Review by purXtaC

Reviewed: 12/27/03

Unreal 2 is a Great Game in All Respects.

Unreal 2 is perhaps the most breathtaking first person shooter as to date. I write this review from the unreal difficulty, but it should apply to all the difficulties. U2 is your standard “run up and shoot everything like crazy because you can take more bullets than everyone else” kind of shooter, but the game is incredibly smooth and even better executed. The qualities and environments of the game are shockingly realistic and draw the gamer into the world of the game. The result: a surprisingly challenging and intense first person shooter that deserves a standing ovation.

There are various qualities and things to do in Unreal 2, but altogether it’s just an excellent first-person shooter at heart. There is a free roaming environment on the space-ship. Here, the player can roam around and have dialogues with the other crew members, learn about the various weapons, or learn more about the story. It provides a break from all of the shooting and violence, but the game is primarily a shooter and nothing more. Levity is good; there is a lot of humor throughout the game, which is a great way to complement the serious story. Although there isn’t so much real depth to the story, it is still interesting and surprising at times, and I think it should be discovered by every PC gamer.

What separates U2 from other first person shooters is its excellent execution, as I mentioned earlier. The game stands out because of its execution. U2 becomes very realistic at times, and adds to the fun factor that the game has to offer. No enemy just stands around waiting to get killed, so much intelligent thinking is involved if you want to stay on your toes. The AI is outstanding and downright frightening at times. Stages are rich, beautiful, and vast. The music and sound effects help aid the mood tremendously throughout the various moods in the game. In all of these respects, Unreal 2 is marvelous and perhaps even unsurpassed.

Unreal 2 is a great game in all respects. It is spectacular, and everything that a great game should have, Unreal 2 has. There probably isn’t any replay value after beating the game on unreal, but doing that is an achievement itself. The only complaint that I have is that it is too short (It can be completed in less than a day, but hey, lots of first person shooters can too). If one has had trouble looking for a fun first shooter, then look no further, because, altogether, Unreal 2 is truly a great game that really deserves to be played. 9/10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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