1. Unlock extra options for next playthrough

    By completing the game on any difficulty, you will get to unlock extra options for your next playthough! (The options labeled "CHEAT" will lock achievements and Ego points.)
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Duke 3D Freeze RayFreeze ray will fire bouncing ice projectiles (SP only).
    Game SpeedAdjust game speed (SP only).
    Grayscale ModeDraw the game in grayscale (SP only).
    Head ScaleAdjust head size of enemies and NPCs (SP only).
    Infinite AmmoNever run out of ammo (SP only). CHEAT.
    InstagibEnemies die in 1 shot and always gib (SP only). CHEAT.
    InvincibilityTake no damage from bullets or explosions (SP only). CHEAT.
    Mirror ModeDraw the game mirrored horizontally (SP only).
    Contributed By: Hellsing4682
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  2. Weapon clothing unlocks

    These are clothing items unlocked through multi-player weapon-specific challenges to use in the changing room to customize your Duke for MP.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Backwards Baseball CapGet 250 kills with the Shotgun (Burger Face III)
    Baseball CapGet 75 kills with pipe bombs (Splatter king III)
    Brain SuckerGet 250 kills with the Enforcer (Laser Seeking Missiles III)
    Canadian Flag LogoGet 75 kills with the Garter Pistol (Tiny But Deadly III)
    Cheese HatGet 250 kills with the Ripper (Swiss Cheese III)
    Detonator LogoGet 250 kills with the Rocket Launcher (Boom Goes the Weasel III)
    Hoplite HelmetGet 75 melee kills (Punchy McPuncher III)
    I Shot Stupid LogoGet 250 kills with the Railgun (Right In the Eye III)
    Jester HatGet 75 kills with trip mines (Watch your step III)
    Military HatGet 250 kills with the Pistol (Size Doesn't Matter III)
    Retro Duke LogoGet 250 kills with the Devestator (Meat Grinder III)
    Ski GogglesExecute a frozen player 75 times (Ice to See You III)
    Tie-Dye ShirtGet 250 kills with the AT laser (Medium Rare III)
    Uncle Sam HatStomp on 75 enemies (Pee Wee Vermin III)
    Wolf LogoGet 75 kills with Steroids (Roid Rage III)
    WTF LogoGet 75 kills with exploding barrels (Smile You Son of a Bitch III)
    Contributed By: Extro_Sturt
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