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Reviewed: 02/23/03 | Updated: 02/23/03


Unreal. The name sends a shiver down my spine. The first one was great; the engine was so widely used and accepted because of its power and simplicity. The original Unreal was pretty durn cool for its time, but... Gamers have evolved since then, and it seems Legend entertainment crew who put this together, hasn't. Let's get a run down on this.

The first thing you'll notice upon playing is the stunning graphics. Now I have a fairly crappy computer, and I was able to get some pretty effects out of this thing, and maintain a nice high FPS (+45). You'll be blinded by the environments at first, but after a couple minutes, the flashbang wears off and you start to REALLY see the game.

Gameplay is so.... misleading. It's just your standard shoot-hide-reload-shoot thing. Requires some skill, but when facing off NPC, not much. They're predictable, as cunning as they are.

Speaking of predictable, talk about the story. From the first 'Mission' you'll be able to plot out about 90% story. The other 10% is just a twist near the end, and the locations you visit through the game.

Humor came in at perfect times, in perfect quantities, showing somewhat meaningful character development among the crew, but the game is TOO FRICKIN SHORT. You won't HAVE the chance to get attached to your crew, or make their characters very believable!

Any decent FPS player can finish this game in about seven hours in easy, 10-12 on normal, and the only real challenge comes on the 'Unreal' difficulty, which I cannot say much about. (I just recently cleared the normal).

What really pissed me off, NO MULTIPLAYER. Now, I love the Unreal engine. I've made many UnrealDeus Ex maps, the editor gives me very little trouble overall. But making maps just loses its... sheen. It feels almost completely meaningless.

Final Score

Gameplay: 310

No! NO! It LIES! You are in NO WAY CONTROL OF ANYTHING IN THE ENTIRE GAME! You can SAY and DO anything and it has NO EFFECT on anything whatsoever!

Graphics: 910

Pretty! It has particle effects! It has to be pretty!

Sound: 710

Good tracks here and there, but overall... eh... I'm not too sure. It was... just missing something...

Plot: 310

For the love of GOD, people. Shoot me NOW. You can predict the entire plot from mission one. Nothing complicated, nothing detailed. The characters might have been greater, had they a chance to really develop. The seed was there, but they just STEPPED ON IT, and CRUSHED IT, AND BURNED IT before it had a chance to grow into anything amazing.

Final Comments

Send an angry letter to LegendAtariEpic Games about this. GIVE US MULTIPLAYER!

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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