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FAQ/Walkthrough by BCostigan

Updated: 02/23/04

Evil Dead: Hail To The King
Last Update: February 17, 2004

Walkthrough By: Benjamin Costigan
E-Mail Address: crazyicpfan@msn.com

"This Document Copyright 2002 Benjamin Costigan"
(If this walkthrough is stolen, sold, plagiarized, I can and
will press charges! If it is used on any other website
besides Gamefaqs, I will again press charges. I am not
playing around!)

?Table Of Contents?

1.	Review
2.	Controls
3.	Hints & Tips
4.	Walkthrough
5.	Credits

   Hello my name is Benjamin Costigan. This is my first
walkthrough, and I hope that it is a good one.

   Evil Dead: Hail To The King in my opinion is a pretty
good game. Although the controls are a little awkward when
fighting enemies and running around, it still is very fun
and exciting to play. Here is an overall rating:
                      Controls: 5
                      Gameplay: 8
                      Graphics: 9
                      Sound: 8
                      Replay: 5
                      Overall: 7
   These ratings I have given the game is just my opinion.
So, if you do not like my ratings please do not pay any
attention to them and enjoy Evil Dead: Hail To The King.

*2. Controls*
   (Okay, I copied this from the instruction guide.)
-Analog Thumb Pad.......................................... Relative 
Movement (Walk and
rotate in the direction you want to move.)

-Directional Button ?............................................. Move 

-Directional Button ?............................................. Jump 
Back (Hold To
Walk Backwards.)

-Directional Button ?................................................ 
Rotate Clockwise

-Directional Button ?................................................ 
Rotate Counter-

-B button............................................. 

-Left Trigger................................................ Start/Rev 

-A button............................................. Use Chainsaw

-B button............................................. Turn off 

-X button............................................. Use Left-Hand 

-Y button............................................. Ash One-Liner

-Right Trigger............................................. Run (Hold 
and Press

-Start button............................................. Inventory 

-Finishing Move.
   The finishing move that Ash could do is called a One-
Liner. When the Deadite has fallen into the stage where it
is wounded and will not move, this is your chance to do the
One-Liner. Stand in front of the Deadite and gut it with
your chainsaw. As it flails around in pain use your
secondary weapon (press the X button) and finish it off.

*3. Hints & Tips*
   (These hints and tips are brought to you by, NOCTURNAL.
Also see his walkthrough for EVIL DEAD!)
-The shovel is used near the camp.
-The ripcord is used by the Hellbilly House.
-Crowbar is also used in the Hellbilly House.
-If something is missing, search the immediate area.
-Old Ladies Are untrustworthy.
-Weed killer is used near the cemetery.
-Battery is used in the mine.
-Scoutmasters aren't immune to the surrounding environment.
-The church is into "offerings."
-Old friends die-hard.
-It's not hard to do puzzles in "Damascus."
-Read the journals that you pick up.
-Pillars are the key to two bosses.

*4. Walkthrough*
   (If I forget to mention some power-ups here and there go
ahead and pick them up. I won't mention every single power-
up, just use your two senses and do what you think is
right. Pick them up or don't.)

   You will begin in the cabin. Look in the cabinet above
the recording machine to find a SAVE TAPE. Then go by the
door to fight a Deadite. (Try to use the one-liner whenever
you can on Deadites.) After you kill the Deadite go into
the backroom and pick up the NECRONOMICAN PAGE off the
piano. Watch out because there is a Deadite near that area.
Go through the door to the right of the piano and enter the
bathroom. In the sink there is a vitamin bottle that can be
used to replenish health. Then go up and into the kitchen.
There will be a bologna sandwich also used to replenish
health. Then exit through the front door to go outside.

   (Now, I must tell you that there is a constant supply of
Deadites. So, do not expect to kill only a couple in a
certain area and not for them to come back. Believe me,
they do come back!)
   When you enter the front yard there might be a couple
mushrooms growing. Go ahead and pick them up. Go up a
little bit and you will find a SHOVEL. Pick it up but
beware Ash's old girlfriend (from the first Evil Dead
movie) will pop out and fight for the shovel. She is really
easy to kill but just don't let her hit you. Now go towards
the cabin and head to the left side. There might be a
mushroom but there will most definitely be a large gas can.
   Continue to the back yard. In the backyard you will find
a gas can, a CROW BAR (do not forget to pick this up), and
possibly some mushrooms. There might be a red and a white
one. After that head into the Woodshed.
   There isn't much in here but I would highly suggest that
you save your game and put the shovel in the save box for
now. After this we will be heading towards the Hellbilly

   Go back to the front of the cabin and head up hill past
the part where you found the shovel and onto the trail. As
I said before you will be facing a lot of Deadites. Since
this trail is very small, there will be Deadites that will
pop up behind you so be prepared.
   After you survive the trail you will see a huge house.
There will be a CRANK next to two run down cars in front of
the house. Pick it up.
   You can't get into the house yet until you start a
generator that it to the right of the house. When you pass
the generator a Hellbilly will appear out of now where and
try to attack you. These guys are not too hard to kill just
whack them a lot with your chainsaw. They'll go down sooner
or later. After you kill him go past the spot where he
appeared and into the Maze.

   (You will encounter several skeletons in the maze. These
are not too hard to kill either. Just keep doing the One-
Liner on them. Also, mushrooms do show up here and there,
so try to pick up all of them.)
   When you enter the maze, go to the left. Continue up
until you find another section of paths. Take another left.
Then when you get to the top take the final left and you
will find the RIPCORD. (If my directions aren't accurate,
go ahead and experiment with other paths.)

   After you found the ripcord, head back to the Hellbilly
House and start up the generator using the ripcord. When
the generator starts up three Hellbillies will come
bursting out of the house (leaving the door open) and start
heading towards you to attack. The skinny ones easy but the
two fatter ones have clubbing sticks. They will take damage
from you. After you kill them pick up the SAVE TAPE in
front of the door and head into the house.
   Once you get into the house, you will pick up the
BOOMSTICK. This somewhat more powerful then the pistol but
doesn't kill all the enemies in one shot. I would save this
weapon and use it only when you're absolutely swarmed with
Deadites. Go to the right and jump on the table in the
corner. Once you get onto the table use the crowbar to get
in the attic above you. An FMV movie will begin. The old
lady will say that you to find an amulet of some sort she
will also give you a PIGSTY KEY.
   Exit the attic and go through the door next to the table
and you will find a sheet on how to concert red mushrooms
into gasoline. After you read it two Hellbillies will begin
to attack you from behind and in front of you. Kill them
and continue through the next-doorway. You will then enter
a blood filled room. In this room there is a save box. If
you would like to save, fell free to. After that go the
left and use the pigsty key on the door. Enter. In here
there will be some evil pigs. These are not hard to kill at
all. Then grab the PUMP.
   After that exit back into the blood filled room.
Continue walking straight up till you find a piece of
machinery of some sort. Put in the pump then use the crank.
This will have all the blood drained from the room exposing
a grate in the corner. Go to the grate, open it, and enter.
   Once you get into this sewer sort of area, kill the
first pig that shows up at the bottom of your screen. Once
you kill that pig there will be another one. Kill him too
then grab the AMULET that he was sitting on. Go back to the
attic and use the amulet. Well we saved the old lady and
will get another necronomican page. But wait, Holy
Macaroni! A Spider!

BOSS #1: Granny-Spider
   Now, the Granny-Spider is very easy to kill. My strategy
is I go all the way to the back of the attic and wait for
her to come to me. The only time that you can hit her is
when she turns green. This is a signal that she is going to
bend down and try to attack you. I would use the axe
because it can do overhead attacks. Plus, you can attack
with more swipes then with the chainsaw. After you kill
her, you will be given another NECRONOMICAN PAGE and

   After that, exit the attic and grab the SAVE TAPE. You
can go ahead and save if you wish. (I Would.) Head back
outside. When you get into the living room, there will be a
pig waiting for you so be careful.

   Head back to the maze. You might find a large gasoline
can if you haven't already got it.
  (This part of the walkthrough is brought to you by, Brian
McKay.)[y2mckay@hotmail.com] ?????
   When you enter the maze, immediately go right and curve
around, go right again at the intersection, left at the
next one, right at the next one, then a bit of a loop
around and continue going straight till you hit a wall of
weeds. (Thanks Brian would have been lost without you!)?
   Once you get to the wall, use the herbicide on it to
kill the weeds. This will open a path for you leading to
the church. Continue walking forward and, holy huge ugly
tree Batman!

Boss #2: Tree-Bitch
   This is also a very simple boss. The only thing tip I
can give you is stay close and Hack n' Slash. I must tell
you that you will be pummeled a lot, but will not take to
much damage from you. Just monitor your health. Also, you
will get another NECRONOMICAN PAGE.

   After you kill him, the man in the churchyard will begin
to talk to you. He will give you the keys to your car
(That's near a broken bridge). After he is done grab the
SAVE TAPE, and save your game. (I would strongly suggest
this!) Once you kill the tree, the huge maze is gone and it
is much easier to maneuver through the areas.

   Head back to the cabin where you can save your game and
grab the shovel, if you already haven't.

   Taking the road that goes South (Thanks again Brian!)
will bring you to the bridge. On this path there are a lot
of skulls that will respawn. Several of them will drop
small med-kits but not all of them. They're really to avoid
so don't waste your time. After you get through the path
you will see a car and a necronomican page hanging from a
tree. Go up to the car and use the keys. Ash will put in
reverse causing it to crash into the tree. Go up to the car
and take the BATTERY. Then, climb up on the car and take

   You will soon come up to the Scout Camp area. This area
has little scouts that pop up here and there. These are
very easy to kill when facing one at a time. If you are
facing more than 1 I suggest you concentrate on one then
the other. Granite the other one will give you a beating.
Once you kill them in a certain area, they will not respawn
   You will first start in an area with picnic tables. This
area has some lighter fluid on the grill so make yourself
some gas. (Thanks Nocturnal!)
   Head to the right of the picnic table and you'll come
across a locked gate leading to the Archery Range. You
can't go in there yet.
   Go to the right again and you'll come across some tents.
(If I am not accurate on my directions, experiment.) In
this part of the campsite, there are three tents and a fire
burning. Also, you will be facing about 2 to 3 scouts. At
first they will be about 4 groups of them. Once you have
killed them all, more Deadites will appear. These will
respawn constantly. Look in the tents for a couple items
and a journal.
   After that, head past the tents until you reach a small
path. This path will lead you to the cave. (Thanks Brian!)

   Once you get to the cave use the shovel to dig the rocks
out of the way.
   When you get inside the cave place the battery in the
slot and save your game. After that go forward into a large
part of the cave. An FMV will take place introducing your
next boss.

Boss #3: Scout Master
   This boss is only tough if you make him tough. There are
several poles strategically placed. When the scoutmaster
begins to chase you head towards one of the poles and whack
it with your axe or chainsaw. Rocks will begin to fall
hopefully hitting him not you. Don't even waste your ammo
or try whacking him yourself; he is immune to your attacks.
Just keep hitting the poles every time he is under one.
After you get him down to a certain amount of health, he
will begin to run even faster. After he dies you will
receive the ARCHERY RANGE KEY.

   After you kill the Scout Master dig yourself out, grab
the SAVE TAPE and save (If you wish). Then exit the cave
and head to the Archery Range.
   Once you get to the Archery Range, use the key and open
the gate. When you get inside, grab the SAVE TAPE in the
middle of the area and go towards the tree to grab the last
NECRONOMICAN PAGE. After you grab it a movie will begin.
Three scouts will begin to shoot arrows at you. After the
movie monitor your health carefully and use the Boomstick
to take them out quickly. These are the toughest scouts
that you will finally face. After you kill them, you get
the SHOTGUN. Exit the Archery Range and head back to the

   Once you get to the church go ahead and save your game,
then face the gate and press B. The priest will let you in
then, lock you in. After the short movie go and check out
the structures that are built in front of the church. One
will contain a HAT; another will contain an EVIL SAPPLING,
and look for the tombstone in the graveyard areas. It will
be slightly lit up then the other tombstones. There will be
a SAVE TAPE and save box somewhere in the cemetery and in
the small structures. You may save if you wish.
   After you have found everything go up to the front of
the church and place the items in front of the tombstones.
The tombstone that you collected will go in front of the
doily. For the other two items, just read what the graves
say and place the items accordingly.
   After you place the items, the church will then be
unlocked. Go inside the church.

   Once you get inside the church you will go examine the
coffin upfront and, Skeleton Ash will pop out!

BOSS #4: Skeleton Ash
   This is Skeleton Ash. He is very simple to kill but will
take some damage when he hits you. Turn on your chainsaw,
equip your axe and cut him up six ways to Sunday. Don't
waste your weapons on him; you will need them later
(believe me).

   After you kill him a movie will begin revealing a secret
passage to a cellar of some sort. Head down the tunnel. If
you've seen the Evil Dead movies, you will remember this
fruit cellar.
   When you get down there, you will be facing some
Deadites, but not ones that will respawn. Pick up the SAVE
TAPE and save your game. Pretty soon you will find a room
that has hot steam blastin' out of a pipe. Find and pick up
   Head back into the room that has the projector and use
the wrench on the pipe that has a little bit of steam
coming out. Use the wrench on it. An FMV movie will happen.
After that head back into the room that had a lot of steam
and go through the door.
   When you get into this part of the cellar, an FMV movie
will happen introducing your next boss.

BOSS #5: Annie
   This boss for me was very complicated. It might be
complicated for you too. When you first begin to face her
guns will not affect her. She has the Kandarian Knife. The
priest mentioned this in a previous FMV movie. When she is
close to you she will try to stab you. But, if you are
pretty far from her she will get mad and begin to shoot
orbs at you. My suggestion is turn on your chainsaw and
ready your axe. Run up to her and begin to slash as fast
and as furious as you can. After you get her life down to a
certain point, her neck will expand into a large snake like
thing. On top of that her health is fully replenished. Now
it's time to bring out the big guns. Equip your shotgun or,
your second strongest weapon that you have ammo for. Now,
shoot her once and wait for her to react. After she has
reacted and begins walking towards you again shoot her
again. Keep shooting her till you run entirely out of ammo.
If she is still not dead after that, use your chainsaw and
axe to finish her off. After you kill her you will receive
   A cut-scene will happen involving the priest and your
chick. I'm not going to spoil it and tell you what happens,
so see for yourself.

MARKET AREA/ JAIL CELL:  ?(Thanks Brian!)
   When the cut-scene ends, pick up the mushroom, then pick
up the SAVE TAPE and save your game. Head up the path and
go to the left. There are now some armored skeletons that
will appear. They are as easy as the regular ones. The only
thing special about them is that they have armor and
swords. When you kill these skeletons, they will drop parts
for the bridge. Keep killing the off until you have three
parts. When you get all of them, combine them into this
sort of pulley thing, and attach that to the bridge. Cross
the bridge once you are finished. On the bridge, you might
have to fight one armored skeleton. Either this skeleton
will drop a document, or the next skeleton you will face.
Once you get across the bridge, walk up to the cell for a
short cut-scene.
   Meet the Mad Poet. He will tell you to basically walk
across the bridge and head into the door.  ?(Thanks
   This is the Market Area. You will then see a man who has
a shop of some sort inside a car. Your Car! Go and talk to
him. After you talk to him look around the area for UPGRADE
PARTS for your weapons, go back in a minute, and he will
give your GAS TANK. Look around this area for a ROPE. Then,
go through a large door to get the WHITE SCIMITAR. You will
fight some Deadites and see a strange fountain. Look around
this area for some scimitar. After you get all these
things, combine them together to make a BOMB.
   Head back to the Mad Poet and blast him out of his cell.
A cut-scene happens and the Mad Poet will lead you to the
fountain. You can't go in the fountain yet, but MP (Mad
Poet) will use some magic to open the door. Go through it.

   Once you get into the temple, I suggest that you save
your game. (Thanks to Voodoogirl for helping me in this
part!) After you save your game, take the hallway to the
right. There is some stupid little chickens like things in
these areas. They are really easy to kill; the only thing
you need to kill them with is a turned off chainsaw, or
your axe. Then go down the little hall on the left. The
first door you will see is locked. In the next room you
will find ASTRONOMICAL NOTES, you will also see a doorway.
Go through the doorway, and you will find a hooded figure.
You will have to fight him to get the Sun Key. This guy is
not hard to kill at all. His attacks do cause a fare amount
of damage. After you kill him, grab the EARTH KEY.
   Head back to the main area and take the next hallway.
Take the first door and grab some ammo and the GUILD
RESEARCH NOTES. Head into the planetarium. In here you'll
find a Robed Deadite and the SUN KEY.
   Use the Earth Key in the hall. Here you'll find and
EARTH ORB. Head back to the larger hallway and use the Sun
Key to get the EARTH ORB. Then once you get both orbs, head
back to the main area, and use the orbs on the pillars.
When the doors open you will see a man wearing a purple
toga. This is next boss!

BOSS #6: Toga Guy
   This guy is a very tricky boss. He attacks very rapidly
and chases after you very fast. Now, the way to kill him in
the most efficient way is using your shotgun and chainsaw.
What I did to kill him was first use my shotgun, then when
I got him down to about half of his life; I went in with
the chainsaw and the axe. The only thing that you have to
watch out for is his attack. If you keep attacking him
rapidly, he will soon go down. A cut-scene will happen
after you kill him.

   After the cut-scene, you will be at the fountain again.
It has now been drained. The Mad Poet will tell you to go
down and do some sort of task. When you get down, there
will be a save chest. You can save your game if you have a
save tape. Go and check out the area with the doors. A cut-
scene will happen showing Ash as he blows apart some sort
of clock looking thing with his shotgun. Head through the
door and you will fight a small skeleton boss

BOSS #7: Wimpy Skeleton
   This skeleton is easier than Pamela Anderson when she's
drunk. All you have to do is go up to him and swipe at him
with your chainsaw.

   After you kill him check out the pump. It looks as
though a piece of it is missing. Leave the room and go even
deeper underground.  ?(Thanks Voodoogirl!) Pull the lever
to pull down another drawbridge.
   Go back up the steps and out of the building. You have
unlocked a new area.

   When you cross the bridge, you will see a large piece of
armor. Don't worry; you don't have to fight him...now. You
will run into a door and lock it. Welcome to the Armory.
   First of all, there is a door I think to the right of
you is locked. You will need a certain item for that door
to open. So, instead take the door to the left. This will
lead to the soldier barracks. (Thanks Brian McKay!) Kill
off the skeletons until you find the HOOK in the next room.
Go back to the hall and use the hook on the door to the
right. In this area there are two doors. Take the door on
the right. This is the Metal Workshop. Grab the items lying
around and head up the stairs.  This is the battlement.
Kill the guard and grab the CAPTAIN'S KEY. Go down through
the shop and into the hall. Then go right. At the end of
this hall is the captain's quarter. Find the medi-kit and
   After this head into the next room to fight the captain

BOSS #8: The Captain
   Use some of your guns, and then go in with the chainsaw
and the axe. This guy is also not very hard. You will kill
him the first time that you fight him.

   Grab the KEY MOLD. Take it back to the shop. Use it at
the workbench to make yourself a CONTROL PANEL KEY. Head
back up to the roof and use the key and the panel. Two
cauldrons will begin to move. One will go into place but
the other will get snagged. Head to that one and take the
BROKEN TRACK. Head back to the Guards Barracks. Some
skeletons will be awaiting your arrival. Go through that
was locked previously.
   You'll fight through a couple of rooms collecting power-
ups along the way. In the final room you will fight one
more skeleton and grab the HAMMER. Take it back to the
workshop, and use the hammer, on the rail, by the ANVIL.
   After you fixed the rail, go back up the stairs and put
it in place. It will go into place and you will fall into
the courtyard. Well, meet your next boss.

BOSS #8: Big Armor Dude
   Now, if you read the note that I told you to read, you
will know what to do. This guy is not as hard as he might
look. Don't try using your weapons or chainsaw on him, they
will not affect him. First, go to the right and pull on the
chain. I think the cauldron will fill with water. Then, go
to the other side of the yard and pull that chain. That
should fill up with molten lava. After they are both filled
up, go back to the left and wait till he is close to you.
Then quickly pull the chain. Lava will fall on him. Then,
run to the other side and pull the chain. The water will
fall on him. This will take his life down to 50%. Do this
once or twice more, and he will die with no ease. Told you
he's not too hard.

   After that save your game and grab the LEVER. Use the
lever on the pump to drain the final level of the water.
Meet up with Azeez and move down the latter to the lair
beneath it.

BOSS #9: Sludge Stuff
   The first thing that I can tell you about this boss is
that ammo is useless against him. Get up close and personal
with the axe and the saw. I believe that you're chainsaw is
upgraded to a circular saw. So the boss should go down
fairly quickly. After you have killed him, enter the lair.

   Well, you are almost through the game, just hang on!

   Azeez will open a portal that is full of these things
called FAMILIARS. Just kill them all. Some will drop some
nice power-ups, so pick up what you can. Head to the back
to find your HAND. After you get that head back to Azeez.
After you have given him the hand, he will make you look
for a SPELLBOOK. Go into the next portal to the library.

   When you enter the library kill the two priests. Collect
the TORCH and light the other torch to the left of the
staircase at the top. After you have lit the torch look at
the tables from the top of the stairs and notice that there
are some dots glowing on the tops. These dots will tell you
the order in which to push the 4 BOOKS in. When you see the
combination, push the books in. a door will open revealing
a spell book and a save chest. Grab the book and save.
   Head back to the portal and switch back to Azeez. Azeez
will open a portal for you (after the cut-scene).
   Azeez will be brutally eaten by a monster. You escape
through a portal.

   Well, here we go, the final showdown!

   You will meet up with Bad Ash.

BOSS #10: Bad Ash
   Bad Ash is not very hard to kill at all. The first
tactic to use is using all your ammo. His life will
decrease a little at a time. After you have ran out of all
your ammo, bring out the chainsaw and the axe. Run up to
him and hack as much and as fast as you can. After you have
gotten him down to a certain amount of health, Bad Ash will
turn into a huge deformed creature.

BOSS #11: Deformed Bad Ash
   This boss does not try to chase after you. Instead he
stays in the middle of the area and shoots fireballs at
you. These can be very hard to impossible to dodge. But,
not to worry mushrooms will pop up here and there. Don't
try to shoot or hack at him when he is solid. You cannot
hurt him in this state. You will notice that there are 4
PILLARS in the area. They will be glowing. Run to every one
of them and hit them with your chainsaw. Once you have hit
all of them the deformity will become vulnerable for attack
momentarily. Run up to it and slash it as much as you can
before it becomes invulnerable again. After he becomes
invulnerable again, run back to the pillars and do it
again. You will do this 3-4 times. After the fourth time a
cut-scene will happen.

   Congratulations, you have just completed Evil Dead: Hail
To The King!

*5. Credits*
-	I would like to thank God!
-	I would also like to thank Sega, Dreamcast will live
-	I would mostly like to thank Nocturnal, Voodoogirl,
and last but not least Brian McKay for helping me with
a few things through the guide!

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