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Reviewed: 02/18/03 | Updated: 02/18/03

Beautiful game...

But is there more to this graphically stunning game than just running and shooting...pretty much no.

Graphics 10/10
Let me tell you this, this game is the most beautiful game I have ever seen running at high details, so far. Although there may be stunning graphics, the frame rates can drop quickly if there are more that two enemies on screen, even if you are using a high powered system, you might get lower than 30 fps, but not from a lagged stand point, the game runs beautifully, and ironically, seems to be the only thing the dev team focused on. I also experienced several graphical glitches and problems, like on a seemingly grassy plain, all I saw was water, and I had to restart the game and retry the game so it would load the proper scenery and stuff.

The mood of this game, minus the glitches, creates a very scary type of play. The graphics and the kinds of enemies in this one level that I played though, I literally screamed when one jumped on the screen out of no where. It was just amazing, I believe its the third level, and it's mostly that enemy through out the level. Although it may get repetitive, it still freaked me out.

The amount of detail in most of the world objects is also amazing. Not to mention also the enemy detail and gun detail. The frames tend to drop terribly when two skarrj are fighting you at the same time, but if you stopped to look at their bodies, you would see the amount of detail and work needed to mold something beautiful like that.

Game Play 6/10
Before you base your opinions about this game on a low score, this is why it got that low. The game is nothing new in the fps style, there was a few simple puzzles thrown in for the heck of it, but other than that, there seems to be nothing else other than mostly firing. On some points, the game has a good style, like when you are covering a friend from a high rooftop with a sniper rifle. It is kind of fun, but can get easy if you just aim at the entrance and fire at every enemy that goes through, you will breeze through it quickly. Also, not to mention the very annoying bugs that come in this game. I had to reinstall the game three times before I could load one single save game. Also, like I said before, I experienced many slow downs during beautiful fire fights and some levels while just walking due to the complex game engine.

The missions themselves are too linear, it's basically just run...shoot...kill enemy..rinse...dry...repeat. Some missions are added to make it more fun to kill all the bad guys, who are typically lackluster in the A. I. They love to run up to you and fire until you finally kill him. Then another who sees that his bigger brethren has died, figures, maybe I can get it right this time, and charges, who you immediately kill anyway. It can get boring to the extreme if all you do that day is decide to play that game.

Also if you do what I said above, expect to finish quickly. The is very short, thus the missions, the linear and almost non thought out ones, are also short. This means, that either the game was incredibly rushed, or they decided to make a quick profit off of unreal fans. Which makes me mad because I have been waiting for this game since it was announced.

Finally, the most dumbest move was to have not included a multi player. I guess they thought linear combat was something that would keep you occupied for a long time after you finish the game.

The game play may not be all that, but I can tell you this. This is a great game to have mods. I mean, the first has to be obvious, a multi player mod, then maybe single player mods, or mods modifying mods...confused? I think I am too.

Sound 7/10
One of the main issues that I may have not personally experienced during my game time was the EAX bug, where the game would run stupid slow and would sometimes, completely crash during the intro and game play. That is why I game it such a lowered rating, but don't mind that stuff, they are going to have a patch up soon that will cure this bug. But other than that, I found the sound to be surreal. I (since I didn't have EAX on) experienced great sound, and even with my horrible audio card, I felt I was actually immersed in the game world. I didn't experience any real audio sound cracks or pops, but occasionally, the audio would repeat it's self over and over and over like a broken record. But a simple shut down game and reload save file, and go back to your spot in ten minutes will solve that annoying bug.

The grunting voice of the character was almost annoying to death after hearing it a second. But don't worry about that. The missions are so non complex that you probably won't have to hear him grunt more than 3 times. It would have been nicer if they had added in different phrases of grunts when he jumps, but there isn't.

Speaking of phrases, he can also say some pretty witty one-liners, but during your third play through, they may be even more annoying than before. But the first time it makes him sound more of a cool guy who is good in a fight. They aren't laugh out loud funny, but every time you may hear one, you will smirk.

Story 6/10

Some of you maybe be surprised to hear this, but there is an actual story to this game. Yes it may sound far fetched, but there is, although it may seem non-existent in the beginning levels, it shows up somewhere near the very end. There is one amazing's...well, I will tell you after you beat the game, and it leaves a great open spot for a sequel to this sequel. The twist surprised me a lot which is hard to normally do. But it is good because it leaves massive amounts of possible mods for this game.

Replay 5/10
Linear game play...dumb A. I. ...and no multi player. *opens envelope* Why is this the worst score out of them all? Simply put, this game is nothing new but graphics, and that is one of the only reason I can imagine that most people will play this game again. It is fun the first time, and I experienced that myself, but I had no feeling what so ever to play this game again. Although I will probably now since I am bored. They most definitely should have added a multi player game for this. That has to be the worst mistake in this game. They should have kept it for a while to fix most of the big bugs and add a multi player function for this game.

This game had so much potential to be a great game. A little more time spent with it would have made this game a great one. Although I thought this game was okay, doesn't mean that personally you will like it or hate it. Remember, this is an opinion, and I have the right to put it up. This game will bring my graphical expectations of games up a notch now, which is all it really did for me.

This game is mainly for the hard core unreal gamer wanting more action. It is also a good game for people who have a high powered computer and want to show it off, or if they want an okay game. This game is also good for the casual gamer who has money to throw around and is willing to wait for the mods. All in all, this is a game, that after the average gets
which is then rounded to
The game is a 7/10.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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