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Star Trek: Armada 2 is the sequel to the Star Trek real-time strategy title Star Trek: Armada. An innovative RTS, Star Trek: Armada 2 adds a new level of strategy and realism to the original by allowing players to command from a 3-D tactical view. Set in The Next Generation universe, the game's story unfolds through three single-player campaigns from the Federation, Klingon, and Borg perspective. Additionally, the Cardassians, Romulans, and Species 8472 will join the fray throughout.

The sequel also features more armada than before. Sweeping 3-D gameplay immerses gamers in a universe of space, supremacy, and survival with more ships, longer campaigns, and all-out battles. You can arrange fleets in many different 3-D formations with up to 16 ships, which dramatically affect strategic and tactical decisions. The outcome of every encounter depends on the player's ability to manage resources, crew, and fleets of ships across the galaxy.

Players command the fleets of three different races through three separate single-player campaigns for a total of 30 missions. Additionally, gamers can take control of six separate races in multiplayer mode. Each has divergent combat styles and tactical approaches. Other noncombatant aliens such as the Ferengi make for willing trade partners. Gamers become fully immersed in the explosive battles with the addition of the tactical view mode, a ship-to-ship combat viewer that allows you to control fleets from on top of the action.

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