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Speed Walkthrough by BMcKay

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/07/01


By Brian Mckay (y2mckay@hotmail.com)

1.1 Quick Strategy guide 
1.2 Speed walkthrough


Okay, I won't go through many tips on how to defeat each boss in this 
part, because they really aren't that hard and you'll figure it out 
quickly enough, so why ruin the surprise? If you're really stuck you can 
read more about them in the walkthrough. They are not your biggest 
challenge, however. The worst foes are those damn deadites (often in 
pairs) who pop up out of the ground every ten seconds. For the new 
player, they will be tough to get past. So here's some recommendations

1)If you don't see anything in the immediate area that you need, then 
just try to run away from them. Only stand and fight if there's  power 
ups to get and they are in your way. 
2)Save boomstick and pistol ammo for these guys. Try to position Ash so 
he's facing  multiple enemies, and he will hit both at the same time 
with whatever firearm he uses. If you are going for a finishing move, 
check the inventory screen first and make sure your gun is loaded so 
you'll have something to finish them off with. Otherwise they just stay 
stuck on your chainsaw, leaving you vulnerable.
3)If you'd rather save ammo, the axe works fine too. These bastards will 
scratch you good or puke acid on you, so try and use the old left-right 
combo effectively and hit them before they can hit you. Study their 
attack patterns and learn when to jump back and when to move in for the 
hit. The jump back is the closest thing you have to a blocking manuever, 
and will save you from getting clawed up if you time it right.
4)Don't let them flank you in a narrow path. This is a real bad place to 
be. They will block your way, so concentrate on one at a time and get 
past him so you can keep them both facing you. These things are 
territorial, so they won't follow you too far if you decide to run. 
5)ALWAYS go for the "finishing kill" move. This is not always possible 
because sometimes they just die on you. But if you see them kind of get 
woozy and look stunned, then get up close and use the chainsaw on them. 
They will spasm on the end of your saw. Now, BEFORE you hit the axe/gun 
button to finish them off, make sure you use the one-liner button to 
toss out an insult. THEN, finish him with the secondary weapon. This 
increases your odds of getting a good power up left behind when he dies. 
It doesn't always work, in fact, sometimes it will go for long stretches 
without giving you anything. But it works often enough to keep you alive 
if you do it right.
6)There are other, lesser enemies in the game that respawn, like flying 
skulls and those wierd little things that hop around in the Damascus 
Temple. Do not waste ammo or even chainsaw fuel on them. They are not 
hard to kill and do little damage, so just swing with the axe and 
turned-off chainsaw and you will take them out, or just ignore them even 
better. You can't really do the finishing kill on them cuz they die to 
quick, but they do often leave behind lesser power-ups. 
7)Always throw out one-liners in every fight. A lot of times it doesn't 
do anything, but sometimes it increases your odds of them leaving stuff 
behind when they die, even without finishing kills. Often they will back 
off or run away for a moment, which helps if you have 2 or more of them 
attacking you at once. Besides, It's fun to hear Ash talkin' smack, 
repetition aside.
8)Always look for and take mushrooms. You can tell they are regenerating 
nearby if you hear a strange low humming sound. Unless the area is 
crawling with deadite respawners, hang around for a few minutes and you 
should be able to pick up at least a couple of mushrooms. Collecting 
them is where a big part of your fuel and first aid will come from, so 
never pass one up. This goes for other little items like moonshine, etc, 
that can be used for health or fuel. Not all items glint at you, so 
always search an area carefully.

1.2 Okay, now for the QUICK WALKTHROUGH part. 

This will help you get through the game from point A to B to C with the 
most efficiency and least backtracking through deadite-infested lands. 
Essential items are in capital letters. I'm not going to tell you where 
every little power up is, so when I say search an area carefully, I mean 

CABIN: There are two deadites in the cabin who shouldn't respawn once 
you kill them. Search the cabin carefully for items and powerups, 
including the first necronomicon page. Once you've cleaned out the 
inside of the cabin, go out the back door and grab the CROWBAR. Save 
your game in the workshed if you must (groovy). Go back through the 
cabin to the front yard, and move off to the right, past the spot where 
you buried your old headless sweetheart Linda years ago. There's a 
SHOVEL there, but don't take it yet. Go through the path infested with 
deadites until you reach the redneck ranchhouse 

HELLBILLY HOUSE: be sure to pick up the CRANK by the junked cars. You 
can't get inside the house (if you can call it that) until you start the 
GENERATOR, so kill the redneck deadite at the still, pick up all 
powerups in the area, and head past the still and into the woods maze. 
Now, once you get into the woodmaze, I recommend that you get a piece of 
paper and start mapping your every move, marking dead ends and power up 
locations as well. It's not that hard to do, and it will save you some 
time running around in the woods and will also be good to refer back to 
during subsequent replays. Don't trust the onscreen map for this part, 
cuz it sucks. From the hellbilly house, once you enter the wood maze, 
take a left and then another left, and you will find the lawnmower. Use 
the CORD from it to go back and start the generator. This will piss off 
the inbred Jeds in the cabin, and they will open the door and come out. 
They're not too hard to kill, just don't let them flank you. Go inside, 
and find the TABLE in the corner. Stand on it and use the crowbar on the 
trap door. It's easy to miss this the first time you play because unless 
you face the table the right way, you can't climb up on it with the use 
button. Talk to the crazy old beotch upstairs, and she will give you a 
PIGSTY KEY. Go back downstairs. 

Move through the rest of the cabin, and once you read the little paper 
on how to make that grade A triple-X moonshine, you will be able to 
convert red mushrooms and whiskey (among other things) to chainsaw fuel. 
This is a good thing, cuz it's been in real short supply so far. Getting 
this skill makes life a lot easier. Kill a few more rednecks that pop 
up, then go to the blood filled room in back and out into the pigsty 
with the key the old woman gave you. Kill the demonoid pigs, grab the 
PUMP machinery, and go back into the blood filled room. Use it and the 
crank to drain the blood and find a grate. Open it and go down, kill 
another porker, and get an AMULET for the old woman upstairs. Save your 
game if you have a tape, then take it back up to her. The ungrateful 
bitch will turn into the first boss of the game and attack. She's not 
that hard to kill, but you have to time your blows just right and run 
around a lot to keep up with her. Don't waste ammo on her, just get in 
close with bladed weapons. When she's dead, you get HERBICIDE, a page, 
and a save tape downstairs. Go save your game.

WOOD MAZE/CHURCH GATE: Now, you can either go around looking for 
deadites to kill in exchange for first aid, or, if you've got at least 3 
kits, you can head into the wood maze and toward the next boss. You may 
choose to go through the entire maze first, in order to find powerups, 
or to save time you can just straight to the area blocked by weeds. To 
do this from the redneck house, once you get into the maze go RIGHT and 
curve around, go RIGHT again at the next intersection, LEFT at the next 
one, RIGHT at the next one, then a bit of a loop around and then go 
STRAIGHT until you hit the wall of weeds. You will fight several 
skeletons along the way. The same rules apply for fighting them as the 
other deadites that respawn. These aren't quite as annoying, but they 
can do damage so your best bet is to hit with a quick one-two combo and 
then jump back, then hit again. Watch out for their spin attack. When 
you get to the dead end blocked by a wall of weeds, Use the herbicide on 
it, and you will enter the area in front of the church. There is a big 
tree there, and it's pissed off. Don't keep a distance or it will smack 
you hard, and don't waste ammo. Get up close and personal and hit it 
with blades, fast and furious. You will get smacked around some, but it 
will die pretty quick. Afterward, you meet the guy from the church, who 
is a big pansy and wants you to run around doing all his dirty work. He 
wants the rest of the pages to the necronomicon, so off you go, 
grumbling all the way. He will give you the keys to your car, which is 
parked by the destroyed bridge. That's where you go next.

BRIDGE: The forest maze is gone once you kill the tree, and it's a 
straightforward four-way intersection to the 4 major areas of the map. 
This makes life easier. Some respawning deadites here, but not as many 
as in other places. A lot of mushrooms grow here too, so stock up.

Back at the cabin, you can save your game again if you like, then go out 
the front door. Go to where Linda is buried and take the shovel. She'll 
pop up for old time's sake. You can kill her or just run off.  Walking 
south will take you to the road that goes to the bridge. This road is 
crawling with respawners, so make haste. The area by the bridge itself 
is safe, and you will probably never be attacked there. Use the keys on 
the car. Retrieve the battery and climb up on the car to get the next 
page. There's a path going east, head that way. This path is full of 
respawning skulls. They aren't much of a threat, so just use the axe and 
turned off chainsaw to smack them. The first wave will usually throw out 
a lot of little medkits, so keep killing them until they stop leaving 
powerups, then just avoid them the rest of the way. 

SCOUT CAMP: Soon you get to the scout camp area, with picnic tables and 
an archery range. The range is locked for now. Two ghost scouts will 
attack you here. Kill the little bastards with your saw and axe. Watch 
with glee as they spin round and round on your saw blade before you axe 
them to hold still. This area stays clean, so after you kill them, 
search it carefully for powerups. At the archery range, go right. This 
takes you to a campground. This area is a bit of a bitch. About a dozen 
scouts will appear in packs of 2 or 3. You can use boomstick if you 
want, but they usually aren't too tough. But after you kill them, the 
tough variety of respawning deadites will pop up (what the hell is wrong 
with these game designers? Talk about overkill). Anyway, search the 
tents carefully. There are a few items in some of the tents. Head past 
the camp and down the path until you reach the sealed cave. Use the 
shovel to dig it open. Inside you find the scout manual that tells you 
how to turn white mushrooms into small health kits. By now you should 
have a nice supply of  them on you, so cash those babies in. Put the 
battery from the car in the socket on the wall. Save your game. Go down 
the mine until you find the evil scoutmaster. This guy can be one of the 
tougher bosses because it's hard to get away from him and he is immune 
to your weapons. Run around the poles and, when a pole is between you 
and him, hit it with your axe. It will rain rocks down on him. Do this 
until he's dead, then dig your way out of the room. Go back up toward 
the archery range. 

You will have the key to the range after killing the scoutmaster, so go 
inside. Get your health up in the green and your boomstick ready. When 
you go to grab the necronomicon page, three little bastards will start 
shooting arrows at you. Dodge them as best you can and get close enough 
to use the boomstick. They die pretty quick from shotgun blasts. Now you 
get the rifle, which will come in handy against a few bosses. Never 
waste it on lesser deadites unless you're really hard up. At this point 
you should have all of the necronomicon pages, so as you leave the 
archery range, turn right and head for the crossroads. The next little 
stretch of trail is unfriendly territory, so only stop long enough to 
pick up mushrooms if they are there. At the crossroads, pick up more 
mushrooms and go right (north) toward the church. 

CHURCH/CEMETERY. Now the cowardly Padre (yeah, nice hat, too) will let 
you in and lock you inside. Now that you have the pages, you need the 
Kandarian dagger too (it figures). In the graveyard, grab the headstone, 
and any powerups, and then go into each of the 4 crypts for puzzle items 
and a save chest. Once you've gotten everything there is to get, save 
the game again after you've figured out the tombstone puzzle (it's too 
easy to bother with an explanation). This will unlock the church. Go 
inside and fight BoneAsh, a skeleton with a chainsaw arm. He's not too 
hard to kill, so don't waste ammo because you'll want it for the next 

After he dies, you go into an underground tunnel beneath the church. 
This will lead back to the basement area of the cabin, which has been 
locked up until now. In the projector room there is a single respawner, 
so you can keep killing him to try for powerups if you need to. Search 
this area carefully as well, and then use the wrench you find to shut 
off the steam. Save your game and hopefully you have a healthy supply of 
first aid and ammo. Go into the fruit cellar to get the dagger. 
Unfortunately, it's still stuck in Annie's back, and she doesn't want to 
part with it. You remember Annie, the professor's daughter from Evil 
Dead 2? The hot blonde, right? Well honey, she got REAL ugly. Try to 
keep your distance and use up all ammo on her for as long as you can and 
don't let her get close. When the ammo's gone, move in with blades to 
finish her off. After that, you get the dagger and open the trap door to 
go up into the cabin. A plot twist is revealed (I won't spoil it) and 
you will then find yourself teleported back to 7th century Damascus. 
Round 2 with the Primitive Screwheads. 

MARKET AREA/JAIL CELL: Save your game again if you like (a good idea), 
then go up the path. You will fight several skeletons guards, followed 
by respawners. Kill all the skeletons for the parts needed to work the 
BRIDGE, then pick up any mushrooms or powerups in the area. All the 
doors are locked right now, so just follow the path to the bridge, and 
combine the parts to use on it. Go across and meet Azeez, who will help 
you throughout the rest of the game. He is in prison, so you need to 
bust him out. Go back across the bridge and talk to the merchants. One 
of the doors will be open now, leading to a market area. Find the switch 
for the main temple door inside the market area. Get a FUSE from one 
merchant, and a GAS CAN from another after you've found the WHITE POWDER 
in the fountain room of the temple (I assume it's not THAT kind of white 

Don't use the gas can for your chainsaw. Combine powder, fuse, and gas 
can into a BOMB and use it at the jail cell. Free Azeez, who will take 
you back to the temple and open the inner door. 

TEMPLE: Go explore the rooms to the left and right, killing the annoying 
little hoppers with your axe and picking up any mushrooms or first aid. 
There are other powerups for your weapons as well, so be sure and grab 
them. In the observatory rooms, kill the deadite priests, preferably 
with a pistol or boomstick as your secondary weapon. Try to use 
finishing kills for big medkits from them. Get the KEYS and GLOBES you 
need to open the last set of inner temple doors. Save the game BEFORE 
doing the puzzle of the 3 globes, as you will be whisked in to fight 
another boss. He's not too tough, though. Just stay in real close and 
use blades on him, don't waste much ammo. He'll go down quick. 
Now the fountain in the first room in the temple will be drained, 
allowing you to go down a hidden flight of stairs. Go into the first 
room, kill the engineer deadite, and flip the lever. More water drains. 
The second pump lever is missing, and will have to be found in the 
armory. Go down the next stairs, fighting hoppers, and throw the next 
switch. Now the drawbridge to the armory opens. Go back up and outside 
and across the drawbridge. Inside the courtyard there's a big badass in 
metal armor. You run from him and lock the door behind you, a wise 
decision, since none of your weapons can hurt him. Now you are inside 
the armory. 

ARMORY: The door to the right is locked with a chain mechanism that you 
need a HOOK for. Go into the door on the left. This will lead to 
soldier's barracks. Kill all the skeleton guards until you find the hook 
in the second room. There is a door that is locked in the first room, 
but don't worry about that now. Take the HOOK back and use it to open 
the other door. Inside are two doors. Take the first one on the right. 
Inside is a metal workshop. Gather any items there, and move up the 
stairs to the battlements. Kill the single guard and retrieve the KEY to 
the captain's quarters. There is also a locked control panel. Go down 
and through the blacksmith shop and into the hall, then go right. At the 
end is the captains quarters. Use the key, find the medkit and the note 
which gives you clues on how to defeat the big boss in waiting for you 
out in the courtyard, and then go into the next room. Here you fight the 
dead captain. You can use some ammo on this guy to soften him up, then 
blades for the kill. Pick up the KEY MOLD. Take it back to the 
blacksmith shop and use it at the workbench to make the CONTROL PANEL 
KEY for upstairs. Go up and use the control panel. Two big cauldrons 
will move into place, but one will get stuck. The RAIL is broken, so 
retrieve it and take it back down. In the hall outside the workshop, a 
deadite will most likely keep respawning. Fight or flee as you wish. 
There will also be a mushroom that grows here so grab it as often as you 
can. Go back to the guards' barracks. More boneheads await you, so kill 
them and then go through the door that was locked earlier. You'll fight 
through a couple more rooms, collecting powerups along the way. In the 
last room, an armory, you will fight once more and then collect a 
HAMMER. Take it back to the workshop and use it and the RAIL at the 
ANVIL to straighten it out. Go back out to the hall and save your game 
at the chest. Then take the RAIL upstairs and put it in place. The last 
cauldron will drop into place, and you will fall into the courtyard 
where the big guy is waiting. He has a saw blade arm and a big battle-
axe, so don't let him get too close. Don't waste any ammo or time trying 
to hit him. Run to each of the chains below the cauldron and pull them. 
They will fill with lava and water, respectively. Once they are full, 
lure the big guy close to the lava one and use the chain to dump it on 
him. Then run to the water one and dump that on him when he gets close. 
The extreme temperature changes are the only thing that can do damage. 
Repeat the process one more time, without getting hit too much, and he 
should melt away. Now you can save your game again and retrieve the 
LEVER and upgrade your saw blade before going back down.


Use the lever at the pump room to drain the last of the water. Meet up 
with 'Zeez baby again and move down the last ladder to the lair. Another 
big treelike boss will attack you. Again, don't waste ammo, just stay as 
close to him as you can and use the saw and axe. You now have the 
circular saw blade of damascene steel, so you can do much more damage. 
He will go down quick, and you can enter the lair. 

Now you have to find a way to follow BadAsh and save your woman. Azeez 
will help you do this. The first portal he opens leads to a chamber full 
of "familiars" (those hopper things from earlier).  Kill them all, 
retrieve any powerups, and find your HAND. Take it back to Azeez. He 
will then send you for a spellbook that will let you take control of 
your hand for a final task. Go into the next portal, to an arcane 

Kill the two deadite priests, then get the TORCH and light it with the 
other torch at the top of the stairs, then place it into the empty torch 
holder. Look from the top of the stairs over the room, at the four 
tables. Dots on the tables will inform you of the order in which you 
need to press the 4 books into the shelf. Do that, and you will find the 
spell book and a save chest. Save your game, because it's almost 

Go back to the Lair. Azeez will help you open a portal, (after you give 
yourself a hand). Then some godless thing will attack him. You will jump 
into the portal to escape it, and meet up with BadAsh, who has your 
girl. Fight him, using up all your firearm ammo first and keeping your 
distance. When he is hurt enough, he will transform into another 
Lovecraftian creature. This one doesn't chase you like BadAsh does, but 
he does spit balls of energy at you from the center of the area. Don't 
bother trying to shoot him or hit him while he is solid. Notice the four 
glowing pillars. Stay on the outside of them, picking up mushrooms as 
you move around them for much-needed health boosts. Strike each of the 
four columns with your axe until they stop glowing. The beast will grow 
transparent and vulnerable momentarily. Move in close with the damascene 
blade and wreak havoc on him. When he turns solid again, back off to the 
outside of the pillars, recharge your health with mushrooms, and then 
strike the 4 pillars until he is vulnerable and you can attack again. 
After 3-4 repeats of this process, the final boss will die, and you will 
be treated to a groovy cinematic sequence. Get some sugar from Jenny, 
open a vortex, and go home. Only when you get home, you'll realize you 
ain't in Kansas anymore . . . 

The End, pretty much.

Write me if you have any corrections, or discover any new information 
(secrets, alternate endings, cheat codes, etc.). Do not write me if you 
are stuck in the game. That's what I wrote the damn walkthrough for, and 
I don't think I left anything of importance out, so READ IT. Or look 
around for a more thorough one.

Thanks for reading. 

Brian Mckay

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