

The weapons in Blue Shift are the basic everyday weapons found in the original
Half-Life. There are no strange weapons like in Opposing Force or beta-version
weapons like in the original. Just military weapons, but whatever. I'm going to
try to make this short and sweet. Basically, I'm going to name the gun and then
tell you the best times to use it and other stuff about the gun you should know.

                              9mm Pistol

The 9mm Pistol is the first weapon you will get in the game. You get it even
before the crossbar, at the armory in the Gaurd's Quarters. Basically it should
be used when you have to use it. It's a backup weapon not a main assualt weapon
so use it that way - only if you have nothing else. Actually, there are other
times you will want to use it. For example, headcrabs they can only withstand a
few shots from this gun, and if you find yourself in a situation where there is
only one or a few headcrabs in the room, this is the best gun to take them out
with. Also, if killing zombies or slower enemies from farther away dogs even,
this weapon might come in handy as to not waste ammo from much more important


The crowbar is the second weapon you find and it is pretty useful. You can use
this with no ammo expenditure and you can break doors and boxes with it easily.
This weapon can be used to sneak up on weak enemies and and break vents and
other things you need to get through. The crowbar only does a small amout of
damage, and should not be used as a main weapon. Only as a backup when you have
little or few ammo left.


The magnum had the most powerful shot in the game. It is the most powerful gun
too, with the exception of rockets. One shot can kill a slave, headcrab and
even bullsquid. Two will down a marine, and three a grunt. I suggest you use
this gun when faces with a few marines. It will make short work of them.
Obviously, this isn't very well suited for huge firefights because of it's slow
shot and horrid recoil time. You can probably get two good bullets gone in 2
seconds. Because of the rarity of bullets from this gun and because of the slow
shooting, you should really aim before you shoot it. Make sure you will get a
good shot when you shoot this.


This shotgun will do you well in general, it is probably the gun you want to
have out if the MP5 isn't good for the situation. Use this on a single or even
two bullsquids, and use it when there are groupd of enemies around, It's double
blast can take out mawmen with a pull of the trigger, I would use this against
anything that moves. It's overall useful. Also, obviously use it at closer
ranges then farther away.


The MP5 is the all-around gun of the game. This sub-machine gun is very useful
in a myriad of situations. You can use it as automatic fire and burst fire if
you click the mouse button for a second. It's secondary fire launches a grenade
which detonates on contact with enemies or obstacles. This grenades is fast and
treacherous to try and avoid. Mainly, if your not using the shotgun, you should
use this gun. IT is perfect in every way except that it's bullets individually
are weak. Most of the time it takes 15-20 shots to bring down a marines. A
little less for smaller foes and a little more for grunts. The gun can be used
in any situation. The load of ammo for it also helps.

                              Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is good for a few things. FOr one, you can destroy tanks
with four shots and you can clear out rooms extremely fast. Althogh the rockets
are slow they deliver a huge amount of splash damage that is unhealthy to
anything within the range, including you. Be sure to be far away from the
target when shooting the Rocket Launcher because you will get hit with the
splash too. When you get this gun, you get a load of rockets, and it is useful
until you ru out again, because after the fist initial rockets you get, the
ammo gets extremely rare. Use this gun only when you need to, or when theres a
tank around.


Grenades are great because they can be used to do a lot of things. For one they
can be used to clear out area that you haven't been through before. They can be
used to move marines into spots that aren't good for them.(spots where you can
shoot them down.) Lastly, you can deal vicious direct damage with them. They
are a fairly common item and should be used for a lot of situations. Don't
overdo it though.

                              Satchel Charge

There is nothing as useless as a satchel charge. In Half-Life they
occiasionally came in handy. Here they are of little use. You could lead people
in an area and plant one, then detonate it when they walk over it, but it's
really nothing a well placed grenade or rifle grenade can't handle.

<-=                      Part V: Enemies of Blue Shift                =->

This section is similar to weapons. It will tell you about the enemies of the
game instead.


Headcrabs are a pain. In normal mode they only take 2 shots with the 9mm
pistol, but they are ussually hidden in dark corners of the level that you
don't expect them to be. There are also more then one in most cases. When they
see you they will get within jumping distance of you and jump bite you. This is
very easy to avoid when you expect it because you can sidestep either to the
left or right, and then when they pass get behind them and smack them a few
times with the crowbar. I suggest that as the best way to kill them. If you
spot them before they spot you, it might just be easier to take them down with
the 9 mil because it will save you the trouble of going somewhere where there
could be a potential pack of headcrabs, and you have to show little effort by
just taking them out.


Yeah, I don't know what they are REALLY called, but I call them dogs because
they look like dogs. They have one really large eye and are small in size and
have white stripes on their sides. Dogs are very weak. One well placed shotgun
blast will take them out. They very rarely attack you luckily. If they are
going to attack you, they will charge and have a strange sound. Then a blast
wave will blast out of them taking minimal damage off you. Whatever. There is
not an optimal way to kill these because they are so easy to take down in the
first place. You could even try to crowbar them if you really wanted to. Even
in packs, they are not much of a threat.


Slaves are the most common enemy you will find yourself fighting. They shoot an
electrical attack that take about a seconds to charge and are an actual threat.
A shotgun blast or a magnum shot will take them down swiftly. A lot of pistol
shots or the MP5 are also good. In general you can use anything you want to to
defeat them. These guys have the annoying habit of warping in in twos in the
most annoying of times. You have a seconds headstart before they will try to
attack you because of the warping so use that to your advantage. If you see one
charging, you really don't have a choice but to take the hit unless there is
some cover somewhere. They are very accurate.


Bullsquids are large and annoying. They are very strong too. They will go down
with the double blast of the shotgun at close range. They might take a little
more punishment before they go down though. So be prepared. They will either
shoot acidic crap at you or they will run up to you and swat you with their
tail. Basically you just gotta shot them before they get you. Also, their
bullets are very slow so you can dodge their bullets before they hit you.


Marines are the military. They are dressed with kevlar and a helmet and armed
with MP5s. They WILL shoot rifle grenades at you, so watch out. They will take
a huge punishment before they go down. In situations with a lot of them you
have to be very careful because they are not stupid. They will work as a team
to try and flank you and bring you down. It's not easy. I suggest using the
magnum on them. It will penetrate the armor for a two shot kill. If your out of
magnum ammo and are close a double blast from the shotgun is nice. The MP5 will
take longer to bring them down, but it will get the job done. The use of
grenades against them is not a bad idea. Be sure that you lead them places and
know where they will come from and not run in blidly with no idea what you are
doing. You would die that way.


Grunts are the massive aliens beings armed with the hornet gun and they have a
ton of life. The MP5 takes to long for them to be killed effectively and you ae
ussually way to far away from them to use the shotgun effectively on them. The
magnum will take them down with three shots. That's not bad if you have cover.
A rocket blast is a nice way of quickly killing them. That's pretty good if you
have rockets to spare. They are a rare sight and normally aren't a very common
sight,don't worry too much about them.


Barnacles are the the small red creature that are seen on the ceiling. They
will wait for you (or some alive creature) to get caught in the tongue of it
and then they will pull you up and eat you. Really, they are not a problem if
you just kill them before you get within the place they are guarding. Blast 'em
a few times with the pistol or once with the shotgun if they are close enough.

<-=                        Part VI: Credits/Disclaimer                =->


This guide is copyright 2003 acidslayer57. I don't care if you print this out
or save it to your hardrive or anything. As long as you use it for personnel
use and don't sell it commercially or anything, I'm good and you won't get in
any trouble. Putting this guide on your site is easy. E-mail me and You can put
it on your sight. I will respond to these e-mails with a yes, but I require you
e-amil me first anyways.


CJayC - For making GameFAQs and for hosting FAQS such as this one.

Valve, Gearbox, and Seirra - For developing and publishing Half-Life and other
fun games.

To you for reading the FAQ.

Special Thanks to:
Emuking 15

                               The End

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