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    This title has a total of 49 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    *There are 13 secret achievements. show

    A brilliant mindUse the globe to open the secret passage
    Attack the docksEscape your fallen territory
    Beyond realityAccept to read an unholy book
    Caught in the trap (secret)Fall into Fuller's trap
    Companion in armsSave Drake's life during the fight with the creature
    Complete revelationRead all the books of unholy knowledge
    Detective Edward PierceReach the level of Expert in a skill
    Detective historianPiece together Margaret Wyckwood's memoirs
    Ex OblivioneFail a skill test
    Farewell (secret)Refuse the ritual
    Fight destiny (secret)Successfully carry out the counter ritual
    Fluent in R’lyehian (secret)Choose all the replies in R’lyehian
    From BeyondBanish the Dimensional Shambler
    Hippocratic OathHeal all the patients
    In the footsteps of Daniel Upton (secret)Kill or spare Bradley
    Jack of all tradesInspect 50 items
    John Raymond LegrasseFind 20 hidden items
    MemoryExplore the memories of the Hawkins family
    More sober than Zadok AllenNever drink
    Nameless Cults (secret)Refuse to take part in the ritual
    No prohibition for DarkwaterDeliver liquor to the sailors
    SandmanMake a deal with a crazed inmate
    Scholar of the unspeakableMeet Algernon Drake and accept his help
    Shared guiltPush Irene Sanders to the limit
    Strange secretsFind occult items
    The Abomination of Darkwater (secret)Kill 5 inhabitants who are being controlled
    The aficionado of horror (secret)Meet Francis Sanders
    The amulet of the AncientsLay your hands on Algernon Drake's treasure
    The Beast in the Cave (secret)Enter the beast’s den
    The BookRead the Necronomicon
    The Call of Cthulhu (secret)Invoke Cthulhu!
    The curse of Sarah (secret)Find Sarah Hawkins
    The delusional investigatorBe the plaything of an hallucination
    The dreamlike investigationAccept the revelations
    The Good SamaritanSave Mitchell
    The most trivial objectDiscover all the small blue bottles
    The OutsiderBanish the creature for good
    The pit of horrorFall into the sacrificial pit
    The Rats in the WallsMake the suspects talk by using a heavy hand
    The Sarah Hawkins caseAccept the Sarah Hawkins case
    The Secret CaveDiscover the mansion’s secret passage
    The Shadow Out of TimeDiscover all the murals of the disappeared tribe
    The Strange High HouseGet driven to the Hawkins Mansion
    The TempleTake part in the ritual in the caves
    The Terrible Old ManConvince the caretaker to help you
    The Thing on the DoorstepBanish the Dimensional Shambler using only one dagger
    The voice beyond the grave (secret)Chat with a vision
    The White ShipLearn the secret of the Scylla
    Voyage into history (secret)Open the sailor's chest in the whaling station

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