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Reviewed: 06/17/03 | Updated: 06/17/03

It's good, but It could be better..... ALOT BETTER

First of all, about the only thing that got me to purchase this was there was no other products lioke it at the time. But then Trainz came out, and this went into the poawn shop in a flash.

MSTS has weird flaws and a great challenge to it.... wanna make a route, try spending 5 hours per mile making it! Trainz, 3-5 minutes/mile. That is a huge difference. Trainz routes are measured in miles. MSTS routes in creator patience.


OH COME ON! The only good thing is the Orient Express! The Dash-9 ain't half-bad, but we have much better models in TRAINZ. We have slugs, Narrow Gauge logging equipment, Old West Steam Engine, excellent content creators and great moderators.



Probably only good thing in this piece of crap. ACTUAL sounds used on all engines, making it the only advantage really over TRainz, which is seriously lacking in realistic sounds department.



How is this fun? I prefer something with more action, RADIO CHATTER and random events. Not in MSTS though, it's very monotonous. I hope this is fixed in MSTS2, or I won't buy it. I'll give them 4 1/2 for at least trying to make a good game. The only routes on here that are actually any good are Marias Pass, North-East Corridor and A user-made one based it Switzerland. The Japanese ones are PLAIN ANOOYING, with the low tunnels and sharp curves, the Orient Express route is so steep even with 80% braking I flew down it at 55 MPH, and Settle-Carsile is too boring.



HOW? Explore route is just your one train, activities end after awhile and when they are replayed, the exact same thing happens. I'll give MSTS a 60/100 for at least trying to make it replayable, butg to be honest, I'd give them a 0/100 if I hadn't been slightly biased by them sending me Beta Software of Office.


Buy or Don't Buy

I wouldn't pay more than $30 if I were you. You'd be wasting your money otherwise. I PAID $60 FOR THIS GAME, and I got $25 for it at a pawn shop. $35 down the drain with this game man :(. And with MS, little or no tech support. Trainz has LIVE tech support, and official forums plus offcial ''download station'', and several SERVICE PACKS, which was lacking in MSTS.

Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 10/10
Gameplay: 4.5/10
Replaying: 6.5/10
FINAL: 6/10

One last comment: If they don't improve it more, I suggest buying Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004.

Rating: 6

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