Review by Desert Jackal

Reviewed: 02/28/03 | Updated: 02/28/03

Great game overall but a little short.

To begin with this review I would just like to say this game has been under rated by many FPS gamers. The detail and effort put into this game is great. The game itself was not boring and it had a decent story to it. The game is short but it makes up for its great graphics and decent story. There are always new surprises and you don't always have to fight the same enemies over and over.

(The one thing I hated most about this game was the many loading times. There was a loading screen every 10 minutes into the game. On top of that the loading took a lot of time. I think I timed it once to be 30 seconds.)

If you were to buy this game make sure you have at least two things at least. A decent PC with something like a Geforce 4 ti2000 graphics card or better and a good audio card.

Graphics 10/10
The best thing about this game was probably the graphics. This is where most of the attention to detail was made. Every single character and environment had a cool design and much thought was put into the design of their frame work and coloration. Each character was unique and much detail was put into their faces. Even weapon's fire looked cool and it made it fun to test out the new weapons and their effects.

Sound 7/10
There are a few glitches here and there but they are not that bad and can be fixed by downloading a patch. Overall great sound and weapons fire sounded excellent.

Story 8/10
Many people may not think so but the story was pretty cool overall. The ending is great, some movies don't even end as good as this game. Lots of room for add-ons and mods. It depends on what kind of gamer you are. If you want a really deep story then this is not the game for you. This game has a simple and easy to follow story that unfortunately doesn't last that long but when you play it for the first time it is addicting.

Controls 9/10
You can basically customize your own controls but sometimes there are really small glitches but once you get the hang of it you can customize the controls to your personal settings.

Replay 6/10
This is the lowest score because, no multiplayer, no personal deathmatch, no alternate story routes, and once you played this game you know what's going to happen so the game is way less fun than the first time. If the add-on gives Unreal 2 the multiplayer option then it will make the game a lot better. Also the game was not long enough but what do you expect these days, most games are short (not all) but there are many short games out there.

Rent or buy?
Easy answer rent. You can beat this game in a few hours and be done with it. For hard core fans buy this game to add to your collection but wait until it is on sale because the game is short enough to the point where this game is not worth the entire $50. The extreme maximum price for this of you wanting to buy this game should be 30 dollars or less.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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