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Master Musician Guide by Koneko

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/06/03

Star Wars: Galaxies

Master Musician Guide - V1.0
Author: Koneko
Date: 7-6-03

This FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this
includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or
being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way without my
permission. This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Russell Dorn
<Koneko@doramail.com>. All copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged
that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ. Please give credit
where it is due.


Table of Contents


I. Getting Started
II. Species
III. Skills and Point Distribution
IV. Instruments
V. Songs and Playing
VI. Musicial Techniques
VII. General Etiquette
VIII. Personal Information
IX. Updates
X. Credits


I. Getting Started


Hello and welcome to Koneko's guide to becoming a Master Musician. If you are
reading this then you are most likely intrigued about the Musician profession
or you are already in the process of making one and looking for some help. To
become a Musician you must first become an Entertainer and get up to
Entertainment Healing IV and Musicianship IV. After you have completed those
steps you can go on to become a novice Musician. These are the only things you
MUST do to move onto Musician. I have seen Musicians who also plan on mastering
the entire Entertainer class, maybe becoming somewhat proficient Dancers too
and I have seen plenty of other types out there, forming on the servers. This
guide will help you through the steps to reaching Master Musician. First off,
I'd like to start with a question that most players often spend much time
thinking about, their character's species...


II. Species


There is no racial or gender restriction placed on any profession in SWG. Any
species that the game provides is open to a player becoming a Master Musician.
To help you with your choice, let's take a look at the species and their stats
and other bonuses.

1. Human -  The predominant species of SWG, Humans can perform well in any
profession they decide to take up. Humans recieve the following modifiers...

* Health +100
* Strength +100
* Constitution +100
* Action +100
* Quickness +100
* Stamina +100
* Mind +100
* Focus +100
* Willpower +100

Special Features:

* Leadership +10
* Artisan Experimentation +15

My Opinion - Great species for a Musician. Especially if you plan to go into
crafting on the side. I think that statistically, they are the second best
species for a Musician.

2. Bothan - Short, fur-covered species, that have a special talent for making
great spies. Bothans recieve the following modifiers...

* Health +0
* Strength +0
* Constitution +0
* Action +300
* Quickness +300
* Stamina +100
* Mind +100
* Focus +100
* Willpower +0

Special Features:

* Camouflage +15
* Cover +15

My Opinion - Bothans are a species which are especially well-suited to making
excellent Scouts, but due to the high bonuses they recieve to Action, a Bothan
Musician doesn't seem like such a bad idea. A Bothan might make the best
possible Musician if you only plan on taking the Musician class a little ways
up and not mastering it. I could see something like a Creature Handler/Musician
doing well and being a fun and unique profession to experiment with.

3. Mon Calamari - The fish faces of the galaxy! The Mon Calamari are usually
found in professions that require great intelligence and mind. Here are the
modifiers they recieve...

* Health +0
* Strength +0
* Constitution +0
* Action +0
* Quickness +0
* Stamina +150
* Mind +300
* Focus +300
* Willpower +150

Special Features:

* Alertness +15
* Weapon Assembly +10
* Structure Assembly +10

My Opinion - Mon Calamari do extremely well in professions that drain the mind
pool quickly, unfortunately, besides the nice bonuses they recieve to the mind
type stats, they don't have much else going for them. The low Action pool would
prove a great hinderance to a Master Musician, whom has to perform basically
non-stop and as much as I love the little fish faces, I couldn't see them
making a good Musician.

4. Rodian - Violent creatures, with insect like faces and and a love for bounty
hunting. Rodians recieve the following modifiers...

* Health +0
* Strength +0
* Constitution +0
* Action +200
* Quickness +200
* Stamina +450
* Mind +0
* Focus +0
* Willpower +50

Special Features:

* Defense vs. Blind +15
* One Handed Weapon Accuracy +10
* Two Handed Melee Accuracy +10
* Weapon Assembly +10

My Opinion - Rodians aren't often thought of as the entertainer type, but with
their increased bonus to Action, they have nice possibility of making a good
Musician. Rodians would do best as a Musician who also wants to explore the
world and possibly also take up a profession that is more geared towards
combat. Decent species choice!

5. Trandoshan - Tall, lizard-like species, that is heavily geared towards
combat. Trandoshans recieve the following modifiers...

* Health +250
* Strength +300
* Constitution +400
* Action +0
* Quickness +0
* Stamina +0
* Mind +0
* Focus +0
* Willpower +100

Special Features:

* Unarmed Accuracy +10
* Unarmed Speed +5
* Unarmed Damage +15
* Melee Defense +10
* Creature Harvesting +10
* Regeneration +1

My Opinion - Trandoshans are more well-suited to taking up a more combat
oriented profession. Without a substantial bonus to Action, they won't be able
to perform for long without needing to rest again, especially when they get
some higher level instruments and songs. I think this species would have a
harder time as a Musician.

6. Zabrak - The Zabrak more closely resemble Humans then any other of the alien
species. The Zabrak usually have large horns and tattoos which they display
with pride. They recieve the following modifiers...

* Health +200
* Strength +0
* Constitution +0
* Action +300
* Quickness +0
* Stamina +0
* Mind +0
* Focus +0
* Willpower +400

Special Features:

* Defense Vs. Dizzy +10
* Defense Vs. Stun +10
* Defense Vs. Intimidate +10
* Anti-Shock +5
* Equilibrium +1
* Vitalize +1

My Opinion - The Zabraks are another species with great potential at becoming
good Musicians with some of their remaining skill points placed into a typical
combat profession. The big boost to Action is just what a Musician needs and
the Health boost and most of their special features would be perfect for
something like a Marksman. Consider this species if you plan on entering combat
some time in the future of this character.

7. Wookie - RWARR!! Big scary wookies are furry humanoid-looking creatures that
pack a big punch. Don't anger these fur-balls as they are quick to go berserk.
RWARR!! Wookies recieve the following modifiers...

* Health +350
* Strength +350
* Constitution +150
* Action +200
* Quickness +100
* Stamina +100
* Mind +100
* Focus +150
* Willpower +100

Special Features:

* Trapping +10
* Creature Taming Bonus +10
* Rescue +10
* Warcry +10
* Wookie Roar +1

Miscenalleous Features:

* Can only speak their own language, but can understand any.
* Very limited clothing options.

My Opinion - Wookies recieve TONS of bonuses and when you take a look at the
Wookie on pen and paper it looks like a definite option. Unfortunately,
consider this; A Wookie first off, can only SPEAK its own language. This could
pose a problem, when interacting with customers. Tips are rarely distributed to
Entertainers and when someone does give out a tip, it usually goes to that
sweet-talking female dancer (especially because of the majority of male
players). You need to fight back as a Musician and interaction is a KEY element
to taking on an Entertainer's role. On top of the troubles with speech, they
have a VERY limited clothing selection and won't always stand out from the
crowd if they don't have the flashiest looking clothing. I am very neutral on a
Wookie Musician. They have great bonuses, but the problems might out-weigh

8. Twi'lek - Another of the species, but this one has a knack for becoming an
Entertainer. They look like Humans, except for the tentacle-like Lekku's that
look like their hair. They recieve the following bonuses...

* Health +0
* Strength +0
* Constitution +250
* Action +250
* Quickness +300
* Stamina +0
* Mind +100
* Focus +0
* Willpower +0

Special Features:

* Wound Healing (Dancing) +15
* Wound Healing (Music) +5
* Battle Fatigue Healing (Dancing) +15
* Battle Fatigue Healing (Music) +5

My Opinion - You can obviously see why Twi'leks are the most popular choice for
an Entertainer. They gain a nice boost to their Action pool, along with a boost
to healing in their special features. I would easily recommend this as the best
choice, especially for someone new to the Musician profession.


III. Skills and Point Distribution


First off, let me start with the Entertainer basic profession before moving
onto the elite profession of Musician, because all Musicians must learn the
following skills stemming from the Entertainer profession. BTW I highly
recommend you to chose Entertainer as your starting profession, but if you want
to pick up Musician on the side or you wanted to start as another profession
for a different reason, then be sure to mitagrate your stats so that you can do
well as a Musician. If you need help doing this, you can contact me using my
personal information at the end of the guide, although the key thing when
mitagrating your stats is to keep Action at a decent level. If it drops below
800, you could have some problems working your way up to a Musician. Also,
before I walk you through the key skills for the profession, keep in mind that
every character recieves 250 skill points to distribute as they see fit, while
following their skill tree. Now, here is the key information for the
Entertainer profession...

Entertainer - Like all professions, the Entertainer's skill tree is made up of
4 different and unique types of skills. Image Design, Musicianship, Dancing,
and Entertainment Healing. The tree also includes Novice Entertainer and Master

1. Image Design - This skill tree allows a player to customize their own or
another player's physical appearance. Mastering this tree allows a player to
advance to a Novice Image Designer where they will learn more advanced skills
that deal with basically the same thing. For a Musician, this tree is useless
and should be avoided unless you plan on mastering Entertainer. Each level
gained in this tree, does however give additional options to modifying one's
current hairstyle, facial features, and other options.

2. Musicianship - Obviously, this skill tree must be maxed out to become a
Novice Musician. The experience needed to increase this tree can only be gained
by playing songs with your instruments and using flourishes and you see fit. At
each level gained in this tree you will gain either a new song, the ability to
use a new instrument, or the ability to make an instrument through crafting.
The details of this tree are included under instruments and songs. Be sure to
check there for details.

3. Dancing - Another useless tree under the Entertainer profession, unless you
plan on becoming a Master Entertainer. Dancing is basically the same thing as
Musicianship. Each level will give access to a new dance. If you want to gain
experience in this skill tree, use /startdance and begin your performance. It
is recommended that you use flourishes and your highest level dance availible.

4. Entertainment Healing - This skill tree is a definite must have! It is
especially easy to gain experience in this skill tree when compared to the
Musicianship tree and most max this out earlier then the Musicianship. Each
level gained in this tree provides a better chance at healing your customers.
Remember though, battle fatigue can only be healed in certain areas, such as
Cantinas, and Hotels. You will only gain experience in this skill when someone
is /listening to you and they need to be healed, but the experience gained is
usually very high!

5. Master Entertainer - If you want to be the ultimate Musician, then mastering
the Entertainer class might appeal to you. It requires a mastery of every other
skill tree under Entertainer it will net you the ability to play the Ceremonial
song and use the Mandoviol instrument, among other things relating to the other
skill trees such as a new dance.


Musician - Ahh! Here we are! The reason you probably came to this guide in the
first place. This is the Musician's skill tree, which is composed of Musical
Techniques, Musician's Wound Healing, Musicial Knowledge, and Musician's Shock
Healing. The tree also includes the important Novice Musician and Master

1. Novice Musician - Sigh... When you master the skills required for a Novice
Musician you don't just earn the skill, you then have to get Musician
experience which can be put towards Novice Musician before advancing in the
skill tree further.

2. Musicial Techniques - Ohh!! Pretty!! Lights, lights everywhere!!! This skill
tree has some fancy techniques that can be used while performing. It includes
things like Dazzle, Colored Lights, and Spot Light! This tree requires Musician
experience to level in it. This tree also includes the ability to craft new

3. Musician's Wound Healing - Yay! This tree allows an even better healing
skill. You will probably have stored away entertainer healing experience that
can be used in this as soon as you hit Novice Musician.

4. Musical Knowledge - This is like the Musicianship skill tree from the
Entertainer profession. It allows you to play new songs and use new
instruments. It requires the hard to get Musician experience, like the Musical
Techniques tree, so get to grinding!

5. Musician's Shock Healing - More healing! Get this as soon as you hit Novice
Musician if you have enough entertainer healing experience. Your customers will
love the increased healing.

6. Master Musician - Finally! You made it! Meow!! Er... yeah.... This costs 620
Apprenticeship points, which can only be aquired by teaching others skills you
know by grouping with them and bringing up their radial. You shouldn't have a
problem aquiring these points as many young Entertainers in the cantina will
need your help.


IV. Instruments


What Musician could do without an instrument? None, I tell you!! This section
is entirely devoted to them, including, when they are gained, how to make them,
and where you can find them. All instruments must be equipped like a weapon
before you can use /startmusic.

NOTE: Be sure to use the highest level instrument you have whenever possible as
this will net you the greatest amount of experience while playing. Also note,
that not all the instruments sound differently. Some sound just like another,
but one might be a higher level instrument, which nets you with more

1. Slitherhorn - If you chose Entertainer as your starting profession you
should start with one of these in your inventory. Novice Entertainers can also
craft one of these. This is the basic instrument. Sounds like a wood-wind

2. Fizzz - Your first new instrument, gained as playable at Musicianship I and
it can be crafted at Musicianship II. Sounds different from a Slitherhorn, more
like a brass instrument.

3. Fanfar - Playable at Musicianship III and it can be crafted at Novice
Musician. Identical to the Slitherhorn in sound.

4. Kloo Horn - Playable at Musicianship IV and it can be crafted at Novice
Musician. Identical to the Fizzz in sound.

5. Mandoviol - Only playable at Master Entertainer. Not all will decide to take
the skill to get this instrument. Sounds somewhat like a violin.

6. Trazz - Playable at Novice Musician and it can be crafted when you reach
Musicial Techniques II.

7. Bandfill - Drums, which are playable at Musicial Knowledge II and can be
crafted at Musicial Techniques III. Identical to the Ommni Box in sound.

8. Chidinkaloo - Playable at Musicial Knowledge III and craftable at Musicial
Techniques III. Identical to the Fizzz in sound.

9. Ommni Box - Sounds like the Bandfill. Playable at Musicial Knowledge IV and
can be crafted and Musicial Techniques IV.

10. Nalargon - The final instrument. Can be crafted when you reach Musicial
Techniques IV, but it takes a Master Musician to use them. The Nalargon is much
like an organ.

Crafting Instruments - To craft an instrument when you gain the correct
ability. You must either go out and gather the correct amount of resources or
buy them as needed. Then, when you get the correct amount (check your draft
schematics under ctrl + D, if you are unsure) you can open your inventory and
select and use your crafting tool (if you don't have one you can purchase one
from an Artisan or from the Bazaar) and select the correct instrument to make
and some pop-ups will guide you through the rest of the process.


V. Songs and Playing


Under this section you will find out when and how you can learn new songs.
Also, you will find information on how to gain the most possible experience and
information about things such and flourishes and bandflourishes. Let me start
with the different songs and how they can be gained.

NOTE: If possible, you should play the highest level song you know to gain the
most possible experience. Unfortunately, because when grouped with lower level
Entertainers who might only have access to one or two songs, you could have
trouble gaining experience, because bands should always play the same song,
even if you have to help out those Novice Entertainers, it is just polite. I
will cover this under General Etiquette.

1. Starwars1 - Gained at Novice Entertainer. Sounds decent, but not my favorite
song and it can get annoying. Medium-paced.

2. Rock - Ughh, I hate the sound of this song. It is gained at Musicianship I,

3. Starwars2 -  Yay! Pretty! Fast paced and upbeat. You will most likely
remember this song being played in the cantinas from the movie. Gained at
Musicianship II. Woo!!

4. Folk - Slow and with a light sound to it. This is gained at Musicianship

5. Starwars3 - Ughh! For the supposed "Imperial March" they did a terrible job
at this song. It doesn't sound to good on the instruments, but using some
flourishes you can OCCASSIONALLY hear some of the "Imperial March." Gained at
Musicianship IV.

6. Ceremonial - Gained when you reach Master Entertainer. I decided to leave
out Master Entertainer, so if someone could please inform me on how this song
sounds or send me an mp3 if availible, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

7. Ballad - Gained at Musicial Knowledge I, decent song, but my favorite is
still Starwars2.

8. Waltz - Gained at Musicial Knowledge III.

9. Jazz - Learned at Musicial Knowledge IV.

10. Virtuoso - Gained as the final song when you reach the rank of Master

NOTE: If you are familiar with the flourish and bandflourish system as well as
how to gain the most experience, you may chose to skip this added information.

Before I move onto the techniques a Musician learns I want to point out some
key notes on Flourishes and playing in a band.

* When you group with dancers or a band that includes at least one other
Musician, when you use /startmusic you will automatically play the song the
current Musicians are playing. This can sometimes be problematic because when a
newbie joins the group and your band is playing something like Starwars2, you
will have to change the song to Starwars1 or another song the new Entertainer
can play because otherwise they will not be able to participate and therefore
not gain experience. This is a problem, but everyone should always change to
make the new Entertainer feel welcome. Unfortunately, doing so, will make you
change to a low level song and you will therefore not gain as much experience
as if you were playing something like Folk. This can be really disappointing to
an aspiring Musician, because Dancers, which are basically the same profession
with a different style don't have this problem, so most people just decide to
make a Dancer. A Dancer can join a group and use their highest level dance
while the newbie uses basic dance or something. This needs to be fixed!
Unfortunately, until that happens (yeah, right) you will have to accommodate
for the new Entertainers. Sorry, but it is true.

* Now, besides this problem, let me explain some other things while playing or
in a band. First, use /startmusic and chose your song you want to play. When
playing the song you can use flourishes which are unique sounding music that
your play which drains the action pool, but increases your experience. To do a
flourish, type /flourish and a number 1-8 while playing. Each flourish is
different for each song and instrument (except the instruments that sound the
same) and to gain the most experience possible, I recommend doing two
flourishes about every few seconds.

* Also, you can do /bandflourish which is basically a flourish, but it causes
every Musician to do it too. It can add flavor to a band, but DON'T abuse
this!! /bandflourish has a major set-back. It causes the person who used it to
gain experience, but it just drains the action pool for every other member of
the band, with NO experience gained. If someone in your band is abusing this,
use /bandflourish off to toggle it off, so it won't repeatedly drain your
action pool and force you to rest.

* Bonuses to Experience where you might not expect it:

1. The command /applaud gives a bonus of 1 experience.

2. The command /cheer supposedly increases experience gained.

3. The more people who watch increase the amount of experience gained.

4. The more people you are grouped with (who are playing/dancing actively)
gives a bonus to experience.


VI. Musicial Techniques (A.K.A. Nothing but a pretty light show)


Sigh... As much as I LOVE the Musicial Techniques they really are nothing but a
pretty light show. I wish they would help gain experience, but unfortunately...

Here are the Techniques you gain and when you can learn them...

1. Colored Lights - Musicial Techniques I, pretty lights, like the name

2. Dazzle - Ahh!! I'm blind!! Gained along with Colored Lights at Musicial
Techniques I.

3. Spotlight - Decent, not my favorite, but gained along with the majority at
Musicial Techniques I.

4. Firejet - Gained at Musicial Techniques II.

5. Ventriloquism - Gained at Musicial Techniques III.


VII. General Etiquette


Please, try to be a friendly face in your local cantina and obey some of these
general tips for etiquette. You don't want to be the Musician everyone
despises. You won't get any tips!! Hehe!! =^.^=

1. Don't repeatedly use the /bandflourish command. A lot of the newbies don't
know about /bandflourish off and you will CONSTANTLY drain their action pools
without them gaining ANY extra experience. Be kind!

2. Help out the newbies! Most don't even know what skills you need to become a
Master Musician. If someone needs to learn a skill, always speak up and teach
them for free. Most people give out a tip for this anyways and even if they
don't, you will gain a friend, they will probably be more helpful to the group
now (as in knowing a higher level song = more experience for you) AND you will
gain Apprenticeship points needed for any class you intend to Master, not only

3. Don't bug the customers and always interact with them. It is the number one
most annoying thing when I hear someone in my group whine about wanting tips
from the customers every two seconds. It seriously bothers me, because most of
the time this only encourages the customers to NOT give out tips, which will
most likely lower the money you could earn that night because of one bad seed.
Also, always greet the customers by name as they come in.

4. Don't be rude to anyone in your group. Some of the Musicians get annoyed
because so many dancers (especially the female ones) get all the tips, but
don't act rude to them, it only shows the customers how rude you are yourself.
Be kind and interact with everyone in the group!

5. ALWAYS play the same song as everyone else in the band. It really ruins the
sound and drives away customers if you don't. Now, some of you might be
wondering about this because it contradicts a statement I already made saying
when you join a group and use /startmusic you automatically play the same song
the current band is playing. Unfortunately, a little bug (could it be called a
bug?) is that if you are ALREADY playing a song like, folk and you are invited
to group while still playing, you will still be playing the song you were
before joining the group, so, folk. If this happens and the band is playing a
different song, immediately /stopmusic and then use /startmusic to join in with
the band's current song.

6. Cats!! Meow!! =^.^=


VIII. Personal Information


My name on the gamefaqs boards is Koneko, if you didn't know that. I'm a
19-year-old male, majoring in Japanese, who is currently enjoying his Musician,
Artisan (soon to be Tailor) and Scout (soon to be Creature Handler) on SWG.
Other games I frequently play include any decent RPG, FF games with the
exception of the terrible FFVIII and FFX, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2. Online games
you can catch me on besides SWG include Diablo 2: LOD. If you have any
questions, comments, flames, rants, egotistical claims, etc... email me at


IX. Updates


None as of now. If I get a lot of emails or the game changes in some way I will
make them as needed.


X. Credits


Credits are given to those who deserve them:

* Gamefaqs.com for allowing me to host this.
* SWG for the great game.
* Matryn, for some great content on her own guide.
* The SWG Message Board.
* My kitty katty kat cat, meow!! =^.^=


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