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Reviewed: 03/07/03 | Updated: 03/07/03

It does not take four years to disappoint fans.

The long awaited sequel to the best mindless shooter ever is finally here… and it is lame beyond comparison.

Gameplay: 1/10
The game follows in the same style as most first person shooters; run around and blow things up. However, it is the way you blow things up that make it lame. Every weapon has so many firing modes but they just do not really mean anything. They do, however, complete their function well and no weapon really bests another in terms of overall crappyness. Enemies have intelligence below my toaster oven (and my toaster oven beeps when the toast is done, which is more than I can say about these monsters) and its truly a shame to know that Half-life, a game that’s three or four years old, bests this game in terms of intelligence. Characters are extremely hackneyed and overly cliché from the intelligence woman who dresses like a space hooker to the boring, chain-smoking engineer who gives out information you already know about. The story has absolutely NOTHING to do with the first Unreal. Hell, nothing in this game has anything to do with the first (except the Skaarj who still maintain their coolness). The only reason I gave the gameplay a one is because you get to blow the bloody chunks out of things.

Graphics: 8/10
The ONLY is redeeming quality of this game. The graphics are outstanding supporting the best visuals since No One Lives Forever 2. Characters are extremely realistic (except the humans who are rather big headed) and the textures are simply amazing. Its cool to see a huge building that seems many miles away in the distance buried behind huge mountains only to run up to it and fight the creatures inside. The only bad thing about the graphics is bugs pertaining with Radeon cards and the fact that you need a 200-400$ video card to see them at there fullest (but I have one so I’m covered).

Sound: 5/10
The music is a mixed bag. During cinemas and the opening, they play very good orchestrated music that makes me thank the almighty I have 5.1 Dolby surround and SoundBlaster Live. Unfortunately, while your busy on your boring missions they play these cheesy techno tunes that my nine-year-old sister could make on her synthesizer in five minutes. Its moments like these that make you wonder if the creators really care that some people have top notch sound systems only to turn the sound off because its so bad.

Do not buy this game even if you are a serious fan of the series. The name Unreal is no more of a marketing gimmick (Final Fantasy anyone?) than a sequel. This game would have been much better if it was titles Unreal 1 and not 2, but it stinks because there are other first person shooters that best it. Half-life has more interesting creatures, NOLF 2 has better cinemas (and rivals this games graphics), Medal of Honor: Allied Assault has better music, Halo has better production values, and Serious Sam gives you more enjoyment from killing things. If none of those games existed, then this one would be better, but because there is better stuff out there, this is just another humdrum-kill-things frenzy that will bore you more than an Oscar Wilde film.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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