Third Earth - the human name given to a newly discovered planet, near Aldebaran, one of the Taurus constellation stars, 68 light years from Earth. The only place putside Earth where humans can not just survive, but lead a life like on their home planet. A new hope for mankind.

But there are hideous dangers in space. Even an ordinary comet can become a perilous threat, and change a nice existence into a deadly struggle. However, worse still, a gem like this planet attracts the attention of others. And so it happens that mankind, who have been without contacts with alien races until now, face a terrible threat.

Take command of the "Bahamut", one of motherships that are essence of the human space fleet. You are one of the "Sundivers" - the ones chosen from over billions of men. Your brain is directly connected to your ship's controls and devices by thousands of wires. You're in control of your ship and the whole Earth fleet and you are able to virtually manage all its functions. In the company of two friends, "Sundivers" too, you're going to start the mission which will also be the beginning of a journey leading to the Third Earth and future of mankind.

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