Review by Zylot

Reviewed: 12/22/04

Just when you think it'll kick into high gear, it kicks the bucket ;/

Biggest Waste of money. I got this game when it was new and just hit the shelves. I heard boastings of "Graphics on par with the new Doom!" Also of how great the story was, how it was like an RPG as much as an FPS. What a joke...

Graphics: 7/10
They were great, but not spectacular like the claims I hear in reviews and from the company. Still pretty, 7 is def. above average, but not nearly as good as they could be. Other games came out at the time with unique physics engines, none of that here. Experimentation with bump mapping and specular lighting. Not in here.

Sound/Music: 8/10
The music often times had me tappin' my foot. it has it's own unique feel in some levels (the planet with the huge crazy organism for example). The sounds do their job well, so a good score here.

Gameplay: 1/10
Oh dear, what happened here? I remember the vast worlds of Unreal, constantly looking around to where I should go. Fending off against deadly foes. I have one word for the gameplay here: LINEAR. Enjoy a straight line. Jump from planet to planet, do something, and leave. Sometimes you get to defend a position from an assault of enemies.. but it's overplayed and too easy. On to the weapons, Pretty good stuff. Lots of functions and features, though Grace, the pistol is a joke. Nothing ruins a weapon scheme the the "Uber Pistol" that inexplicably does Huge amounts of damage when weapons like machine guns and lasers can't amount that much. Balance is a good thing in MP, but *NOT* in single player. It makes things stupid. Enemies were too easy. I die once, load, and find a work around in an instant. Big baddies got yah down, throw a poison grenade or whip out Grace. It's also crazy short, I beat it in 8 hours, but only because I was taking it slow. Had I desired, it would have been done in 4-5.

Story: 1/10
Dull, predicable, and lacking substance. You can guess the first twist within' the first two or three levels. The characters are cookie cutter made, with a few exceptions for funny dialog (The elevator in the second mission, and the ungrateful scientist.. though he played as a lame 'character development' device in the end) and some genius thought that the Greatest Strategic Mind in the Military should where form fitting belly shirts. Wuh-WHAT? Wake up and smell the asbestos people, we're not stupid! Don't insult my intelligence. Note: When I got to the final stage, without realizing it, this category was about to get an uber boost up to 6-10 as was gameplay. It looked, for all intensive purposes, like it was going to kick it into high gear. All hell breaks loose, you run through an event (scripted to fool you into thinking it's timed... another insult) and BAM-- it kicks the bucket. The game should have taken off there and it would have been great, but it ends with some sappy monologue and hammers it's last nail into it's coffin.

Overall: 2/10
Biggest Disappointment, waste of time. Don't even waste your money getting this at a reduced price. There are better games for you. 3drealms should take a lesson from Painkiller on "How to end your games RIGHT" and make a better game. Call it "Unreal 2 for real this time."

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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