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Reviewed: 03/24/08 | Updated: 08/17/09

Doom's Doom

Doom 3 is a FPS developed by Id Software. One of the few classic gaming history moments was the creation of Doom, one of the best games ever and the one that made the FPS genre famous. After many years, rumors of a sequel started going around and fueled the biggest hype in the history of PC gaming in my opinion. A couple of screenshots and some interviews from Doom’s creators made all fans drool with the thought of a new Doom… the result? A mediocre game that just can’t compete with the original or the other FPS games of its time.

Story: 5.5/10
Presentation: 5/10

Once again the same plot is basically the same. You, the unnamed space marine, go to a space facility in Mars to work in the security and your first assignment is to find a missing scientist. It turns out that the base is conducting some teleport experiments, but something goes wrong and a portal to a demon dimension opens up and all hell breaks loose, (again). This time the developers have gone a bit further by adding some more stuff to the original recipe. First of all there are some secondary characters that do a bit of talking in cutscenes and along your quest you’ll meet many of the people that work in Mars that don’t really add something to the plot but at least make the game more “alive”. Finally you’ll find some portable devices called PDAs that are basically handheld computers used for storing text, video and audio logs from employers. For an hour you’re actually drown into the game due to the wonderful and carefully directed presentation but that feeling soon fades away since everything is very predictable and nothing exciting really happens. Finally there is another ancient alien race involved in the game that looks promising but ends up being just another simple addition.

Gameplay: 5/10
ReplayValue: 5/10

The first Doom is a game that truly shows its age, its graphics look outdated, its midi music is outdated, everything looks old, BUT we have a gameplay section that kicks alien buttocks hard, but what about Doom 3? Well first of all Doom 3 tries a different approach as a game, instead of being a fast, pure arcade shooter it is more of a survival horror game, something that means less enemies, less ammo and less use of ammo on enemies. Firstly enemies don’t come in large groups, (something quite reasonable due the extreme amount of polygons), something that means that battles should be harder in order for the game to still be fun… are they? No, they aren’t, Doom 3 monsters have bad AI in my opinion, you just sidestep in order to avoid attacks and shoot at them and that’s it, just like the old Doom. Doom had simple AI but it was fun, Doom 3 isn’t, battles are boring and repetitive. And if that wasn’t enough there comes darkness and ruins the game completely. Yes pitch black dark creates atmosphere but isn’t the best thing when you’re fighting demons in a dark room but guess what… you have a flashlight… but you can’t use it along with your weapons, (laaame). The Developers tried improving the repetitive gameplay by involving a bit of searching for passwords that can open up storage cabinets with weapons and real time interactivity between various machinery but these doesn’t do the trick, Doom 3 is a good looking game but underneath is repetitive, unoriginal and doesn’t live up to its name. Yes I know, Doom 3 follows a different approach and I don’t have a single problem with that but this game just doesn’t have what it takes.

Graphics: 8.5/10
Design: 8.8/10

Doom 3 tries to create a horror atmosphere unlike the original, which was more like an action movie. The result… lots and lots of darkness and when I say darkness I mean pitch black. Even the simplest shadow cast by a monster is 100% black something that looks very good but ends up destroying the gameplay by creating a very frustrating experience… and beware that bright spots are extremely rare in the game. Apart from that everything else is absolutely fabulous. Enemies are extremely high polygonal models that are based in the original game but have a new unique style. Doom 3’s monsters look more like aliens than demons something that many Doom fans, (like me), may not like but we all have to agree that they look great. Apart from being highly detailed and scary, monsters move very good with the new version of the Imp probably having the best animation in the game. Also we have very good lighting and special effects that make everything look great. Level design is good with highly detailed textures and all but lacks variety… the game can be divided between 2 parts, Mars and Hell. All Mars levels look the same and all Hell levels look the same and that’s very bad for a game with a graphic engine like Doom 3.

Sound: 6.8/10
Music: 7/10

The horror atmosphere is created with the good use of sound too. First of all no music… yup, you can forget about the hard rock\heavy music of the original something that in this case is good since Doom 3 is more like a Resident Evil game than a fast paced shooter. Monsters have also quite good sounds that are very unique and very realistic. Finally good voice acting for the people you’ll meet but nothing really special. The only problem here is the weapon sounds. Well let me put it that way, have you ever used a paintball gun, well expect the same sound quality in the weapons of Doom 3, yeah its THAT bad. Face it guys you just can’t go around killing stuff larger than you with a big gun and hear a simple and weak sound.

-Highly detailed models and levels with great lighting and shadows
-Good horror atmosphere… for a while…

-Repetitive Gameplay
-So dark that it becomes bad
-Simple AI
-The story is still mediocre
-Bad and weak weapon sounds
-Repetitive level design

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Overall: 6.4/10

Instead of being “The King Of The Hill” like the original, Doom 3 oozes with eye candy but ends up wiping out the section that made the series famous and that of course is the gameplay. R.I.P. Doom…

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Doom 3 (EU, 08/13/04)

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