• Game Cheats

    Type the following codes into the game chat box:

    Air forces become faster (Clone Campaigns expansion needed)the fighters are coming in too fast
    Deathstar - with 999 attack powerthat's no moon
    Destroy All Enemiestarkin
    Destroy indicated enemydarkside(1-8)
    Gives 1000 Carbonforcecarbon
    Gives 1000 Foodforcefood
    Gives 1000 Novaforcenova
    Gives 1000 Oreforceore
    Gives you a Killer Ewok.simonsays
    Ground forces become stronger (Clone Campaigns expansion needed)intensify the forward fire power
    Instant Construction and Researchforcebuild
    Invisible Shipforceboat
    Killer Ewoksimonsays
    Removes Fog of Warforcesight
    Reveals Mapforceexplore
    Speed Boat with increased firepowerscaryneighbor
    Star Destroyerimperial entanglements
    Win Missionskywalker

    Contributed By: wes_, eli0918, darkknight878, and GurraJG.

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  • Extra missions

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Battle for Endor missionFinish 5 Darth Vader missions, plus cloud city attack mission
    Battle For Theed missionFinish all 6 Boss Nass missions
    cloud city attack missionFinish 5 Darth Vader missions
    Endor missionFinish 5 Princess Leias' missions, plus Hoth mission
    Grassy Plains missionFinish all the 6 OOM-9 missions
    Hoth missionFinish 5 Princess Leias' missions
    Liberation of kessel missionFinish 6 Chewbacca's missions
    Silken asteroid field (challenge mission)Finish 5 Princess Leias' missions, plus Hoth and Endor missions

    Contributed By: Mykas0.

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Easter Eggs

  • Chewbaccas Easter Egg

    Inside the Chewbacca Campaigns, the first level is called Homecoming. If you go there, use the ''ForceExplore'' cheat. This will let you see the entire map. On the right side you can see an area where you wouldn't normally be able to enter. One way to view this section is to use the ''SimonSays'' cheat, which makes you Simon, The Killer Ewok. After doing this, you will see Young Obi-Wan and the Captain, both from Episode I. If you complete the new mission objectives, you will find Qui-Gon Jinn, Queen Amidala, Young Skywalker, and more.

    Contributed By: ChewyRights.

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  • OOM-9 campaign easter egg

    OOM-9's second campaign episode 2-Behind The Lines.

    In the northwest corner of the map there is a break in the mountain range with trees covering it. Either destroy the trees using your artillery pieces or have your workers collect the carbon. Searching the northwest corner of the map you will find Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and Jar Jar Binks who automatically are added to your army. Now if you move these characters to the western edge of the map screen they'll find a Gungan boat.

    An easter egg from the movie:)

    Contributed By: mtsmth.

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