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Reviewed: 02/28/03 | Updated: 02/28/03

Its like playing a movie..........trailer

The first thing you notice about this game when you start is the graphics. They are stunning and everything seems so detailed. You walk around staring at things for a while before you continue with the game.

You are on a spaceship called the Atlantis and you can explore and talk with the crew. It is a nice touch but it wears off.

The story starts when you investigate a mine that has been attacked by the alien race called Skarrj. They are looking for an artifact that was found in a dig site and they want it bad. The first level is quite atmospheric but the atmosphere dies out as the game progresses.

The story continues like this for 6 more artifacts as you run around research labs and shoot everything you see.

Then you get something interesting, you have to defend you ship while it is being repaired and you must set up laser fences and turrets to help you, this is a good idea and brings some new life to the game. Then you have to defend a base with some marines to order about, this is also a break from shooting everything you see. These ideas soon wear thin when you have to defend again and again. Defending missions just become boring and no break from the usual shoot everything.

The weapons are one good point of the game, they are varied and interesting, from your assault rifle to a gun that injects a spore into the enemy and covers them in spiders, all the weapons are fun.

The story doesn't really develop until you have most of the artifacts but when it does it is a well thought out story with an interesting twist that i won't spoil and it is one of the games better points.

Until the story gets going there is some good character development as you learn about the past lives of you and your crew, it is a good idea but doesn't affect the game much.

The problem with this game is the length, it took me a few hours to complete and i am not good a first person shooters. For alot of people who you might meet on online shooters it would be too easy even on the highest difficulty level.

I cannot tell you that i didn't enjoy this game but i can tell you that there wasn't enough to enjoy. I guess that is the price you pay for a game with such detail and stunning graphics.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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