• Cheats

    Hit ''~'' key (next to the 1) to call up command window.

    Camera can explore levelcamera camera
    Camera focuses on playercamera player
    Debug modetoggle g_debug
    Display Game statsr_stats
    Extra lifegive life
    Gives 10 nukes.''Give nuke''
    Gives all weapons (except secret one), key cards, diffused babe, 100 ego, max ammo''Give all''
    Gives Forcefield (meter still decreases).''Give forcefield''
    Gives jetpack (meter still decreases).''Give jetpack''
    Gives keycard''Give keys''
    Gives max ammo (at current levels. 10 nukes still increases amount you can carry).''Give Ammo''
    Gives secret. Counts for stats at end of level.''Give secret''
    Gives you 100 EGO''Give health''
    Gives you free babe, however she is not free in level. Freeing her does not affect anything other than giving you standard 20 ego''Give bomb''
    God mode cheat g_p_god
    Pause gamepause
    Toggle Map Infog_map_info

    Contributed By: Wizard CaT, Starky27, and Desert eagle.

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  • Other Cheat Method

    Press ~ to bring up the console then type in exec cheats.cfg and press ENTER to activate cheats

    Now press a letter below

    1 extra lifeL
    All ammoH
    Get everythingG

    Contributed By: HOmie g StRINg.

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  • Unlockable Secrets

    Obtain all the nukes and beat the game on the ''Easy'' difficulty setting to get double kicking power.

    Obtain all the nukes and beat the game on the ''Normal'' difficulty setting to get the blue shirt, which halves the damage Duke takes.

    Obtain all the nukes and beat the game on the ''Hard'' difficulty setting to get the X3000, a lightning gun that tagets enemies by itself.

    Contributed By: bluberry.

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Easter Eggs

  • Hidden boss

    Get all ten Nukes in each level on Hard difficulty to unlock the lightning gun (on level 1-2, you only need to find 10 of 11 possible Nukes). After beating the game, replay level 8-3. Go through the level without dying or reloading, and again get all ten Nukes. When you reach Robo-Duke's chest level, press up at the path near his right hand (your right), and you will enter a hidden area containing Wozma, the secret boss. It has a ton of health, but you have unlimited ammo.

    Contributed By: ekaye.

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