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PDA/Dialogue Guide by Jinzo_lord

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/02/2010

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Doom 3 PDA/Dialogue Guide by Jinzo_lord
7/29/2010 - Version 1.01
Copyright 2010

# Table of Contents                                                           #

## 1. Introduction ##

## 2. PDA ##

## 3. PDAs ##
3-1. Player
3-2. Adan E. Berneche
3-3. Daniel Young
3-4. Grant Baston
3-5. M. Ryan
3-6. Frank Delahue
3-7. Marcus Stanton
3-8. Mark Caseon
3-9. Bill Tyson
3-10. Duncan Mathews
3-11. Alan Dorweiler
3-12. Johnathan Moses
3-13. William Banks
3-14. Paul Simons
3-15. Kyle Berger
3-16. Jack Smith
3-17. George Krietman
3-18. Bernie Lipsitz
3-19. Andrew Chin
3-20. Walter Connors
3-21. Mark Lamia
3-22. George Poota
3-23. Larry Kaczynski
3-24. Michael Abrams
3-25. Henry Nelson
3-26. Paul Raad
3-27. Theresa Chasar
3-28. Steve Hammer
3-29. James Holiday
3-30. Ron I. Ridge
3-31. Seamus Blake
3-32. Ben Wolfe
3-33. Rob Finch
3-34. Nick Sadowayj
3-35. Anthony Garza
3-36. Jeffery Moen
3-37. Scott Johnson
3-38. Sam Harding
3-39. Gary Ross
3-40. Charles Hollies
3-41. Karl Cullen
3-42. Robert Price
3-43. Brian Mora
3-44. Peter Raleigh
3-45. Phil Wilson
3-46. Frank Cinders
3-47. Francis Erikson
3-48. Larry Bullman
3-49. Jacob Stemmons
3-50. Elizabeth McNeil
3-51. Frank Cerano
3-52. Han Lee
3-53. Marten Shultz
3-54. Jack Gilbert
3-55. Simon Garlick
3-56. Elliot Swann
3-57. Bruce Jackson
3-58. Tony Bates
3-59. Charlie Haskell
3-60. Steve Tooloose
3-61. Richard Davis
3-62. Pierce Rogers
3-63. Robert Cody
3-64. id Software

## 4. Character Dialogues ##
4-1. Counselor Elliot Swann
4-2. Jack Campbell
4-3. Dr. Malcom Betruger
4-4. R. Cooper
4-5. M. Caseon
4-6. H. Feiner
4-7. A. Chang
4-8. J. Yezback
4-9. T. Washington 
4-10. R. Slang
4-11. J. Kim
4-12. K. Tang
4-13. M. Mark
4-14. K. Miller
4-15. S. Holmes
4-16. E. Grafton
4-17. K. Lee-Creel
4-18. V. King
4-19. R. Kasal
4-20. Sergeant Kelly
4-21. D. Morton
4-22. S.L. Medley
4-23. D. Young 
4-24. C. Rodgers
4-25. R. Fry
4-26. I. Sinclair
4-27. M. Ryan
4-28. T. Ishii
4-29. R. Roland
4-30. Specialist Wilson
4-31. E. Webb
4-32. G. Kreitman
4-33. J. Edwards
4-34. L. Kaczynski
4-35. T. Chasar
4-36. T. Ryan
4-37. I. McCormick
4-38. Dr. Michaels
4-39. P. Rogers
4-40. J. Katayama

## 5. Computer Messages ##
5-1. Raleigh, P
5-2. Brasky, B.
5-3. Lab A Info Board
5-4. Security Request
5-5. Cargo Transfer Logs

## 6. Level Descriptions ##
6-1. Mars City Underground: Union Aerospace Subsystems
6-2. Mars City: Union Aerospace Corporate Division
6-3. Administration: Union Aerospace Corporate Division
6-4. Alpha Labs - Sector 1: Union Aerospace Science Division
6-5. Alpha Labs - Sector 2: Union Aerospace Science Division
6-6. Alpha Labs - Sector 3: Union Aerospace Science Division
6-7. Alpha Labs - Sector 4: Union Aerospace Science Division
6-8. EnPro Plant: Energy Processing and Storage
6-9. Communications Transfer: Maintenance and Transfer Station
6-10. Communications: Central Communications Tower
6-11. Monorail Skybridge: Facility Transport
6-12. Recycling - Sector 2: Waste Recycling Center
6-13. Monorail: Facility Transport
6-14. Delta Labs - Level 1: Union Aerospace Research Division
6-15. Delta Labs - Level 2: Union Aerospace Research Division
6-16. Delta Labs - Level 2: Union Aerospace Research Division
6-17. Delta Labs - Level 3: Union Aerospace Research Division
6-18. Delta Labs - Level 4: Union Aerospace Research Division
6-19. Delta Compelx: Union Aerospace Research Division
6-20. Central Processing: Processing Distribution Center
6-21. Central Processing: Primary Server Bank
6-22. Site 3: Analysis Facility
6-23. Caverns - Area 1: Excavation Transfer
6-24. Caverns - Area 2: Excavation Transfer
6-25. Primary Excavation: Artifact Dig

## 7. History and Next Version ##

## 8. Credits ##
8-1. Thanks to
8-2. Contributions

## 9. Legal Information ##

# 1. Introduction                                                             #

I Jinzo_lord wrote this guide. If you have any suggestions, comments, or find
any errors. You can contact me at jinzo_lord@hotmail.com. Include Doom in the
email title, so I do not assume it is spam. The reason I put together this
guide was for people to piece together Dooms intricate story. With the help
of PDAs and character dialogues you get more of a complete picture. The PDAs
are listed as there found in the game. Also note, when you see the character
location, that means the first location you meet that character. As some
computer controlled characters patrol or travel through different areas. Same
as for the character dialogue. This way you don't skip ahead in the story if
you keep reading.

# 2. PDA                                                                      #

Personal Data Assistant

Your PDA is CRITICAL to your work at the UAC. Toggle your 
PDA with the assigned Key bind (TAB is default). Your PDA contains 
your security clearance, personal email, audio logs, video disks
and other important inventory and mission information. When you 
pick up another UAC worker's PDA, their information is downloaded 
directly to your PDA. Simply click on name and navigate the
windows accessed through the Data, Email, and Video Disk buttons
in the upper left portion of the screen, to gain valuable information
about your surroundings.

UAC employees store vital information on their PDAs that can be
used to unlock the secrets of the facility, This information
includes embedded security access, storage locker codes, and personal
information relayed through audio logs and email.

# 3. PDAs                                                                     #

- 3-1. Player                                                                 -

I.D. Number: 381 9x-22
Location: NA
Rank: Marine Security
Security Clearance : NA


From: Director W. Banks
Subject: Welcome Message
Date: 11-15-2145

Welcome to Mars Marine.

I would like to take a brief moment of your time and welcome you to what
we call our 'home away from home'. We will make every effort to make
your stay here as pleasant as possible, and if you need something,
please feel free to contact your supervisor for immediate assistance. I
hope that you can find the time to take advantage of some of our great
staff amenities. As a reminder, we engage in technical, highly secure
testing and research here, please refrain from wandering into
unauthorized areas. Any security team member will assist you if help is

Director William Banks


From: HR Coordinator
Subject: New High Score!
Date: 12-12-2145

Congratulations! You set a new high score in Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3!!!

Your parents can rest easier knowing that they have raised another 
shining example of humanity.

Due to the incredible amount of time you wasted punching poor defenceless
turkeys, your vacation time has been docked two days.

Have a nice day.


From: Sergeant Kelly
Subject: Report to Maine HQ
Date: 11-15-2145

Report to Marine command as soon as possible. Don't waste any time
getting here. We're short on troops and I need you out on patrol as soon as

Sergeant Kelly


From: UAC Security
Subject: Code-Black: Missing Staff
Date: 11-15-2145

Dr.Johnathen Ishii from the Delta Science Team is missing. Security is
concerned that he may be injured and unable to respond to pages or
return to his post. Please keep an eye out for Dr. Ishii and report to
UAC Security if he is located.

He was last seen in Mars City Underground approaching the airlock
leading to the old communications array.


From: Safety committee
Subject: Safety Awareness Month
Date: 11-15-2145

Safety is critical to everything we do on Mars. We will review all
standard safety protocols during the month of November - Safety
Awareness month.

It is mandatory that you schedule time to attend each of these valuable

Proper Plasma Handling: Review of the proper storage of plasma, how
to handle plasma leaks, and the best ways to treat plasma burns.

Emergency First Aid: Learn the location and correct use for all of the
Health Packs placed throughout the facility. Special attention will be
given to waste prevention methods. Health resources are squandered if a
large pack is used when only a small pack is needed.

Storage of Weapons and Ammo: Special lecture on the safe storage of
weapons and ammo. Fred Nilsson will be giving hands-on lessons in
proper targeting and strafing.

Emergency Loss of Environment: This lecture will focus on what to do if
you are faced with an air leak, structural failure, or airlock failure.
Special care will be paid to the locations of emergency air tanks.

See postings outside UAC HR for time and locations.


From: HR Coordinator
Subject: Volunteer to earn extra credits
Date: 11-15-2145

Delta Labs is looking for individuals to fill critical positions. You can
help with our break-through work and earn extra credits at the same

Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

Teleportation: We're looking for test subjects to stress-test the new
teleporters. Experience tomorrow's travel technology, today!

Medical Research: Our advanced pharmaceutical team needs volunteers
to participate in exciting medical studies. Help us find cure to
everything from the common cold to Ebola 7.

Specimen Handling: We need volunteers to help handle and track the
specimens gathered through Delta Labs experiments. Health test and
liability waiver will be required.

For more information about any of these opportunities or to post
openings in your department, please see an HR Coordinator.


From: Research Archive
Subject: The Soul Cube
Date: 11-14-2145

Report filed by Ian McCormick

I've been working on the Soul Cube for a few weeks now. It is a
fascinating artifact and as it turns out, it has some amazing properties. I
wrote a new glyph pattern query yesterday and let it run all night. With
the new query, the linguistics computer finally cracked the remaining

The Soul Cube us by every definition a weapon, and it seems to have
been built to repel whatever type of creatures invaded this ancient
culture. If I am reading them right, during battle the cube gains power
with each life the wielder takes. When it is fully charged it can be used
to slay even the strongest of creatures. Even more impressive is that
when it kills a creature it transfer that creature's life force back to who
is using the cube!

I know this sounds like magic and I have not been able to activate it to
prove the theory but this is what the glyphs illustrate.

The glyphs specifically point out that you must kill five creatures before
it becomes charged and then amazingly it will tell you it is ready. It is
almost like a sentient being; this object is a fantastic find.

Ian McCormick

cc: Research Archive Storage


From: Research Archive
Subject: Specimen 197 -Imp
Date: 11-15-2145

Specimen 197 -Imp

This humanoid's long and muscular limbs make it extremely agile as a
biped or quadruped. It's long and sharp claws allow for climbing steep
surfaces. A configuration of 10 eyes provides this creature with a wide
field of vision and ability to see with clarity in low-light


From: Research Archive
Subject: Specimen 27 -Imp (partial)
Date: 11-15-2145

Specimen 27 -Imp (partial)

-Left forearm amputated for biological study.
Researchers are currently studying how this creature is able to manifest
and throw an explosive plasma projectile from its hands.


From: Research Archive
Subject: Specimen 218 -Revenant
Date: 11-15-2145

Specimen 218 -Revenant

This creature's endoskeleton is visible through a translucent non-solid
skin. Despite the absence of any visible muscles, this creature is able
to strike at close-range targets with enormous strength. Two
shoulder-mounted cannons controlled by its nervous system allow this
creature to fire rocket-propelled missiles.


From: Research Archive
Subject: Specimen 31 - Hellknight (partial)
Date: 11-15-2145

Specimen 31 - Hellknight (partial)

The cranial mass of this bipedal specimen indicates that it is one of the
largest creatures inhabiting the site. Overpowering its prey with sheer
might, the Hellknight is one of the most ferocious predators know to our
researchers. Like the imp, this creature is able to defend itself at
long-range with thrown plasma projectiles.


From: Research Archive
Subject: Specimen 42 -Living Dead (partial)
Date: 11-15-2145

Specimen 42 -Living Dead (partial)

Able to function without recognizable brain activity, this creature has little
regard for self-preservation. Though slow moving, its behaviour is
aggressive and tenacious.


From: Research Archive
Subject: Valuable sacrificial pointers
Date: 11-16-2145

Our time is here! Soon the humans will suffer eternal torment as spoken
of in the prophesy. We will feast upon their souls!

When opening sacrificial portals, it is important to remember:

-Virgin blood is best
-Goat blood must be no older than 3d days
-Entrails must be removed and apportioned either before death, or no
later than 30min
-Candles must be sorted by tallest in back to shortest in front - never
the other way around!

Most important - pentagrams must be drawn from the center to the
outside and left to right.

Video Disks

Subject: Marine Command Briefing
Creator: Marine HQ
Date: 03/11/45
Subtitle: Standard Operating Procedures on Mars

Welcome to Mars marine. This briefing is deigned to acquaint you with few of
the standard operating  procedures here on the Mars post. First and foremost:
Chain of Command.  All enlisted personnel are under the command of Master
Sergeant Thomas Kelly. Sergeant Kelly will assign you to a security detail
headed by a security chief. Please report to your security chief for all duty
related concerns. While on duty, please stay in your assigned patrol coverage
area. All PCA's have been predesignated to provide overlapping security an
maximize efficiency. All personnel must have proper authorization and assigned
areas. Be sure to annotate any discrepancies in your security inspection 
report. Safety is integral to all operations here on Mars. Handle firearms with
extreme caution. Never discharge weapons in an area that may compromise the
installations structural integrity. Remembering these procedures is paramount
to success here on Mars. Keep in mind you represent the greatest fighting force
in the galaxy and your actions are a reflection on the core. Take good care
and good luck in your new assignment.


Subject: Welcome to Mars Research Facility One
Creator: Human Resources
Date: 03/05/45
Subtitle: For additional help please see your UAC representative

On behalf of the UAC, welcome to Mars City. This facility serves as the central
hub for all scientific research, archaeological study and military operations.
Goal number one at the UAC is the safety and well being of all employees and
guests. To help achieve this goal, we ask that you follow all UAC Corporate
procedures at all times. This includes restricting your movement to areas for
which you have clearance. Always remain alert and aware of what you and others
are doing. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or just have a simple
question. Find the nearest UAC security guard. They are here to help, no matter
how large or slow the problem is.  Our station on Mars provides a perfect blend
of work habitats, recreational facilities and social support structures. This
ensures are goal of providing a true 'home away form home' experience for
everyone. Keep this in mind as you help us pursue are ground breaking research.
That is destined to transform the daily lives of everyone here and throughout
the solar system. If you need more detailed assistance, please see your human
resources manager. If you are a guest, you may bring up any issue with your
appointed UAC liaison. Thank you and have a nice day.


Subject: Alpha Labs Introduction
Creator: UAC PR
Date: 01/15/41
Subtitle: Alpha Labs: Past, Present and Future

Welcome to the Alpha Labs. Formally designated Phase 1 by the Union Aerospace
Off World Research Division. Thee Alpha Labs began construction on October 29th
2095 and became fully operational July 17th  2130. Originally created as the
prime science and research facility. Alpha Labs are responsible for the
development of leading edge technology. Such as thee Elemental Phase
Deconstaucter, Hydrocon and  Molecular Fuel Storage Compressor. All presently
being utilized right here in thee Alpha Labs. These endeavours have allowed
for much needed expansion into the UAC's current leading research facility:
Delta Labs. Where Union Aerospace is opening all new opportunities in research
and development. With continued investment and hard work. The Union Aerospace
Corporation strives for excellence and is committed to building a better


Subject: Elemental Phase Deconstraucter
Creator: UAC PR
Date: 04/15/45
Subtitle: Information on the EPD system

For generations, human kind has lived under the looming spectre of slowly
dwindling natural resources. Are new ventures on planets like Mars, have only
intensified are need to find fresh sources for metals, petrochemicals, food,
water and even air. To meet that need, UAC researchers have developed dramatic
solutions. Solutions that soon will pay off for the UAC, its investors and
indeed the entire human race. Mars itself is are chief Allie and the key to
are solution. Look around at its vast red deserts. Rich in naturally occurring
iron oxides. They are the raw materials of are future. We have developed a
process that destabilizes the atomic structure of pulverized iron oxide and
separates it into subatomic particles, which are then syphoned off to create
new elements.  Like alchemists of old. Thee Elemental Phase Deconstraucter
allows us to transform red martian soil into clean air, fresh water and
hydrogen fuel.  The building blocks for a sustainable human friendly martian
environment and this only the beginning. With continued research, we envision
creating ever more complex molecules. Even organic matter itself. Atom by Atom
the UAC is building a ever brighter future for human kind.


Subject: Hydrocon
Creator: UAC PR
Date: 04/15/45
Subtitle: Information on the Hydrocon system

Safer worlds for everyone. For centuries people on Earth have waged war over
two things vital to human existence, fuel and water.  As part of  its ongoing
commitment to create safer worlds for everyone. The UAC recently unveiled its
development of The Hydrocon. Those still in its prototype stages. The Hydrocon
will in one dramatic move, forever end all shortages of water and fuel. By
splitting iron oxide molecules. The Hydrocon produces oxygen and hydrogen
cheaply and safely. Without the need for large amounts of electricity. The
hydrogen is then used for hydrogen fuel. A substance so versatile and clean
that it can be used in everything from home appliances to today’s most
demanding rocket engines. A side benefit of producing this fuel. Is an endless
supply of pure, spring like water. That is refined more than Earth bound
spring. We envision a world where technology such as the Hydrocon can be used
to end draught and civil strife in impoverished nations where water and fuel
have ever been in short supply. While always at the forefront of scientific
research and development.  Union Aerospace hopes that the creation of the
Hydrocon will continue to make safer worlds for everyone.


Subject: Molecular Fuel Storage Compactor
Creator: UAC PR
Date: 04/15/2145
Subtitle: Information on the MFS system

Since the dawn of the space age. Union Aerospace has been at the forefront of
not only developing new technology, but pushing those development to even more
daring extremes. With an abundant production of hydrogen fuel, thanks to the
Hydrocon.  The specialist teams ask the big question. Can we devise a way to
store and deliver that fuel, to make the dream of deep space research a reality
. The answer has been  a resounding yes. Under the direction of Dr. Malcolm
Betruger. Key UAC scientists have made startling new discoveries in the fields
of quantum physics and with them, they have been able to use thee actual space
between electrons and protons in a molecule, as a storage medium for fuel. In
are Interplanetary Antimatter Drives. Now fuel that would once take up half
the payload of a interplanetary ship. Only occupies a fraction of that space.
You are looking at the Molecular Fuel Storage Compactor. Thee MFS compactor is
yet another UAC marvel that brings the dream of reaching and colonizing the
most distant planets, closer to a reality. The UAC has long made safer worlds
for everyone and now they will bring those worlds, even closer then you could
ever imagine.


Subject: Mach-2 Chain Gun Briefing
Creator: UAC Advanced Weapons
Date: 03/20/42
Subtitle: Informational video on the Mach-2 Chain Gun.

In a quest to provide armies with a well balanced set of weapons. UAC looked
to the past when designed and manufacturing the newest line of Mach-2 Chain
Guns. The retro style and mechanical sturdiness of the Chain Gun is a must for
all hardened combat veterans. Early adaptors have nicknamed it 'Saw' with its
armor piercing 30 calibre bullets. The Chain Gun is capable of literally
cutting opponents in two. Packed with all the bunch you need in close combat
fighting. The Chain Gun delivers unparalleled  reliability and functionality.
Always on the forefront of technology. The UAC is making safer worlds through
superior firepower. 


Subject: Maintenance Safety Video
Creator: Central Authority
Date: 10/05/45
Subtitle: Maintenance Department Safety Video

Welcome to the UAC Maintenance Department. This video will provide you with
the necessary tools and information to do your job efficiently and safely.
A safe worker, is a happy worker and your safety is are number one priority at
UAC. Observe all signs and follow all procedures to keep you and your
co-workers out of harms way.  Clean up, is one of the most important aspects
of what we do in Maintenance.  This phase of are job keeps everyone safe and
research has shown working in a clean and toxic free environment has a positive
benefit on overall productivity.  Power generation on Mars produces two
byproducts: steam and green goo. We vent the steam all over the base, through
vents, floor grates, cleverly placed pipes and pretty much any place else. The
goo is result of the MFS process reacting with core elements in the martian
soil. It is not radioactive. But it is quite toxic. Remove all toxic spills at
once. HAZMAT suits are the best way to protect yourself, when a spill occurs
and if you happen to come in contact with the goo. Report immediately to a
medical station for a scrub down. After a few days in confinement. You should
be ready to report back to work. Report any rule violations to your immediate
supervisor and don't forget to read your employee handbook for additional
rules and information. 


Subject: Teleporttation Experiments
Creator: Ian McCormick
Date: 11/15/45
Subtitle: Results of the human teleportation experiments

My name is Ian McCormick and I am Research Specialist stationed on Mars,
working for the UAC. My primary job is or rather was, to assist Doctor Malcolm
Betruger in a variety of experiments. Those, for the past year we have been
focusing on almost exclusively on... teleportation. I don't know if I will make
it out of here alive so, I am recording this video log to let someone know what
happened and with that knowledge, prevent it happening again. Initially thee
teleportation experiments were amazing, were creating a new science. The
prospect of it changing are way of life were, well they were outstanding.
I was proud to be associated with such a amazing project and someone as
talented as Doctor Betruger. We noticed early on , oh probably before we had
completed a dozen successful tests that, there was a variable delay during thee
teleportation. Thee objects are broken down at the quantum level, transported
and then, reassembled. Each stage of the process should have been instantaneous
but, it wasn't and we didn't know why. We sent a video drone through and were
shocked, at thee images sent back. Just a few frames of video right before the
drone came back through showed,  what appeared to be several sets of eyes.
Looking directly at the probe. We just found a living breathing creature that
was not human. Betruger immediately sent out a request for volunteers. He
specially wanted UAC security force members. 

Because he wanted to capture one of these, creatures. I made a lot of mistakes,
but I am most ashamed of my involvement during the next phase. To get medical
clearance to send human subjects through device. I I doctored up several of
are reports to indicate we had performed, living tissue experiments. I did not
regret it at the time. But a few days later when are third test subject came
back. He was chewing off his own fingers. It seemed he was... clinically
insane. He started sending teams in, once every two days. The team where
reporting nightmarish experiences. Sightings of things that ultimately made us
conclude that, the other dimension was not just another dimension. It was hell
and the creatures we were bringing back, demons and then Betruger, he went
through the portal himself. I I don't know what he was thinking. It was an
unscheduled trip and he just went and we couldn't stop him. He came back,
he had changed.  He sounded and looked the same but he just.. I don't know he
just... different and then he did the unthinkable. He took the Soul Cube, the
device that was discovered in the ruins into the portal. The portal stabilizers
just started to fail and, and then, living hell... erupted into the base. We
were stupid for not destroying the portal as soon as we realized what was on
the other side. Oh God forgive me. I blame myself for my part in this. Please
someone, never let this happen again. I'm sorry. Ian McCormick.


Subeject: Specimen Stasis Museum
Creator: Central Authority
Date: 10/05/45
Subtitle: Central Authority 'Demon Museum'

Welcome to the Delta Complex Status Chambers. This facility was constructed to
house and study thee extra dimensional beings. Which were recovered during some
of the first teleporter tests, originating from Delta Level 3. While little is
known about there native environment. The specimens appear to be carbon based
lifeforms. With extremely high heat tolerances. Thee epidermal tissue is
extremely resilient to abrasion or incision. Which has complicated internal
studies. Observational studies have shown incredible strength and agility. As
well as the ability for some specimens too manifest and control cohesive
plasma masses. The method by which these plasma masses are created is yet
unknown. It is believed that the specimens posses a rudimentary intelligence
and social structure. As was demonstrated during the first tragic expeditions
through the portal. While the cost in human life has been great, in acquiring
these specimens. We hope to one day complete genomic mapping and begin to
answer the many questions we have about these entities.


Subject: Soul Cube
Creator: Central Authority
Date: 10/05/45
Subtitle: Central Authority Research Archive

What you see before you is a relic code named U1. Or simply Soul Cube. It was
discovered in 2104. Located in a geographic region, where UAC researchers hav
 unearthed evidence of a long lost civilization. We know nothing of this
civilization, other then they existed and that they where all wiped out in some
kind of cataclysmic event, according to what we've been able to decode, from 
stone tablets found throughout the ruins. What clues we have been able to piece
 together, reveal a culturally advanced society. Whose technology can only be
described as mystic. As evidenced by U1's strange characteristics. Efforts to
further examine U1 have been futile. Mass spectrometer and radiation scanning
methods have failed to provide reliable identification of the molecular makeup
of this artifact. Thee object cannot be weighted and in all tests, we have been
 unable to determine its mass. All attempts to physically manipulate or open
the artifact have been met with no success. We also have also had no success
in deciphering the symbols adorning U1. What we do know, is that the thermal
graphic readings are constant. Unwavering temperature of 98.8 degrees
Fahrenheit. Our research continues and we hope with continued investment and 
research, we can one day soon, learn to exploit the technologies that make up


Subject: BFG 9000 Briefing
Creator: Advanced Weapons
Date: 10/10/45
Subtitle: Informational video on the BFG 9000

Representing the pinnacle of UAC research and design. The BFG 9000 is the most
advanced firearm ever designed. Fully self contained and deployed, is a hand
held platform. It is capable of an excessive amount of fire power. The BFG 9000
 contains sophisticated  friend or foe technology. That discriminates targets
in real time. Each projectile contains a small but very powerful computer core.
That actively maintains targeting and delivers a stream charge down each beam,
to soften targets before detonation. The detonation stage of the projectile is
devastating. Targets within 15 meters of the flashpoint, are not likely to
survive. While not recommended for small quarter combat. The BFG 9000 is ideal,
 in the field and against multiples targets. The only foreseeable defence is
small arms ballistics. If the projectile is destroyed before exploding. The
computer core cannot process the final fusion reaction. Resulting in a less
then optimal detonation. For more information, contact the UAC's Advanced
Weapons Department.


Subject: Ancient Civilization
Creator: Pierce Rogers
Date: 08/21/45
Subtitle: What we know about the ancient civilization and the artifact found

This is Doctor Pierce Rogers, Lead Archaeologist currently stationed on Mars.
As the preliminary reports have suggested. We have made some amazing
discoveries on Mars. Life on Mars has long been theorized but we never imagined
anything like this. The initial chamber was discovered in 21, 15. it leads to
 what is now known as Site 1. Site 1 is the largest of the sites and we are
still actively working there. It is made up of a series of chambers and
connecting tunnels. All of which are covered in glyphs and symbols. Using the
UAC pattern processor, we have finally been able to understand some of the
glyphs and from them, here is what we have learned. Thee ancient people looked
like us. At least to the extent they were bipedal and similar in shape and
size. There level of technology was astounding. For instance, the glyphs at
each site where carved into the rock by some sort of machine and each one is
precisely cut from the stone. It far exceeds the precision of anything we can
do. They had a social structure that seemed very aristocratic, with a lot of
emphasis on social stature and structure. Site 2 is a much smaller set of
chambers. Mostly containing burial sites, temples and various amount of
individual artifacts. This site has been photographed and cleared out and all
materials back on Earth for study and review.  Site 3 produced are prize
artifact. What we call the 'Soul Cube'. If you have read or seen thee other
material, you probably know this once grand civilization, was attacked by some
unknown force and if we can believe what is written in stone. They sacrificed
most of there society to drive thee invaders back. There are additional reports
filled on the Soul Cube, sent to Administration. We also recovered other
device type artifacts. They are not as ornate as the Soul Cube but each
appears unique. We are still learning how to interpret all the glyphs.
Hopefully once we have that completed. The science teams can provide more
detailed information on there technology. These are truly unique and special
times for archaeologists. 


Subject: Tablets
Creator: Central Authority
Date: 10/05/45
Subtitle: Central Authority Research Archive

Setting both new standards in archaeological discovery and analysis. The UAC
is proud to showcase the latest finding four unique and fascinating artifacts.
These tablets where originally discovered in the dig site under what has become
known as Site 3. Subsequent examination of the surrounding area and carbon
dating of the tablet has bought UAC researchers to the conclusion that the
tablets belong to a civilization that existed millenia ago and where placed in
a holy burial ground of some sort. Utilizing the best minds in linguistics and
UAC proprietary pattern recognition software. The tablets were exhaustively
examined. What we found, was fantastic. The first tablet provided us with a
wealth of scientific data. Specifically detailing the mathematical concept
behind teleportation. UAC researchers used this information as the cornerstone,
for building the Delta teleportation devices. The second and third tablets
illustrate an epic story. A story of war and how,  faced with impossible odds.
Thee ultimate sacrifice of an entire race to achieve victory. The fourth
tablet details how the essence of each individual, was captured and placed in
the artifact we now refer to as 'The Soul Cube'. This device was wielded by
there mightiest warrior and with it, he banished the invading horde forever. 
Are researchers are still analyzing  recently found hidden section of the
fourth stone and some related fragments. It goes into detail on thee invading
force and indicates the remaining survivors may have teleported somewhere.
Where we do not know. Although it seems to reference a map we have yet to
locate. To date there remain no evidence of any type of invasion at any of the
sites. Are assumption is that date has removed all but what we now see.

- 3-2. Adan E. Berneche                                                       -

Name: Adan E. Berneche
I.D. Number: 8321 -1 4
Post: Mars City
Title: Maintenance Tech
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Maintenance Update
This is the audio log of maintenance technician Adam Berneche. Dated
November 10th, 2145. Ah, fixed the couplings on the heat shield this morning,
with no problems. Did however have another.... odd experience, while I was
down there. Shortly after finishing the first coupling adjustment. I distinctly
heard.... whispering. When I went to investigate the sounds, I found nothing. 
Check the work logs and I was the only person scheduled to be in that area
today. That experience, coupled with the stories I have heard from the guys
over that delta labs, has me pretty freaked out. Really beginning to hate
going down to the underground maintenance area. People down there.... a
little off. Mumbling, Weird looks. The whole place is just plain creepy. I am
always expecting someone to jump out at me. I have secured my tools in the
busted modulator in the storage cabinet next to the main maintenance elevator,
Technicians should use cabinet code 396 to access them. End of log.


From: Ethan Peterson
Subject: Lost PDA
Date: 11-08-2145


Please take more caution in securing your personal data assistant. It's
turned up lost and found three times this month. As you know, your
base security clearance are stored on that and it becomes a serious
security issue any time a PDA is lost. Failure to secure your PDA could
eventually result in your termination.

Mr. Peterson


From: Ethan Peterson
Subject: Maintenance Report Needed
Date: 11-10-2145

Your report is long overdue. Record an audio log for what you've done
today on your maintenance shift and send it to me immediately. I know
you recoded the cabinet today, and it is imperative that I update my
master list with the new code.

I do not want to tell you again how important it is to record those codes.

Mr. Peterson


From: Delta HR
Subject: Volunteer Services

Mr. Berneche,

I have some great news for you, your name came up in out last
management meeting as a possible candidate for our Delta Labs
outreach program. As you have probably heard, we are conducting some
very exciting and important experiments here in Delta.
Your supervisor recommended you as a good candidate and in fact he
insisted you would be perfect for the job. I've reviewed your file and I
agree with his assessment, you will make a perfect test subject.
Our work here is very important to the UAC and you should feel
privileged that you have a chance to be part of it.

Mr. K. Clearsky
Delta Future Systems

p.s. Remember, volunteering is the best choice! I'd hate to invoke
clause 12.A of section 543 of your employment contract; which if you are
not familiar with, allows us to appoint volunteers.

- 3-3. Daniel Young                                                           -

Name: Daniel Young
I.D. Number: 8946-55
Post: Mars City Underground
Title: Crane Operator
Security Clearance: General Access


From: Frank Delahue
Subject: Tired of working the crane?
Date: 11-15-2145


I'm considering a promotion for you if you're interested. I'm down an
engineer in Reclamation and I think you would be the perfect

Give it some thought over the next few days and let me know what you

- 3-4. Grant Baston                                                           -

Name: Grant F. Baston
I.D. Number: 2781 -61
Post: Mars City Underground
Title: Service Supervisor
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Unexplainable Things
This is Grant Baston, environmental services supervisor. Date is October
19th. I've been hearing an alarming amount of reports on some a....
unexplainable things. Being on another planet and being underground has
been always a little spooky. So we always have thee occasional report
of strange things. But what is worrying me is the fact is the number of these
reports are up by a lot. People are truly frightened. Rumours were hearing
about experiments from the Delta complex, are not helping. The power
fluctuations aren't helping at all either. Having the lights flicker constantly
and loosing power for several minutes at a time is scaring  everyone down here. 
I am doing my best to keep people on track. But we are continually short
handed. Someone is reporting in sick almost everyday. I'll keep my director
apprise on the situation and will continue to log reports as I get them.


From: T. Brooks
Subject: You're not gonna believe this :)
Date: 11-13-2145

You will not believe this... actually you probably will. The late night
security detail couldn't figure out how to open the security cabinets from
the security office?!?! I spent the next morning walking them through the
steps in the security panels. They didn't realize that you could open
both cabinets from the one security panel. Where do they find these



From: UAC Security
Date: 11-14-2145

November Security Update for your area, UNDERGROUND MAINTENANCE, has been
completed. Please update the security cabinet code in the Energy Stabilization
Unit to 531.

UAC Security

- 3-5. M. Ryan                                                                -

Name: Mark B. Ryan
I.D. Number: 9368-41
Post: Mars City Underground
Title: Security Officer
Security Clearance: General Access


From: T. Brooks
Subject: Got a new guy on the way
Date: 11-15-2145

Hey Mark,
We had a new marine just come through the security checkpoint. He's
gonna check out the old comm building for that missing scientist. Can
you make sure he doesn't get lost... last thing we need is another missing

Thanks Bro

- 3-6. Frank Delahue                                                          -

Name: Frank A. Delahue
I.D. Number: 8397-68
Post: Mars City Underground
Title: Engineer Manager
Security Clearance: Engineering

Audio Log

Subject: Power Demands
This is the audio log of Frank Delahue, Engineering Manager assigned to
power production, dated October 19th 2145. The current operational status
of the power grid is twenty three percent over nominal capacity. I have
increased work shifts to twelve hours a day for all personnel to keep up
with demand. The constant and increasing load from the Delta complex is
causing havoc. We are going to start loosing critical systems if we have
to sustain these levels much longer. I request clearance to requisition
parts from other departments in order to maintain are equipment. Okay I
don't know what's going on over at Delta. But I am doing all I can down 
here. The constant demands are bad enough. But the rumours going around are
making things a whole lot worse. I gotta tell ya. If thing's don't get
better soon. All hell is going to break loose.


Subject: Fire Blast Precautions
This is the audio log of Frank Delahue, Engineering Manager assigned to
power production, dated October 24th 2145. Reclamation problems continue to
plague the main processor. Two more valve overloads in that unit in just the
past week. These overloads can destroy the valves causing very dangerous
fire jetting enough heat to incinerate sensitive equipment nearby. Today
we had only one reported injury as a result as these valve failures. This is
due in large part to the quick response of the engineering team. Are procedure 
of entering the failure code 842 in the operational terminal has proved
adequate and I recommend no change in that procedure.


From: Brian Mora
Subject: Party in the Delta Labs
Date: 11-13-2145

Yo Frank,
Don't forget that we're starting the part early this time... 8:15



From: UAC Security
Subject: RE:Request Security
Date: 11-14-2145

UAC Employee,

We have received your complaint and will consider your request. Safety
is important to us and will do everything to insure security throughout
the UAC.

UAC Security
----Original Message----
Sent: 11-12-2145
To: UAC Security

I'm becoming increasingly concerned for the safety of myself and my
co-workers down here in underground. We've had guys getting stuck
outside of the airlock that leads to the old comm building and there
seems to be a build up of tension over the past few weeks. I've seen
friendly co=workers change...

I formally request additional security as well as an investigation as to 
what's causing ll the angst.
-Frank Delahue 

- 3-7. Marcus Stanton                                                         -

Name: Marcus C. Stanton
I.D. Number: 591 2-24
Post: Mars City
Title: Manifest Controller
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Undocumented Cargo
This is Marc Stanton, Manifest Controller currently stationed at Mars City.
I'm not sure who to send this to. So I decided to send it to, quite a few
people. If your on the recipient list, please take a moment to review this
report, it is quite important. I am very concerned over the shipping 
procedures out here. I am the Manifest Controller and as such, I need to be
informed of everything coming in and out of Mars City. Someone here is
subverting my position and preventing me from getting data on things being
shipped. This is unacceptable. Not only can this reflect poorly on my upcoming
review. But this is my job and I am tired of being out of the loop.
Huh. I have no idea who keeps telling the shipping crews to allow things in
and out without allowing me, to produce or procure the manifest. But whoever
it is, it must stop. One of the dock workers actually told me to piss off,
when I tried to stop one of the last containers from going straight to Delta.
I immediately filled a report and will followup with the transit manager next
time I see him. End of log.


From: David Robbins
Subject: Would you Believe - chainsaws?
Date: 11-12-2145

Those morons at Mixom have done it again. I requisitioned a crate of
jackhammers. What we got were several crates of chainsaws and no
jackhammers at all. What the hell were they thinking? Chainsaws serve
no purpose on Mars!

I'm sending these back as soon as I get the time. Meanwhile, I would
appreciate it if you could lodge another complaint with Mixom and
expedite my jackhammers when they do arrive.

David Robbins
Industrial Complex


From: Ray Gerhardt
Subject: Farewell for now
Date: 11-14-2145

If you've received this e-mail, you are someone I worked with while here
on Mars and have made an impression on my life. I want you to know I'm
leaving Mars and UAC to pursue other opportunities after one last
assignment tomorrow in Delta Labs.

I will miss you terribly and will think of you often. I'm sure the
friendship I've made here will last the rest of my life and I will be sure
to keep in touch.  As soon as I have a new address I will forward it along.

I hope you will join me in the Mars City kitchen for a drink tomorrow
evening. My shuttle leaves first thing on 11/16 and I'd hate to miss my
last chance to see you... until next time.

Ray Gerhardt


From: Duncan Mathews
Subject: FW: Farewell for now
Date: 11-14-2145

Any idea who this guy is? I think he may be funny looking dweeb
from Alpha Labs, but I always though his name was Alan.

Are you going to go have that drink with him? I wouldn't normally... but
if he's buying and other people will be there, it might be fun.

---Original Message---
Sent: 11-13-2145
To: Duncan Mathews

If you've received this e-mail, you are someone I worked with while here
on Mars and have made an impression on my life. I want you to know I'm
leaving Mars and UAC to pursue other opportunities after one last
assignment tomorrow in Delta Labs.

I will miss you terribly and will think of you often. I'm sure the
friendship I've made here will last the rest of my life and I will be sure
to keep in touch.  As soon as I have a new address I will forward it along.

I hope you will join me in the Mars City kitchen for a drink tomorrow
evening. My shuttle leaves first thing on 11/16 and I'd hate to miss my
last chance to see you... until next time.

Ray Gerhardt

- 3-8 Mark Caseon                                                             -

Name: Marcus T. Caseon
I.D. Number: 1 394-39
Post: Mars City
Title: Doctor
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: High Incidence of Psychological Reports
Audio log for Doctor Caseon. Currently stationed at Mars City. I have just
left the weekly status meeting here at Medical. The most prominent topic
was the vast number of psychological issues we are seeing as of late. The
number of reports indicates that ten percent of the overall base personnel
have shown symptoms. As many people won't come in for this type of thing. The 
number of affected personnel could truly be in the thirty to forty percent
range. It's even manifested itself here in Medical and several nurses and a
couple of good Doctors out for related reasons. I am going to formally
request two additional psychiatrists on the next shuttle from Earth. Do to
have been overworked. Content of there sessions with patients is starting to
affect them as well. Doctor Caseon out.


Subject: Patient Attack
Doctor Mark Caseon. At 15:47 patient Johnathon Wills is admitted after
complaining of insomnia and nausea. According to the nurse, Mrs. Wills was
calm and admitted no signs of disorder when he was brought to exam room five.
However by the time I reached him at ten after four his personality had
changed dramatically. When I entered the room Mrs. Wills lunged at me with
a scalpel. He apparently stole from the supply drawer. With the assistance of
a orderly we managed to subdue and sedate him without injury. Mr. Wills was
heavily medicated and could not be diagnosed. But in the twenty minutes he
was unattended, he managed to carve three symbols in his arm and cut his own
tongue in... two halves. I could only guess at the cause of his problems. I
hope that additional psychiatrists arrive soon. In the meantime in response 
to this assault. All medical supplies and armaments will be locked in
secure hospital cabinet with the code 347. Doctor Caseon out.


From: Jordan Kenedy
Subject: RE: Patient Attack
Date: 11-09-2145

Thank you for sending me the audio report. I wish the news was better.

I will coordinate with our colleagues here on Earth to find additional staff
and resources to assist. Given the situation there, it isn't going to be
easy. You may be on your own for a while.

My advice to you, continue to document everything you can. attempt to
find the root of the problem, and for goodness sakes, stash weapons and
medical supplies for yourself in case things get worse. I'm glad to hear
you've already taken some precautions by locking some supplies in that
cabinet. I hope it is enough. I appreciate you including the codes in your
report and will keep it secure.


From: Sarah Holsten
Subject: Leaving?
Date: 11-15-2145


I hear that you're leaving Mars. I'm happy that you'll able to spend
more time with your family, but I am very worried about the
deteriorating situation here. We're short staffed already. Your
departure will be a big loss.

Speaking of which, I've noticed that Zach in Operations has been
behaving more and more erratically. Since talking with you I'm not sure
if I'm being overly sensitive, or if he has caught the bug going around. I
swear he tried to bite me today.

In your absence is there anything I should do?


- 3-9. Bill Tyson                                                             -

Name: Sergeant Bill Tyson
I.D. Number: 7488-89
Post: Mars City
Title: Staff Sergeant
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: General Troop Morale
Audio report on troop morale. Morale here is beginning to drop. It's nothing
to worry about yet, since I keep my marines sharp and ready to go. Events at
the base are wearing at the troops. There have been a lot of things
happening on the base. I believe the UAC experiments being performed here
must be the cause. Out here they may be experimenting on God knows what.
There quite a few people missing. No marines of course. It is the civilian
population I am referring to. Bottom line, whatever they have going on here
it has my men on a razors edge. At this point there is no cause for alarm.
But I am requesting we rotate squads every ninety days instead of every
one hundred and eighty days. I will continue to report as the situation
develops. It is good we have the new marines in route. Fresh faces will
help. Sergeant Tyson out.


Subject: Troop Deployments
Audio report confirming new troop deployments for the Mars City Marine
facility October 30 2145. The new troops will be arriving within a few days.
I have started a series of training exercises, focusing on close quarter
small weapons combat. As well as instituting mandatory refresher courses on
all munitions and weapons on are armoury. In response to the large amount of
security breaches and general feelings of ill well around the base. I have
doubled security details. Placing two marines at each checkpoint. This
additional presence should calm things down. I expect that the incoming
marines are not quite as green as the last deployment. they have turned out
okay. But some combat experience will go a long way right now. Sergeant
Tyson out.


From: PFC Hagar
Subject: Sentry Bot Security
Date: 11-02-2145

Staff Sergeant Tyson,

I have been a major supporter of putting Sentry Bots on routine patrols.
In the past, they have proven to be very reliable. That changed today.

I witnessed two of our guys doing maintenance on a bot in Mars City.
While having it only partially assembled, they activated its sensors to
test their repairs. All of the sudden, the Sentry locked onto one of the
marines as an enemy and began firing at him. If the ammo had been
loaded, that marine would have been killed. Thankfully the other marine
was able to immobilize it quickly.

The Sentry Bot is powerful - but maybe to powerful. Why do we need
that much firepower in Mars City? Except for the off report of
individuals going a little crazy, we don't have many problems. Do we
really expect the Sentry Bots to know the difference between someone
having a bad day or someone gone mad?

I hope you can talk to Sarge about this before something worse happens.
-PFC Hagar


From: Sergeant Kelly
Subject: New Arrival
Date: 11-10-2145

SSgt Tyson,
We have new troops inbound to replace Allen. He will be arriving on the
next transport.

Be sure to get the manifest filled out for his first issue.
Sergeant Kelly


From: Central Security
Subject: Security Code Change
Date: 11-11-2145

SSgt Tyson,
Due to the upcoming personnel transfer, we will be changing the Weapons
Storage code in Marine Command to 584. The change will take effect on
Nov 15, 2145.
Thank You,

Central Security

- 3-10. Duncan Mathews                                                        -

Name: Duncan A. Mathews
I.D. Number: 691 7-38
Post: Mars City
Title: Systems Analyst
Security Clearance: Analyst Office


From: Ray Gerhardt
Subject: Farewell for now
Date: 11-14-2145

If you've received this e-mail, you are someone I worked with while here
on Mars and have made an impression on my life. I want you to know I'm
leaving Mars and UAC to pursue other opportunities after one last
assignment tomorrow in Delta Labs.

I will miss you terribly and will think of you often. I'm sure the
friendship I've made here will last the rest of my life and I will be sure
to keep in touch.  As soon as I have a new address I will forward it along. 

I hope you will join me in the Mars City kitchen for a drink tomorrow
evening. My shuttle leaves first thing on 11/16 and I'd hate to miss my
last chance to see you... until next time.


From: UAC Security
Subject: RE: Equipment request
Date: 11-15-2145

We understand the pressures and concerns of civilians in Mars City. I
want to assure you that there is nothing to worry about. We in UAC
Security have everything under control.

I've left the armour you requested on your desk. I hope this helps you
sleep a bit easier. We will not be able to fulfil your request for a
plasma gun at this time. I would like to take this opportunity to remind
you that civilians are not allowed the possession of weapons. If you ask
again, I will have no choice but to report you to UAC HR.

If you do happen to find equipment, it is your duty to return it to UAC
Security immediately.

UAC Security
----Original Message----
Sent: 11-15-2145
To: UAC Security

Please requisition to my department armor and one plasma gun with
ammo. With all that has been happening around here, I don't feel safe.
I haven't been able to sleep and it has been difficult to work.

If it would be easier, I could always just help myself to some of the
armor I've seen security leave carelessly around the base.

- 3-11. Alan Dorweiler                                                        -

Name: Alan E. Dorweiler
I.D. Number: 8321 -1 4
Post: Administration Complex
Title: Controller Spec.
Security Clearance: General Access


From: Ethan Peterson
Subject: Armaments in the cabinet
Date: 11-12-2145


Per our earlier conversation. I've stocked the storage cabinet in your area
with some ammunition and security armor. The door code is 586. I don't
know what's going on around here but we can't be too careful. I hope to
God we never have to use that stuff.

If I hear anything else I'll email you.


From: Ethan Peterson
Subject: UAC Corporate
Date: 11-14-2145

I heard that UAC Corporate is sending someone up here to check on
Betruger. His name is Elliot Swann, I don't know who he is but John said
he's a real ball buster. He said that he always travels with a bodyguard.
This can't be a good situation. I hope this Swann guy doesn't shut us
down. We are so close to solving the stability problems and the transfer
errors are exceptionally low now.

I'll keep you posted if anything goes down.


From: martianbuddy.com
Subject: Lightspeed Pharmacy
Date: 11-14-2145

Mr. Dorweiler,

Online Pharmacy - No Doctor visit needed.

We believe that ordering medication should be as simple as ordering
anything else on the Net. We can ship drugs anywhere in the galaxy....
Embargos, Banned Pharmaceuticals, NO PROBLEM!!

Goto: www.martianbuddy.com for my details.

- 3-12. Jonathan Moses                                                        -

Name: Jonathan Moses
I.D. Number: 2463-21
Post: Administation
Title: Asset Coordinator
Security Clearance: General Access


From: martianbuddy.com
Subject: Free Stuff!!
Date: 10-09-2145

Mr. Moses, 

Congratulations, You have been selected to receive one of our free
promotional storage cabinets loaded with useful things that we think
you'll need. To access your new storage cabinet visit use on-line.

Martian Buddy
---and remember: You're always a winner with Martian Buddy!


From: Jim Bowier
Subject: Storage Cabinet
Date: 11-07-2145

Mr. Moses,
We've recently received your storage cabinet from Martian Buddy, where
would you like us to put it?

Thanks you,
Jim Bowier
Shipping Authority


From: Jim Bowier
Subject: RE: Storage Cabinet
Date: 11-08-2145

Mr. Moses,
Thank you for the quickly reply, we will have it delivered to your office by
the end of the week.

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-07-2145
To: Jim Bowier
Excellent, I can't believe it showed up so soon. Please have someone
deliver it to my office in the North Hallway of Administration. I can't wait
to see what they've sent me.


- 3-13.  William Banks                                                        -

Name: William L. Banks
I.D. Number: 91 34-21
Post: Administration
Title: Director
Security Clearance: Alpha Labs

Audio Log

Subject: Missing Personnel 
This is the audio log of Director William Banks, dated October 20th 2145. It
is come to my attention that we have an alarming number of missing personnel
throughout the base. My office has received four additional reports from
Delta from the last week alone. Mentioning that personnel are not reporting
for work and that calls to there quarters have gone unanswered. My office has
sent the names of those personnel to Mars City Security. They have promised to
initiate a investigation. But, this news is... very disturbing. Especially at
a time when so many people in the infirmary suffering from sudden cases of
schizophrenia,  other psychological disorders. I hope there is no connection
between those cases and these reports of missing personnel.


Subject: Energy Deficiencies
This is the audio log of Director William Banks, dated October 5th 2145. It
has been brought to my attention by Environmental Services that the recent
power grid changes, have caused many non-critical systems to malfunction.
The report explains that this is due to either intermittent power outages or
lower then optimal voltage input. It also says, sufficient power distribution
to all non-critical systems, is becoming more difficult to maintain. Thanks
to Doctor Betruger and his so called optimizations to they energy stores in
and around the facility. I assured the Director of ES that, I file a report
with Central Authority.


From: Malcom Betruger
Subject: Religious Artifacts
Date: 10-02-2145

Director Banks, I need your urgent attention on this matter.

It is very important to my research that all crates containing religious
artifacts arriving from earth, with a co-sign for Delta Labs, go directly
there with no interruption or delay. I can't have my precious cargo
sitting around the hanger waiting for your personnel to process it.
I expect your immediate attention on this matter.

Dr. Malcolm Betruger


From: Matthew White
Subject: Missing Person
Date: 11-08-2145

Director Banks,

Research Assistant Eric Raffel has not reported for work all this week.
I've called his quarters repeatedly without response. No one has seen
him in days and I don't know what to do, he is normally a very reliable
individual. I've contacted Mars Security with hope that they will try and
find him. There aren't a lot of areas to go on this base... man, I hope
he's alright. 
If I hear anything I'll send word.

Thank You,
Matthew White


From: UA-Corp.com
Subject: New Web Site
Date: 11-10-2145

Director Banks,

We're happy to report the roll out of the new corporate web page. Please
take a moment of your time to review it.

Thank You,
UA-Corp.com Web Team

- 3-14. Paul Simons                                                           -

Name: Paul M. Simons
I.D. Number: 2463-21
Post: Administration
Title: IT Specialist
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: ADMIN: Network Security Status
This is Paul Simon, Security Specialist in IT. Are network security has been
breached. Several times over the last few days. Now it looks like it may
have been going on longer then that but whoever did this really knew what
they were doing. They covered there tracks really well and just happen to
notice some logs anomalies or it would still be going on. The intrusion
came on a encrypted carrier signal from the Delta Complex. They piggy back
the virus on one of the supercomputers requests and it pealed itself from
the data stream once it was inside are firewall. Someone on the inside has
to be responsible. Unfortunately due to security in that complex, I can only
tell it came from Delta. There is no way to identify which machine or even
which lab it came from. Whoever was in the system had access to all personal
data including, medical reports. My team will be monitoring the network
closely in the next few days, looking for anything unusual. End of log.


From: IT Security
Subject: Network Breach
Date: 11-02-2145

Mr. Simons.

We have been unable to find any problems with the network test that we
ran on your system. Everything checks out on our end, your firewall
seems to be functioning properly. Other It managers have reported
similar intrusions in their networks. Whoever is doing this must be
good or someone with very high security clearance. We will
continue to scan the network and if anything odd appears we will inform
you immediately.

Central IT Security


From: Russel Weilder
Subject: Email Spam
Date: 11-13-2145

The email spam lately is getting out of control. The worst company is
that Martian Buddy place -I can't believe all the things they send me. I
don't know how they got my email address. Can't you do anything to stop
the spam? I spend all morning deleting junk from my inbox.

Thank You,

- 3-15. Kyle Berger                                                           -

Name: Kyle C. Berger
I.D. Number: 7861-84
Post: Alpha Labs. Sector 1
Title: Research Supervisor
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: EPD Accident
Audio log for Kyle Berger Research Supervisor for the EPD project. Eh thee
a Elemental Phase Deconstructer is fully operational and the research we
have gathered is very impressive. Unfortunately we had a terrible accident
last week. Research assistant Patterson was calibrating one of quark emitters
in thee chamber and witnesses say he appeared to... see something.  Almost like
something was talking to him and eh, he backed right up to the particle beam.
It was not a pretty sight as it took off the backside of his head. He lived a
few minutes, although not sure you could consider that living. But they say
his eyes rolled back and forth. He was trying to talk. After losing that much
brain matter I am sure it was his reflex actions. Anyway do to this, I have
enacted new safety protocols in the lab and we have stocked one of the storage
cabinets with emergency medical supplies. The code for the cabinet is 752.
End of log.


From: William Landow
Subject: EPD Status
Date: 11-04-2145

Dr. Berger,

Everything is going exceptionally well as we prepare the EPD for its next
round of tests. Roy Patterson is setting up the baseline now and we
should be able to start testing later this afternoon. If your schedule
allows please feel free to join us down here in the lab around 2:00.
Should be exciting!

Bill Landow


From: Dr. Kyle Berger,

The maintenance team has just finished cleaning the EPD collection
chamber. All bio matter has been scrubbed from the area. Deep scan
also confirms a clean sector as per your request. 14 collection cones and
5 trays have also been replaced. Please be sure to stop by Maintenance
as we will need your signature for the parts requisition forms.

Thank you,
UAC Maintenance

- 3-16. Jack Smith                                                            -

Name: Jack T. Smith
I.D. Number: 1 538-49
Post: Alpha Labs. Sector 1
Title: Benefits Analyst
Security Clearance: General Clearance

Audio Log

Subject: HR Accident Report
Audio log for Jack Smith Benefits Analyst in HR-10242145. I just went through
another batch of accident reports from the science team. We've had five more
people hurt this week while working with the equipment. The most serious
incident was when John Hews, who hand was caught in plastic extrusion systems.
He was performing maintenance on it and states that he unplugged it and had
the safety key in his pocket and managed to activate without an apparent power
source and shredded his arm up to his elbow before someone got him out. It has
been reported that thee, machine is till running and we can't shut it down.
The cost on the incident alone is enough to raise the red flag but this is one
in a pile and were going to overrun are budget on benefits payout this work.
While it's not my department, I have to assume that new equipment budget is
blown out as well. Because, according to these reports equipment is breaking
down on daily basis. Please mark this for review at Corporate. End of log.


From: Brian Jenkins
Subject: New Safety Protocols
Date: 11-11-2145

Mr. Smith,

In light of the recent increase of work-related accidents in the Alpha
Labs, we feel it is necessary to implement a buddy system when routine
maintenance is being performed on some of the heavier equipment. We
feel this should cut down on some of the claims being filled in your
department. Please get back to me if you have any other ideas on how to
keep Alpha Labs as safe as it can be.

Thank You,
Brian Jenkins
Safety Coordinator


From: Ari Braden
Subject: Buddy system?!
Date: 11-13-2145

Please tell me UAC Corporate is kidding. How the hell is a buddy
system going to do anything with accident claims except double them?
Tell me how a buddy system would have prevented Jose 'TorsoBoy' Moss
from having his arms and legs hacked off by the Alburquerck Capacitator?
Maybe his buddy would have heard the thing growl and engage without
power or a CRF module? Maybe his buddy's hair would have burst into
flames instead and saved us the trouble of needing to run and find water
to put him out.

Next thing they'll do is try to fix the problem by having us fill out more
MAR forms or reforecast out ODF.

- 3-17. George Krietman                                                       -

Name: George Krietman
I.D. Number: 6903-50
Post: Alpha Labs. Sector 1
Title: Research Assistant
Security Clearance: General Access


From: Dr. Pat Harvey
Subject: Lost PDA
Date: 11-13-2145


I seem to have misplaced my PDA with my security clearance. I was
adjusting the oxygen intake on the Hydrocon the other day and recall
using it at that time but I can't seem to remember where the heck I put
that thing. If you see it around while on your shift could you put it
someplace safe for me?
Thank You,

Dr. harvey

- 3-18. Bernie Lipsitz                                                        -

Name: Bernie Lipzitz
I.D. Number: 3902-21
Post: Alpha Labs. Sector 1
Title: Research Assistant
Security Clearance: Hydrocon Access


From: John McDermott
Subject: Time off
Date: 10-24-2145

Hey Bern,

Some of the boys and I are headed over to Mars City tonight after the
shift for some beers. You, as always, are welcome to come along with
us, buddy. I WILL see you there!



From: Fredric Anubus
Subject: Hydrocon O2 leak
Date: 11-14-2145


A syphon hose in the oxygen displacement valve is forming a leak due to
the lowered temperatures required to boost production in the Hydrocon
Labs. If this hose were to rupture, it would cause severe instability in
the Hydrocon systems and could result in very dangerous situation. It
should really be replaced.

Dr. Anubus

- 3-19. Andrew Chin                                                           -

Name: Andrew Chin
I.D. Number: 11 98-31
Post: Alpha Labs. Sector 2
Title: Research Team Leader
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Treatment of Research Team
Audio report regarding the disrespectful treatment of new research staff,
September 14, 2145. As you know, I have gone to considerable effort to recruit
my staff researchers for Alpha Labs. Finding team members with the
qualifications, let alone the wiliness to come to Mars, has not been a
trivial task. You know this already. But it is necessary that I emphasize why
the complaints must be taken seriously. We won't be able to keep are people or
recruit new researchers if the harassment continues. No, harassment is exactly
the right word. I am routinely getting reports UAC security asking
inappropriate questions and submitting my staff to unnecessary background
checks. I must insist, that we be able to keep our personal lives private and
be left to complete our assignments without further delays. If there is some
kind of security threat. I suggest UAC security look a little more deeply,
into there own staff. This is Andrew Chin, end.


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Date: 10-11-2145

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From: Walter Connors
Subject: 8 sided die
Date: 10-12-2145

Dear Chin,

I am writing in regard to the 8 sided die you borrowed from me. If you are
not going to invite me to the game, then I would like my 8 sided die back. It
has been 2 weeks and I am very irritated.

Walter Connors


From: Erik Reeves
Subject: The E-Rock Has Landed
Date: 11-08-2145


Just got in. That ride sucked. I flew in with the new systems analyst,
Jaime Mendoza. He was always getting into it with these two security
goons, Jim Daly and Mark Walters. They would argue for hours (and
sometimes days) about ANY topic. A month and a half in that sardine
can will make anyone bug out after a while.

Anyway, let's get some lunch. I need some real food!



From: Brian Wellington
Subject: Storage cabinet 038
Date: 11-12-2145

Mr. Chin,
The repairs to storage cabinet 038 have been completed. The door is no
longer stuck and we pulled the dent from the side. It would be a good
idea in the future to remember your cabinet codes instead of trying to
force it open with a wrench. Just for your records the new code for
cabinet #038 is 409, might be a good idea to write it down.


- 3-20. Walter Connors                                                        -

Name: Walter I. Connors
I.D. Number: 371 0-66
Post: Alpha Labs. Sector 2
Title: Research Technician
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: The Success with the MFS Compressor
Audio log for Walter Connors. Thee MFS Compressor is producing fantastic
results. The latest modification I made to the dilation matrix were the
real key to the recent breakthrough. All in all I feel like my work on this
project has been the catalyst that propelled everything forward. I've also
taken a set number of time each day to make sure everyone was doing there job
and of course I check all there data to make sure no mistakes are made.
This is going to be a huge money maker for the company and quite honestly
without my input and hard work, I'm not sure we would've gotten this far.
But I also wanted to thank you, for you supervisory role in the project.
Working with you is a true honour. Just remember me in the end of year
reports as I'm certain I deserve a promotion. Walter out.


From: Walter Connors
Subject: Collection
Date: 10-12-2145

Note to self:
Need to remember to get my eight-sided die back from Chin. Should never
have lent it to him in the first place. He never invited me to play. He is
not my friend.


From: Walter Connors
Subject: Note to self
Date: 10-16-2145

Note to self:
Need to remember my code for cabinet #039 - 102


From: Derek Wayland
Subject: MFS Compressor Number
Date: 11-02-2145


I wanted to personally thank you for your latest modification proposal for
the dilation matrix. The boys here at CPU have crunched your numbers
and after some deliberation we've agreed that this is the most
fantastically bogus theory that we've ever seen.

If you are remotely interested in noting getting your gnome-loving
dragon-slaying power-levelling ass fired, I"d suggest you lay off the
role-playing and learn some basic math.

Good luck on your next review :)

- 3-21. Mark Lamia                                                            -

Name: Mark B. Lamia
I.D. Number: 2452-76
Post: Alpha Labs. Sector 3
Title: Operations Coordinator
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Incompetent Employees
This is Operations Coordinator Mark Lamia, dated November 1st, 2145. I am
filling this report because frustrated beyond belief by thee level of
incompetency I have to deal with here. I don't know where HR is getting the
new employee's, but the last five guys they sent me, where all a bunch of
idiots. They can't get any of there work done on time. I constantly have to
keep an eye on them. They work slow. They don't follow any of the standard
operating procedures and they can't even remember basic things that I tell
them. For example, I change the cabinet door codes here to 123, because I
thought that was easy enough to remember. But they still forgot. Don't
understand why HR can't get me better people. I am requesting full authority
to hire and fire my own employee's. It's the only way, I can run my
department smoothly. End of log.


From: George Poota
Subject: Won't be in today
Date: 10-28-2145

Mr Lamia,

I am not feeling very well today. I don't think I will be able to come in to
work today. Could you get someone to cover my shift.

Thank You,
George Poota


From: Graham Fuchs
Subject: Storage lockers
Date: 10-31-2145

Mr. Lamia,

What is the code to the storage lockers here? I know you told me a few
days ago, but I can't remember. None of my usual codes work.

By the way. I believe I'm going to be late with my Q4 Analysis. I had a
late start this morning due to that party in Mars City. I should have
known better than to drink that much during the week.

Graham Fuchs


From: George Poota
Subject: Doctor Appointment
Date: 11-02-2145

Mr Lamia,

I am feeling under the weather again today, and have an appointment
with the base physician this afternoon and won't be able to make my
shift. Could you find someone to cover for me?

Thank You,
George Poota


From: Dusty Welch
Subject: Crates moved
Date: 11-12-2145

Mr. Lamia,

I just want to tell you again how happy I am to be working here on Mars
in your department. I don't usually go on like this, but I'm just so excited
by this opportunity. My last employer didn't appreciate my skills the
way you do.

I've taken the crates from your office to your quarters as you requested
and I organized your closet to your specifications. I'd like to add that
you have excellent taste in music.

Once again, please let me know if there is anything I can do to better
serve the UAC.

- 3-22. George Poota                                                          -

Name: George Poota
I.D. Number: 4450-86
Post: Alpha Labs. Sector 3
Title: Chief Researcher
Security Clearance: General Access


From: Mark Lamia
Subject: Hours of operation
Date: 10-28-2145


It has come to my attention yet again, that you did not show up for your
shift wednesday. This is the fourth time this month that you have
missed a shift. I am getting tired of your pathetic excuses. You had two
prostate exams last month and I will not fall for that excuse again!
Consider yourself on notice, Mr. Poota.

Mark Lamia


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Subject: ++FIRE YOUR BOSS!!++
Date: 10-28-2145

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- 3-23. Larry Kaczynski                                                       -

Name: Larry Kaczynski
I.D. Number: 3492-40
Post: Alpha Labs. Sector 4
Title: Chief Researcher
Security Clearance: General Access


From: David Carter
Subject: Chamber Calibration
Date: 11-1-2145

Dr. Kaczynski,

I checked the chamber calibrations you requested, and at first found
everything to be within acceptable limits. As I was leaving the chamber
though, I started to hear a low whispering sound that seemed to be
emanating from the main coupler. Though when I stooped down for a
closer look the sound stopped. This happened every time I was leaving
the chamber. You may want to check into this matter yourself as I can't
seem to pinpoint the source of the sound. As far as everything else is
concerned, it all seems to check out. All graphs are running at 2.4 or
higher so I don't foresee any other problems.

David Carter


From: John Okonkwo
Subject: Hello
Date: 11-9-2145

Good Day

I am DR.John Okonkwo. Civil Servant in the Ministry of Health. I know
this proposal will come to you as a surprise because we have not met
before either physically or through correspondence. I got your contact
from our chamber of commerce here in Nigeria and have no doubt in
your ability to handle this proposal involving huge sum of money. My
father Chief Isama OKONKWO. (Now Late) was the Royal Head of my
community, ELEME (an oil rich town) in Nigeria. My community produces
5.8% of the total crude oil production in Nigeria and 0.5% of the Dollar
value of each barrel is paid to my father as royalty by the Federal
Government. My father was also the Chairman of ISAMA Special Oil Trust
Fund. In his position as the Royal head and Chairman of the Oil Trust
Fund, he made some money which he left for meas the only heir to

The money is Eighteen Million, Five Hundred Thousand US
Dollars(US$18.5). This money originated from the accumulated royalties
between 1976-1998. Due to poor banking system in Nigeria and political
instability as a result of past Military rules (1985-1999), he deposited
this Money in a Strong Room/VAULTS with an open beneficiary in a
security company pending when he would finish arrangement to transfer
it abroad. He was planning this when he died late last year of Heart

Just before my father died he called my attention to the money and
charged me to look for a foreigner who would assist me in the
transfer/investment if the funds abroad. So I would be very grateful if
you could accept to help me achieve this great objective. I promise to
give you 25% of the total funds transferred to your vital bank account as
compensation for your assistance. Five percent (5%) has been set aside
to take care of all expenses we may incur during transaction. To
indicate your interest, contact me urgently and confidentially for more
information and the roles you will play in the business.

All the legal Documents concerning this Money will be sent to you as
soon as we agreed together. Please I will appreciate that you send your
telephone/fax numbers to enable me contact you immediately for

Yours faithfully,

John Okonkwo

- 3-24. Michael Abrams                                                        -

Name: Micheal G. Abrams
I.D. Number: 6734-51
Post: Delta Security. Level 2
Title: Security Chief
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Security Report
Security log number 3072 for Delta Security Chief Michael Abrams, November
15th 2145. I just come from the armament division, where I was issued one of
the new BFG 9000 series weapons. Heh, they weren't kidding how much lighter it
was over previous prototype models. Won't be so bad carrying this one around
heh. Anyhow for couple weeks now, many of the security teams have not been
following proper reporting procedures. Not sure if it's the format of the new
SIR, so I'll make sure each team is scheduled by training division to get
spun up on the new reports. There have been some security issues in thee Alpha
Labs. I have sent a team over to investigate and now I can't reach them on any
comm channel. Heh, I guess I'll have to go over there myself. Well, I am
headed over there now. I'll finish this security report in full when I get
back. Oh ya, one more thing. I am gonna leave this BFG locked in my office
for now. Please have IT security, change my door codes to 901. Sure as hell
don't need anyone messing around with it. Chief Abrams, end of log.


From: Henry Nelson
Subject: Security Sweep Request
Date: 10-26-2145

Mr. Abrams,

We've been getting a lot of reports about strange noises (voices?) down
here. My team is on edge and most are unable to work. It might help if
you could send a security detachment to Alpha Sector 4 to do a sweep of
the area.

I know this sounds crazy but it would make myself and my team feel a lot

Henry Nelson


From: Human Resources
Subject: Personnel Request
Date: 11-10-2145

Security Chief Abrams

As you requested we are sending more security guards to your security
unit. the event of Gormen's death were tragic and we hope that any
future incidents can be dealt with safely.

Expect the new rotation of personnel in about 10 working days.

Director Kellsie Krisch
Human Resources.... 'We make working on Mars feel like home'


From: I.T. Security
Subject: Invalid Number in code
Date: 11-15-2145

Mr. Abrams,

We are unable to process your door code request because you included
a 0 in the number sequence and as you should have known 0 is not a
valid number on door codes. Because of the importance of your request
we've decided to take it upon ourselves and replace the 0 with a 3.
Please advise if this causes a problem.

I.T. Security

- 3-25. Henry Nelson                                                          -

Name: Henry Q. Nelson
I.D. Number: 7977-87
Post: Alpha Labs. Sector 4
Title: Plant Manager
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Strange Voices...
This is the audio log of Plant Manager Henry Nelson dated October 24th 2145.
I don't know how I should report this. So I will just talk about what I know
and what I need. I've had quite a few employee's reporting to me they've
heard strange sounds. Like voices talking to them. Calling them. Even when
they were alone. At first I didn't believe them. The guys down here like to
kid around. But they assured me they were serious. I ignored the stories at
first. Until one day I heard something too. I was working on one of the lift
up service panels and I distinctly heard someone saying 'over here'. I quickly
turned to see who was there, but the passage was completely empty. I looked
around but I didn't see another soul. I even checked the work logs and no
one was working near that area. I don't want to sound crazy here, but my guys
and myself are a little spooked and some of the guys are even talking about
ghosts. So to make everyone, including myself a little more comfortable. I
like to request that a security team make a thorough check of the EFR area.
Thank you, Henry Nelson.


From: Jeff Dickens
Subject: Strange Voices
Date: 10-24-2145


I haven't slept in three days and can't concentrate on work. Ever since
Hal's 'accident' everyone's been pretty freaked out. I really thought the
guys saying they heard voices were full of shit, but lately I've been
hearing them too. I don't know how UAC expects us to work like this.



From: Greg O'Brian
Subject: Missing tools
Date: 11-13-2145


The tools in storage cabinet 064 were missing again today. I'm going to
change the combination to 651 this afternoon. Please do me a favour and
don't tell Seneca the new combination. I believe he's the one taking my
tools all the time... the guy thinks he's a real riot.


- 3-26. Paul Raad                                                             -

Name: Paul E. Raad
I.D. Number: 21 26-66
Post: Enpro
Title: Chief Technical Officer
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Cooling Rods Replacement
Paul Raad, Chief technical Officer for thee EnPro Facility. During my weekly
inspection of the coolant system, I discovered yet another safety violation.
As I stated repeatedly, are service manuals must be followed to the letter.
This includes changing back filters for the coolant system on schedule and not
when maintenance gets around to it. As you know, unclean back filters will
create pressure inside the coolant system release tubes. Even a minor
disruption in a release tube, could dislodge or destroy it's coolant rod,
overheating the core and possibly sending the entire facility up in smoke .
Let me be clear. If I see this again. The team responsible will be transferred
to sewage treatment before the day is over.

Subject: Sentry Problems
Paul Raad, Chief technical Officer for thee EnPro Facility. I appreciate UACs
concerns following the number of stress related illnesses spreading throughout
the base. However, I do not understand why we require such a large detail of
armed security bots in EnPro. Now you may disagree. But I trust my teams
mental condition far more then whatever programming is running inside those
bots. Which brings me to the reason for this report. Today, one of my best
engineers Patrick Thomas was nearly shot when a bot refused his clearance.
That’s right, shot! Luckily a nearby team from maintenance caught up to it
and smashed it with a pipe wrench before it could chase Pat down. Now it
will be days before he is ready to return to work and I don't think you'll
ever get him close to one of the bots again. Are jobs are difficult enough
without needing to avoid getting shot! If we are going to be treated as
prisoners, I respectfully request you afford us the cutesy of  being guarded
by people. Instead of machines.


From: martianbuddy.com
Subject: The New Taboo!
Date: 11-10-2145

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From: Social Committee
Subject: Ice Cream Social
Date: 11-12-2145

All Staff,

As a reminder, tomorrow is our Ice Cream Social in the Mars City
Kitchen. We will have the typical flavors of vanilla, chocolate,
strawberry, blueberry... and a few surprises.

I really hope you'll be at this event. The Social Committee is working
hard to find fun things for us to do on our meagere budget. It is a real
downer when people don't show up.

I mean, c'mon... only 7 of you came to our pizza social last month. If
you've got better ideas for the Social Committee, please forward them

We hope to see you tomorrow!

- 3-27. Theresa Chasar                                                        -

Name: Theresa M. Chasar
I.D. Number: 0368-05
Post: Enpro
Title: Weapon Analyst
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Weapon Research
This is the audio log of Weapon Analyst Theresa Chasar, dated November 3rd
2145. I am pleased to report the preliminary tests on the ammo storage on
the new Mach 3 plasma gun has far exceeded are expectations. We've realized a
full 50% gain in the storage capacity of ammo packs as a result of utilizing
techniques engineered in Alpha Labs Molecular Compactor. I believe with thee
ongoing Compactor research we will reach are goal of three times the plasma
storage currently available in standard ammo packs. I would also like to
mention all of the employees here at the Enpro Plant have been very helpful
and quite eager to accommodate all of my requests. For security reasons I
have locked the plasma gun and extra ammo in locker 063, with door code 972.
End of log.


From: Lloyd Renstrom
Subject: Plasma Storage Capacity
Date: 11-02-2145

Okease take a few minutes in the next days or so to create an audio report
based on your plasma storage findings. The board is looking forward to
hearing about your accomplishments.

As you know, security has been tight lately with all the accidents and as
a result we can't be too careful. Please make sure you lock up your test
weapon and add the cabinet code into your report.

Great Job,


From: Lloyd Renstrom
Subject: Your Work
Date: 11-05-2145

Hope you like your new office. I think you'll find it much easier to
concentrate on the plasma gun project without those dweebs in
engineering drooling all over you. How pathetic, right?

Anyway I'll be down there from time to time if you ever want to talk or
get something to eat. You're probably sick of hearing it, but I think
seeing you ever day is more valuable to me than any amount of money
I've gotten from working here. believe me, being supervisor I make a

Your pal,


From: Elizabeth McNeil
Subject: RE: Lloyd is driving me nuts!
Date: 11-10-2145

I know what you're talking about, when I was still there I felt like I was
the only women surrounded by a bunch of drooling men. I miss the work
but I don't miss that place, I feel like I'm lucky to be out of there.

Keep your eyes open for trouble; I don't trust some of the executives up

I can't wait to see you back on Earth when your research is completed.

Your Friend,

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-07-2145
To: Elizabeth McNeil

Lloyd has really outdone himself this time. he's moved me into the
office next to the trench in Enpro. Does he really think by moving me to
the most remote office on this wretched base that I'll be more attracted to
him? Wait...it might be working. Being isolated for this long is getting to
me. I'm a chatter-box whenever I get the chance to talk to a real person.

Ok, I've got to get to work.

- 3-28. Steve Hammer                                                          -

Name: Steve L. Hammer
I.D. Number: 2671 -93
Post: Enpro
Title: Service Technician
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Plasma Ammo Code
Steve Hammer, Service technician. Since Private Swensen wigged out. Shot up
that drink machine and then lit himself up with plasma gun. We have all been
a bit nervous. All of us in maintenance knew he was losing it. Finally when
that darn drink machine would not accept his credits, he lost it. Started
swearing up and down and you had to laugh when that machine lit up but,
before any of us could react, he fed himself enough plasma to power an office
building. There wasn't enough head to clean up. Just vapour. It's bad thing to
happen to anyone. Anyway, I know with all the psych problems we've had lately,
we need the additional security. But when the guards start going nuts. I don't
know. All these extra weapons and ammunition. I mean do we really need so much
firepower laying around. Well a couple of us decided to lock away all the
unsecured plasma rounds we could find. The code is 734. I think we all will
sleep a bit better tonight knowing it's locked up.


From: Mathew Morton
Subject: More on Swensen
Date: 10-25-2145

I'm still shaken from that incident with Swensen. When I close my eyes I
still see that look on his face in the instant between the impact of the
plasma, and when his head turned to blue vapour. I don't think I'll ever
be able to sleep again.

I never liked him, I don't know who was crazy enough to give him a
plasma gun, but one should go that way. The worst of it is I've seen a
lot of folks who seem more on edge than Swensen was. Something needs
to be done.

We should lock up the ammo in one of the storage lockers for starters.
You pick the code. Make sure you file a report too.


From: Eric Grossman
Subject: Lets help this poor girl!
Date: 11-15-2145

guys..... this isn't a chain letter, but a choice for all of us to save a
little girl that's going to die of a serious fatal form of cancer. Please send
this to everyone you know...or don't know at that. This little girl has 6
months left to live her life, and as her last wish, she wanted to send a
chain letter telling everyone to live their life to fullest, since she never
will. She'll never make it to prom, graduate school, or get married and
have a family of her own. By you sending this to as many people as
possible, you can giver her and her family a little hope, because with
every name that this is sent to, the UAC will donate 3 credits per name to
her treatment and recovery plan. One guy sent this to 500 people!!!! So,
I know that we can send it to at least 5 or 6. Come on you guys.... and if
you're too selfish to waste 10-15 minutes and scrolling this and
forwarding it to EVERYONE, just think it could be you one day....and it's
not even your credits, just your time. Please help this little girl out guys,
I know you can do it!! I love you guys!

- 3-29. James Holiday                                                         -

Name: James A. Holiday
I.D. Number: 7085-64
Post: Communications Transfer
Title: Transport Controller
Security Clearance: Comm Transfer Access

Audio Log

Subject: Artifact Transport Concerns
This is the audio log of Controller James Holiday, dated September 24th 2145.
The recent transport issues from Site 3 have caused the board to call a formal
enquiry. We'll study weight limits and suggest better ways to provide
protection for Site 3 artifacts. Are equipment.... dammit.... yeas does
anything work with this.... finish this later.


From: Ron Ridge
Subject: Those Damn Chainsaws!
Date: 11-13-2145

Hey James,
What are we gonna do with all those chainsaws? We've got two
shipments of excess medical equipment coming in very soon and we're
gonna need the space. I can't believe someone mis-shipped those
things. I can't think of a more useless piece of equipment then a
chainsaw on Mars!?! Anyway you gotta help me get rid of these



From: Shipping Authority
Subject: Site 1 needs
Date: 11-15-2145

The UAC has terminated all research in site 1. This includes the McNeil
Projects. Arrangements for transportation and storage of useful equipment
should be made immediately.

-Shipping Authority

- 3-30. Ron I. Ridge                                                          -

Name: Ron I. Ridge
I.D. Number: 8735-80
Post: Communications Transfer
Title: Officer
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Unsafe Driving
This is the audio log of Officer Ron Ridge, dated October 16th 2145.
Recent transport tunnel accidents are causing major headaches for both
supply and maintenance. Each accident causes an estimated 1 to 3 hour delay
in what are mostly time sensitive shipments. It's becoming evident that
certain junctions need safety adjustments, as well as re-commitment to
driving safety of all personnel. Thee Enpro-Comm centre route has shown the
biggest increase in accidents over the past six months. Safety signs and
approved lighting, are needed through the main junctions over the stretch of
tunnel and paths. Absolutely, no recreational vehicles passage should be
allowed during peak hours. All personnel should use monorail travel whenever
possible to keep cargo shipments flowing smoothly. 


From: UAC Authority
Subject: Maintenance Lift Access Restrictions
Date: 11-14-2145


We need you to enforce Maintenance Lift Access Restrictions from this
point forward. Several of these lifts can be used to gain entry into areas
that are off-limits to personnel that might only have maintenance
access. Please see to it that this is enforced.

UAC Authority


From: James Holiday
Subject: RE: Those Damn Chainsaws!
Date: 11-14-2145

I don't have any idea what to do with those things. Why don't you throw
them down the chasm near enpro like you did that other shit?


----Original Message----
Sent: 11-13-2145
To: James Holiday

Hey James,
What are we gonna do with all those chainsaws? We've got two
shipments of excess medical equipment coming in very soon and we're
gonna need the space. I can't believe someone mis-shipped those
things. I can't think of a more useless piece of equipment then a
chainsaw on Mars!?! Anyway you gotta help me get rid of these


- 3-31. Seamus Blake                                                          -

Name: Seamus J. Blake
I.D. Number: 6805-1 4
Post: Communications
Title: Technician
Security Clearance: Communications

Audio Log

Subject: Module Replacement
This is the audio log of Technician Seamus.... dated October 16th 2145.
Are relatively new remote module replacement procedures are, taking some time
for Maintenance technicians to adjust too. In the long run it is a much safer,
quicker and easier method. Once a technician received a coley. It simply
locates the problem module and gives a replacement command through the remote
terminal, located in the main Comm block. This will initiate the replacement
procedure as well as create a repair report. Which notifies the repair team of
an incoming module. Some minor repairs can be done on site with normal
equipment. I am hoping the new system will need less and less use. Once the
source of the recent power fluctuations is located and solved. System is built
to handle most other things with it's automated recovery systems.


From: Crater Music
Subject: Your receipt # 9318691220
Date: 10-10-2145

Order Number: M8909848
Receipt Date: 10/10/2145
Order Total: $269.83
Billed To: Universal Credit

Crater Classic Music thanks you for your order

Those who purchased your selection (Champagne Tomiko by The ZSecs)
also purchsed:
The Head On My Tongue - Hellish Dragons
20th Century Classics - Various Artists

Please retain for your records

The entire Crater team thanks you


From: Karl Roper
Subject: Question??
Date: 10-11-2145

Hey Seamus...

What the hell is up with the Sentry Bots that are stationed in
Engineering. I thought you told me this was a better place to work than
Admin. Why do you get to hang around the Main Communications room
while I'm stuck down here?


- 3-32. Ben Wolfe                                                             -

Name: Ben B. Wolfe
I.D. Number: 9866-53
Post: Communications
Title: Officer
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Unauthorized Bandwidth Usage
This is thee audio log of Officer Ben Wolfe, dated October 7th 2145. Recent
eh... unauthorized transmissions, have been uncovered in thee off site
redundant logs. These logs are usually validated, but eh... unscheduled audit
has shown significant activity. More investigating will be done to get bottom
of this matter. Particularly interesting, are transmissions blocks D4560 and
eh... DE3288 which have no links to base systems. More to follow.


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Subject: Join Now and Save 20%
Date: 11-08-2145

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If you feel this is for you, please respond immediately.

Martian Buddy - Where you save!!


From: Security Authority
Subject: RE: Request Security Access
Date: 11-12-2145

Your request for Communications Security Access is granted. Officers
are now allowed to access to Level 2 Security areas. Communication
Cabinet Code is 246.

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-11-2145
To: Security Authority

I hereby formally request access areas in the Communications
Facility. As an officer I feel this is necessary.

Ben Wolfe

- 3-33. Rob Finch                                                             -

Name: Robert J. Finch
I.D. Number: 9848-52
Post: Communications
Title: Maintenance Coordinator
Security Clearance: Communications


From: Brent Davis
Subject: Quiz Night
Date: 11-14-2145


Don't forget that Trivia Quiz Night is this Wednesday. Do yourself a favour
and brush up on the Shakespeare, mate. If we lose to those twits in
administration again, we'll never hear the end of it.



From: Steven Finch
Subject: On your way home!!
Date: 11-15-2145

Hey Bro,
Mom told me you were heading home in a week or so... I bet you can't
wait for that, can ya?

I've been pretty busy down here... Little Annie is almost 9 now. Can you
believe that? Dianne and I are thinking about another one soon, we're
gonna have to move into a double-wide orbiter :)

Anyway, I won't keep ya... see ya soon

- 3-34. Nick Sadowayj                                                         -

Name: Nick Sadowayj
I.D. Number: 4223-18
Post: Recycling Sector 1
Title: HAZMAT Specialist
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: HAZMAT Response
This is the audio log of Nicholas Sadowayj, member of UAC Mars HAZMAT response
team, dated October 1st 2145. We have concluded that the Martian atmosphere
is reeking havoc on thee exhaust valve seals in thee standard number 5
disposal drafts. Engineers cannot explain the high levels of contaminants in
are internal atmosphere. Thee air scrubbers and filtration systems all seem to
be operating at normal levels. Yet a small layer of particulate is making into
the storage areas. That is what caused the lock down yesterday. EAP Director
Charles Holice informs me that thee personnel won't be harmed by contaminants
in thee air. But we've seen that they do cause a corrosive reaction, when
introduced to the rubber compounds used in the storage systems. Effective
immediately, all number 5 disposal drums must be locked away in at least a
class 2 rated transport medium. Assessment ends. 


From: Henry Varela
Subject: Pump Malfunction
Date: 11-02-2145


I've redirected control for the main pump to the flow service terminal
located on the maintenance platform above this area. If the main pump
should crack or malfunction and cause a spill the only way to shut it
down would be from there. Entry into the pump room would just be too
dangerous. If you have any questions please see me.

Thank You,


From: Scott Johnson
Subject: Locked Armaments
Date: 11-10-2145

Mr. Sadowayj,

I fear that rumours I've been hearing might actually be true. the other
day someone from my team was cleaning up a toxic spill in Delta and
they said they actually saw some sort of creature down there, he didn't
know what it was but it really scared him and got us thinking.
We can't be too careful; I've locked some ammunition and combat armor
in the cabinet by the monorail airlock door here in Sector 2. If you ever
need to get it the code is: 483


- 3-35. Anthony Garza                                                         -

Name: Anthony R. Garza
I.D. Number: 4222-18
Post: Recycling Sector 1
Title: HAZMAT Specialist
Security Clearance: General Access


From: Michael Abrams
Subject: New Rocket Launcher
Date: 10-30-2145

I'm sending you one of the new rocket launchers that we've received from
the marines. Please take some of the surplus toxic barrels lying around
outside and blow them up. Be careful not to hurt yourself - the area
damage is much larger than previous rocket launcher models.

Thank You,
Michael Abrams


From: Michael Abrams
Subject: RE: New Rocket Launcher
Date: 11-04-2145

I put a request for more rocket ammo, I didn't realize how many
barrels we needed destroyed.

----Originial Message----
Sent: 10-31-2145
To: Michael Abrams

Mr. Abrams,
Thank you for the rocket launcher but I will need more than the
pre-installed five rockets for it. We have quite a few barrels here that
need to be destroyed. I've placed it on my weapons rack for now and will
begin destroying the barrels once I have more ammo.

Thank You,


From: martianbuddy.com
Subject: Sleep Away!!
Date: 11-06-2145

Dear valued Customer,

Are you tired at work often?
Do you feel like you have less energy?
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- 3-36. Jeffery Moen                                                          -

Name: Jeffery R. Moen
I.D. Number: 8492-13
Post: Recycling Sector 2
Title: Pump Specialist
Security Clearance: General Access


From: Henry Varela
Subject: Pump Malfunction
Date: 11-04-2145

The main waste processing unit here in Sector 1 is running at a higher
pressure level than it was rater for. I'm very concerned about the
stability of the whole system. One fault or stress fracture in any of the
lines could cause doom for the whole mechanism. This processing system
here was never designed to process that much waste but they keep
shipping it to us.
We urgently need a new pump here before this one fails.

Thank You,


From: Gregg Brandenburg
Subject: Toxic Waste Storage
Date: 11-09-2145

Mr. Moen,

It is very important that you remember to store toxic waste barrels in
their proper location. Having volatile substances so close to where
people work is very dangerous, especially around doorways and narrow
passages. If one of those barrels exploded it could cause a lot of
damage and someone might be seriously hurt, or worse - killed! Please
address this problem immediately!


- 3-37. Scott Johnson                                                         -

Name: Scott P. Johnson
I.D. Number: 4421 1 -12
Post: Recycling Sector 2
Title: Plant Manager
Security Clearance: General Access


From: Nicholas Sadowayj
Subject: RE: Locked Armaments
Date: 11-11-2145

That is an excellent idea, we can't be too careful around here...

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-10-2145
To: Nicolas Sadowayj

Mr. Sadowayj,

I fear that rumours I've been hearing might actually be true. the other
day someone from my team was cleaning up a toxic spill in Delta and
they said they actually saw some sort of creature down there, he didn't
know what it was but it really scared him and got us thinking.
We can't be too careful; I've locked some ammunition and combat armor
in the cabinet by the monorail airlock door here in Sector 2. If you ever
need to get it the code is: 483


- 3-38. Sam Harding                                                           -

Name: Samuel J. Harding
I.D. Number: 61 07-37
Post: Monorail
Title: Engineer
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Magnetic Lock Repairs
This is the audio log of Engineer Sam Harding, dated April 5th 2145. I have
just completed repairs on the magnetic locks and I have significantly
reprogrammed the pressure sensors on the Monorail systems. My fellow Engineers
and I are confident that thee accident of last week will never happen again.
The accident should have never happened in the first place. Thee internal
sensors led the computer to believe that there was a vacuum inside the vehicle.
Unfortunately the computer decided that the only way to fix it this pressure
discrepancy. Was to open all doors in an attempt to equalize pressure with the
outside. I am going over 15,000 lines of code today. I can see no reason for
this tragic event to of cured. Somehow the logs show the discrepancies as
clear as day. Honestly this looks to me like another case of solid system,
gone to hell in a hand basket. I'm confident that the layers of protection I
added to the code today. Will prevent any such occurrences happening again.
I'm off to meet Engineer Jim Torban at the access doors to the Delta Complex
platform. To try to troubleshoot a faulty track sensor that’s been causing
the door to stick.


From: James Torbin
Subject: Door Repair
Date: 10-23-2145

I completed the repairs on door A32 today it should open more smoothly.

On a separate note, did you see those artifacts that the science team
recently shipped into the Delta Complex? I don't know what they were
but I certainly don't like them being transported outside of the cargo
crates, it just creeps me out seeing them, knowing that we are working
above some sort of alien ruins. Just the thought of what might be lurking
in those caves gives me shivers.
I don't know, maybe I'm just over-reacting....



From: Karl Cullen
Subject: Turret Gun Mounting Brackets
Date: 11-05-2145


I need you to check the mounting brackets on the turret gun here in
security, they seem to be rattling when the turret moves.



Thank you for repairing that so quickly.

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-04-2145
To: Karl Cullen

I fixed the mounting brackets this morning; it was those dam Mixom
bolts again. I really wish the UAC would find a better sub-contractor.


- 3-39. Gary Ross                                                             -

Name: Gary Ross
I.D. Number: 321 7-4A
Post: Site 2
Title: Lead Engineer
Security Clearance: Monorail Security


From: Delta Security
Subject: ADS operational
Date: 10-23-2145

Mr. Ross,

This is a quick note to remind you that the new Automated Defence
System, at the Delta Labs entrance, is fully operational. Please contact
Delta Security with any questions.

Thank You,
Delta Security


From: Central Security
Subject: RE: Airlock Request
Date: 11-04-2145

As you requested, the junction 5, site 2 Airlock code has been updated to
826, this will allow you manually override automated rail sensor systems
allowing you to open any of the track doors.

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-03-2145
To: Central Security
From: Gary Ross
Subject: Airlock Request

The Site 2 engineering team will be conducting a few tests on the J5
airlock system next week. We will need to manually override the ARSS
for these tests, and request the input code be updated to 826, to conduct
the tests.

Thank You,

- 3-40. Charles Hollies                                                       -

Name: Charles L. Hollies
I.D. Number: 5437-98
Post: Monorail
Title: EAP Director General
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: EAP Policy Modification :: Site 2
This is the audio log of Charles Hollies, EMP director, dated September 5,
2145. In order to conserve current life support resources, effective October
1st, 2145. The council has made the decision that all environment processors
be brought offline in thee general area of Site 2. Tomorrow I will be sending
out emails to all team leaders asking for an update on there asset relocation
program to Site 3. We feel that we have unearthed enough useful material as it
pertains to the project from Site 2 and choice to now divert resources in thee
exploration of Site 3. End log recording. 


From: Yon Brady
Subject: Site 2 Closure
Date: 10-11-2145

Mr. Hollies,

I would like to report that the main passage to Site 2 has been
sealed. I will transfer the door codes to the archaeological division today.
For all practical purposes that dig site is now closed for good.

Thank You,
Yon Brady


From: Yon Brady
Subject: Remaining Ammunition
Date: 10-12-2145

Mr. Hollies,

As you requested I've placed all remaining ammunition from the security
team stationed at Site 2 in storage cabinet 054 with door code: 142.

Thank You,
Yon Brady


From: Charlie Hollies,

We've received a few artifacts from Site 2, without proper discovery and
time-date information on them. It is very difficult processing all these
pieces when we don't know where or when they were uncovered. Please
check your records and send the requested information back me for
artifacts 34-x91, 21-x23, and 86-y12.

Phil Wilson

- 3-41. Karl Cullen                                                           -

Name: Karl P. Cullen
I.D. Number: 61 67-07
Post: Monorail
Title: Security Personnel
Security Clearance: Delta Security


From: Security Authority
Subject: New Automated Defence System
Date: 10-06-2145

Mr. Cullen,

Please inform your team that an automated security turret gun will be
installed at the main entrance to Delta. This is due to the increased
sensitive nature of the experiments and the security problems we've
recently had.
Please ensure that your team members have correct security clearance
and are in the IFF database. We don't want a repeat of the problems we
had when the guns were installed at Marine Command.

Thank You,
Central Security Authority


From: Chris Baughman
Subject: RE: Turret Shutdown Codes
Date: 10-12-2145

Thanks, I freaking hate loaded guns with an automatic IFF.

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-11-2145
To: All Security Personnel

I've encoded the shutdown sequence for the turret gun in my PDA, you
can use it at the security terminal near the metal detectors if there are
any problems with the gun.
I would rather have it off-line then killing anyone....



From: Lee Pommeroy
Subject: Extra Medical Supplies
Date: 11-02-2145

As the medical supervisor in this section I feel it's my obligation to be
proactive in regards to safety especially now that we have a turret gun
in a heavy traffic area. As a precaution I've stocked medical supplies in
the storage cabinets adjacent to the security office. Both cabinet codes
are 364. I hope we never need them.

Lee Pommeroy
Medical Supervisor


From: Sam Harding
Subject: Mounting brackets fixed
Date: 11-04-2145

I fixed the mounting brackets this morning; it was those damn Mixom bolts
again. I really wish the UAC would find a better sub-contractor.



From: Mathew Gaiser
Subject: Additional Security Needed
Date: 11-09-2145

Mr. Cullen,

We are going to be transporting a large specimen from Delta. Normally
we would not be using the Monorail, but we need to get it to Phobos Lab
and this is our only option.
The specimen will be sedated, however given both the importance and
the hazardous nature of it, we feel it is prudent to have an enhanced
security presence. You and your men should be prepared with full
armor and plasma guns. However, lethal force should be only used as a
last resort. Bringing this thing alive through the teleporter costs seven
men their lives and it would be a shame to waste that effort.
Also, as you know there are plenty of rumours about our specimens. I do
not want this to get out of control. Information about this transport must
be kept to only those that need to know what is in the container.
Thank you for your cooperation in this.

- 3-42. Robert Price                                                          -

Name: Robert M. Price
I.D. Number: 5438-71
Post: Delta Labs. Level 1
Title: Operational Director
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Engineer Placement
This is the audio log of Robert Price, Delta Operational Director in charge of
personnel, recruitment, evaluation and placement. The assigning of engineers
to the lower Delta Labs has been almost impossible. In six months we've gone
from a volunteer surplus, to a critical deficiency of qualified personnel,
willing to accept assignment. Increasing in both pay and benefits, have done
little to help this situation. Through exit interviews as well as weekly Delta
Medical brief. It's become apparent to everyone... that the rate of sudden and
unexplained mental illness is way beyond acceptable levels. Even for Mars.
There derogatorily being called, sub Delts up here and I have a feeling this
attitude will spread to other parts of the UAC. End of log.


Subject: Disciplinary Action Report
This is the audio log of Robert Price, Delta Operational Director in charge of
personnel, recruitment, evaluation and placement. Disciplinary Action Report
40C-8. Responding to Mars City Administration request. Delta Labs 1 is
currently addressing a problem concerning theft of security equipment. Four
members of the security detail assigned to the Delta Labs have been reprimanded
 with three others under investigation. It seems caches of weapons, armor and
ammo have been discovered in various throughout the Delta Labs. We've located
some of the missing equipment and have information that we hope lead us to
more. I have a team investigating storage room 21D with security code 298 .
Where I have learned stolen items may be located. I hope to recover all items
and find all personnel responsible. End of log.


From: Price@kpjNET
Subject: Did toy get it?!!
Date: 11-13-2145

Hey Rob... it's me again :) why haven't you written me back yet? I sent
all your old books and shit to you via the UAC... Did you get them? It
sure is nice to get all that crap out of the living area. Donated a lot of
other stuff to some charity place too. In six months when you come back
you'll see the difference.

Anyways, PLEASE!! write back soon... I'm lonely down here.

See Ya,


From: Ryan S.
Subject: RE: You guys experiencing this?
Date: 11-14-2145


I know exactly what you're talkign about, although not nearly as
frequently as what you're describing. I'll follow up with you on this after
I do a little investigating but it certainly is weird.


----Original Message----
Sent: 11-13-2145
To: Ryan S.

Hi Ryan,
Are you guys getting strange sounds coming through the walls and floors?
we've been getting this all over the place the last couple of days. I
think it's worse in the lower levels of Delta but we can't pinpoint what
the origin is.

Anyways, I'm just checking in with others around the UAC.


- 3-43. Brian Mora                                                            -

Name: Brian Karr Mora
I.D. Number: 9966-22
Post: Delta Labs. Level 1
Title: Delta Reactor Engineer


From: Delta Authority
Subject: Reactor Safety
Date: 11-14-2145

Mr. Mora,
Your complaint has been filed with Central Authority, they will be
handling your case from this point forward.

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-9-2145
To: Delta Authority
As the engineer responsible for the Reactor Upper Level Maintenance, I
feel it necessary to bring the current safety issues toy our attention. If
we are going to be required to take readings from the upper level while
the reactor is online then there will be eventually accidents. I
recommend remote sensors be used for these readings and that the
upper level be closed while the Reactor is online.

Brian Mora


From: martianbuddy.com
Date: 11-12-2145


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Thanks from Martian Buddy

- 3-44. Peter Raleigh                                                         -

Name: Peter N. Raleigh
I.D. Number: 2334-55
Post: Delta Labs. Level 2
Title: Medical Supervisor
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Observation of Science Personnel
This is the audio log of Medical Supervisor Peter Releigh, dated October 9th
2145. We have exhausted all known forms of drug treatment. In hopes of finding
a way to abate this strange outbreak of dementia. I have yet to receive any
additional data from the psychiatrists back on Earth. Options are quickly
dwindling. Approximately 80% percent of all extra planar participants,
exhibit signs of mild neuroses within the first 48 hours after returning from
there expeditions. Within 72 hours, 75% of patients exhibit extreme signs of
paranoid delusion and violence. We have isolated these cases in hopes of
finding  the pathogen. As yet we can find no biological contaminants that
would lead to such drastic changes in cognitive processing. It seems that
whatever this pathogen is, it attacks higher brain functions and only leaves
more basil functions in the lower brain stem. We've witnessed that a high
percentage of subjects, loose ability for rational thought and communication
skills and then the physical changes become evident. Subjects in this group
appear to atrophy, skin pales, muscle  become slack, bone, teeth and finger
nail become almost translucent. Veiny sinews of there former selves. I have
never seen anything like this in my career. Our observations continue.


Subject: Death of Steve Jenson
This is the audio log of Medical Supervisor Peter Releigh, dated November 1th
2145. Patient 0432, a Private Steve Jenson of the UAC dark light armor core
division expired today at 15:43 of a self inflicted gunshot wound. This is
approximately 110 hours after his return from expeditionary missions. Private
Jenson was suffering from paranoid delusion and full blown dementia. Treatment
was unsuccessful. He was the last surviving member of his outfit. Four other
squad mates, who also came back with Private Jenson expired from injuries
suffered on that last mission shortly after there return. Before his death
Private Jenson was heard screaming in both English and other languages.
Something about, demon hordes feasting on are souls. The other language was
later discovered to be Aramaic.  Due to security concerns in the area. I have
secured some... armaments within my office.


From: Ben Peterson
Subject: Anti psychotics shipment in today
Date: 11-09-2145

Dr Raleigh,

Just a reminder to let you know your order of anti psychotics have
arrived from pharmaceuticals. There are quite a few large boxes here,
and we are a bit short-handed at the moment. If you could have
someone from your department come and retrieve these packages it
would be much appreciated.

Ben Peterson
UAC Supply Coordinator


From: Phil Wilson
Subject: Overburdened
Date: 11-12-2145

Dr Raleigh

We are filling up the available infirmary beds faster then we can get
patients released. I don't see myself releasing any at all actually. I am
gravely concerned about where we expect to put more men if the current
trend in testing isn't relaxed before we can determine the cause of this

Medical Technician Phil Wilson

- 3-45. Phil Wilson                                                           -

Name: Phil W. Wilson
I.D. Number: 51 51 -27
Post: Delta Labs. Level 2
Title: Medical Technician
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Volunteers
Audio log for Phil Wilson Medical Technician Delta Labs, October 20th 2145.
Today I witnessed the third test of the teleporter in the three weeks I've
been here. Volunteers are becoming harder and harder to come by and it isn't
difficult to see why. They all come back screaming like loons about... demons,
pools of blood. Real fire and brimstone stuff. At first I wasn’t paying much
attention. Just doing my job, but the last was Robert Clayton now, I met him
the first day here. This guy chews up rocks and spits out gravel. His as tough
as they come. Having to sedate him and drag his drooling body to the isolation
rooms, really freaked me out. I'm gonna put in for a transfer as soon as I'm


From: Dr. Peter Raleigh
Subject: Patient work load
Date: 10-24-2145


I am going to need you to help me next week with my work. I've got so
many files and reports to enter into the computer that I don't have time
to actually see my patients.
I will box up some of my paper work and send it over to you, if you
could enter the reports into the computer that would surely help me.

Thank You,
Dr. Peter Raleigh

- 3-46. Frank Cinders                                                         -

Name: Frank A. Cinders
I.D. Number: 9602-84
Post: Delta Labs. Level 2
Title: Private First Class
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Status Report
As requested, the following is my feedback on my first trip through the portal.
Private First Class Frank Cinders dated October 15th 2145. I a... hmm... I
don't know exactly where to begin. Obviously I survived the first trip and
feel no worse for the wear. I I not feeling any of the symptoms reported by
thee other who have gone in before me but, I'm at a point were... I am still
trying to process everything. Thankfully the place looks deserted and devoid
of any life. But eh, the flames an... heat, stench of the place. It smells of
death, decay and... burnt flesh. Tomorrow were going back in with some of the
egg heads... eh Science Division, to start securing forward positions and we
expect to start sending out the mapping droids at the same time.  Feeling that
I must admit eh, on a personal note eh I I got a really bad feeling about
this. I don't understand what we are doing there or what we hope to prove.
PFC Cinders signing off. 


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Subject: Baklava bake oven on sale now!
Date: 10-28-2145

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From: Guy Harollson
Subejct: your lunch
Date: 11-15-2145

Hey Frank,

You left your lunch on my desk, again. I put it in the storage cabinet,
number 112. The combination is 5-3-8. Try to remember to pick it up,
last time you forgot it was in there for a week, and that stuff stunk to high
heaven. What the hell you got in there? ;)


- 3-47. Francis Erikson                                                       -

Name: Francis R. Erikson
I.D. Number: 71 25-64
Post: Delta Labs. Level 2
Title: Maintenance Supervisor
Security Clearance: Central Access


A few extra supplies for the Central Security Team will be sent to your
area. Please store them in Locker 103, and change the code to 259.

Thank You,
Thomas Sandersen
Delta Security, Clerk


From: Corbin Hues
Subject: Martian Buddy Cabinet
Date: 10-30-2145


Shipping recieved one of those dumb Martian Buddy storage cabinets
again but no one here cann figure out how to open it. Can you go on-line
and see it you can find the code? I'll have the guys put it in one of the
storage rooms upstairs for you.

Thanks for the help

- 3-48. Larry Bullman                                                         -

Name: Larry A. Bullman
I.D. Number: 51 45-84
Post: Delta Labs. Level 2
Title: Research Director
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Soul Cube as a Weapon
Ah this is the audio log of Research Director  Larry Bullman, October 19th 
2145. I've been examining the glyphs on the cube shaped artifact. Which some
are calling thee 'Soul Cube' and combined with previous research data it is my
conclusion that thee device is some sort of weapon. If the power fluctuations
would stop long enough for me to get the linguistic CPU on-line then I am sure,
my theory would be verified.  You know I'll take this opportunity to lodge
another complaint about the continual power problems. Living on this God
forsaken base if bad enough, without having to watch the lights flicker
constantly it's just... well never mind, back to the task at hand. What I have
deciphered so far has been a bit disturbing. It seems when one has possession 
of thee artifact if one inflicts damage or possible kill another being, it
extracts power from that event somehow. Once a certain threshold has been
reached thee artifact has thee ability to kill anything you attack with it.
How you attack with it, frankly I am not certain. Indicating the artifact is,
autonomous in some way. To date I have only deciphered about hmm... 2/3rd give
or take of the markings, but my initial glance at the rest of them indicates
some harbours some far greater power. As you know at this time we haven’t seen
any reaction from the Cube and it has withstood any scanning, abrasion or other
tests beyond picking it up and examining it. I suspect, just like the
civilization that constructed it. It's capabilities are diminished to the
point of being useful, only as a paperweight. End of log.


From: Malcolm Betruger
Subject: RE: Soul Cube as a Weapon
Date: 10-20-2145

Dr. Bullman,
I received your report and I find it rather perplexing. Given how little
we know about this object I cannot imagine how you've come to such a
bizarre conclusion, let alone any conclusion at all. Send me all your
notes for immediate review.

In the meantime, for your own sake, do nor share these findings with
anyone else. I would hate people to think one of my highly regarded
scientists is prone to flights of fantasy.


From: martianbuddy.com
Subject: You mau be a winner!
Date: 10-22-2145

Dr. Bullman,
I hope you will find this e-mail. I have hidden my true name and address
by disguising this email. he may be reading your messages.

Your boss (I will not mention his name) is far more dangerous than you
can imagine. I believe he is using you and corrupting your work.

I believe your findings are correct and he knows it. He wants to hide the
findings from the UAC and use the object for himself. I don't know why
yet, but I will find out.

Do what you can to stall him. Do not let him take possession of the


From: HR Coordinator
Subject: Volunteer today
Date: 11-01-2145

The UAC Mars Facility is looking for volunteers. We would like to
encourage people from your team to help in the following areas:

Safety committee: Work with teams to update and inform UAC staff on the
importance of safety on Mars. Check placement of Health Packs around
facilities. Plan events for safety awareness month. Commitment here
will earn volunteers 5 extra credits per month.

Research Assistants: Delta Labs is looking for individuals to help with
our exciting break-through work. Projects vary, see research coordinator
for more information. Health test and liability waiver will be required.
Commitment here will earn volunteers 25 extra credits per month.

for more information about any of these opportunities or to post an
opening in your department, please see Sierra Olson, Volunteer
Coordinator, in UAC HR.


From: Ian McCormick
Subject: It is a weapon!
Date: 11-14-2145

You were correct, the Soul Cube is a weapon. I've translated the glyphs
and now I understand how it works!

The Soul Cube must be charged before it can be used. The souls within
it must sense at least five deaths before the spiritually potentiality matrix
reaches positronic astriction. Based on our interpretation of the glyphs,
the Cube has a way of acknowledging its readiness for action, but it's
unclear how this happens. More importantly, we still don't know what
will happen when it's released.

This has gone way beyond the purview of Mars station or even the UAC.
We can't trust Betruger, he's gone mad! I'm preparing a report to send to
the highest authorities on Earth.

Good luck and God help us.

- 3-49. Jacob Stemmons                                                        -

Name: Jacob L. Stemmons
I.D. Number: 7545-99
Post: Spec. Analysis. Level 2
Title: Analysis Supervisor
Security Clearance: General Access


From: Thomas Franks
Subejct: Storage Locker Update
Date: 11-13-2145

We have recently changed the code on the storage locker near the stasis
transfer control to: 3 7 1. Please be sure to annotate this on the Security
Report for the local security detail.

Thank You,
Thomas Franks
Delta Security, Clerk


Mr Stemmons,
We are aware of the power problems in your area. Presently, we are
dealing with several power issues throughout the entire Delta complex.
It would be a great help if you would check some of the circuit breaker
boxes in Maint-04 to determine if it is simply a breaker issue. Please file
a report with the help desk and we will be out to your department as
soon as possible.

Thank You,
Maintenance Division

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-13-2145
The damn power has been fluctionating all week in the Specimen Transfer
Area. These conditions make it extremely frustrating to work! Can you
please send someone down here to check on the situation.

Thank You,
Jacob Stemmons

- 3-50. Elizabeth McNeil                                                      -

Name: Elizabeth A. NcNeil
I.D. Number: 51 45-84
Post: Delta Labs. Level 2
Title: Research Director
Security Clearance: General Access


From: Elliot Swann
Subejct: Investigation Report
Date: 10-02-2145

Ms. McNeil

I have received your formal request for an enquiry into the activities on
Mars. As requested by the Board, I will be departing soon to investigate
your claims. Your charges against Dr. Malcolm Betruger are being taken
very seriously. As you may already know, the UAC, as a matter of
policy, will not acknowledge or comment on questions or statements
advanced by the press based on rumor or hearsay. I have been asked to
explain that you are not to discuss this situation with anyone outside of
our legal department.

Thank You,
Elliot Swann
UAC Executive Counsel


From: Michael Abrams
Subject: Storage room code changes
Date: 10-08-2145

All Delta Level 2 Personnel,

In an effort to minimize supply requirement errors, I'm having all the
access codes to secure storage areas changed. We must continue to
keep tight records for all inventory kept in storage. Please update your
records with the new code for storage area 07, to: 7 2 5.

Thank You,
Mike Abrams


From: Michael Abrams
Subject: Level 3 Access Code Change
Date: 10-15-2145

All Delta Level 2 Personnel,

Level 3 access codes have been changed due to the six month rotation.
The new code is 463

Thank You,
Mike Abrams
Delta Security, Chief

- 3-51. Frank Cerano                                                          -

Name: Frank Z. Cerano. PH.D
I.D. Number: Delta Labs. Level 3
Title: Doctor
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Personal Audio Log
This is thee personal audio log of Dr Frank Cerano, dated September 19th 2145.
I've been brainstorming on Betruger's thoughts about achieving sustained
uninterrupted transfers for the teleportation units. Currently are systems can
only build enough of a charge to have the portals open for approximately 10
to 15 seconds. It's enough time to get a team through but not enough time to
send in some of the heavier equipment. Engineering in the Enpro Facility
informed me that we can theoretically boost the active  portal time to 45
seconds quite easily. But, this would require rerouting power from Central
Processing and... we just can't afford the downtime. Power requirements for
the system are astronomical. We're sucking power from three veins in Enpro
just to power Chamber 1. I have no idea how we can sustain transfers for longer
then 60 seconds, without giving serious thoughts to reorganizing the teleport 
power grid . I'll sleep on this. This is Dr Frank Cerano signing off.


From: Delta Control
Subject: Immediate medical attention
Date: 10-23-2145

Dr. Cerano,

Recently, Delta science team members have reported serious cases of
irrational behaviour and insomnia. They believe these issues are directly
linked to the recent teleportation experiments. Please report to Delta
Level 3, ASAP, and assist with medical needs.

Thank You,


From: Delta Control
Subject: Assistance Request
Date: 11-02-2145

Dr Cerano,

We currently cannot process your request for additional medical
personnel in Delta level 3. As you are aware, the medical staff has
experience serious HR shortages within the past two weeks and cannot
take on the additional workload. There are surplus medical kits located
in storage room D3-1, across from the lower terminal offices. The code to
storage cabinet #317 is 841.

Delta Control

- 3-52. Han Lee                                                               -

Name: Han M. Lee
I.D. Number: 1 567-77
Post: Delta Labs. Level 3
Title: Administrative Assistant
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Expedition Team Report
This is the audio log of Administrative Assistant Han Lee, dated October 16th
2145.  Why is it that I keep getting the crummy jobs?  Armored Core First
Platoon, first science team were completely wiped out this morning, on there
second excursion and I am the one charged with writing the report and sending
this information back to Earth next of kin. Huh, so here I am... first cup of
coffee for the day. Five hours of sleep the night before. No shower and I have
20 dead bodies to fill out paper work on. I haven't seen the actual corpses,
but word coming down the grape vine says that, looks like they have hacked up
pretty good. This has everyone on the base spooked. Betruger is no where to be
found and there are a lot of questions being asked with no answers from anyone.
 Last I heard, they were suiting up the next outfit with the new BFGs. Sounds
like they are not taking any chances on this next trip with them packing that
kind of firepower. 


Subject: Missing BFG Guns
This is the audio log of Administrative Assistant Han Lee, dated October
20th 2145.  Just when I thought this job couldn't get much worse, it did.
Delta Science sent another group of researchers through the portal two days ago
 and they failed to return at the scheduled time. Radio transmissions to the
research party have gone on unanswered. Even are LZ tracking systems can't
find them. We fear, they are dead. Losing lives is one thing, but losing
proprietary technologies is another. The team was equipped with the newest
BFG weaponry. We fear those guns may have fallen in the hands of those that
killed them. We don't know who or what is behind that portal. But until we find
out where are guns are. I'm suggesting we suspend operations through the
portal. Thank you, end of of log.


From: Delta Security
Subject: Security Team info
Date: 10-23-2145


Due to the incident last week, the Delta Security team will be storing
additonal supplies in cabinets 386 and 387 near the first teleport
chamber. We will update the access codes to 836 as soon as the
equipment arrives.

Thank You,
Thomas Palena
Delta Security Clerk

- 3-53. Marten Shultz                                                         -

Name: Marten R. Shultz. PH. D
I.D. Number: 9431 -52
Post: Delta Labs. Level 3
Title: Doctor
Security Clearance: Level 3 Control Station

Audio Log

Subject: Personal Audio Log
This is the audio log of Doctor Marten Shultz, dated August 7th 2145. We need
to amend the operating procedures to ensure that all target teleport markers
are properly set and locked, before engaging the systems. We had a tragic
accident today in Chamber 1 led to the death of Susan. One of are female
chimps. She stepped onto the platform during the calibration phase and a
electrical short gave the system and literally split her in two. Her torso
appeared at the destination marker while her lower extremities remained in
place at the source pad. Not sure how we've gone this long without this problem
appearing sooner, but it seems  we've been having nothing but difficulties
getting these systems to work. I don't know where Betruger finds thee energy.
His been busy slaving away at the Labs 16 hours a day trying to debug this
latest problems. Whats he trying to do? Make the rest of his working staff
look bad? Huh, regardless we have are work cut out for us over the next couple
of days going over all the system logs to see exactly what went wrong with this
round of tests.  Doctor Marten Shultz signing off, hoping to report better
news next time.


From: Frank Cerano
Subject: Teleportation Transfers
Date: 11-10-2145

Our systems can only build enough of a charge to have the portals open
for approximately 10 to 15 secounds. Enough time to get a team through,
but not enough time to send in some of the heavier equipment. Do you
have any idea how we can route supplemental power from the stabilizers
into the converters? I think if we can increase the hold field by 13% we
could achieve full transfer power and open the field for a longer amount
of time.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Frank Cerano

- 3-54. Jack Gilbert                                                          -

Name: Jack Gilbert
I.D. Number: 561 9-89
Post: Delta Main Portal
Title: Security Specialist
Security Clearance: General Access


From: Paul Downing
Subject: Ammunition Cabinet
Date: 11-05-2145


Just a little reminder, they changed the security clearances again today.
The new code for locker 104 is 5-7-9, though I doubt you will need to use


- 3-55. Simon Garlick                                                         -

Name: Simon R. Garlick
I.D. Number: 8623-68
Post: Delta Labs. Sector 3
Title: Research Specialist
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Separated from Team
This is the audio log of Research Special Simon Garlick, dated August 8th 2145.
It seems I have misplaced the rest of the science team. I don't know how it
happened. This place... I don't know what this place has done with them. One
moment there I am taking samples and next thing I know, I I turn around and
everyone is gone. There one second, turn around, and there gone. I can't raise
anyone on the Comm links and the only signs of the team are tools and other
personal affects that seem to be left behind. Almost as if they had stopped
working mid through one of thee experiments. This place does funny things to
your eyes and your perception of time. Hopefully I just run to the next Sector
and there waiting for me to catch up. I am going off to find them now. This is
Simon Garlick, signing off.


Subejct: Still Separated from Team
This is the audio log of Research Special Simon Garlick, dated August 10th 
2145. It's been two days now since I've seen any other team members. I don't
know how I have survived the long or how I got away. They were just ah... torn
apart... um... uh... They can only be described... as Demons. I have never seen
such a big thing move so quickly. Hold your guard, what has happened to us?
The teeth, its the last thing I remember seeing. Teeth, the sounds. Words
cannot describe. I'm sure its just a matter of time before they find me again.
I am convinced they are toying with me. Allowing me to stay two steps ahead of
them. I.. I can see them in the shadows sometimes.  Why are they toying? I am
not sure how much long I I I can... I'm shooting at shadow here. Every moment
I feel them creeping closer toward me. Oh God. Oh God we should have...


From: Heather Elaine
Subject: Expedition Expectations
Date: 08-06-2145

as you know, you have been assigned to Expedition 14A-2. There are
several goals we hope your team will be able to meet while on
expedition. Since you are familiar with discovered tablets, we would
liek you to find cooperative evidence on the other side of the Main Portal
-similar writings of any kind should be photographed and collected.

Primarily, we are looking to capture several more bio-specimens.
Having already collected many of the smaller 'Imp' creatures, we would
like to bring back one of the larger ones, described by others as a
'Hell-Knight'. Previous expeditions have reported seeing them at the
Main Portal destination, where you will be arriving. You will have
several weapons with you, but we ask that you attempt to use non-lethal
force, we would really like to have a live specimen if possible.

Finally, travelling through the portal has caused varied reactions. For
our records we would like you to keep an audio log of everything you
experience for us to later analyze.

I hope you have a safe trip.


From: Earl Besch
Subject: Dimensional Uniqueness
Date: 08-06-2145

In preparation for your 'jump' next week, I wanted to inform you of
another tasklist item we need to cover. Since the Main Portal has not
been operational for a few weeks, we have not had the time to follow up on
some of the physiological reports. While on the other side of the portal,
pay close attention to your stamina while working and moving around.
Many individuals have reported a lack of being tired, and some work
constantly without the need for rest. One of the teams has called it 'the
hercules complex'. Anyhow, to help us further out study, please record
any additional information related to this phenomenon.

Thank You, and good luck next week!

Earl Besch
Research Scientist

- 3-56. Elliot Swann                                                          -

Name: Elliot Swann
I.D. Number: 79992-13
Post: UAC Corporate
Title: Counselor
Security Clearance: CPU Complex

Audio Log

Subject: Heading to Communications Facility
This is the audio log of Counselor Elliot Swann, dated November 15th 2145.
This entire research facility is in chaos. There's at least a 90% death rate
amongst civilian personnel. Whatever Betruger unleashed is literally consuming
the base. People have been turned into some sort of undead creatures that are
relentless. Campbell and I are making are way to the communications facility.
We most stop all communications. If a distress call leaves the base then
everyone here and on Earth is doomed.


Subject: Heading to the Caverns
This is the audio log of Counselor Elliot Swann, dated November 16th 2145.
Campbell and I were unable to reach the main portal in the Delta Complex. But
that portal may be inconsequential to a more disturbing discovery. We have
uncovered reference to another portal Created by the demons themselves. A
passage way from Hell and Mars. We suspect it resides within the caverns,
somewhere inside the archaeological dig.  The fleet is on its way. Campbell
and I will attempt move there and somehow either shut it down or destroy it.
That that... hell hole. Must be closed before the fleet arrives.


From: UAC Board
Subject: Mars Research Post
Date: 09-23-2145

Dear Counselor Swann,

The Board has unanimously approved a resolution for a full operations
review of the Mars Research Facility. You've been designated as our
offical representative in this matter and we suggest full preparation
begin today.

We expect a complete appraisal of all research developments. Both
current and future directions must be brought inline with the Board's
expectations. We must be able to control Dr. Betruger. His
extra-dimensional research is a potential risk to the teleportation
experimentation, which we can not afford. the Board considers
teleportation the UAC's single most important scientific endeavour and is
not willing to jeopardize it's dominance in this area of research.

Anticipate a formal briefing and itinerary in the next few days.

UAC Board Chairman


From: Liz McNeil
Subject: Looking forward to your arrival
Date: 10-02-2145

Counselor Swann,

I was pleased to hear of the Board's decision to have you investigate the
current state of the UAC on Mars. I've become more and more worried
about Dr. Betruger's research direction and my hope is that this
intervention will bring much needed changes. I've also learned that I've
been reassigned by Dr. Betruger to a post back on Earth. Although this
is disappointing i do fear for my own safety and sanity if I were to stay

I hope your intervention won't be too late. I Look forward to meeting with
you back on Earth once your visit is concluded.

Elizabeth McNeil


From: Malcolm Betruger
Subject: UAC Board Review
Date: 10-03-2145

Counselor Swann,

I've been extremely patient with the Board to date, but the decision for a
full operations review is hard for me to stomach.

there si no need for you to come to Mars and there is no need for this
review. All I need is more money and more time. The research being
conducted here will change mankind in ways no one can imagine. Our
research is beginning to yield amazing results which I cannot allow to be

Don't waste your time coming here, Swann. You will only get in my way
and impede the outstanding work we're doing here.

Malcolm Betruger

- 3-57. Bruce Jackson                                                         -

Name: Bruce L. Jackson
I.D. Number: 3447-70
Post: CPU Complex
Title: Security Guard
Security Clearance: General Access


From: martianbuddy.com
Subject: Drowning in Debt?
Date: 11-04-2145

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From: Michael Abrams
Subject: Security Assignment
Date: 11-14-2145


You have been reassigned to the CPU complex effective immediately.
We've had numerous reports of computer break-ins and security
breaches there in the last few weeks.

I've placed a rocket launcher in the cabinet near the security checkpoint.
The door code is 571. I know a rocket launcher might seem excessive but
people tend to listen when you point it at them.

Be careful over there and remember to report anything odd immediately.

Michael Abrams

- 3-58. Tony Bates                                                            -

Name: Tony F. Bates
I.D. Number: 1 733-86
Post: Central Processing
Title: Mars Security. IT
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Lab A Security Door
This is the audio log for Tony Bates Mars Security IT division, September 25th
2145. I spent the last four hours going through the code for the door systems
here in Central Processing. This is proving to be a real bitch of a glitch
to work out. I've traced through every system I can think of and access to Lab
A continues to be problematic at the time being.  All the regular access codes
seem to be working fine. But the database will not allow access rights to be
granted to new visitors. In the meantime, I am adding a backdoor code in the
systems for IT staff and thee egg heads. So if they need access to Lab A while
the systems are on the grit. They can sue the code 627 to bypass door security.
End of log. 


Subject: Network Security Breach
This is the audio log for Tony Bates Mars Security IT division, October 15th
2145. I resumed my investigation into case A-10982. The systems intrusion that
took place in the CPU Complex yesterday. All network traces seem to originate
from an old system located at Site 2 office S2-O38. What is truly troubling is
that engineering informs me, electrical systems have a offline in that section
for years and were only reactivated this morning in order to prepare more
storage space . I am completely stumped on this one. How does a hack originate
from a section of the base that’s been out of commission for so long. I will
make another report once I have personally investigated the suspect office in
Site 2. End of log.


From: Brian Franko
Subject: Security Concerns
Date: 10-22-2145

Mr. Bates,

I am concerned about the lax security measures that you have
implemented in Lab A. I have received numerous reports now, about
your team-members flagrantly disregarding security procedures, and
posting the daily security codes on the data-boards.
With corporate bringing by so many investors lately, you need to stay
more vigilant in maintaining security in the lab. The last thing we need
is more people wandering around, unsupervised, with all the odd
goings-on lately.

Thank you


From: Martian Buddy
Subject: Increase your Pen1s size!
Date: 11-04-2145

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love life? Visit us at martianbuddy.com and find out how!

Your Martian Buddy!


From: Edward Sorrenson
Subject: Your Test Results
Date: 11-08-2145

I've had a chance to run the formulas you provided us. The results have
been uploaded to your mailbox.

Please pay particular note to page 12, section F, part 2. the left side of
the graph is showing unusual spikes over the last 3 weeks, which can
only be explained by unauthorized access to the EnPro power grid.

It's not possible to attain the figures you have shown, without exceeding
power limits for your areas.

This should probably be reported to Dr. Betruger at once.

- 3-59. Charlie Haskell                                                       -

Name: Charlie D. Haskell
I.D. Number: 8890-1 3
Post: Central Processing
Title: Delta Labs Technician
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Request for System Time
This is the audio log of Charlie Haskell Delta Labs Technician, dated
September 23rd 2145. Were making good progress and increasing the max range of
Chamber 3 in the Delta Complex.  We've been crunching numbers all night and
feel with a few slight modifications. We should be able to boost output to
cover all of Delta. The latest schedule changes are wreaking havoc on are
current systems and its not uncommon to see system utilization at 99% for days
at a time. We understand that lab A has finally received thee Enrex 68O9
systems. Please consider this a formal request for a block of two hours to run
are latest formulas at the soonest available time. 


From: System Admin
Subject: Mail Delivery Failure
Date: 11-13-2145

Failed to deliver to 'Rbrody@ua-corp.com'.
STTP module(domain ua-corp.com)reports:
host name is unknown

Reporting-MTA dns; ua-corp.com

Original-Recipient rtg374;<Rbrody@ua-corp.com>
Final-Recipient rtg374;<Rbrody@ua-corp.com>
Action failed
Status 5.0.0
Received from [] (account chaskell HELL
by ua-corp.com (SpaceGate Pro STTP 5.2.6)
with ESMTP id 8302948-033-4488291 for Rbrody@ua-corp.com; Thu, 13
Nov 2145 173249 -05000
Message-Id < 4839298473.8hdjlk83902@mail.ua-corp.com>
X-Sender chaskell@mail.ua-corp.com
X-Mailer MARSMAILER Xenerix Vartoxi Version 9.3
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2145 173249 -0500
To Rbrody@ua-corp.com
From Charlie Haskell <chaskell@ua-corp.com>
Subject MFC Failsafe failure
Mite-Version 3.6
Content-Type text/plain; charset=us-ascii16; format=flowed


From: John Bianga
Subject: How have you been?
Date: 11-15-2145


How have you been? I hear things are getting busy over there.
Rumors are flying that you guys are on to something big. BTW I left you
some goodies in locker 669. The combination is 468. Sorry, I had to take
back the pr0n video disk! Take care mate!


- 3-60. Steve Tooloose                                                        -

Name: Steve H. Tooloose
I.D. Number: 1 736-1 6
Post: Central Processing
Title: C.P. Controller
Security Clearance: Central Processing


From: Hentry Bielefeldt
Subject: Storage Problem on Server
Date: 11-04-2145


I've been noticing a steady degradation in filesystem performance on
server A12. Could you please head up to the third floor and look into the
problem? I'm working on matter transference problem for the guys in
Delta, and all my data is stored on that server.
If we have backups from last night, could you please restore them to
server A17 if it's not in use? I can patch into that server to continue my




Corporate needs the new BFG video I placed in your office uploaded to
the server and placed on our internal web site. Don't forget to convert it
to a. uacmov so it'll play on all terminals.

Fire me an email when it's up, I can't wait to see it.


- 3-61. Richard Davis                                                         -

Name: Richard S. Davis PH.D
I.D. Number: 51 81 -98
Post: Site 3
Title: Archaeologist
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Discovery in the Ruins
This is the scientific journal of Doctor Richard Davis, dated August 8th 2145.
We just broken through to a new chamber and I think I found the map alluded too
 on one of the tablets. Thee artifact is constructed into the ceiling and it is
 a magnificent find.  It appears to be made of some crystalline material and
even after all this time, it is still emitting a soft glow. The marking on it
were strangely familiar when I first observed it and after digitizing it and
analyzing it. I'm certain this is a map of are Solar System. It seems to show
a connection between Mars and Earth. My current working theory is last
survivors used the teleportation technology, to escape to Earth. The
ramification of this are overwhelming. This may end up proving we are actually
descendants of this race and what we are exploring, is are own history. I'm
going to report my findings as soon as we finish the excavation and they
should show up in Corporate in a few days. These are truly exciting times.
Log out.


From: Malcolm Betruger
Subject: Discovery in the Ruins
Date: 08-10-2145

Mr. Davis,

I received word of your discovery. Very impressive start, but I am not
yet convinced. Do not lose sight of the bigger picture. We still have a
lot of work to do before any of these findings will be ready for
distribution or publication. Analysis must continue on the remaining

Your audio reports in the future need to be more analytical and less
emotional. It is important that we all maintain our professionalism and
do not become biased or too attached to our work. I do not want to
remind you of this again.

Continue to forward me your findings, and I will help you manage the
reports so as not to give Corporate the wrong impression.

Malcolm Betruger


From: Lowell Foshay
Subject: Ruins safety concerns
Date: 10-16-2145

Hey Dick,

The structural integrity of the Ruins is deteriorating. Our initial rock
form and in-ground analysis prior to deep ground exploration inferred
no immediate dangers. In fact, the Ruins structure itself was determined
to be very sound.

As you already know, expansive underground digs of this nature are an
engineering nightmare. The heightened pressure to open up the primary
dig site was a dangerous oversight. Just recently, one of our engineers,
Peter, got crushed by a falling brick - yup huge stones lining the
entire wall and ceiling of the ruins!

Some of the guys are mumbling about the walls being alive or
something, but you and I know it's just the horizontal stretching of the
regional tectonic stresses. heh, stones... alive... spoooooky. I think we
all need a long vacation.

Anyway, watch your step and don't forget to look up once in a while.

Foshinator out!


From: Pierce Rogers
Subject: Ruins safety concerns
Date: 11-10-2145


I thank you for your industrious support of the work being conducted
here. I've been compiling your data along with mine and have made
some startling new discoveries. I firmly believe your work with the
tablets are the key to solving the mysterious relationship between the
Soul Cube, the Ancients, and us.

I am sending word to the Executive Council for an immediate increase of
our research budget. I have a strange feeling that we must find the
answer soon or... no, I dare not say it just yet.

I will contact you post-haste with any news regarding our funding.


- 3-62. Pierce Rogers                                                         -

Name: Pierce M. Rogers. PH.D
I.D. Number: 5304 -29
Post: Site 3
Title: Archaeologist
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: The Soul Cube is the Answer
This is the audio log of Doctor Pierce Rogers. I don't know if I'll make it
off the base alive. I don't have much time, so I'll some up what I have
quickly. Upload the rest of my finding to the data bank. I hope someone finds
them. It was all in the stone tablets, all thee answers. I can't believe we
never saw it. It was as plain as day. If we had only slowed down the
development of the teleporters and tried to really learn what the tablets were
trying to tell us. Trying to warn us. The ancient people battled the same
demons that are attacking us now. The demons came through the teleporters that
they built. Just like now. They created the Soul Cube and used it to stop the
demons. To drive them back to hell. I don't know how, but that must be the
answer. That is why that artifact was left behind. Left for someone to find,
if something like that ever  happens again. I can't reach Delta from here. I
won't make it. I truly hope and pray, someone finds the Soul Cube and it helps.
Lord help us. End of log.


From: Richard Davis
Subject: Scanner Results
Date: 10-17-2145


The scanner results for the ceiling carvings are back and I can say
without a doubt that this is a map of our solar system. There's a very
clear indication that Earth may have been a possible teleport destination
for the survivors of this race. If the dates on these artifacts are correct
there's a distinct possibility that we could be descendents of this race!

I can barely comprehend how immense this is. All the struggles we've
had in the past year have suddenly become trivial.



From: Timmy Rogers
Subject: Thanks!
Date: 11-02-2145

Uncle Pierce,

Mom says we're going to get to see you next month. I can't wait. You've
been away so long. I hope your project is still going well. I know you
can't tell me about it, but your work always sounds so exciting and
mysterious. Working on Mars must be really cool.

Thanks for sending me the video games for my birthday. Have you tried
these? The new Quake-43 game blows my mind. It is even better than
Super Turbo Turkey Puncher. I haven't played that since I got these new
ones from you.

I love you, and we miss you lots!!!

P.S Mom says HI!


From: Server: Mail Failure
Subject: The Soul Cube is the answer
Date: 11-15-2145

Server: send failure, unable to link to orbital communication satellite.
Please contact I.T. system administration(code 504)

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-15-2145
To: Elizabeth McNeil

I can now only beg for your forgiveness. You were right about everything.
I wish that you had been wrong and that this had somehow been a
nightmare that I will soon wake from. Now I can only pray that this
message reaches you.
Betruger is mad and things have gone worse than you could have
imagined. Now your banishment from Mars has become a blessing in
disguise. It has likely saved your life. You must get the word out. The
answer is the Soul Cube object. It always has been. Listen to my
report. I will upload my finding to the databank.

Warn them all. You must not let this spread to Earth.

God Bless You,

- 3-63. Robert Cody                                                           -

Name: Robert O. Cody
I.D. Number: 1 1 97-82
Post: Caverns
Title: Maintenance
Security Clearance: General Access

Audio Log

Subject: Dangerous Conditions in the Caverns
Audio report regarding dangerous working conditions in caverns below Delta.
This is Bob Cody, today October 18th 2145. My crew has been rewiring the
generators as ordered for the last several days. We can't finish the work.
We're stopping after today. This job ain't worth dieing for. We will be
collecting are gear and tying down what we can. We call them howlers, because
that’s how they start. First the howling, gets louder, the screaming and then
shaking earth, eh Mars quakes, throws everything around. Makes walking on the
catwalks impossible and working with voltage... stupid. The noise is a, has
got some of the guys spooked and I don't blame them. Nothing natural about
what we've heard. If someone can figure out whats causing the howlers I'll get
the crew to finish the Job. Till then well be available for a new assignment


From: Maint. Control
Subject: Generator Repairs Needed
Date: 10-07-2145

Mr Cody,

Several crews working in the caverns have reports of at least a dozen
generator failures after the recent seismic activity. Please assemble
your assigned team and report to Maintenance Supervision for the
detailed report. We need those generators operational as soon as

Thank You,
Maintenance Control


Hey Bob,

I see that you've been assigned generator duty again, good luck down
there with the 'howlers'. Remember to try and keep your team focused,
I was assigned down there last month, so I'm very aware of how difficult
it can get, especially with all those tremors! Anyhow, give me a shout
when you get some free time, we can hut up one of the common areas and
down some suds.

Talk to ya soon,

- 3-64. id Software                                                           -

Name: ID Software
I.D. Number: 2004-08
Post: texas. USA
Title: Game Designers
Security Clearance: All Access


From: Adrian Carmack
Subejct: Thanks
Date: 11-16-2145

Adrian Carmack
Artist, Co-Owner


From: John Carmack
Subject: Thank You
Date: 11-16-2145

Thank You.
John Carmack
Programmer, Co-Owner


From: Kevin Cloud
Subejct: Thank You
Date: 11-16-2145

I would like to thank our fans for playing Doom 3.
Kevin Cloud
Artist, Co-Owner


From: Todd Hollenshead
Subejct: It's DONE bay-bee!
Date: 11-16-2145

Wow. We're finally done!

I would like to thank Tara for patience with the long hours and all of
the travel and for always being there when I got home, regardless of the
hour. Thanks to Tuffy, Champ, Barney, Boo, Tazzy, Charm, Ally, Annie,
Nadeema, Firefox, Amira, Shahira, Misty and Hope (in or memories) for
taking care of Tara when i wasn't there. Thanks to my family for all of
the support and encouragement over the years.

Thanks to the entire team here at id for all of the hard work that was put
in to make DOOM 3 the game we set out to make from the start. and on
behalf of the entire team at id, thanks to everyone at Activision for their
work in assisting us and supporting the DOOM 3 development.

And, of course, thanks to the fans, who make all of the effort worth it in
the end. See you guys at QuakeCon and on the DOOM 3 servers, where
I'll be happy to spoon feed you some rockets courtesy of 'Toddh'!

Todd Hollenshead
CEO, Co-Owner


From: Tim Willits
Subject: Thanks Everyone!!
Date: 11-16-2145

I would like to thank all of our fans for playing Doom 3. We sure had a
great time making it.

I would also like to give a special thanks to my wife Stephanie and
children Richard and Destinee for putting up with me being gone long
hours during crunch-time.

Tim Willits
Lead Designer, Co-Owner


From: Christian Antkow
Subject: Special Thanks
Date: 11-16-2145

Gloria: 'Thanks for putting up with the long hours we work'

My Family: 'Thanks you for all your love and support over the years in
helping me settle here'

Bryan Watkins and entire team at Danetracks: 'Thanks for going
above and beyond the call of duty for us'

The Owners at id: 'Thanks you for your continued support and guidance
throughout the years'


From: Timothee Besset
Subject: Thanks..
Date: 11-16-2145

To my wonderful wife Christine for 'putting up with me' through the years
To my parents - Mom, you played that far to read this??
To my friends having to deal with my computer addiction.
And a big BLEH! to the #qeradiant regulars

Thanks to Id fans everywhere.. special mention to Mac/Linux players
and European gamers.

It's been a wild ride... I look forward to the future.


From: Mal Blackwell
Subject: DONE! WOOOO!
Date: 11-16-2145

Well we are finally done, it's been a long road getting here and let me
tell you 4 years on a game is a looooooong time!
To do a game like this, with the amount of people we have working on
the team, it really says a lot about the talent and commitment of
everyone at id. I would like to thank everyone at id for making the times
at the office fun and rewarding (and we have been at the office a lot!) I
would also like to thank my Wife Erin and my daughter Marlee for
holding down the fort while I have been away and not giving me to much
trouble about not being home so much. And last, but not least I would
like to thank the fans. You guys (and girls) that plop your 50 down for
this game. We worked really hard on it and I hope you enjoyed it!

Mal Blackwell


From: Andy Chang
Subject: Dirt
Date: 11-16-2145


well, here we are at the end of the game. You've been persistent and
skillful or you;ve found some cheat codes somewhere. Either way, thanks
for making it this far. In fact, I'm so grateful that I think you deserve a
little something extra. here are some highly classified secrets and trivia
about the art team.

Kenneth Scott: Can navigate a Japanese bookseller's website faster than
most Japanese people can.
Seneca Menard: Will never eat at a restaurant where orange lycra
hotpants are part of the staff's uniform.
Fred Nilsson: Can recite uncensored lines from an animated movie he
worked on.
Pat Duffy: Was once invited to a movie starlet's hotel room but didn't go.
Patrick Thomas: Cannot stifle laughter.
James Houska: Has escaped death from lightning multiple times.
Eric Webb: Tried to impress a girl by saying he liked a terrible song.
Adrian Carmack: Likes soup but doesn't seem to like crackers.
Kevin Cloud: Only eats from a blender.

Thanks to my family, friends, and you.

Andy Chang
Mesquite, TX, USA, Earth


From: Jim Dose
Subject: Thanks
Date: 11-16-2145

Hello! I hope  you enjoyed playing this game.

I'd like to thank owners of id for making such a great place to work,
everyone who works at id for being so good at what they do, and my
family for being patient with me while I was busy working on the game,
especially my Mom, who died of cancer last year.

See you around in the Delta Labs!


From: Pat Duffy
Subject: I see you found the brick...
Date: 11-16-2145

I hope you are enjoying all the hard work we put into Doom 3, it's been a
blast creating it. You are the reason we can keep building great games
and we appreciate your support.

A quick thanks to my wife Christina for her endless dedication in caring
for our newborn during my late hours. Joshua, you sure gave crunchtime
a little extra kick;)

Enjoy the rest of the game!


From: Robert Duffy
Subject: Martian Buddy Dot Com
Date: 11-16-2145

Thanks to friends and family for the support.
I hope everyone enjoys playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.
Special Thanks to Austen and Camryn :-)

In the game of the year polls please remember Super Turbo Turkey
Puncher 3.


From: Matt Hooper
Subject: Thank You
Date: 11-16-2145

Thanks to my wife Tanya, and my kids Gabriel, Aaron, and Ariel.

Matt Hooper


From: James Houska
Subject: Thanks
Date: 11-16-2145

I would like to thank my wife for her love & support during this extremely
difficult time.

James Houska


From: Donna Jackson
Subject: Thanks Everyone
Date: 11-16-2145

To all our fans,
Thank you for being the best fans around, I always enjoy meeting you when
I can.

Donna Jackson
id Mom


From: Jerry Keehan
Subject: Many Thanks!
Date: 11-16-2145

Took your sweet time gettin'here Marine!....=)

First and foremost, a sincere thanks to you for playing Doom 3! I know
it's been a few years in the making and trust that you're thoroughly
enjoying the dedication and hard work that has gone into this title.

Huge thanks to the owners at id -for making me part of their family.
It's truly an honour to be working with some of the most talented people in
the game industry.

Alright, enough mush, now get back to your objective - seal that hell
hole marine! Oh yeah, ad remember, just bring yourself back, do not
get hurt - Out!


From: Seneca Menard
Subject: Thank You
Date: 11-16-2145

Seneca Menard


From: Fredrik Nilsson
Subject: Thanks
Date: 11-16-2145

Wow, You are really far into the game if you;re reading this. Hope
you're enjoying it so far.... turn around.. Quick =)

I would like to say thanks to my friends and family: Lars, Ingegard, Sofie,
Chris, Andrew, Anneli, Tom, Denise, TJ.
Also to all my friends and family in Sweden.
I miss you all..

To SMR:   ...

Empire(|||): Thanks for all the late night Deathmatching..... Fun stuff...
Better get those shotgun skills back up to par. No railgun for you!

To my co-workers: We have an amazing crew of people working here,
you should all be proud of what we've achieved.. Thanks for keeping
that smile on my face.. =)


From: Steve Rescoe
Subject: Thank You
Date: 11-16-2145

Steve Rescoe


From: Kenneth Scott
Subject: Mixom.co.jr order has shipped
Date: 11-16-2145

A big musky thanks to the rest of my brothers in arms for delivering a
blockbuster game and being good company while doing it. I'm proud as
hell to see this on the shelves and I'm looking forward to making more
great games with you fools. :)


ps - I love you Peach!


From: Marty Stratton
Date: 11-16-2145

If you've played this far, I certainly hope you've enjoyed DOOM 3(or at
least enjoyed the quick devmap and noclip ride to look at this secret). It
was a pleasure to be part of the team that created it. Even after 4
years of seeing it in development, I'm still in awe of the detail,
complexity, and creativity packed into every square inch of the game.

To my wife Gen, and my kids, Andy and Alexa -thank you for being you
-your support if unbelievable. You three are simply the greatest! And,
to the rest of my family, 32 years of thanks, respect, and appreciation.

Enjoy the rest of the game. See you at QuakeCon.

Ship it!


From: Patrick Thomas
Subject: Thanks
Date: 11-16-2145

Patrick Thomas


From: JMP van Waveren
Subject: Did you find the MrE behind DOOM 3?
Date: 11-16-2145

Thanks to me and my beloved twin who unfortunately had to be stripped for
spare parts.



From: Eric Webb
Subejct: Special Thanks
Date: 11-16-2145

Thanks to Andy and Fred for telling me what I needed to hear, and
making me realize what I need to do. Thanks Mom and Dad for
understanding who I haven't visited in months.

Most of all, I have to thank my 'bagal-chick' Emmy! Thank you for all
those nights I came home late and you were there waiting. Thank you for
your love and inspiration. Thank you for being a better girlfriend than I
could ever ask for!


From: The Interns
Subject: Did somebody say free food?
Date: 11-16-2145

W'ed like to thank Miss Donna first and foremost for taking such good
care of us. We;d like to thank the awesome guys at id for not firing us
(yet), and the Guildhall at SMU for getting us here in the first place.

Brian would like to thank his friends and family for always believing in
him. he would like to give special thanks Kim, Jon, Lucas, Blake and
all the guys in team reaction. I wouldn't be here without you all.

Kevin would like to thank his brother Matt

- Brian Harris & Kevin Dobler

# 4. Character Dialogues                                                      #

- 4-1. Counselor Elliot Swann                                                 -

Location: NA
Specific Location: NA
Notes: Lawyer of the UAC


* I cant believe it's come to this. I didn't want to come here. True, but this 
is the last time. I am tired of running damage control every time he makes a 
mess. If that's what it takes. Betruger is going to start doing things are 

* I'm here because there seems to be some very serious problems. No. But I 
have been authorized by the board to look at everything. After how many 
accidents? Tell me doctor Betruger? Why are so many workers spooked, 
complaining, requesting transfers off Mars. I am afraid you'll get nothing 
more until my report is filled with the board. I will need full access 
doctor Betruger, delta included. I won't have any difficulty doing that 
will I? Lets go.

* I don't think you understand Doctor Betruger. The situation is out of 
control. Yes Betruger. I think I do understand.

* It isn't working. I have tried everything. The computers aren't responding.
I can't get root access to the systems. We can't do it here. We will have to
access the systems somewhere else.

* Do you see the card? Ok, lets get to the Communications Facility. We can
stop the transmission from there.

* Let get this done.

* Marine, you hear me? Back off from that console. Do not call for
reinforcements. We don't know what the hell is going on here. Until we do,
this area remains under UAC control. Cancel that transmission.

* You did the right thing. Until we know whats happening here. We need to keep
ourselves sealed off from everyone else. The monorail entrance looks clear.
Meet up with us there. We need to reach the Delta Complex and stop this.

* You fool! You have no idea what you just did. If the creatures get a hold of
those ships. Who knows what can happen. You might of endangered all of Earth.
I am going to Delta to stop this. Don't get in my way.

* Still alive? Looks like you might be... on your own. Sarge is gone. They've
got to him. I don't know how long his been working against us. His, no longer
human. Campbell went after him. His got to be stopped. Hell is breaking
through in the caverns. If that portal doesn't close before those ship
arrives. Earth will be destroyed. Earth... that's what they've always wanted.
They were there once. Lost since the dawn of time. Now its so close I can
taste it. Its up to you now. Take my PDA, its got what you need. Good luck.

* I'm too beat up. I'll slow you down.

* I'll try to make it out on my own.

* It's up to you now.

- 4-2. Jack Campbell                                                          -

Location: NA
Specific Location: NA
Notes: Counselor Elliot Swann's bodyguard


* He left you no choice. Right, your the control and if that fails I am the 
damage. Whatever you say Counselor. I am telling you now Doctor, the UAC is 
taking over this operation.

* Ok, plan B.

* No sir. Whatever you say Counsilor.

* Where you hiding.

* Sarge, find him. Gotta find him. My gun, his got my gun. 

- 4-3. Dr. Malcom Betruger                                                    -

Location: NA
Specific Location: NA
Notes: Director of research at the UAC


* Excellent, see that Counselor Swann is sent directly to me.

* Oh really? Do I need to remind you of the ground breaking work that we are 
doing here? The board authorized you? Hmm, the board doesn't know the first 
thing about science. All they want something to make them more money, some 
product. Don't worry, they'll get there product. They simply can't handle 
life here. There exhausted and overworked. If I had a larger and more 
competent staff an bigger budget and these few accidents could have been 
avoided. Only if you get lost Swann. Just stay out of my way. Amazing things 
will happen here soon. You just wait.

* No I understand everything. Operation? Is that what your calling it? It's 
not out of control Swann, you are. I will manage this and you and your 
flunky will be taking control of nothing. You understand?

* Making progress are we? At such a hurry to find us. To find... me. There is
no need to rush. I am everywhere and everything here is mine. It's a pity you
did not alert the fleet. But it is of no consequence. I'll alert them myself.
They will come to the rescue and be consumed by my legion. They will use there
ships to move this hell to Earth. You won't live to see it and you will die
long before you will have a chance to warn them.

* there is nothing left for you. But a slow death. As your lungs fill with
toxic gasses.

* Death will not be your end. Your soul will burn in hell forever.

* Torzul Amiram Enakas. Rise! Rise! Qaith Mir Yakban. There is no death for

* Destroy him.

* Destroy all who appose me.

* Hmmmmmmmmmmm

* Your friends are with me now. Soon you will join them.

* Hahahahhahahaha

* Making progress marine? Your journey is futile. You will die and your soul
will be mine.

* I have the Soul Cube in hell and you will never find it.

* My patients with you is wearing thin.

* Look around you marine, everyone is dead and soon you will join them.

* Stop him!

* You will never find the thing you seek. It is trapped in hell forever.

* You cannot escape.

* Your hell awaits.

* Welcome to my domain. Behold the shape of things to come. The time has come
for the forces of hell to escape there prison and drive mankind to darkness. 
Your darkest fear will soon be realized as your soul burns in hell. I am
everywhere and you will never find the thing you seek.

* Death will not be your end. Your soul will burn in Hell forever.

* For every step you take your soul moves closer to me.

* Suffering and pain, waits for you.

* You are too late. Help no longer needs that portal. The invasion you saw was
only the first wave. The Hell Gate is capable of sending millions of my
children into your world. Soon the fleet from Earth will be here and with there
ships we will bring this Hell to Earth! Hahahahaha!

- 4-4. R. Cooper                                                              -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Mars City Hanger
Notes: Seen at the start of the game. He is holding a PDA.


* Welcome to mars, all new arrivals need to check into reception.

* If your looking for someone to help you, just head to reception.

* I need to process the cargo log, cant talk with you now.

* If I don't get this log to Central Authority, it will be my neck. Please 
move along

- 4-5. M. Caseon                                                              -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Mars City Hanger
Notes: Sitting on a black 3 seat bench.


* I gotta get out of here.

* I am getting off this rock. You should too.

* If your staying here, watch your back.

* You should be careful. It's not safe here. Trust no one.

- 4-6. H. Feiner                                                              -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Mars City Reception
Notes: He gives you your PDA.


*Welcome to mars. First time? You can just leave your bag there. I'll have it
sent to your quarters. OK, theirs a few things we need to take care of first.
This is your Personal Data Assistant. You'll need this to access all secure
areas. If you get clearance for any security zones, it will download directly.
It's important, so don't loose it. I see here that Sergeant Kelly has requested
your immediate attention. Head directly for marine command. Head that way.
Follow the signs.

* You better move along. It looks like you have some important things to do.

*Sergeant Kelly doesn't like to be kept waiting. You better move along.

* The last marine that kept the sergeant waiting. Was permanently assigned
guard duty at the solid waste facility. You better move.

- 4-7. A. Chang                                                               -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Central Access Junction
Notes: Maintenance worker.


* Haven't seen you before. You must be with that new detachment, coming to 
check on us.

* Is there some type of problem? I am just trying to get my work done here. 

*I am trying to get these systems reconfigured, so I cant talk now. 

- 4-8. J. Yezback                                                             -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Central Access
Notes: Security Guard.


* Listen buddy, you don't have clearance for this area. Move along.

* I can't help you here. Head to Marine Command. They can help you.

* If you don't move out now, there going to bust both are ass's.

* God damn marine, get out of here.

- 4-9. T. Washington                                                          -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Command Access Junction


* I don't think I have seen you before. You must be a replacement for one of 
one of the guys we lost.

* Try not to let this place get in your head. Just stay focused on your job.
You'll be back on Earth before you know it.

* Not a lot to do around here. But watch your back. 

- 4-10. R. Slang                                                              -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Marine Command Access
Notes: Found in front of a panel and talking to J. Kim.


* Yea I saw those suits arrive too. The UAC must be worried about something. 
Hmm accidents, that's good. Is that what there calling them now? Beats me man.
Look, all I do is repair the converters when they blow okay? I wouldn't ask
them if I where you man. I heard Travis started poking around and was
transferred fast. Didn't even seem to leave. Lucky bastard. 

* I am really trying to get this fixed quickly. So a... do you mind.

* You can fix this, you can stay and help. But otherwise, get going.

* Why you bothering me? Can't you see that I am working.

* Did you hear what Carter said? He said that he saw some strange creatures
or something down in Delta. He said it wasn't human. Just telling you, that's
what he said. I don't know if it's true. 

- 4-11. J. Kim                                                                -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Marine Command Access
Notes: Found holding a cup and talking to R. Slang.


* I hear theirs been more accidents at Delta. So tell me. Just what the hell 
is happening over there. Fine but what is overloading them so much? I mean 
how much dam power do they need. Hell no one saw him go. Was here one minute, 
gone the next. 

* Marine Command is right around the corner. Why don't you go bother someone 

* What? Do I look like a tour directer, leather neck?

* Listen, I love to talk. But I am really busy.

* No what? What you can't believe anything that guy says. Another reason I 
need to get outta here.  

- 4-12. K. Tang                                                               -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Common Area
Notes: Found holding a cup and watching news report on TV.


* Ah, someone new. Always nice seeing new faces around here. Hope you enjoy 
your stay.

*  I have been here four years. My advice? Work hard and stay out of trouble. 

* You want my advice? Don't go poking your noose around places your not
supposed too.

- 4-13. M. Mark                                                               -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Common Area
Notes: Found sitting around a table and talking to K. Miller.


* Miller, did you hear about corporal Allen? Loose one gain another. Who 
knows? I hope they don't take anyone from my squad. I hate pulling double 

* Another newbie. Welcome to the worst assignment you'll ever have.

* This place is always open if you want to come by and forget. 

* Come back for a drink when you get some free time. 

- 4-14. K. Miller                                                             -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Common Area
Notes: Found sitting around a table and talking to M. Mark.


* Yea, said he just lost it. Shipped home this week. No shit. I wonder who  
there going to move Bravo team next. I hear ya. 

* Another replacement, huh? 

* Listen up newbie, I'll give you some advice. Keep your eyes open and stay 

* Yea, see people come and go here all the time. Wonder how long you'll 

- 4-15. S. Holmes                                                             -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Marine Command
Notes: Directs the player to Sarge.


* You need to report to sergeant Kelly asap. His in Command HQ.

* Don't waste anymore time. Go see the Sarge.

* Sarge is gonna have your ass, if you don't get to Command HQ pronto.

* If your late reporting in, Sarge will have you patrolling outside for a 

- 4-16. E. Grafton                                                            -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Marine Headquarters
Notes: UAC marine that patrols Marine Headquarters.


* Welcome to the unit, I'll see you around.

* Hope you don't go crazy here. Like the others hehehehe.

*  Well I got a few things I need to do. So I'll catch up with you later.

- 4-17. K. Lee-Creel                                                          -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Marine Headquarters
Notes: Trying to fix sentry bot.


* I am Trying to reconfigure this little guy. I Can't talk now.

* Hey this is tricky business. Can't be hassled.

* If you need something, go talk to Sarge.

- 4-18. V. King                                                               -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Marine Headquarters
Notes: Sitting in front of a communication Terminal.


* Don't you have some orders you need to be following?

* To busy to talk now.

* Got lots of work here, sorry. 

- 4-19. R. Kasal                                                              -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Marine Command
Notes: His wearing a lab coat. Working on a computer.


* I can't be interrupted now. I have work to finish.

* Please don't disturb me. Can't you see I am busy.

* I am doing very difficult work here. Can't be disturbed.

- 4-20. Sergeant Kelly                                                        -

Location: NA
Specific Location: NA
Notes: He appears throughout the game.


* Took your sweet time marine. Now, here's the situation. Another member of
the science team gone missing. Since your the ranking FMG. You get to
find him. I want you to checkout the old decommissioned comm facility. I
heard he might be heading that way. The only way there is through the
service passage under Mars City. I programed this sentry to guide you to
the maintenance elevator. Hope you follow sentries better then you follow
orders so far. Pickup some gear at the security checkpoint at the bottom of
the elevator. Oh, when you find him. Bring him back. Do not hurt him. Now,
move out!

* When you complete your mission, report back here.

* You got a mission to accomplish marine. Start moving marine.

* Are you deaf marine. When I say move out. You better move.

* All units, this is sergeant Kelly. Were under attack by a unknown enemy
force. Fall back to Marine HQ to regroup. I say again, fall back to Marine
HQ and await further orders.

* Squad Leaders get site rep over. 

* All units, this is Command HQ. Report directly to Marine Headquarters and
await further orders.

* All units this is Sergeant Kelly. We don't know what where up against.
Repeat, we have negative I.D on the assailing force. There mean SOB's. You
don't have a clear path back to HQ. Stock up on ammo. Establish a stronghold
and keep them at bay.

*  Roger that fire team two. Fall back to the nearest station and set up a
CP there. Out.

* All units, this is Sergeant Kelly. Fall back to Marine HQ and await
further orders.

* All remaining marine units, this is sergeant Kelly. I am unable to reach
Mars City form my current position. Move to Marine HQ to regroup and await
further orders. 

* Specialist Wilson this is sergeant Kelly. Stay sharp son. Move to your
last known RP and fortify your position. We'll find you.

* Marine, can't believe your still alive. I am unable to return to Mars city,
all passages out of Delta Complex have been blocked. Setting up a command post
here. I can monitor status reports of the entire base from Delta Central
Authority and communicate with other marine teams. It is your mission to link
up with Bravo Team and get that transmission sent. Head toward Alpha Labs.
That is the fastest way find them. I will update your  PDA security clearance
from here. Good job and good luck marine.

* Marine, if you run across any operational Sentry Bots, use them. Those guys
pack a lot of firepower.

* Marine, you gotta get to bravo team quickly. They need all the firepower
they can get. Sending that transmission is critical to are survival.

* Marine, Bravo Team reports some sort of unidentified growth taking parts
of the base. I don't know what it is. But it can't be good. Stay sharp.

* Marine, I have received a report saying you haven't reached Bravo team yet.
You need to pickup the pace. Can't wait for you. Reaching the communications
facility is imperative.

* Marine, Bravo team reports locating your position but are unable to move
to your current location. Head to engineering and try to link up with them in
sector 3.

* Marine, you gotta pick up the pace. We got more men down. Bravo team is
barely holding there own.

* Marine, I was able to locate your position. Forcon systems are beginning to
malfunction and shutdown. Massive service disruptions throughout the entire
base. I don't know how long I will be able to track you. Bravo Team has just
entered the Enpro Plant. Pickup the pace. You aren't far behind.

* Marine, base schematics show all passages out of your area blocked. The
only way through is by traversing the EFR. Mechanical subsystem with two
possible routes through it. Activating the system will get you a direct
route, but it's dangerous. Extending the service bridge is safer, but the
lighting systems are fried. Make a choice marine. Good luck.

* Marine, Bravo Team is down. There operational status is unknown. They where
carrying a military transmission card. It's vital you retrieve that card as
it contains encoded data needed to send the distress signal to the fleet. Your
the last hope to get reinforcements. Find that card and find it fast. 

* Marine, you gotta find that transmission card. If Swann gets his hands on
it. I don't know what he will do.

* Marine, get your ass to the Communications Facility as quickly as possible.
You gotta get that message to the fleet.

* Marine, are you at the Communications Facility yet? You gotta get that
message to the fleet, now. Watch out for Campbell and Swann. Those UAC suits
don't give a damn what happens to any of us. Now get a move on.

* Marine, Delta system computers are showing all off base communications down.
It's that fool Swann, isn't it. Your going to have to find another way to send
that message. Make your way to the satellite room and manually establish a
link from there. Base schematics is showing the quickest way is through
engineering. You can't fail marine. Get that message sent.

* Marine, I believe the source of the invasion is from the main portal here in
Delta. After you send that transmission. Get here as quickly as possible.

* Marine, computer systems show Swann and Campbell are still in the area. Watch
out for them and get that transmission sent.

* Excellent work marine, reinforcements will be here soon. I'll wait for you
here at Delta. Get here as quickly as possible.

* Marine! You have just violated a direct order. Get your ass back to that
console and send that transmission.

* Marine! This is your last chance to get back...

* Marine, this is Kelly. If your watching this, your tougher then I thought. I
guess things aren't always what they seem. Plans have changed. Delta Complex 1
has been compromised. It's not safe there. I'm moving secure service tunnel 1.
It's not far from your position. We'll meet there.

* Sarge is waiting for you.

* Sarge will destroy you.

* Sarge is coming for you.

* I killed that pathetic bodyguard and now I will kill you.

* I am waiting for you. Waiting to kill you.

* I look into your soul and I see fear.

* I can smell your fear.

* Welcome to the mess hall.

- 4-21. D. Morton                                                             -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Command HQ Control


* No time to talk. We both got work to do.

* Are you deaf marine. You got a mission perform. You can't stay here.

* Move out marine.

- 4-22. S.L. Medley                                                           -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Command HQ Control
Notes: Controls the air traffic at Mars City.


* Didn't you hear Sarge. You gave you a mission. Move out marine.

* Sarge will have your ass, if you stay here wasting my time.

* I got better things to do then talk to you marine. 

- 4-23. D. Young                                                              -

Location: Mars City Underground
Specific Location: Underground Junction
Notes: Drops a PDA with his name.


* Oh, haven't seen anyone new down this way in quite some time. Welcome to 
the dungeon brother. Enjoy your stay.

* You sure are curious? Aren't you. 

* Yea this is what I do all day. 

- 4-24. C. Rodgers                                                            -

Location: Mars City Underground
Specific Location: Maintenance Area CS1


* Hey you looking for the scientist right? I'm not sure you want to find him. 
You see.... never mind. 

* Don't listen to me, never mind what I said.

* I shouldn't talk about it. 

* It's really not my business. 

- 4-25. R. Fry                                                                -

Location: Mars City Underground
Specific Location: Energy Stabilization Unit
Notes: Seen talking to a guy in a small service tunnel.


* Listen Scotty, I've done this a million times. It's not that hard. Because 
I am being paid to make sure you do it. Just finish the coupling so we can 

* Buddy I don't know if I can help you with anything here. I am kind of busy.

* Maybe you didn't hear me the first time. But I gotta keep my eye on this.

* If you want to crawl around in there, go ahead. If not you can get out of 

- 4-26. I. Sinclair                                                           -

Location: Mars City Underground
Specific Location: Energy Delivery
Notes: Seen fixing a bridge computer.


* Geez! Do you make a habit of sneaking up on people? Everybody is already on 
edge down here with all the strange things that have been going on.

* The garage area is right through that door. Now stop bothering me.

* The equipment seems to be affected by something unseen. 

- 4-27. M. Ryan                                                               -

Location: Mars City Underground
Specific Location: Underground Garage
Notes: Drops a PDA with his name


* Hey your that new guy heading to the old comm centre right? You better 
hustle up pal. This passage doesn't go all the way there. You'll have a 
quick walk outside to the centre airlock. Hey don't sweat it. Your suit got 
plenty of oxygen.

* Well? What the hell you waiting for marine?

* Get going!

- 4-28. T. Ishii                                                              -

Location: Mars City Underground
Specific Location: Old Comm Main
Notes: Turns into a zombie


* Huh? no no... please, you must let me get this communication out. They 
have to be warned while there i still time. I can't let... You don't know 
what I've have seen. You can't possibly understand or comprehend. The Devil 
is... real. I know... I bite his cage. Oh God! 
* Help us.

- 4-29. R. Roland                                                             -

Location: Mars City
Specific Location: Ventilation Shaft
Notes: Extends a service ladder for you.


* Hey you! Up here, quickly.

* I thought I was the only one still alive. I can't believe I found you. 
Something happened. I don't know what it it... was like a shock wave. It it 
pass through the entire base. People started changing. It was crazy. I I was 
working up here on the vent shafts. I don't know how I survived. Go for 
help, please.

* No way! I am staying up here. It's the only safe place.

* You can't get me down. I am staying here.

* Hurry back with some help. I don't wont to stay here alone.

* Be careful, I don't know what's in there.

- 4-30. Specialist Wilson                                                     -

Location: NA
Specific Location: NA
Notes: Heard over your radio


* Command HQ this is Specialist Wilson. My team is gone. There all dead. 
I am running blind here. What are my orders? Over.

- 4-31. E. Webb                                                               -

Location: UAC Administration
Specific Location: Alpha Labs Processing
Notes: An injured marine that dies if you talk to him a third time


* Don't stop buddy. There is nothing you can do for me. There all gone. 
Surprised us. They came out of nowhere.

*  There's still a few squads operating. But there all cut off from 
each other. Try to find them.

- 4-32. G. Kreitman                                                           -

Location: Alpha Labs Sector 1
Specific Location: Hydrocon Stabilization
Notes: Drops PDA when killed


* Eh, you startled me. Man am I ever glad to see you. I thought I was all 
alone. It's been freaken spooky lately. The Hydocon has blown a few circuits
and is unstable. Be careful with that gun. A stray bullet into the glass shield
could blow the whole area.

* I am gonna try to get this thing stabilized. I'll head to the science 
office when I have this under control.

* If I don't get the Hydrocon operating within acceptable levels. It could 

* I need to stay here and see if I can get this thing running safely. 

* If the machine blow. It will kill us both. 

- 4-33. J. Edwards                                                            -

Location: Alpha Labs Sector 2
Specific Location: Engineering and Cooling
Notes: Holds a lantern and helps light the way for you


* Don't shoot. I I I can help you. The lights are all out. I"ll lead you
through here, if you can get me off this base. 

* We can't stop. We got to keep moving.

* I can't talk now. let's go.

* It isn't far. Lets go.

* Come on, I can't wait.

* Hurry up. We can't stop.

* Electromagnetic pulses have knocked out the electrical system in this
area. Watch out. A big one could knock out are lights.

* There's one.

* What was that? Stay close.

* Kill it!

* Uh, that was close.

* Oh God! Don't let it get me.

* Thank God it's dead.

* Hang on, here comes another.

* There's thee exist.

- 4-34. L. Kaczynski                                                          -

Location: Alpha Labs Sector 4
Specific Location: Reactor Sub Station 1
Notes: You can choose to save or kill him


* Hey you, can you help me? I am trapped in here. Release the door locks and
get me out.

* Thank you.

* Thank for getting me out of there. I got trapped in the chamber when the
power went out.

* I don't know what's going on here. I don't understand why none of the 
systems are responding. I'm going to try to up link into the main system from
here. This is a secure terminal. I might be able to get a connection.

* I am going to stay here. I can lock the door after you leave. I think I will
be safe.

* I need to stay here.

* I really shouldn't leave, until I got this figured out.

* What! Hey! Hey! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaa!

- 4-35. T. Chasar                                                             -

Location: Enpro Plant
Specific Location: Power Core Access
Notes: Shes found crying and then bursts into a lost soul


* Help me. Ahhhhhhhhhaaaaaa!

- 4-36. T. Ryan                                                              -

Location: Monorail
Specific Location: Recycling Dacility Boarding
Notes: You meet him on the monorail


* Who are you? What are you doing? I was waiting here for my partner. he went
to investigate what was going on. But he never came back. Now I don't, I don't
know where he is. I don't know what the hell is going on. But I bet it has
to do with those artifacts we where digging up at Site 2. I bet there somehow
connected with those things. In the Delta Complex. 

* The Delta Complex isn't safe. Your crazy if you're going there.

* Look I don't think this train is safe either. We don't know what's ahead.

* I am staying on the train until we get to Delta. Then your on your own.

- 4-37. I. McCormick                                                          -

Location: Delta Labs Sector 2a
Specific Location: Teleporter Control Lab
Notes: He describes the Soul Cube


* What! Who's there? Thank God. Your not one of them. I thought everyone else
was gone. I... I was part of this. I helped them. The madness of opening to
another dimension. Look... I don't... we don't have much time. We let it
through. The evil. The protective stabilizer on the portal just failed after
Betruger took the device. It was an artifact we found in the ruins. He took it
into the portal and hell followed him out. You have to help me first.

* I am going to try to get the teleporters system running again. Thee areas are
destroyed around us. So it's the only way through this part of the Complex. You
need to find me a working plasma inducer. It's all I need to get the teleporter
working. You can look for it in operations. I have a security clearance. I'll
unlock some doors for you. There, we don't have a lot of time. Please hurry.

* We don't have much time. get that plasma inducer. Quickly.

* Time is running out, find the inducer. Get back here quickly.

* I am going to stay here. Work on the computer some more.

* Excellent that will get the teleporter working again. But you don't have
much time. You're going to need to teleport across the containment chamber. 
It's the only way through this part of the Complex. Head into the chamber and
initiate the sequence on the machine. I'll take care of the rest. I'm not going
with you. Good luck. But before you go. I want you to take something. It's a
journal, I made about the experiments. Those things, it's all there. It'll
explain Everything. get it to someone, so this never happens again.

* Get out to the teleporter pad. I'm right here.

* Move quickly. Theirs nothing here for you to do.

- 4-38. Dr. Michaels                                                          -

Location: Delta Labs Sector 2b
Specific Location: Specimen Research Lab
Notes: Found operating on an imp


* Interesting. Ah! you surprised me. Huh, I am glad to see you. Would of hoped
they would've sent more then just one guy though. I've been studying one of the
specimens we brought back. To see if theirs something physiological that be a
weakness. A way to stop them. I found nothing so far. Haven't had enough time.
I am going to stay here and keep looking. It's the only thing I can do. There
are combat supplies in the storage cabinet in the next room. The code is 624.
I hope you can use it. 

* I am going to stay here and keep working. I'll upload my findings into the
Data Base. 

* Look, I can't go with you. This is too important for me to leave.

* You should get out of here. Get some help and tell them I'm still down here.

- 4-39. P. Rogers                                                             -

Location: Site 3
Specific Location: Artifact Research
Notes: Give you his PDA


* Are you sure, you killed them? You have the Soul Cube, just like in the
carvings I've been researching. If I am correct that Cube is are only chance
to stop this. No time to explain now. You need to get to the Caverns quickly.
Take my PDA, its right there on the desk. Its got security codes for the area
and my research logs on it. It'll help. I can't go with you. I need to finish
my work here. Good luck.

* I am locking the door after you leave. Good luck.

* I'm so close to discovering everything. I can't leave.

* I am staying here to continue my research.

- 4-40. J. Katayama                                                           -

Location: Caverns Area 1
Specific Location: Thermal Regulation Pump
Notes: Found hiding behind pipes


* Who are you? What are you doing here? Your going to attract attention and
then they'll come. Get out of here now. Take that key card. It'll help you
get to the surface. 

* I won't go anywhere until I know all those things are dead.

* You can't stay here. Your making to much noise. They'll come for us.

* Will you please leave me alone and get some help.

# 5. Computer Messages                                                        #

- 5-1. Raleigh, P                                                             -

Current User: Raleigh, P
Science Team 7 Supervisor

Audio Log

Subject: Medical Repoert 16-8

Medical Repoert 16-8, dated November 2end 2145.  Patient 0432, a Private Steve
Jenson of the UAC dark light armor core division expired yesterday at 15:43.
Private Jenson was suffering from paranoid delusions and full blown dementia,
treatment was unsuccessful. Initial Psychiatric interviews suggested only mild
psychosis with speech, motor activity and thought processes within normal
range. Paranoia being the only psychotic element directly evident. Reference
Interview G8A, Private Steve Jenson October 18th 2145.

UAC Psychologist Dr. Hooper interviewing Steve Jenson, male, age 27.

Dr. Hooper: Steve can you talk to me about last few weeks placement?

Steve Jenson: I don't wanna talk.

Dr. Hooper: I am here to help you steve.

Steve Jenson: Ive tried talking. They think I am crazy. You think I am crazy.

Dr. Hooper: They your colleagues aren't Doctors. Let me help you.

Steve Jenson: Help. Nothing can help us.

Prior sessions over a period of 72 hours revealed rapid deterioration of both
physical and mental capacity. With behaviour inconsistent with any known
patterns. The patient was responsive for brief periods and had to be restrained
during interviews. Reference interview H-3-2 Private Steve Jenson October 21st

Dr. Hooper: Tell me what you see Steve?

Steve Jenson: I don't want to see anymore. I don't wanna feel it. They'll be
here soon and then you'll see it.

Dr. Hooper: Can you talk about what you see?

Dr. Hooper: Patient unresponsive. Terminating interview. 

We have exhausted all known forms of drug treatment, in hopes of finding a way
to abate this strange outbreak of Dementia. I have yet to receive any
additional data from psychiatrists back on Earth. Options are quickly


November Reports
11-15-45 Report
We escorted #8 to the medical lab after further
instances of self-mutilation. I have cleared him for
final research and disposal, he is longer useful
as a data subject. Testing for today has been
halted due to increased power fluctuations,
however Ian thinks he can bypass the fail safes to
boost our throughput, giving us the necessary
power to move ahead with the final phase of Test
11. He is currently working on the problem in MC
Routing. I am going to security to seal this area
until testing can resume.


November Reports
11 -9-45 Report
The research subjects continue to deteriorate
mentally. I have requested a security guard
on site. I am beginning to question my own safety
working in close proximity to the them. Test
Subject 8 never stops screaming. I have informed
the guard that offices occupied by the subjects
are to be locked at all times. I asked Dr. Brasky to
place some military supplies in the security room
locker, if things get out of hand again I want to be


November Reports
11 -02-45 Report
Test Subject 4 attacked an inspector today. I want
to know who was responsible for letting them into
the rec area, especially when it was know that
non-UAC personnel were coming through today.
The last thing we needed was another accident.
Betruger assured me that no report would be
filed, but until we block these inspectors from
entering secure areas we risk exposure. We have
retired #4 and moved the remaining subjects into
the empty Sector 2 offices for closer observation.


October Reports
10-29-45 Report
Jameson cleared the order for holding the test
subject pending a detailed physical analysis. I
uploaded a request for new volunteers, so we
should have a few new transfers that are looking
for free credits. I am copying Sandra on this log
entry, be sure and check ALL potential candidates
for immediate family or local social ties. Make
sure they won't be missed, Corporate does not
want to deal with any more litigations.


October Reports
10-12-45 Report
Research subjects have become increasingly
delusional. An interesting pattern has emerged in
recent psych evaluations, all subjects are
reporting supernatural experiences. While
common enough as a schizophrenic
manifestation, I have never seen the same
psychosis affect all subjects in a controlled test
group. Recommend occipital probes to check for
growths or swelling, applied pressure in this
region might explain the mass hallucinations.
Again, I suggest halting experimentation on these
subjects until we discover what is affecting them.


October Reports
10-01 -45 Report
We sent the first batch of volunteers through the
teleporter today. Subjects were administered a
mild anesthesia to put them under for the duration
of the experiment. They reported no side effects
when awakened, and the only reported injury was
subject #7 who had several lacerations after
recombination on the receiving pad. We have
speculated they were somehow self-inflicted
during matter transference, but are unable to fully
explain how physcial damage could be
administered during an instantaneous transfer.

- 5-2. Brasky, B.                                                             -


Current User: Brasky, B.
Science Team 7 MD

New Report Filed
Dr. Raleigh requested military supplies
placed in a storage locker in case of
emergency. A security team member
delivered the supplies today and
secured them in locker 116. The lock
code was set as 972.


- 5-3. Lab A Info Board                                                       -


Primary Research Assignment

Analysis of the quantum decoherence data
recorded during the recent AcB teleportation
experiment is presently underway in CPU 8-1.
The data processed so far has shown various
distinctions between relevant macroscopic
observables and environmental variables.
Our primary goal is to feed the analysis into
a looping simulation and record evidence of
suppressed interference filtering a
macroscopic test entity. A full reconstruction
based on the simulation results could help
stabilize the compression of teleportation

Scheduled Processing Functions

CPU Bank 1 - Quantum decoherence data analysis

CPU-Bank 2 - Communications data routing
CPU-Bank 2 - Entanglement fidelirt analysis

CPU Bank 3 - Delta Labs data monitoring

New Security Code
Every Thursday

-Notice of Policy Change-

We have implemented
weekly security code
changes. There have been
multiple incidents of Delta
personnel retasking CPU
time for unapproved

Remember: There are no
unauthorized task changes
without M7 clearance. Do
not share security codes.

- 5-4. Security Request                                                       -


Administrator Access

Emergency Message Channel

Marked Urgent - Priority 1

Security Request
From Admin: Gibson Goldstein

In need of immediate assistance.
Multiple injury reports coming in
following an explosion of unknown
origin. Weapons fire can be heard
from my sta

- 5-5. Cargo Transfer Logs                                                    -


Cargo Transfer Logs



This shipment contains carious small
artifacts packaged in the lower level
research area. Items were packaged
quickly due to the shutdown deadline
however damage should be minimal.


Authorized by Transfer coordinator
Bill Kirley

- 5-6. ALERT: ALL SHIFTS                                                      -

Location: Caverns Area 1
Specific Location: B1 Conference Room 1



This area is being shut down pending removal
of all artifacts due to the structural instability
issues. Shutdown procedures will begin after
the science team has transported research
artifacts to the upper level. Make sure all
work crews are aware of the final seal date
we do not want a repeat of Phase 1.

More detailed versions of the task lists below
will be sent out to the apropiate shift

Seal construction containers - Team 2
Portable equipment containers - Team 7
Generator Shutdown - Ty Leeson
Security lockdown - Brad Stevens
Filter chamber shutdown - Brad Stevens

# 6. Level Descriptions                                                       #

- 6-1. Mars City Underground: Union Aerospace Subsystems                       -

The Mars City sublevel was one of the first multi-purpose installations 
built on Mars. Housing storage, environmental systems, localized energy 
production, communications arrays, and rudimentary research systems, the 
aging facility is vital to keeping Mars City operational.

- 6-2. Mars City: Union Aerospace Corporate Division                          -

Mars City is the gateway to all of Union Aerospace's Mars Base. All arriving 
personnel are processed here before moving to their assigned posts. Mars City 
houses the primary Marine Operations control room as well as the main 
administrator's office.

- 6-3. Administration: Union Aerospace Corporate Division                     -

The Administration Facility is the Corporate presence on Mars. Union Aerospace
executives located in the upper offices are responsible for all local and
interplanetary administrative tasks. The facility also houses data archives
and a global network access station.

- 6-4. Alpha Labs - Sector 1: Union Aerospace Science Division                -

Alpha Labs Sector 1 houses the Elemental Phase Deconstructor and Hydrocon 
systems, a revolutionary new technology that transforms raw materials native 
to Mars into useable resources. The primary EPD reactor feeds into the Hydrocon
processing system for transport to Sector 2 MFS refinement and storage.

- 6-5. Alpha Labs - Sector 2: Union Aerospace Science Division                -

Alpha Labs Sector 2 processes and stores hydrogen fuel through the facility's 
primary system, the Molecular Fuel Storage Compactor. The sublevel section 
houses the coolant control system needed for proper hydrogen fuel refinement. 

- 6-6. Alpha Labs - Sector 3: Union Aerospace Science Division                -

Alpha Labs 3 contains the secondary coolant control system for the Molecular 
Fuel Storage Compactor. Waste material from the MFS system is also processed 
here, and sent to the Recycling plant doe post-refinement and disposal.

- 6-7. Alpha Labs - Sector 4: Union Aerospace Science Division                -

Alpha Labs Sector 4 seals and prepares shipments of processed hydrogen fuel
for dropship distribution to UAC bases and subspace platforms. The system if
fully automated and personnel access is limited due to open machinery hazards.

- 6-8. EnPro Plant: Energy Processing and Storage                             -

The EnPro plant provides primary power to the communications Tower and backup
power to the entire Mars UAC Facility. Plasma canisters are also manufactured
here from the CRC power production byproduct.

- 6-9. Communications Transfer: Maintenance and Transfer Station              -

Comm Transfer connects EnPro and Communications, and acts as a multipurpose
facility for power distribution, equipment repair, and cargo transfer to other
base sectors. Due to the frequency of broken pressure seals, oxygen tanks are
stocked in this sector.

- 6-10. Communications: Central Communications Tower                          -

The Communications Tower is the primary link for off-planet communications.
Broadcast dishes are aligned for communications directly with UAC-Earth and
bridged for deep space communications via the Phobos Routing Station uplink.

- 6-11. Monorail Skybridge: Facility Transport                                -

The Monorail Skybridge crosses over the primary recycling station, a key
element in processing waste products into useable resources.

- 6-12. Recycling - Sector 2: Waste Recycling Center                          -

The Recycling Plant is key to survival on Mars, processing waste products into
useable resources. Sector 2 primarily refines and recycles chemical and
biological waste.

- 6-13. Monorail: Facility Transport                                          -

The Monorail serves as transportation between the low level access sectors of
the UAC Complex and the priority access research facilities. Have all
identification and security clearance data prepared for inspection.

- 6-14. Delta Labs - Level 1: Union Aerospace Research Division               -

The Delta Complex is the most advanced research facility on Mars. Sector 1
contains the power systems, energy core distribution center, and services the
administrative functions of the entire Delta Complex.

- 6-15. Delta Labs - Level 2: Union Aerospace Research Division               -
Delta Labs Research Facility - Sector 2 South contains the Matter Transfer
division focusing on human experimentation and other biological testing. The
prototype transfer platform is contained in the upper research hall. Teleporter
distance is limited, serving only to test biological effects of matter

- 6-16. Delta Labs - Level 2: Union Aerospace Research Division               -

Delta Labs Research Facility - Sector 2 North contains the Biological division,
focusing on studying various specimens from matter transfer tests. All
specimens are catalogued and stored locally.

- 6-17. Delta Labs - Level 3: Union Aerospace Research Division               -

Delta Labs - Sector 3 contains the secound generation transfer platforms, able
to teleport variable distances to small portable receiving platforms. Test
chambers must be reserved prior to experimentation. All assess is under
security observation.

- 6-18. Delta Labs - Level 4: Union Aerospace Research Division               -

Delta Labs - Sector 4 houses the third generation transfer portal. All
teleporter destination research is classified. Only top level personnel have
access to the central control room and activation grid for the primary test

- 6-19. Delta Compelx: Union Aerospace Research Division                      -

The Delta Complex is the most advanced research facility on Mars. The complex
is divided into three main sectors each serving unique purposes and one smaller
sector that houses the main test portal. Access can only be gained through the
Monorail or CPU Complex.

- 6-20. Central Processing: Processing Distribution Center                    -

Central Processing houses the control systems which are used to process data
for experiments, archive data, and manage CPU overhead for security and
regular day-to-day operations of the entire outpost on Mars.

- 6-21. Central Processing: Primary Server Bank                               -

Central Processing houses the control systems which are used to process data
for experiments, archive data, and manage CPU overhead for security and
regular day-to-day operations of the entire outpost on Mars.

- 6-22. Site 3: Analysis Facility                                             -

Site 3 is the ground level access point to the original subterranean Mars base
structure. research objects from the lower levels are analyzed and studied in
this facility.

- 6-23. Caverns - Area 1: Excavation Transfer                                 -

Caverns Area 1 is the location of the original Mars Base. While all research
has been moved to newer structures, this ageing facility still serves as the
primary material transfer point between Area 2 and Site 3.

- 6-24. Caverns - Area 2: Excavation Transfer                                 -

Caverns 2 is the primary archeological excavation site. All items are processed
and transported to Site 3 for evaluation and analysis.

- 6-25. Primary Excavation: Artifact Dig                                      -

The primary excavation site houses the ancient burial chamber. The discovery of
this chamber unearthed the stone tablets, soul cube, and many other valuable

# 7. History and Next Version                                                 #

Version 0.25: Basic structure of the guide was written. About 1/4th of content

Version 1.00: Massive update. I finished all the PDAs, Video's and Emails. Only
thing left is to correct grammar or the rare mistake in the guide. Future
version will come in a while when I expand the Computer Message section.

Version 1.01: Edited 1 mistake. Added George Poota PDA.

# 8. Credits                                                                  #

- 8-1. Thanks to:                                                             -

I.D Software: For creating the great game.
nicklong79: His xbox Doom 3: ROE PDA guide, inspired me.
Gamefaqs: for hosting my guide.

- 8-2. Contributions                                                          -

Tertsi84: For pointing out i missed George Poota's PDA.

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