Review by rccars

Reviewed: 08/05/04

Grab your shotgun and pray for forgiveness!

First thoughts: System requirements play a huge factor in the gameplay of Doom 3. Many people are found under their desks today upgrading their memory to surpass the 384 mb requirement. Finding a graphics card that can tame the highly advanced graphics is also a dirty task. 64 mb are required of video ram... but people with the ATI 9800 PRO even find themselves lagging in Doom 3. If you can afford the computer upgrades, it is well worth testing out the game. A word of caution is that you could easily find yourself spending about $200 bones just to get your computer to handle D3.

Intro: You find yourself on a ship or a pod, heading towards mars. After the ship lands you are to go through a couple check-ins to familiarize yourself with Doom 3. There are useful televisions with UAC on the air in many areas of the facility.

Gameplay: Unlike Doom, Doom 2, and Final Doom, Doom 3 has so many more features. Back in the day you only had strafe, shoot, walk and run. In D3 you will find yourself scrambling the keyboard to find the right button, but after a hour you get the keys down pat.

In Depth: As you wander around the facilities killing the demons as soon as possible... you will find yourself looking for ammo in all the wrong places. You will have to outsmart the AI in the game, to do this during the bosses requires quick clever reactions. They crawl on the celings and they can be found crawling down walls to attack you. The most interesting ones to watch are the zombies sucking on one another, killing one wont save you from the other... Why? Because they are zombies.

The best and most annoying part is deciding which weapon to use at certain ranges and certain rooms. At times the shotgun in long range wont do, but then a rocket launcher can come in handy.

Graphics: Simply put, if you don't have a top quality card, you wont experience the full effects of Doom 3. On a Geforce 4 MX420... the words to describe the experience is lag. Besides that main downfall... the graphics are outstanding and leave you in awe the minute you step into hell. Just take a look at some of the more complex monsters, nuff said.

Replay Factor: Taking breaks every now and then is cool, but one play session will easily peak 3 hours of intense brawling. At first the game feels lame, because doomers feel they want to just start killing stuff, becareful what you wish for because "Hell" will feed your wish. Overall, you will play this more than once a day for sure.

Overall: Probably the best video game I have ever played. In fact, its the ONLY game I have purchased since Doom 2, which was 10 years ago. If you have the performance PC to handle doom 3, it is strongly suggested to purchase this game, it wont gather dust and that is a promise.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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