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Enemy guide by Ido Skira

Updated: 07/26/2006

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      /DN\ /MP\                                                /DN\ /MP\
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          |                                                        |
          |       Duke Nukem Manhattan Project - Enemy Guide       |
          |                                                        |


                          Author: Ido "Baron" Skira

                    Date Started: Saturday, 22/7/2006

                   Date Finished: Wednesday, 26/7/2006


                         |                         |
                         |    Table of Contents    |
                         |                         |

+ Section 1: Introduction          - IBS001
+ Section 2: Legal Stuff           - IBS002
+ Section 3: Contact Info          - IBS003
+ Section 4: Enemy Guide           - IBS004
+ Subsection 4.1: Pig Cops         - IBS041
+ Subsection 4.2: Robotic Cameras  - IBS042
+ Subsection 4.3: Fembots          - IBS043
+ Subsection 4.4: Gator Grunts     - IBS044
+ Subsection 4.5: Sewer Rats       - IBS045
+ Subsection 4.6: Cockroaches      - IBS046
+ Subsection 4.7: Flies            - IBS047
+ Subsection 4.8: Mechs            - IBS048
+ Subsection 4.9: Bosses           - IBS049
+ Section 5: Credits & Thanks      - IBS005
+ Section 6: Closing               - IBS006


|                                  |
| Section 1: Introduction - IBS001 |
|                                  |

Say, do you ever get the feeling like you really wanna do something to be
proud of yourself? This is how I feel right now. I just got off of playing
DNMP and I just feel like I have to write somehting about it. Seeing as how
there's no guide on the game's enemies, I say what the hell, why not write
one? So here I am!

Now in this guide, I'll list every enemy that I remember encountering and
because there is more than one version of just one enemy I'll detail on those
too. I'm going to try and order the enemies in the way I first meet them in
the game and mention the place in which I first saw that enemy. Note that
I'll mention only the place where I met the first version of that enemy for
the first time. Further encounters with other enemy versions will not be
mentioned simply because there's no need to, and because some enemies don't
differ that much from other versions of themselves.

Have fun!


|                                       |
| Section 2: Legal Information - IBS002 |
|                                       |

Please, do not distribute this document illegaly, claim it as your own, or use
it for your own personall gain or whatever. This document was written by me
and I take full credit for it. If you do want to post it someplace or change
something in it you ask for my permission first. Be polite, promise this will
still be credited as my work, and you'll probably have my permission. Violate
the copyrights of this document, and I'll hate you forever or something.
That's it.


|                                  |
| Section 3: Contact Info - IBS003 |
|                                  |

If you see anything that you're sure is incorrect anywhere in this guide drop
me an e mail at: Drunken_Brawler@walla.com and make sure that I receive that
e mail. It really sucks to discover that something's wrong with your work so
I'll appreaciate any help that would indeed help me make this guide better.
And by that I mean even the smallest insignificant typo or whatever. I really
don't want my guide to have any errors. Also if you have anything you think
that can add to this guide don't hesitate to send in an e mail. I'm really
bored lately so I could use the reading material you know.

Again, my e mail address is: Drunken_Brawler@walla.com


|                                 |
| Section 4: Enemy Guide - IBS004 |
|                                 |

So, to open I just want to say that enemies aren't very smart or hard either.
Mostly, it'll just take a few shots with the shotgun, something like four or
five, for harder enemies on harder difficulty levels. Heh even a couple of
kicks could dispatch a certain enemy rather quickly, and will give you twice
the ego. Never be afraid to tackle an enemy, as all of them have at least one
weak point which you can exploit to your own benefit. Exceptions might include
the Fembots and the mutated flies. Those are just annoying sometimes, but
we'll cover that later on.

Let's begin.

|                                   |
| Subsection 4.1: Pig Cops - IBS041 |
|                                   |

Pig Cop lvl 1

Your basic attack enemy that's just there for target practice. You'll meet the
first one as soon as you walk out the rooftop door at the start of the game.
They look like real ordinary cops dressed in black pants and a blue shirt.
They carry a shotgun with which they can shoot at you from afar, or hit you if
you're close enough. A shot takes out 10 of your a hp and so does a strike
with his gun. This pig isn't really much of a threat, even in groups, as even
the weakest kick of yours can kill it. On harder difficulties you may just
want to shoot him with the shotgun and eliminate any chances of you being hit.
Just duck when you see one and them blast him. These Pig Cops can be used as a
little boost in health whenever you meet them by killing them with your foot.

Pig Cop lvl 2

This version of the Pig Cop is a little stronger than the first one but is
still nothing to worry about. They are dressed in black SWAT uniforms and wear
a helmet. They are also a bit more muscular than the lvl 1 Pig Cops which is
why I guess they are stronger. They carry the same shotgun as their lesser
lvl 1 versions, but these pigs can duck as well in case you duck to aviod
their fire. In addition, they also deal more damage than the lvl 1 pigs. Lvl 2
pigs take 12 of your hp with a single shot and 15 hp if they strike and hit
you. Just stay away from them, duck or jump according to how they fire, and
let loose your shots. Mostly, just 2 or 3 will take them out. They are even
easy to kill with your boot in case you need a little bonus hp.

Pig Cop lvl 3

The lvl 3 Pig Cop is a lot bigger and more muscular than his previous versions
but shares the same SWAT outfit and helmet with the lvl 2 pig. Like the lvl 2
pig, this pig can duck and shoot at you but the main difference from the
others is his weapon. This pig's shotgun is a full auto that can fire
consecutively for how long the pig decides, however they will never shoot more
than 8 to 10 rounds each time. One round will take out 5 of your hp so watch
out if you get hit with more than 4 rounds as the amount of damage he deals
overall can add up. When he strikes you with his gun he'll take off 20 of your
hp. Basically, this Pig Cop is pretty tough but you can kill it without
getting hit even once. As soon as you see one let loose a couple of shots and
duck, chances are he won't duck until the second time he reloads and shoots,
which is your time to finish him off with either a kick or just regular fire.

|                                          |
| Subsection 4.2: Robotic Cameras - IBS042 |
|                                          |

Robotic Camera lvl 1

The first time you'll encounter a robotic camera is on the first part of
Episode 1. This thing itself kinda looks like a floating metal flashlight
which usually has a yellow lense. It takes pictures of the surrounding areas
and when it sees you its lense color will change to red, and then attack by
charging at you and exploding upon contact. Depends on the place of impact,
the resulting explosion can cause up to 40 damage. The good thing is, that
this version of the robotic camera is quite weak and a blast or two from the
shotgun will take good care of it. Just remember to run away from it and wait
until it gets in your line of fire, and then destroy it.

Robotic Camera lvl 2

This version of the robotic camera looks almost identical to the first
version, except this one is thicker and bloder. As with the lvl 1 robotic
camera, it'll float around taking pictures until it detects you. Once it has
detected you, it will get in your line of fire and start shooting red lasers
at you. It takes a few seconds between shots and you can almost always avoid
the first shot by ducking, but if a shot connects, it will take off 20 hp of
your total. If you destroy it while it's pretty close to you, the resulting
explosion will hurt you for up to 40 damage. This depends however on the way
you destroy it or where you get hit with the blast radius.

Robotic Camera lvl 3

The lvl 3 robotic camera still retains the basic floting flashlight shape but
with an exception. This camera has a laser gun attached to it making it
distinctively bigger than the others, and easier to hit. Unfortunately,
however, this camera is a lot tougher and does more damage than the others.
The red white laser it shoots at you takes out 30 of your hp in addition to
the damage you can receive by standing close to it when it explodes. Just back
off a little, fire a few shots, and jump or duck alternatively to dodge its
laser shots.

|                                  |
| Subsection 4.3: Fembots - IBS043 |
|                                  |

Fembot lvl 1

You'll get your first chance of dealing with one of these witches, on the
second part of Episode 1. While it is sort of similar to the babes you rescue
throughout the game, which is supposed to throw you off, they really aren't
any good. The lvl 1 Fembot is dressed in tight black leather, has a long
blond pony tail, and carries a whip. She uses that whip to slash at you and
take out 10 points of your hp. The Fembots will usually roll up to you,
pushing you along the way and then slash at you. Either run away from her,
jump over her, or wait until she reaches you and about to slash at you, and
then jump to avoid. Most of time though, you'll get hit 'cause they will
either push you a little which will make you inable to jump, or hit anyway
even if you jumped, which is kinda stupid and I have no idea why it happens.
Just shoot her on sight, or somehow find a way to get in a good kick and then
finish her off with a shot. Either way, do it as fast as possible.

Fembot lvl 2

This version also carries a whip and has a long blond pony tail, but wears a
tight red leather suit which really makes her body look hot! Now this is how a
babe should look like! When she slashes at you with her whip, it flashes with
electricity, dealing 20 points of damage. No real startegy here except not
letting her get close. Use whatever weapon you can to destroy her, shotgun,
assault rifle, even the GLOPP ray, whatever just don't let her get close and
whip you. It can really hurt.

Fembot lvl 3

As with the other Fembots, this one slashes you with a whip too, but this
version does 30 damage. She is distinctively more robotic like than the other
two. She looks exactly like an unfinished android. She still retains the
female form as her other versions but instead, you can notice black wires
along her body and green materials for brains inside her head. Her basic body
is painted in light grey though. Anyway it's tougher than the lvl 1 and 2
Fembots so I advise you to dispose of her rather quickly. Because of the fact
the you first meet the regular lvl 3 Fem Mech in the first part of Episode 8,
which is in outer space, you can avoid her whip in relative ease by just
timing your jump right. Or you could wait for her to come close to you and
then run away as she is about to slash. It takes a couple of blasts or kicks 
before it goes down for good, even on the easy difficulty level.

|                                       |
| Subsection 4.4: Gator Grunts - IBS044 |
|                                       |

Gator Grunt lvl 1


The first Gator Grunt you'll ever meet is in part one of Episode 2. He looks
more like a lizard on two legs rather then an alligator, when mutated. He
wears a black and yellow Chinese fighting suit or something like that, and
likes to shoot you with his twin pistols, before doing a karate kick on you.
After he shoots you though he'll jump to try and avoid your fire, which is the
time to jump and kick him and then finish him off with gun fire. Each shot
from his pistols takes out 12 hp and the karate kick takes out 15 hp. You'll
almost always come out with an hp loss after fighting one of these so if he
manages to shoot or karate kick you just kill him with whatever's more
convenient or accessible before you lose any more hp. Always look ahead in
certain areas when your hear some sort of crocodile or lizard kind of sounds,
there's one of these around almost for sure. This also includes lvl 2 Gator

Gator Grunt lvl 2

A little bigger and stronger version of the Gator Grunt. This one wears a red
Chinese kung fu suit and walks around with those round Chinese straw hats,
which makes it easier to distinguish him from the lvl 1 Gator Grunt. He also
carries twin pistols though the damage they deal is slightly less that those
of the lvl 1 Gator Grunt. The lvl 2 Gator Grunt's pistols do 8 damage per
shot. He makes up for it with his karate kick that does 20 damage to you
though, which is kind of a lot if he manages to hit you twice for some reason.
The same strategy remains as with lvl 1 Gator Grunts. Look around for them
before they manage to engage you, and either jump-kick them or duck and shoot
them. Most of the time, the latter will just force them to use their karate
kick on you, so be prepared to back off a little. He gives a warning before
he's about to do his kick by performing a body gesture along side a kung fu
call or something. Be on the lookout when you hear that.

Gator Grunt lvl 3

Although you come across two of these throughout the entire game they always
come in a sort of mini-boss manner. You'll find the first one alone and the
second one after numerous battles with other Gator Grunts. He basically keeps
the lvl 2 Gator Grunt form except he's dressed in a black and yellow suit, and
wears a straw hat with different colors. Not that much important though, his
attacks are what makes the difference. You can tell between him and the lvl 2
Gator Grunt just by the size of his twin uzis, which by the way he can use to
shoot at you for as long as he likes. A shot from an uzi takes out 4 hp and
his karate takes out 16 of your hp. He also has a close range attack which he
uses in case you get close to him. Apparently, he'll start doing kung fu
maneuvers like small kicks jabs and punches on you, if you get close enough to
him. I couldn't count how many hits he lands on you in the end because he does
it so fast but I do know that each hit takes out 4 hp points. Treat him as a
regular Gator Grunt and just blast him away. In case you decide to kick him to
death remember his kung fu maneuvers and try not to miss. In case you do miss,
immediately turn around and run away. Duck out and shoot him instead.

|                                     |
| Subsection 4.5: Sewer Rats - IBS045 |
|                                     |

Sewer Rat lvl 1

You'll get your first to chance to fight of these on the first part of Episode
3. They look like oversized rats with rather brown fur, yet somehow their face
resembles that of a dog. All Sewer Rats attack by throwing pipebombs of
different kind yet the lvl 1 Sewer Rat has only one type of pipebomb. When
you get in his range he'll throw a red tinted pipebomb that, upon impact with
any surface, explodes and sends waves of flame to the left and right, that
will eventually dissipate after 2 seconds or so. If the bomb hits you, down
go 5 ego points. If you get burnt, 14 ego points go as well so basically if
you're gonna get hurt, it's better to get hurt by the pipebomb rather than by
the flames. He also has a sort of slap attack in which he slaps you with his
claws in case you get too close, and it does 15 damage. Note that he can get
burnt by his own flames, although this doesn't do any considerable damage to
him. A good strategy here is to shoot once you spot him, run away from the
bomb, and shoot again. You could also jump over the bomb and flames and kick
him but there are some places in which you just can't jump because of the
ceiling so you might wanna stick to just shooting him.

Sewer Rat lvl 2

He is a little bigger than the lvl 1 Sewer Rat and he also looks more like a
wolf than a rat what with all that hair covering his arms and the back of his
head. You'll know it's a lvl 2 rat because of the little pouch in which he
carries his pipebombs and because he is brighter than the lvl 1 rat. He
attacks also by throwing pipebombs at you as well but in addition the red
tinted fire bombs the lvl 1 rat has, the lvl 2 rat has a blue tinted pipebomb
which starts spraying away shrapnel that deal 2 points of damage before
exploding and causing more harm, after he throws it at you. Move away from the
pipebomb and either shoot or kick him to death. Note that the flames from his
flame pipebombs deals more damage also. His claw slap deals 20 damage instead
of 15 too so watch out for that, although once he's thrown a pipe bomb it's
relatively safe to get close and kick him.

Sewer Rat lvl 3

While this rat is more or less the same size as the lvl 2 rat, he is still
easly recognizable due to the green flashing GLOPP tank he has on his back.
He also resembles a white lab rat with white skin and pinkish forearms. Much
like his predecessors, he throws pipe bombs at you and, as expected, he has
a third type of pipebombs he mostly uses. The third type of pipebombs looks
pretty much exactly like one of your pipebombs, which might get you confused
with one of your pipebombs, in case you throw one around a lvl 3 Sewer Rat.
This type however, starts making beeping noises once it settles on the ground,
and eventually explodes and splits into three other propelled pipebombs which
home in on you to a certain distance. Each bomb takes out 5 points of ego
which can add up if you let him throw more bombs. He's claw attack does 25
damage too which can really hurt you if you're low on health, so unless you
can take him on always remember so stay away from him. Watch for which type of
pipebomb he's thrown and try your best to avoid it. If you're having problems
with his type 3 homing pipe bombs try to use the surroundings as cover and
make the bombs blow up on a wall or something. Side note: In case you decide
to blow him up with your pipe bombs or PRPG, know that the GLOPP tank on his
back explodes too and leaves a puddle of GLOPP on the ground which can hurt
you, should you step in it.

|                                      |
| Subsection 4.6: Cockroaches - IBS046 |
|                                      |

Cockroach lvl 1

A bipedal, white colored roach that crawls around hissing along the way, which
you will meet on the first part of Episode 3. Might be an original idea to
create him as an enemy heh but a stupid one nonetheless. He attacks by either
spitting GLOPP blobs at you that take out 10 ego points in case they touch
you, or by hitting you with his claws at close range, which deals 20 damage.
Basically once you see one he'll spit GLOPP at you but if you're fairly far
away it won't reach you. This is your chance to get in quick shots or a couple
of kicks. When you see him leaning backwards he's about to spit again so
either run away, or jump to avoid the GLOPP. Notice that when he spits, the
GLOPP blob will fall down on the floor, even if it has hit you, and create a
puddle of GLOPP on it, that if you step in, it will deal the same damage as if
a spit has hit you. The puddles do fade out after a certain amount of time,
and the lvl 1 roach will never spit another blob until his previous blob fades

Cockroach lvl 2

Bears resemblance to the lvl 1 roach yet noticeably different with his long,
brown transparent wings, and overall brown body. Acts the same way as the lvl
1 roach except this one is a bit stronger and does more damage. His GLOPP blob
does 12 damage and his close range claw hit takes out 25 points of ego. The
same startegy applies to this roach as well except the fact that this one
takes less time between his spits, meaning that if one of his blobs has turned
into a puddle, he'll spit again before the first puddle fades out, which can
make it a little harder for you to avoid his attacks. In this case just kill
him as fast as possible with one of your guns.

Cockroach lvl 3

Has the same brown wings and body color as his lvl 2 version, but what makes
him special is the hood on his head which he uses as a certain shield when he
cuddles up into a ball after each spit, to prevent you from inflicting any
damage to him. He'll remain in that position for a second or two but that
isn't supposed to worry you too much. His GLOPP blobs take out 15 of your ego
points and his claw attack does 30 damage, so watch out in case you have no
choice but to get close to him. I believe that he also spits GLOPP more often
the his lesser versions so unless you're sure you can avoid the blobs, just
kill him as soon as he stands up straight.

|                                |
| Subsection 4.7: Flies - IBS047 |
|                                |

Fly lvl 1

These annoying redundant little buggers are nothing more than a pure nuisance.
Heh it rather looks more like a worm with wings other than a mutated fly.
Anyway I recommend disposing of this enemy right away as he can really get on
one's nerves. Much like the Cockroaches, he attacks by spitting GLOPP blobs
that turn into puddles once they reach the floor, except he spits three blobs 
at a time. If you get hit with one or step in a puddle of his GLOPP, you'll
have 20 ego taken out of your total. The good thing though is that he's fairly
week and doesn't have a close range attack as almost all other enemies have,
even on the hard difficulty level. On that level it might take a couple of
shotgun blasts to down him for good but by the time you run into one, on the
second part of Episode 5, you should be able to kill him without much problem.
Let him come to you by running away a little and then surprise him with a kick
or a shot.

Fly lvl 2

It's a good thing you only have two versions of this enemy 'cause this enemy
is annoying + more. He looks a lot like the lvl 1 fly except he has some sort
of what looks like a dark helmet which makes you think he's some sort of a an
experiment gone wrong. Attacks in the same way and even deals the same amount
of damage, yet it seems that he is stronger than the lvl 1 Fly. On the hard
difficulty level it takes 3 shotgun blasts to take him down which seems kinda
exaggerated, considering what he is. Nevertheless, it is important that you
kill him quickly simply because he lasts longer and thus, being more of a
danger than the lvl 1 Fly. Use the same strategy.

|                                |
| Subsection 4.8: Mechs - IBS048 |
|                                |

Mech lvl 1

The first time you'll see a Mech will be on part 2 of Episode 5. It basically
looks like a gun mounted on two robotic legs. It will detect you once you
enter its range and the little green light that surrounds it will turn red,
indicating it has gone into alert status. While it is in its alert status, it
will continue firing shots and moving towards you until you kill it or until
you die. The Mechs are mainly supposed to be strong enemies that put an end to
you and your quest to kill Morphix. This Mech's shot does 25 damage to you,
but the good thing is, it doesn't have a close range attack nor can it attack
you if you crouch. This makes him an easy enemy considering all you have to do
is duck and shoot it. Kicking him to death isn't so hard either, 'cause all
you need to do is duck under his initial shot and get close and kick him. Of
course it takes more than one kick to put it down but as long as you remember
to crouch between his shots you should be fine. Killing any Mech with your
boot also provides a nice boost to you ego so remember to do your best to kill
a Mech with your kick if you're low on health.

Mech lvl 2

Is a little bloder and stronger than the lvl 1 version, and also has a
somewhat green tint to distinguish it from other Mechs. Much like the lvl 1
Mech, this one attacks by shooting you as well but with a minor change.
Instead of just one shot each time, it shoots 3 straight shots each time which
take out 5 ego points each. While it's true that that's less than how much
damage the lvl 1 Mech does, the lvl 2 Mech takes longer to kill due to the
fact that it's stronger. However it is as easily killed as the lvl 1 Mech.

Mech lvl 3

The last Mech is the strongest regular enemy you'll meet throughout the entire
game. You can recognize it by the rather big metal slotted hood it has mounted
on top of its gun. Fortunately, due to the fact that it's a Mech you kill it
just as easily as you kill other Mechs, however this one has a second method
of attacking. In addition to the regular shot it takes at you now and then,
which by the way does 40 damage, it can also shoot a cluster of pipebombs at
you if there's a slight distance between you and it. As opposed to the shot it
fires at you which you can duck to avoid, if you duck and it shoots that
cluster of three pipebombs at you, you'll be hit. You must jump in order to
avoid the pipebombs attack. Although each pipebomb deals only 5 points of
damage, it's recommended that you avoid it anyway, 'cause there's always a
chance you'll get hit again, this time even by the gun shot. The best startegy
with this Mech is to just get close to him, let him fire, and then kick him
and repeat the process until he's down, which will net you a nice 50 ego
point bonus.

That's it for the regular enemies. Now it's time for the bosses.

|                                  |
| Subsection 4.9: Bosses - IBS0049 |
|                                  |

To begin, I want to say that except for 3 bosses, all the other bosses are
usually stronger versions of certain lvl 3 enemies. This means that strategies
basically remain the same, however I will add other strategies due to the fact
that the battles take place in certain areas which can make it difficult or
easy for you to beat said bosses. I'll go over the bosses in the order you
fight them when playing the game.

Ok, let's kick some ass!

|Episode 1 Boss - Mech Morphix & his chopper|

Once you finish the third part of the first Episode, a cut scene will play
showing Duke coming out of a building's rooftop and a chopper shooting a
missile in his direction, which knocks Duke away. After Duke declares the
fight, it will begin. Now this boss battle is divided into three parts so
let's over the first one.

Once you get control over Duke you'll have the ability to go a little further
left or right. The chopper in this part will shoot rockets at a fairly high
rate so try to avoid the first few ones and head towards the chopper. Use
whatever's weapon at your disposal, preferably the assault rifle, to shoot at
that red flashing part of the helicopter. Even on the hard difficulty level
you shouldn't have much problem hitting or destroying that part because it's
pretty big compared to Duke's assault rifle and it's also pretty weak, meaning
that it doesn't take a lot of firepower to be destroyed. Once it's blown up
the chopper will circle around the building's rooftop and the second part of
the boss battle will begin.

At the start of the second part of the battle, you'll see a green health bar
at the top of the screen with a picture of a Pig Cop near it. This is your
objective for this part, to kill about 5-7 Pig Cops, depending on the
difficulty level. On higher difficulty levels the pigs are stronger, which
means you'll have to kill more before you beat this part of the battle. These
pigs come down from the chopper using a ladder and while they're doing that,
the chopper's minigun will lock onto your position and start shooting. The
duration of the shooting though also depends on the difficulty level. The
higher the difficulty, the longer the duration. Optionally, you can shoot the
minigun to disable it from tracking you for a short time, to avoid the
possibility of you being hit at any time. These Pig Cops that come down from
the chopper are all lvl 2 so remember to deal with them the minute they get
off the chopper's ladder. This will not only assure you won't get hit, but the
faster you dispose of the pigs, the sooner you'll be done with this boss
battle. Once the health bar reaches red, the chopper will swirl away and come
back again, Duke will grab hold of the ladder and you'll fly off the building
and the last part of the fight begin.

The last part of the boss battle takes place on the chopper while Duke is
holding on to the side ladder. In this part you must destroy another part of
the chopper, the engine or one of the engines I think, in order to finish the
battle. To do this, you must climb to the top of the ladder, face left and
throw pipebombs and detonate them when they are close to the engine. It is
true that due to the wind and the chopper moving, your pipebombs won't
directly hit the engine but the splash damage is supposed to take care of
that. Remember that minigun that shot at you during the second part of the
battle? It shoots at you this time as well but mostly it will miss because of
the chopper shaking and the wind blowing I think. It starts shooting every now
and then and like in the second part of the boss battle, you can shoot it to
make it stop tracking you for a short while. Also, if you stay at the top of
the ladder, Morphix will frequently open up the door and strike you with his
red laser sword or something, so watch out not to hang around the top for too
long, if you're low on health. And don't worry, Duke can't fall off of the
side ladder. Once the engine blows, you'll send that chopper crashing down
directly in Chinatown, which will eventually lead us to the next boss battle.

| Episode 2 Boss - A powerful lvl 3 Gator Grunt|

Being one of the bosses that is essentially a stronger lvl 3 Gator Grunt, the
same strategies apply to him as well. Those being to duck when he shoots his
twin uzis, run away when he's about to perform his karate kick and never get
close enough to let him kung fu your ass. Since he is a boss it might be a bad
idea to lose a lot of ego at any time of the fight, especially right at the
beginning. The environment has been designed so as to give you some breathing
room when you need it. However if you get on the platforms above you be aware
that the boss can follow you and jump up there too to continue the fight. The
only place he cannot get to is the long platform at the top of the building to
which you can get to by climbing the ladder on the far right platform. There's
also a 100+ plus ego pack to the right of the higher platform in case you're
dangerously low on health. In case you have problems beating him, I think that
a good sleazy strategy for dealing with him will be to climb up to the top
platform, and use the look + directional buttons and lay pipebombs to either
side of the platform, and then detonate them when he gets near. I'm not sure
if it works 'cause I've never used it before because I didn't need to.
Just duck to avoid his shots and keep firing at all times. Just make sure
you're aiming at him, otherwise you're just wasting your time.

| Episode 3 Boss - A powerful lvl 3 Cockroach |

Although you'll meet the boss before you actually meet a lvl 3 roach I decided
to write it like this because he's a boss. Exactly like a lvl 3 roach but with
some minor changes due to the environment. You'll be fighting around on a
train with two carts while going at high speeds. This means that if you fall 
from either sides of the train, you'll die. The boss spits out GLOPP blobs
that can reach you no matter how far you are away from him so remember you
can't hide and expect him to not hit you. While you can enter the inside of
the train from either side, never linger around too long there because the
boss can spit a rather large blob of GLOPP that drips down the train and then
spreads around like electricity on water. This battle can get to tough
situations after some time so the best bet is to just shoot him, kick him, do
anything that will drain his hp, while you're avoiding whatever you can. Sure
you'll take damage once in a while but this battle is won by attrition, and
you have a 100+ ego pack inside the train. Of course this doesn't mean you can
go around taking hits every time because remember that he curls up after each
attack which makes him invulnerable for a couple of seconds, thus prolonging
the fight and your chances of being hit and dying.

| Episode 4 Boss - Queen Mother of all roaches |

This is the second real boss you'll get to fight during the entire game. The
battle is split into two parts, each of one I'll detail on it's own.

When you walk through the red key door a cut scene will play showing Duke
walking around roach eggs and GLOPP puddles. A pair of eyes light up and Duke
finds himself eye to eye with the Queen Mother of all Cockroaches. The battle
will begin with you under some wooden scaffolding and the boss further away
from you to the right. She basically attacks by throwing what seems to be
rocks that deal mid range damage. As much as I tried to avoid it, I always
got hit, although the damage dealt to me was different each time. If you
somehow find a way to completely avoid her attacks at this stage, mail me and
you'll be credited properly. Anyway whip out your assault rifle and start
wasting that ammo. Since this battle is made out of two parts, I suggest that
you keep your ego loss to a minimum 'cause the second part might be where
you'll fall down if you don't have enough hp. After shooting her for some time
you'll see a cut scene in which the cave you're fighting collapses and sends a
huge boulder right on her head. Duke is getting the hell outta there by using
the old train to the left. Just then you hear a somewhat horrifying roar, and
you see the Queen Mother chasing you. Prepare for boss battle part 2.

You are set up on the last cart with the Queen Mother just on your tail. Time
to bring out that big PRPG of yours. In this part she attacks you by either
spitting GLOPP at you, which can reach you anywhere on the cart, or by jumping
on the cart and giving you a big slap with her claws, which magically doesn't
kill you right away. After shooting her for a couple of times the camera will
zoom backwards, showing her catching up to the cart you're currently on. This
is the time to place a couple of pipe bombs on that cart before she rams and
knocks it off the tracks. I believe you must not be on the cart when she's
doing that or you'll die. This never happened to me though because I was never
stupid enough to stand around waiting fo her to push me off the train, and
neither should you be. Her GLOPP blobs turned into puddles create little GLOPP
ammo canisters for you to pick if you need it for some reason, but I suggest
forgetting about those and concentrating on damaging the Queen Mother of all
Cockroaches. And don't worry about running out of train carts before she runs
out of health, because the battle is designed to last for as long as you or
she does. This means that she is supposed to knock off a cart as soon you
inflict enough damage to her. Watch out not to get roach parts all over you
when you beat her!

| Episode 5 Boss - A powerful lvl 3 Sewer Rat |

Not much to say here except that this boss is really easy. Although he uses
the environment to his advantage, killing him shouldn't prove to be too much
of a difficult task. Even though you can't duck and shoot him because he is
inside the elevator, and by that trying to somewhat avoid his pipebombs, you
can still kill him fairly quickly due to the fact that for a boss, he attacks
pretty slowly. By that I mean that he sends one pipebomb every 5 seconds or
so, which gives plenty of time to either mow him down with the assault rifle,
plant a few pipebombs inside his elevator which will take quite a large chunk
of life from his health bar, or blast him with the PRPG. Trying to avoid his
pipebombs by jumping on top of the elevator and switching sides will save you
the damage the pipebombs do, but you'll get electrified once you step on the
elevator, so if you plan on avoiding his bombs, just jump where you stand.

Another thing to worry about is the floor that you're standing on while
fighting him. Every few minutes a part of the platform breaks away and you
have less room to stand on, meaning that if you don't kill the boss in time,
you'll die yourself, so don't linger around too much. Always be shooting at
him to prevent this from happening. For some reason, the boss is more inclined
to use the red fire pipebombs rather than the other two, even though he is
basically a lvl 3 rat. Not that this is a bad thing since all you have to do
is jump to avoid the blast and then land within the flames but not on them,
and keep shooting at him. In case he does use the shrapnel pipebomb or the
homing pipebomb, you would have no choice but to jump on the elevator and get
electrified, in order to avoid those. It is better to be electrified than to
be hit with shrapnel and a blast, or a blast and then three other bombs.

| Episode 6 Boss - A powerful lvl 2 fly |

I don't know why it happens, but on my version of DNMP this boss always seems
to be able to go transparent whenever you hit him with your weapons. You'll be
fighting him inside the belly of an oil tanker meaning you have little room
avoiding his GLOPP blobs, so do your best not to touch them. A good thing
though is that his attacks don't deal more damage than those of a regular lvl
2 Fly, which is what he basically is, just a lvl 2 Fly with only a lot of
health. Just back away from his GLOPP, shoot him, jump over what is now GLOPP
puddles thus switching sides, and repeat. Another good strategy would be to
let him spit his GLOPP and to drive him upwards by getting a little close to
him, and then while you're beneath him, shoot him with either your assault
rifle or PRPG. I recommend the assault rifle to reduce that chances of damage
being dealt to you because of the splash damage the pipebombs do.

This battle also has some sort of time limit. If you take too long to kill the
boss the ship will start shaking and water will start to rise up from the
bottom. A hole in the floor will be opened giving you access to the double
100+ ego packs and the ammo, should you be in need for them. However, once the
ship starts to fill up with water I highly recommend forgetting about the
ego packs and ammo and just concentrating on killing the boss. Duke can't
survive underwater and will eventually die if you take too long to kill the
boss. This battle might be considered a little hard due to the time limit but
in case you fail the first time don't be discouraged 'cause everything takes
practice and besides, the next boss battle is a lot harder, if not the

| Episode 7 Boss - A powerful lvl 3 Fembot |

This is actually the first tme you'll meet a lvl 3 Fembot and what's worse is
that it's a boss, meaning it's a hell of a lot stronger than a regular lvl 3
Fembot. And to top if off you even fight her in a very hard to handle
environment. You'll start out at the top of Morphix's off shore oil platform
and you can fall off the sides if you try to. Her whip does 40 damage which
means only a few hits can kill you, even if you do manage to grab the 100 +
ego boost that's hanging to the left. Like any other Fembot, she likes to roll
in your direction and then slash you with her whip. It's pretty hard avoiding
her attacks seeing as how she pushes you every time she rolls on the ground,
and it's even harder when you're at either edge, because then she'll knock you
over and send you down to your death, and you'll have to start the battle
over. Avoiding her even before she attacks is your best chance at survival.
You must time a double jump really good in order to jump over her when she's
rolling about and by that avoiding the possibility of her whipping you. Use
only the assault rifle in this battle 'cause you'll hurt yourselft too if you
blast her with the PRPG. Always keep shooting if you're not preoccupied with
dodging her attacks and she'll eventually die. Also never forget the 100 + ego
pack that's above the ladder from which you climbed to get here. Keep shooting
her and besides trying to avoid her whip, take a couple of hits in order to
inflict significant damage to her, otherwise you're just stalling time and she
will eventually kill you. This is truly the hardest boss battle of all the 
other boss battles in this game.

| Episode 8 Boss - Mech Morphix inside his Robo-Duke |

As with the first boss battle against Morphix, this battle is divided into
three parts as well. When you enter the battle area, Duke will ask you to help
him kick Morphix's ass and then the battle will begin. We'll start with the
first part.

In the first part of the battle, Morphix is sitting inside Robo-Duke's head,
and he uses it to try and zap you with electricity wherever you stand. There
are 3 small platforms in front of Robo-Duke's chest, to which you can jump and
avoid Morphix's attacks in the process. The robot's head will fly around
trying to avoid your PRPG but since this is outer space, you can jump higher
so you should have no problems reaching it. The head also flies very slowly so
the only concern here is to avoid the electric attacks. Once you clear his
health bar, Robo-Duke's head will be dragged to his place and after a couple
of explosions it'll start flying again, which signals the beginning of the
second part of the boss battle.

This part isn't very different from the first one, except for a new attack
from Morphix and the fact that Robo-Duke's head now moves around a little
faster. Now instead of just zapping you with electricity, Morphix will also
launch homing rockets at you that come out from the mouth of Robo-Duke's head.
Treat this part the same as you did the first one and you'll soon finsh it.
The rockets fly around in your direction a little before locking on your
position and then charging. This is how you avoid them by the way. You make
them lock onto you while you're just standing around and when they're coming
after you, jump away. Of course this can be a little tricky since Morphix will
try to zap you constantly, but you must not be hit with both attacks. Either
let a rocket hit you, or get electrified. I know this sounds kind of stupid 
but you won't be able to always dodge both attacks so the next best solution
will be to take one hit instead of two. Keep blasting Morphix until
Robo-Duke's head gets dragged to it's place again. Now this is also a tricky
part. Right now you need to jump on one of those little platforms in order for
the battle to continue. Don't screw up and fall down because if you do, you'll
have to start the whole battle over. Once you've safely landed on one of the
platforms, the final part of the battle will ensue.

In the final part of the boss battle your objective remains the same, to
destroy Robo-Duke's head with Morphix in it. This time however it gets harder,
but not by much. The three little platform all accompany you in the flight you
take and they all move up or down all the time. This is why this part is hard.
You are basically busy with shooting Robo-Duke's head and dodging Morphix's
attacks by jumping around on those platforms. The fact that they're moving can
be annoying sometimes but this is how it is supposed to be so just accept with
it. Morphix now attacks you by zapping the platforms on which you're supposed
to be standing, with a red laser that comes out of Robo-Duke's eyes. He'll
usually have an order as to which platforms he zaps first and that is: the
left one first, then the middle one and finally the right one. However, he'll
also zap them in random orders so the best way to avoid these attacks is by
watching which platforms he has zapped and which he is about to, all the while
still firing at the head. Speaking of which, to do that you must stand on the
right platform to be able to have a line of fire with Robo-Duke's head.
Another attack which he uses is when he moves Robo-Duke's right hand and
shoots the same red laser out of it horizontally. This is a fairly easy attack
to avoid since the platforms are moving up and down and you can also jump
pretty high and remain airborne long enough for the attack to end.

First and foremost, get on the far right platform as soon as possible so as to
be able to shoot back at Morphix and not just lose hp due to his attacks.
Use the PRPG to blast the hell out of him and when the platform goes down,
throw regular pipebombs upwards and detonate them when they are on the same
level Robo-Duke's head isn to inflict more damage. The low gravity makes the
pipebombs reach higher if you haven't noticed it yet. Another thing to mention
is that you have no ego packs of any kind throughout the entire battle so
always try to minimize the damage dealt to you. However, if you're about to
get zapped while shooting Morphix, ignore the damage, because what you inflict
on him has a lot more power than what he inflicts on you. Just remember NEVER
to get hit with no reason and you should be fine.

Well, another Duke Nukem has finished. I must say it was kinda boring at
times, but a very fun game nontheless.


|                                      |
| Section 5: Credits & Thanks - IBS005 |
|                                      |

Well I want to thank my brother for giving me his computer with which I played
this cool game, and wrote this guide for. So thank you Omer!
I want to thank whoever reads this document and I hope you enjoyed it. I know
I had a little trouble writing it, but I enjoyed it as well.

Credits will go here to anyone who has a correction or suggestion that I
accept, so start sending those e mails!


|                             |
| Section 6: Closing - IBS006 |
|                             |

Well, I just want to say that I'm pretty sure some damage data in here is
incorrect due to the fact that I wrote this guide when playing the game with
the blue shirt which halves the damage you take from enemies, and since a lot
of enemy attacks deal uneven damage, the half of it doesn't equal to the
original amount of damage dealt. So if you find a damage reading that's
incorrect, please e mail me and I'll correct with credit to whomever pointed
the mistake out. And this is pretty much it.

I hope I'll get to writing another FAQ soon for some other game because well,
I'm seriously bored as of late and I need some occupation. Writing FAQs and
guides can be boring some times but people say it feels good to know that
you're helping other people with troubles originating from the game, and this
is why I've written this guide. It's also fun because you are doing something
about a game that you really like, and you hope that by that, other people
will like it too. Well anyway, see ya later!

                          This document is copyright© of
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