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Nukes Guide by MKentie

Version: 1.11 | Updated: 10/26/2002

This document is Copyright 2002 Marijn Kentie.

Version 1.11 - 10-26-2002
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Nukes Guide by Marijn Kentie.


1. Excuse me for any spelling or grammar mistakes, but I'm not English. Still,
doing my best...
2. If I have accidentally switched left and right (unlikely and dumb) please
let me know, so I can correct the error!
4. With "most distant" I usually mean furthest away on the Z-axis (depth).
3. Questions, suggestions, error corrections, etc? Mail me at


1. Finding nukes yourself.
2. Nuke Locations
3. Getting all kills and other tips.
4. Rewards
5. Legal

1. Finding nukes yourself.

Some nukes aren't very well hidden, but most are easy to find. Here's how to
have a crack at finding them yourself (and not to be a cheater):

1. Blow up or kick in any suspicious looking wall, ventilation shaft or barrel.
2. Use your sliding kick (run and press kick) to get into small spots.
3. Sometimes the nukes are hidden very close to each other.
4. Kill enemies. Some of them (especially bosses) drop nukes.
5. Drop down. Chance is you won't fall to your doom, but on a hidden ledge.
6. Look around with Right CTRL to locate hidden nukes.
7. Most nukes lie on bars high in levels; always work your way up.
8. Conserve pipe bombs to be able to blow stuff up.
9. If you see a nuke and can't reach it, you may get there later.

2. Nuke locations.

2.1. Episode 1: Rooftop Rebellion.

2.1.1. Level 1.

1. The first nuke lies on the second rooftop you walk on.
2. You'll encounter a rooftop with three antenna towers with air vents on them.
Jump from tower to tower up to the top to grab the nuke.
3. You can enter a building with a power generator in it. The nuke is in a
barrel to your left.
4. In the same building, shut off the power and find the nuke to the left of
the generator.
5. To the left of the doorway to the second part of the level, you'll find a
destructable wall. The nuke floats behind it.
6. Climb the ladder which leads to the doorway of the building where you'll
find the keycard halfway up, and jump left. Grab the ventilation shaft
and find the nuke behind the wall.
7. Ride the second airflow to grab a nuke.
8. Near the exit, to the right of the second airflow is a wall with two barrels
in front of it. A nuke lies behind it.
9. In the keycard building (open the door with the switch next to the babe), to
your right when you enter it.
10. In the keycard building, at the end of the bar you use to get to the

2.1.2. Level 2.

NOTE: This level has eleven nukes, but you only have to find ten of them. Nuke
12.5 is the one I found last.
11. Break open the wall beneath your starting point.
12. In the building you can enter. Work your way down, past the fan. Beneath
the fan lies a nuke.
12.5 After you turn off the forcefield, a FemMech will drop down right in front
of you. Jump up the hole
it came from.
13. Exit the building. Climb the ladder to your left. Jump to the ladder to
your right, and climb it. You'll find a nuke on the balcony.
14. You'll go round a corner with a balcony in it. A nuke floats on the
balcony. Use a window cleaner's lift to get there.
15. When you have to jump from lift to lift, you'll see a ladder. Drop down
from it to the right. You'll land on a ledge with a nuke on it. A lift
will descend to pick you up.
16. A FemMech will burst out of a wall. Kill it for a nuke.
17. When you continue up a balcony another FemMech will attack you. Kill it for
another nuke.
18. Near the beginning of the second part of the level, you can jump down a
ledge (some ammo floats above it). On the ledge you'll find a jetpack.
Fly up and then right to find a balcony with a SWAT PigCop and an nuke on it.
19. There is an airflow to the right of the level exit. Next to it you'll find
a nuke.
20. In the right corner of the level you can use an airflow to grab a nuke.

2.1.3. Level 3.

21. In the air, just after the first corner. Use the airflow to the left to
grab it.
22. See nuke #21.
23. See nuke #21.
24. In the air, between the two buildings with jetpacks on them.
25. See nuke #24.
26. See nuke #24.
27. Inside the building you can enter under nukes 24-26, to the left of the
door you enter through.
28. Also inside the building, dropped by the first PigCop you meet.
29. Same as #28, but dropped by the second PigCop.
30. Also inside the building, at the end of the conveyor belt.

2.2. Episode 2: Chinatown Thriller

2.2.1. Level 1.

31. Get it from the flying pig.
32. Climb the building to the right of the building you start in front of, and
jump to a flagpole to your left.
33. Near the roof of the building with the red dots on it.
34. In the second part of the level, to the left of the van.
35. On top of the building to the right of the van.
36. In the building with the lift and the assault rifle in it.
37. On top of the building to the right of where you blow a hole in the floor
the save the babe.
38. Climb the building with the garage door before you start to dodge cars
(grab the light to climb it).
39. Near the end of the level you can move to the front, and enter a part of
the level with a couple of Glopp canals. There are two GatorOids here.
Kill them for a nuke each.
40. See nuke #39.

2.2.2. Level 2.

41. In the upper lane near the beginning.
42. Under the viaduct above the Glopp.
43. In the sewers. Grab the jetpack, return to the previous room, and fly up
the pipe in the ceiling. Kill a hat wearing enemy for a nuke.
44. Continue on from nuke #43. Kill another hat wearing GatorOid.
45. Continue further. You'll enter a new room. Use the pipes to jump up, and
grab the nuke.
46. Fight the hat wearing GatorOid that beams in when you've exited the
warehouse and jumped down the viaduct.
47. See nuke #46.
48. Inside the club Ming warehouse, on a storage rack.
49. On another storage rack in the warehouse.
50. In a barrel in the warehouse, near the level exit.

2.2.3. Level 3.

51. Walk forward until you reach a raised platform. Jump left and grab the
ladder. Climb it for the nuke.
52. From the same platform jump right, climb the ladder, and jump right again
to grab a second ladder.
53. Crack open the crate at the end of the disco.
54. Where you save the babe, jump and walk left to grab the nuke behind the
55. Kick in the wall with the barrels in front of it, beneath the slopes you
can walk up.
56. In the keycard room use the metal crate to jump to the nuke.
57. In the keycard room blow up the barrel for a nuke.
58. Dropped by the boss.
59. See nuke #58.
60. See nuke #58.

2.3. Episode 3: Metro Madness.

2.3.1. Level 1.

61. In the part with the ringing phone next to the rest home sign, climb the
ladder up one level. Jump up the crates, climb another ladder and kick in
the wall.
62. Climb down the ladder, and jump to the nuke.
63. Climb the first ladder from #61, go up another level, and blow open the
middle ventilation shaft. Go through the doorway.
64. In the part with the platforms and bars above the goo, jump to the upper
right. Hit the button and ride the platform for the nuke.
65. After the rat filled station, go through the red doorway. Dodge the trains
and climb the ladder for a nuke.
66. Return to the ventilation shaft form nuke #63, go through it, but now kick
in the wall. Walk right and drop down.
67. Return to the doorway from #65, but don't go through it. Continue right
instead. Climb up the second ladder, but jump down near the
floating ammo. Grab the jetpack and the nuke above it.
68. Jetpack up a bit further, and land above a closed door. Go right.
69. When you enter the keycard area through a blue door, and there's a FemMech
above you, you are in the area of nuke #69.
Jump up the ladder shaft to the right, and kick in the wall. Blow up the
barrels for a nuke.
70. Climb the ladder to the left of the keycard. Work your way left, and then
down for the last nuke of this level.

2.3.2. Level 2.

71. Directly underneath the starting point (you can use the force field if you
don't want to get shocked.
72. In the second part of the level, under a platform. Climb halfway up the
ladder, and jump o the platform under it.
73. Climb the ladder from nuke #72 and crack open the crate.
74. After opening the first pair of blue doors you'll have to climb some
ladders. Blow open the grate under the ladder with two "Caution" signs next to
75. At the top of this ladder jump from crates to the right to grab a bar. The
nuke floats a little to the left.
76. In the part where you ride a small platform down the Glopp stream, jump up
the bars near the beginning.
77. When you have to jump off the platform because it goes through a little
tunnel, jump to the right. The nuke is next to a ladder.
78. Just before the Glopp waterfall, jump onto a platform with a sewer tube
above it. Jump to the right from the tube to get behind the wall. Walk right
to grab two nukes.
79. See nuke #78.
80. After the platform riding you'll enter a new room with rats in it. Jump
above the entry point and smash the wall.

2.3.3. Level 3.

81. After the train riding, jump up the sign, and onto the ventilation shaft.
There are a ladder and a nuke.
82. In the tunnel with the exit force field, go left and kick in the wall.
83. In the same tunnel, go down to the train and walk to the left.
84. In the burning part with the big Glopp puddle, jump onto the sign above the
85. Above the big puddle of Glopp with the platforms in it.
86. Under the ladder after the exit force field.
87. In the second train riding part.
88. See nuke #87.
89. Dropped by the boss.
90. See nuke #89.

2.4. Episode 4: Unholy Underworld

2.4.1. Level 1.

91. Near the beginning, after you blow a hole in the wall, use a bar to grab
the nuke.
92. Dropped by a bug on the most distant away walkway. This walkway is by the
first Glopp puddle with eggs in it.
93. On top of one of the portals on the walkway with all the egg puddles.
94. Dropped by a GatorOid in the next area.
95. On the most distant away walkway by the first canal. Get there by first
going to the front walkway.
96. A bit further, after you climb a ladder, to your right in the air.
97. See nuke #96.
98. On the rail above the canal to the right of the exit and keycard. Go to the
front walkway and walk left to be able to reach the bar.
99. Now follow the rail the other side, into the next area. The nuke is near
the keycard.
100. Go left through the canal, past the exit. You'll enter a secret area with
the last nuke in it.

2.4.2. Level 2.

101. Near the beginning, go to the most distant path. Blow up the barrel, and
climb up. Kill the whack-ass insect for a nuke.
102. Crack open the boxes behind the bug.
103. See nuke #102.
104. Kill the bug behind the boxes.
105. Continue onward. Floating between two wagons you'll find nuke #105.
106. On the ground, under the previous nuke.
107. Continue walking right, to the end of the tunnel. Jump to the ledge for
the nuke.
108. Go to the most distant path, and walk right. Blow up the barrel. The nuke
is next to the switch you use to start the train.
109. Keep jumping from bar to bar along the ceiling of the next tunnel.
110. A GatorOid will drop this nuke. He walks on the most distant path.

2.4.3. Level 3.

111. After the huge hole in the floor, this nuke floats in the air.
112. See nuke #111.
113. See nuke #112.
114. Continue. Jump left from a pile of wood onto a bar.
115. See nuke #114.
116. Dropped by one of the next bugs you encounter.
117. See nuke #116.
118. See nuke #116.
119. See nuke #116.
120. See nuke #116.

2.5. Episode 5: Fearsome Factory

2.5.1. Level 1.

121. Climb down the first ladder. Grab the light to reach the nuke.
122. Go up the ladder after the first force field. Walk right and fall down.
123. Above the moving platform in the big hole in the ground.
124. See nuke #123.
125. In the "follow the blue lights" part of the level, blow a hole in the
ground near three stacked crates. Drop down and collect.
126. Go through the hallway next to the keycard. Take the right ladder. Do not
use the next ladder, but jump down to your left.
127. Go right. The nuke floats on a bar.
128. Continue onward.
129. Continue onward even more.
130. Grab the key, jump down, again go through the hallway, but this time take
the left ladder. The nuke is in the air.

2.5.2. Level 2.

131. At the start go right until you go up a slope. Jump from the slope to a
bar on your left. Jump to a couple of other bars and grab the nuke.
132. After the spike puzzle go down the first ladder you see. The nuke lies
under it.
133. Now climb the ladder and kill the FemMech. It drops a nuke.
134. Fall down the walkways around the tube.
135. See nuke #134.
136. See nuke #134.
137. This one lies on the bridge you extend throughout the level.
138. On top of the Radiation Hazard sign. Use the roof of the glass hall to get
139. In the slime filled area, go right until you see a hole with two lifts
next to it. Drop down this hole. Go right, climb up the spike passage, and go
Drop into a hole. The nuke can be found here.
140. Jump left from the crates the key is on. Walk left and go down, then walk

2.5.3. Level 3.

141. After you teleport, go right. Jump on the small portal to get on some
bars. Climb the ladder, and grab the nukes next to it.
142. See nuke #141.
143. Climb the ladder again, but go right. Now grab the floating nuke.
144. Get back to the ground, and go right. Hit the switch and climb the ladder
again. You'll be able to reach another nuke.
145. After #144 shoot the rat to your right. He carries a nuke.
146. Continue past the spike platforms, and shoot a bot for the nuke.
147. Continue and press the button. You can now grab two nukes.
148. See nuke #147.
149. Climb down the ladder next to #147. Kick in the wall and pick up the nuke.
150. Continue to your left, and go down. Go right and kill the rat for a nuke.

2.6. Episode 6: Tanker Trouble

2.6.1. Level 1.

151. Jump on the metal roof with all the wooden crates under it. On a vent
above it lies a nuke.
152. Jump onto a similar roof more to the right, near the switch you pull to
lower the bridge. Follow this roof to the right.
153. A while after you have lowered the bridge you can get between two
scaffoldings. A nuke lies to your left.
154. If you shoot a fly near nuke #153, it'll drop a nuke.
155. When you've raised the crane you'll end up between two other scaffoldings.
Go right, get on the upper one, and jump on the crates to your left.
156. Keep walking right on the ship's deck.
157. After you save the babe go forward and then right.
158. Follow this path by jumping over the crates. Drop down after a while and
go left.
159. When jumping from crate to crate in the refrigerator, find some icicles
hanging from a crate. Shoot them and slidekick through the opening.
Go left to grab a nuke.
160. When you're done crate jumping you'll find this one.

2.6.2. Level 2.

161. After you go around the corner go up and walk left. Shoot some barrels.
162. Continue, past a puddle with eggs in it.
163. Open the door, go right, climb a ladder and kick in the wall to your
164. Kill the PigCop near the switch marked "3".
165. In the cargo hold blow a hole in the open container with a nuke in it.
166. Continue, and enter the open crate just before the corner.
167. After you switch paths in the cargo hold, go right and blow up some wooden
168. After you go around the corner to walk on the bars along the ceiling, walk
right for a nuke.
169. Continue and grab the chains. Climb up to get a nuke.
170. In the area with the forklift trucks jump on the first one, grab the chain
to your left, and hop onto the balcony.

2.6.3. Level 3.

171. Climb up the first ladder and go left.
172. Now walk right for another nuke.
173. Climb down the ladder you're standing next to and shoot the barrel to your
174. Continue, and jump up to the babe after the big explosion. Blow up the
barrel next to her.
175. Go down past the exit elevator. Climb the ladder next to it and crack open
the barrel.
176. Get down again, and continue to go right. Blow up the crates.
177. Go down the ladder closest to you and shoot the crates to your right.
178. See nuke #177.
179. Climb the nearest ladder and go left. Kick in the wall.
180. This nuke floats next to the keycard.

2.7. Episode 7: Deviant Drilling

2.7.1. Level 1.

181. Where the crate you moved was, go left. Go to the distant walkway and use
the box to jump to a balcony.
182. Return to the previous walkway and jump to the balcony with the nuke on
183. When you ride the pulley, jump down to the lower platform to reach a nuke.
184. A red FemMech near the pulley part drops it.
185. Go through a nearby doorway to find this nuke.
186. Blow up the barrels on both sides of the floor inside the oilrig.
187. See nuke #186.
188. When you enter the next area, jump onto the containers to your left. Use
them to jump to a balcony with a FemMech on it. Kill it for a nuke.
189. Dropped by a PigCop near the switch you use to move the second crate.
190. You'll soon enter an area with suspended platforms. Go up the first ladder
you encounter to reach a nuke.

2.7.2. Level 2.

191. From the start, walk right on the drill. Go up the ladder and pick up the
192. When you are near where you walk the on the drill again, jump to some
tubes on your right. Continue to jump up, and grab the nukes to your left.
193. See nuke #192.
194. After you enter the area with the flames coming out of the walls, kill the
FemMechs. Jump up through a hole in the ceiling next to a pipe. Go forward.
195. See nuke #194.
196. After a while you go past more flames and will be able to choose a walkway
in front of the current one. Instead, continue left and go to a more distant
walkway. Walk right on it.
197. Dropped by a FemMech after the flame pipes.
198. See nuke #197.
199. A PigCop next to the babe drops it.
200. This nuke is dropped by a PigCop under the babe.

2.7.3. Level 3.

201. Just walk right from the start for this rather easy to find nuke.
202. After you lower the bar walk over it and go left.
203. Climb the ladder and go right.
204. After you go over the highest bridge you can jump to this nuke.
205. See nuke #205.
206. Dropped by a PigCop to the left of were you exit the lift.
207. A PigCop above the previous one drops this nuke.
208. Dropped by the enemies after the second elevator.
209. See nuke #208.
210. See nuke #208.

2.8. Episode 8: Orbital Oblivion (Final out-of-this-world episode).

2.8.1. Level 1.

211. When you've dropped down after working your way up the floating crates,
you have to kill a walking robot. After him, drop down to the platform
under you.
212. Ride the second batch of floating crates to the top to collect a nuke.
213. Go right and work your way to the switch to lower the force field. You'll
find a nuke there.
214. After you lose your weapons, ride the upper platform and jump for two
215. See nuke #215.
216. Teleport down two levels, this one is above the keycard.
217. These nukes float under the keycard platform.
218. See nuke #218.
219. This nuke floats next to the teleporter you use to get back your weapons.
220. See nuke #220.

2.8.2. Level 2.

221. Ride the first platform up and kill the bot near the babe to get a nuke.
222. A bot on a platform in the center of the main room, above the exit, drops
this one.
223. Drop to the ground and walk right. Kill the bot on the platform.
224. The PigCops that spawn after you open lab 2 drop these.
225. See nuke #224.
226. The PigCop that spawns after you open lab 3 drop these.
227. See nuke #226.
228. By shutting down lab 3 and shooting the enemy that spawns you get this
229. Same as #228, but for lab 5.
230. The robot in the last laser room drops this one.

2.8.3. Level 3.

231. This nuke is dropped by a robot on the ground of the laser room.
232. Walk through the blue beams in this room to make two bots spawn. They both
drop a nuke.
233. See nuke #232.
234. The FemMech to the left of the first controllable platform ride drops a
235. Save the babe, go back, and kill the bot.
236. When you ride the small lifts near the key, this one's on a platform to
your left.
237. After you grab the key, continue up. This nuke floats above a platform
with a bot on it.
238. Now jump left. The nuke floats above a small platform.
239. In one of the rooms near the boss.
240. See nuke #239.

3. Getting all kills and other tips.

1. To get all kills, you also have to kill all creatures that are not yet
mutated (such as cockroaches).
2. If you can't seem to get all the kills, remember that you can also blow up
creatures that more in the fore- or background than Duke,
by thowing a couple of pipebombs (just hold the key), and then detonating them
all at the same time.
This will give a massive explosion, that will kill enemies in all dimensions.
An example are the two rats in the foreground in the stage were you fight
the Club Ming boss.
4. If you can't get all the kills (83 instead of 85) on some levels, don't
worry. This is a bug in the game, and your savegame will still
be ok, it will show up as if you really have all kills. Sometimes you'll get
them all, sometimes you won't.
5. If you kick an enemy to death, you'll get twice the ego you'll get when you
shoot him.
6. You can kill enemies by jumping on them, Mario-style. This doesn't do much
damage though.
7. To increase your weapon's range, look (default left Control) in the
direction you are firing.
8. Once you have the X3000, hold fire while a level is being loaded, and watch
your Ego raise...

4. Rewards

When you find all the nukes on a difficulty, you'll get a reward when you
complete the game. The rewards are:

EASY: Double kick damage
MEDIUM: You take half the damage you normally do, and your shirt is blue
(except for in end of level cutscenes).
HARD: You'll get the X3000, the most powerful weapon in the game. It's an
auto-targeting lightning gun! Tip: hold fire while a level is loaded, and
toast every monster in that level the moment you'l be able to play again!

Finding all the nukes on Hard will also give you the ability to fight the
secret boss. Just before you face Morphix for the final time,
you walk past robo-Duke's hand. Just before his hand are some barrels of Glopp.
If you have all the nukes in this level, you can press up near them and
fight the boss, Wozma. It is super tough (you have to shoot it with rockets for
fifteen minutes or so), but you have infinite ammo. It'll shoot rockets and
throw stuff, but if you keep shooting it with rockets you'll be able to let
these things explode before they hit you.
Warning: if you save and load the level, you won't be able to fight the boss.
Just restart the level and try again.

You don't get anything (except an icon in your savegame) when you find all the
secrets and get all the kills. If you do this on all the difficulty levels, you
don't get anything either... except that you know that you've just wasted hours
of hours... playing one of the best games ever!

5. Legal

This document is Copyright 2002 Marijn Kentie.
You may freely copy and distribute this document, however, you may not change
it nor include it in your own work.
Magazines and websites may use this document, but must let me know if they wish
to do so.

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