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  • Throughout the game, you will find "GameHOG" magazines scattered through the levels (these are mostly found in rooms like lounges and waiting areas). On the cover of these magazines is a blown up image of the Doom marine's "ouch face" (seen on the status bar) from the classic Doom games.

    In the classic Doom games, the "ouch face" is supposed to be seen when the player takes a large amount of damage in one hit, but in fact, it is very rarely seen due to an error in the game's code.

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  • The arcade game "Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3" found at the beginning of the game takes place in E4M9: Fear from the game Ultimate Doom. The game uses the Fist and the Doom marine's face from the original Doom games. In addition, the Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 logo is based on the logo from the game "Street Fighter Alpha 3" while the "Nabcom" logo found on the machine is a reference to the Capcom logo.

    Contributed By: peach freak.

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