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Not for everyone! 08/03/04 Bobo The Reviewer
The Doom 3 engine's for sale! (Oh yeah, and there's a game here too or something) 08/03/04 chaensaw
id Software's latest mystery 03/23/09 Corlist
Although the gameplay may have its flaws, that never means Doom 3 is a terrible game. 01/22/08 DarkHero2005
Welcome to Hell 08/03/04 divad999
Graphics: YES, Gameplay: NO 08/03/04 EEEECHUTA
The bar has been raised again 08/05/04 Emperor Yackyouzah
A Lesson in Terror 08/04/04 FalloutX
Hell Has Broken Loose, Doom 3 Has Been Unleashed 08/03/04 FireFlash
Very Shallow and Repetative 08/03/04 FiverROB
Doom III. The Real Deal 08/04/04 Jigga16
Lock and Load Marine, Hell awaits. 08/03/04 JihadJoe
Solid eye-candy for casual FPS gamers 08/05/04 loosifur
Welcome to Hell!! 08/05/04 Madroxside
A hotbed of horror, fear and action 08/04/04 MTSalmela80
Natural Evolution of Doom 08/03/04 Nater255
Don't expect what's not there. 08/03/04 Neotrix
No need to fear the inevitable DOOM 08/03/04 one_gundam_war
Motion sickness, scares and monochrome gameplay...you no likee? 10/08/09 Psalm51
Grab your shotgun and pray for forgiveness! 08/05/04 rccars
Revolutionary? No Doom? Yes 08/04/04 Renom
Beautiful in almost every way 08/04/04 RickDias
Flawed, but still a masterpiece 08/03/04 RogueyWon
They can call it Doom all they want, but it doesn't make it so... 08/04/04 RyokoTK
Perfect in its own style. 08/03/04 Shinnokxz
Doom 3 definetly rules... 08/04/04 sman91282
The FPS that changed the face of gaming, overhauled and made MUCH more intense... 08/05/04 SoLiDsNaKe4774
Love it or hate it. 08/05/04 soojungwa
One step for First Person Shooters; and one giant leap into hell... 08/04/04 TheBreaker
Id should have named it Doom3:Return to Mars 08/05/04 UndertakerHart
Mixed Bag... 08/04/04 worldtouch
This is the most intense FPS i have ever played... 08/04/04 Zindry09

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