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by Venture

Table of Contents

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Walkthrough by Venture

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/02/2017

Table of Contents

  1. ~ Chapter 1: Introduction ~
    1. Section 1.1: About Entropia Universe
    2. Section 1.2: About This Walkthrough
    3. Section 1.3: Register/Download (Bonus Offer!)
  2. ~ Chapter 2: Thule ~
    1. Section 2.1: Crystalline Caverns
    2. Section 2.2: Genesis Alpha Station
    3. Section 2.3: Camp Amundsen
    4. Section 2.4: Scott's Ridge
  3. ~ Chapter 3: Half Moon Bay ~
    1. Section 3.1: Camp Icarus
    2. Section 3.2: Half Moon Bay Arrival
  4. ~ Chapter 4: Miscellaneous Preparations ~
    1. Section 4.1: The Gauntlet
    2. Section 4.2: Stacking Missions
    3. Section 4.3: Acquiring Teleporters
  5. ~ Chapter 5: Swamp Camp ~
    1. Section 5.1: South Swamp Camp
    2. Section 5.2: North Swamp Camp
  6. ~ Chapter 6: CDF Outposts ~
    1. Section 6.1: CDF OP Alpha
    2. Section 6.2: CDF OP Beta
    3. Section 6.3: CDF OP Gamma
    4. Section 6.4: CDF OP Delta
    5. Section 6.5: CDF OP Epsilon
  7. ~ Chapter 7: Argonaut Island ~
    1. Section 7.1: Mission Acquisition
    2. Section 7.2: Argonaut Hunting Time!
    3. Section 7.3: Argonaut Cave
    4. Section 7.4: Crate Search
    5. Section 7.5: Outrunners
  8. ~ Chapter 8: Sabakuma Slay ~
    1. Section 8.1: Outside the Sabakuma Tunnels
    2. Section 8.2: Inside the Sabakuma Tunnels
  9. ~ Chapter 9: Maffoid Madness ~
    1. Section 9.1: Mission Acquisition
    2. Section 9.2: Maffoid Hunting Time!
  10. ~ Chapter 10: Mission Marathon ~
    1. Section 10.1: Data Terminal
    2. Section 10.2: Revisiting CDF Outposts
    3. Section 10.3: Puny Hunt - Part 1
    4. Section 10.4: Starving Atrax
    5. Section 10.5: A Break From Hunting
    6. Section 10.6: Puny Hunt - Part 2
  11. ~ Chapter 11: Newcomer Friendly Activities ~
    1. Section 11.1: Sweating
    2. Section 11.2: Swunting
    3. Section 11.3: Collecting Fruit, Stones, and Dung
    4. Section 11.4: Discipleship
  12. ~ Chapter 12: Conclusion ~
    1. Section 12.1: Concluding Remarks
    2. Section 12.2: About the Author

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~ Chapter 1: Introduction ~

Section 1.1: About Entropia Universe

Welcome to the Entropia Universe! Entropia Universe, commonly shortened to Entropia or EU, is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) whose unique features have allowed the virtual creation to flourish for over fourteen years. So why have you just stumbled upon it recently? Where has Entropia been hiding for over a decade? MindArk PE AB, the primary developers of Entropia headquartered in Goteborg, Sweden, have opted to market the game organically, setting world records and capitalizing on press releases, rather than running major advertising campaigns. As a result, the player base is fairly modest in size. However, it is comprised of quite a few dedicated individuals who have discovered a corner of the internet like no other; a hidden treasure in the endless sea of online recreation.

What are these features that so markedly set Entropia apart from the typical MMORPG? First of all, there is no defined end game or maximum character level. There are hundreds of skills, attributes, and professions to advance, but their levels are uncapped, with no end goal imposed upon the player. Personally, I find this tremendously enticing, as I have never enjoyed the experience of rushing to the end of a game, just to restart from the beginning and repeatedly traverse the same content.

Another attractive facet of Entropia is its massive world, ripe for exploration, where there is always something undiscovered just around the corner. The universe is divided into several planets, encompassed by a region of outer space. Each planet (as well as space) is enormous, and space stations, asteroids, caves, and other environments furnish the world with even more content to explore.

By far the most significant feature of Entropia is its Real Cash Economy (RCE) foundation. Players can participate in the game for free, and plenty do so; there are no download/account/monthly fees. Alternatively, real United States Dollars (USD) may be deposited into the game to be exchanged for its in-world currency, Project Entropia Dollars (PED), at a fixed conversion rate of 10 PED per 1 USD. Here's the interesting part: Players can initiate the inverse transaction as well! PED may be withdrawn from the game and converted into USD at the same conversion rate. You can withdraw in-world currency that you've deposited, earned, or won to your actual bank account.

However, as Entropia is maintained by a corporation and is not a get-rich-quick scheme, the overall PED balance of the player base must decline over time, through gameplay. If it did not, the developers would have to disburse at least as much USD to cover withdraws as they'd accumulated through deposits, earning no surplus to cover operating expenses, let alone profit for their shareholders. What this means is at least some players must take a financial loss while playing; not everyone can profit. If you are an "average" player, the PED costs associated with your gameplay activities, such as item decay, will outweigh the expected PED value generated by those activities.

Of course, you need not be an average player; there are practices and principles you can learn to implement to place yourself ahead of the curve. The most basic examples include newcomer friendly gameplay activities which award PED but have no cost. You can perform services for other players, find items that spawn on the ground, use external (officially approved) websites such as www.pedtoclick.com to earn PED by completing surveys and offers, or collect Vibrant Sweat from creatures. Most of these activities award PED rather slowly; you will not earn a real life salary, but you will be able to begin playing the game for free.

Section 1.2: About This Walkthrough

As evident in its aforesaid exploration potential and lack of an objective end game, Entropia has grown up firmly rooted in the sandbox side of the design spectrum. However, the game does include a mission system for players who prefer to be aided in setting goals, or wish to take advantage of the bonus rewards the missions offer. Recently, the developers have added many newcomer friendly missions, with item rewards capable of financially kickstarting your game play. This walkthrough will show you where to find and how to complete all such missions on Planet Calypso (Calypso), the largest and most robustly developed planet in Entropia. There are many different ways to tackle the mission chains, including ordering choices, responses to decisions the missions explicitly present, and approaches to utilizing rewarded PED and items. This walkthrough spells out a recommendation of one such way.

The walkthrough also outlines a few costless gameplay activities beyond the mission system that award PED or items, and offers some control and interface tips. However, it is not as exhaustive with respect to these topics, so feel free to consult other tutorials if you want a more in depth guide to these features, or are confused about anything mentioned in this walkthrough.

As you read, remember that your gameplay decisions are ultimately yours to make. This walkthrough strives to make economically optimized recommendations, but it is perfectly valid to deviate a bit in order to suit your own goals. For example, rewarded items with names ending in "(L)" are limited items, and can never be repaired once broken, so perhaps you'd prefer to refrain from using these items, keeping them instead as a souvenir of your newcomer experience. In this case, you might stray from an instruction to refrain from using a different, unlimited item in its place. It is very unlikely that this will have a profound, negative impact on your success with the game in the long run. However, for the most optimized financial results, follow the walkthrough meticulously and progress through missions in the order they are presented.

Section 1.3: Register/Download (Bonus Offer!)

Account Creation link: https://account.entropiauniverse.com/new-account/?ccode=pedtoclick

Copy and paste the link above to your browser to create your Entropia Universe account and receive a 50 PED ($5.00 USD) bonus. You must use the above link to be eligible.

(Contact Thaddeus Rusty Venture in-world to receive the PED, or register for pedtoclick.com to have the bonus credited to your site account. Funds will be paid approximately 30 days after registration for verification purposes. You must also acquire a small amount of skill to qualify. Do NOT create a new account for this offer if you already have one.)

Download link: http://www.entropiauniverse.com/download/?ccode=pedtoclick

The initial game download is small, as individual areas will be downloaded in segments during gameplay. Click the "Launch" button in the client loader, once it is enabled, to open the Entropia client. After logging in, you will begin the game in the avatar creation room, where you can name and design your avatar. You can choose a first name, nickname, and last name, and adjust a wide array of cosmetic particulars. After creating your avatar, you will arrive at the initial tutorial area.

~ Chapter 2: Thule ~

Section 2.1: Crystalline Caverns

After creating your avatar, you will start your adventure on Thule, in Crystalline Caverns.

Complete the movement tutorial, then speak with the first Non-Player Character (NPC) in sight, Security Chief Harkov. She will give you a free gun worth 0.10 PED, along with 0.20 PED in Universal Ammo.

Ask for help using the weapon (even if you don't really need it) to begin your first mission. You will kill five practice drones, each with a single shot from your gun.

After killing all the creatures, run through the large energy field to complete the mission (indicated by the appearance of a window), and receive 0.04 PED in Universal Ammo.

Section 2.2: Genesis Alpha Station

After leaving the cavern, speak with Mr. Yoshida to start the first leg of your Thule mission chain.

He will ask you to visit Jimmy, who has a special task for you.

There is an issue with the cables, which he will ask you to inspect. Run to the waypoint that appears behind you (stand as close to it as possible).

Then return to Jimmy and he will reward you with 0.40 PED in Universal Ammo and some Anatomy skill.

NOTE: Skills can be extracted into an item called an “Empty Skill Implant,” then sold or traded to other players, so even skill-only rewards have potential PED value.

Jimmy will then send you to kill three Highland Exarosaurs, to prevent them from breaking the cables again.

Go to the waypoint around the corner and eliminate the three creatures as requested. In order to conserve ammunition, do not hunt any extra creatures. Then return to Jimmy once again to be rewarded with some Handgun skill.

He will then ask you to repair the turret. Walk to the waypoint displayed on your map, without shooting any creatures along the way, and double-click the nearby battery on the ground.

This will net you an Electronics skill reward. Shortly after, you'll receive a message from Yoshida asking you to assist Paul Rienhardt. Walk down the road to meet him.

Speaking with Paul yields a reward of Dexterity skill.

He will give you another 0.40 PED in Universal Ammo and a Vivo Explorer (L), then send you to locate a nearby drill rig. The Vivo Explorer (L) is a health recovery tool referred to as a Fast Aid Pack (FAP). It has a value of 0.05 PED, so it won't last long. Use it sparingly, if at all.

NOTE: As items in Entropia can be sold and ultimately converted into USD, using (and consequently decaying) them has a real monetary cost. So healing with your new Vivo yields an expense, whereas healing naturally over time is completely free.

The drill rig is a short walk away. Just follow the waypoint.

You must click the machine to complete the mission, but first allow yourself to heal (preferably naturally), as you will receive a bit of damage. The next stage of the mission is to equip your healing tool. It is best not use the tool after you equip it, as you should not take further damage in the near future.

After finishing the dialog, make your way to Camp Amundsen.

Section 2.3: Camp Amundsen

Go inside and speak with Lauren to receive your next mission. You will be rewarded with Athletics skill in the process.

She will teach you how to use the Trade Terminal (TT), a machine that allows you buy and sell items to and from the game. You will be given a single Hide to sell. To do so, double-click the TT.

Click the “Sell” tab at the top of the new window, and drag the Hide over from your inventory.

Then click the “Sell” button in the lower-right corner of the window, and “Okay” when the confirmation window appears.

After selling the Hide, you'll need to purchase 100 units of Synthetic Mind Essence from the TT. Click the “Buy” tab, select “Ammunition,” and then “Synthetic Mind Essence.” Change the purchase quantity to 100, and click the “Buy” button to confirm the purchase.

Then speak with Lauren again, and she will request the Synthetic Mind Essence. You must physically drag it into the window that appears to give it to her. The item is located in your inventory, under the “Mindforce” tab.

Drag it into the window and accept the transfer.

After relinquishing the item, take a few steps away and you will receive another alert from Yoshida. Follow the road further into the valley to locate a supply pod.

Run to the waypoint on your map and click the crate to retrieve mining equipment.

The mining equipment includes a 0.10 PED Genesis Star Rookie Finder (L), 0.60 PED in Survey Probes, a 0.10 PED Genesis Star Rookie Extractor (L), and 0.10 PED in Universal Ammo.

You will then be required to equip the Genesis Star Rookie Finder (L), which you can find in your inventory, under the “Tools” tab.

Refrain from using your Survey Probes. The mining system allows Universal Ammo to be expended as an alternative, so run back to Camp Amundsen and sell the Survey Probes to the TT, banking the 0.60 PED.

NOTE: If you ever get lost or stuck, you can press “T” to be teleported back to the nearest Revival Point. In this instance, you should revive at the camp.

Once your Survey Probes are sold, it is time to start mining. This mission requires you to make three survey attempts. There are three mining options available to you at the moment; you can mine for energy matter, ore, or both simultaneously. Select to mine for only energy matter, as this option is the least expensive, and conserving PED is important.

Equip your Genesis Star Rookie Finder (L) and use it to mine outside Camp Amundsen. There are a few ways to use it, the simplest of which is to right-click in the game window (anywhere except over another object or interface item) and select “Use Tool” in the popup menu that appears. If no survey attempt is made, ensure that you have the Genesis Star Rookie Finder (L) equipped as opposed to the Genesis Star Rookie Extractor (L) (the latter is used to dig up claims located by the former).

You might not find anything during these survey attempts. There are rarely guarantees in Entropia.

If you do find something, a Claim Marker will appear indicating the location of the find. Equip your Genesis Star Rookie Extractor (L), and use it while facing the Claim Marker to unearth your buried resources.

Failed survey attempts still count toward the mission. Chances are you won't find much in the current area, since it is exactly where the other newcomers completing the mission will have mined, so backtrack a reasonable distance before making your first attempt.

Additionally, leave some distance between each survey attempt to increase the odds of success. Try to run about in a straight line away from your previous attempt for about fifteen seconds before making the next one.

NOTE: It is a good idea to unequip items (such as your new finder) when not using them. This guards against wasteful, accidental use.

Section 2.4: Scott's Ridge

After completing your third and final survey attempt, and extracting any discovered claims, go to Scott's Ridge, another nearby outpost, to continue progressing through the mission chain.

Once you reach it, you will be awarded some Geology skill, and be asked to speak to Amir at the top of the radio tower.

Speak to Amir to give him the data you acquired while mining, then speak to Rusty at the bottom of the tower. Rusty will give you several items, including a 0.80 PED Skildek P 30 (L) rocket launcher and 0.20 PED in Explosive Projectiles. Do not use the rocket launcher at this point, under any circumstances. This launcher survives very few uses before breaking, and it will be vital to combat a creature in a subsequent mission which has high health and damage output.

Rusty will also reward you with a new rifle, a 0.09 PED Solomate Rubio (L). This weapon is slightly more powerful than the pistol you are currently using, but you will not be skilled enough to use it yet, so continue to use the pistol until further notice (unless it breaks first).

You will also receive a 0.20 PED Valkyrie T1 (C,L) vehicle and 0.10 PED in Oil to fuel it.

A window will appear that explains how to spawn and fuel the vehicle.

NOTE: To spawn a vehicle, right-click the vehicle in your inventory, under the “Miscellaneous” tab, and select “Spawn vehicle.” Find a suitable surface on the ground (your mouse cursor will display a green arrow when the surface is suitable, and a red arrow when it is not suitable, i.e., due to steep terrain), and click to spawn it.

To fuel a vehicle, drag Oil from your inventory, under the “Mined Resources” tab, onto any part of the spawned vehicle. Confirm the action when prompted.

After it is fueled, enter your Valkyrie T1 (C,L).

NOTE: To enter a vehicle, right-click the spawned vehicle and select “Operate” in the popup menu that appears. Alternatively, double-click the spawned vehicle.

Then proceed to drive to the crash site.

As you approach the wreckage, you will be awarded some Support Weapons skill, and asked to conduct an investigation. Follow the waypoint to the nearby Flight Data Recorder and double-click the device.

You will receive Courage skill, and a dialog will appear detailing the final flight of the shuttle craft Starfinder. After reading the dialog, a waypoint will lead you to a crew member from the ship. Use your newly acquired vehicle, or walk to the waypoint.

Continue to follow the subsequent waypoints as each one leads to the next.

You will soon arrive at a dead body. Investigate the device in its hands.

The reward is Anatomy skill. You must then locate and destroy nearby a robot structure.

After reaching the structure, double-click the object on the wall of the robot structure to arm the explosives.

The device will explode, and you may take some damage if you're too close. Your reward for this is Handgun skill. Climb down the hill a bit to receive contact from Rusty.

He will ask you to drive to Spaceport Helios for your departure to Calypso. Follow the waypoint to this location.

Before leaving Thule, ensure that your Valkyrie T1 (C,L) is in your inventory. If you have misplaced the vehicle, press “B” to recall it to your Thule storage. There is a Storage Facility to the right of Lieutenant Smith, where you can then retrieve it.

Speak to Lieutenant Smith and agree to travel to Calypso. You will need to wait for the planet to download if it hasn't already.

~ Chapter 3: Half Moon Bay ~

Section 3.1: Camp Icarus

This marks the end of the mandatory newcomer mission chains. You can stop for now, if desired, and begin sweating or doing your own thing. Refer to Chapter 11 for some suggestions.

However, if and when you decide to complete the remaining mission chains in this walkthrough, you will continue to receive useful skill and item rewards.

Upon arriving at Calypso, you may be greeted by Sergeant Saana at Camp Icarus, or you may end up at Half Moon Bay. In the latter case, you can jump straight to Section 3.2.

Step through the following dialog with Saana carefully, or you may commit to the wrong mission chain and have difficulty following the next portion of this walkthrough.

She will ask for your name. Select the only dialog option available.

Agree to her mission by selecting “Yes, sounds worthwhile” to proceed. Selecting “No way, I love frogs” will exit the dialog (you can speak to her again if you do so).

She will then warn you that completing her mission would assign you to the Camp Icarus newcomer mission chain. This walkthrough instead takes the route of the Half Moon Bay newcomer mission chain.

Section 3.2: Half Moon Bay Arrival

Select the “Take me to Half Moon Bay, please” option. You will be sent to Half Moon Bay to speak to Sergeant Zobenis. His dialog is similar to Saana's, but this time, you should accept the mission assignment.

Select “I'll get right to it” this time to start the mission at Half Moon Bay.

You will be given 0.70 PED in Universal Ammo and asked to kill five Tripudion Punies.

Equip your EWE EP-1 Neutron (L) (your first pistol) and use it to hunt the frogs. Once again, conserve ammunition by killing only the five that are necessary. Also, be careful not to hunt too close to a turret, which kills the creatures for you, but without yielding loot or mission credit.

After taking out the five Tripudion Punies, return to the sergeant. You will have the option to increase your Handgun or Rifle skill. Select the Rifle skill increase.

You will then be asked to report to Captain Hera, who can be found down the path behind Zobenis.

As you climb the hill, you will receive an invite to participate in a team instance called “The Gauntlet.” This walkthrough covers “The Gauntlet” in a bit. For now, just select “No, thank you,” and continue toward the camp.

When you arrive, speak to Captain Hera.

She will ask you to inspect the nearby Gun Turret, which will then be marked on your map.

Select the Gun Turret 4 Console. A dialog will appear asking you to repair the turret by connecting a group of wires.

Connect the wires in the following order:

  1. Black and Yellow
  2. Red and Yellow
  3. Red and Yellow

After repairing the turret, return to Captain Hera for a reward of Anatomy skill. Upon speaking to Captain Hera again, she will ask you to locate a missing scout, and give you 0.20 PED in Universal Ammo before sending you on your way.

Before leaving, climb the ramp to the upper level of the camp building and speak to Aila Bukin to receive another mission to complete later.

After accepting Aila Bukin's mission, you will be given 1.70 PED in Universal Ammo.

Now follow the waypoint to find the missing scouts, which are about 500 meters away from the camp.

Stand next to the vehicle and a dialog window will appear, sending you to a robot camp. You will be rewarded with Anatomy skill and 0.20 PED in Universal Ammo.

Make your way southeast from the crash to reach the robot camp.

Approach the terminal to sabotage the robot camp.

A dialog will appear; select either option to destroy the machine. You will take some damage and may be attacked by the robots nearby. Do not waste any ammunition trying to kill them. Just let yourself die if they attack you.

NOTE: You have a chance of receiving defensive skill gains whenever you take damage from a creature. Death generally has no cost in Entropia, so there's no reason to go out of your way to avoid being attacked.

If you die, you should revive near Captain Hera. If there are no creatures nearby to attack you, press “T” to be teleported back instead.

When you return to Captain Hera, you will be rewarded with a piece of CDF Scout armor worth 0.10 PED. Do not equip it, as wearing armor is not worthwhile at this point in your journey.

~ Chapter 4: Miscellaneous Preparations ~

Section 4.1: The Gauntlet

It is now time to return from Half Moon Bay to Camp Icarus via the Teleporter.

Note: A Teleporter allows players to warp to predefined locations around the planet free of charge. You must visit most Teleporters to unlock the ability to use them, but the Camp Icarus Teleporter is unlocked by default.

Use the Teleporter and select Camp Icarus.

Click the teleport button after selecting a location to be transported.

The Gauntlet Organizer is located near the Camp Icarus Teleporter. A team is required to enter the instance. Once you arrive at Camp Icarus, announce your intention to form or join a team for “The Gauntlet” in the Main Chat. You can say, for example, “Looking for a Gauntlet team for stages 1 and 2.” Then wait for a response. If no one is interested at the moment, try again later. However, the reward for this mission includes 10 PED in Universal Ammo, which is quite useful for completing other missions, so try to find a team at the earliest convenience.

When you find a team, speak with the organizer to enter.

You do not need to actually shoot anything or actively participate in the instances to receive the mission rewards. I recommend trying to shoot as little as possible; just follow the group until the end of each stage to conserve ammunition.

Gauntlet stage 1 video:

Gauntlet stage 2 video:

NOTE: Whenever you form or join a team, always click the “Team settings” icon on the team bar and check the “Loot mode.” Until you understand the mechanics of the different modes, it's generally best to hunt only in teams that use the “Damage: Share Loot” setting. Most experienced players use this setting anyhow. Since not all other modes distribute loot roughly proportionally to each member's damage input, beware that they can be (and sometimes are) employed deceptively.

Upon completion of stage 1, you will be awarded a Vivo S10 FAP with a value of 4 PED, alongside a single Daily Token.

Completing stage 2 yields 10 PED in Universal Ammo, another Daily Token, and a 2.50 PED Robot Beacon which acts as a key to enter another type of instance.

Section 4.2: Stacking Missions

The game plan from here on out is to accept as many missions as possible before working on completing them. Kills can contribute to multiple missions simultaneously. For example, after you accept four different missions to kill a certain creature, a single kill counts toward all four. Adhering to this facet of the walkthrough's protocol will optimize your mission reward efficiency, granting as many rewards for as few hunts as possible.

The first stop is Port Atlantis. Walk behind the Camp Icarus building and spawn your vehicle on the road.

Open your map and right-click the general area of Port Atlantis to set a waypoint. Don't worry about getting it pixel perfect. The approximate coordinates are LAT: 61652, LON: 75283.

Then drive to the waypoint to reach Port Atlantis.

Once you arrive, visit the Teleporter to unlock it. This will allow you to return to Port Atlantis instantly in the future. The Teleporter is located at LAT: 61418, LON: 75217.

After that, enter the nearby building.

Inside the building, locate the Hunting Challenge Terminal and accept the mission “Iron Puny Creatures” (you may also accept the other missions now or at any time in the future, but you may find that having too many active at once clutters your mission log).

Video of walking to the terminal:

You may also accept the mission “Daily Hunting Challenge Category 1.” It may be for puny creatures if you are lucky. Otherwise, abandon it, and you will have another chance to acquire the puny creature mission tomorrow.

Section 4.3: Acquiring Teleporters

Use the Televator in the middle of the room to descend to floor 1.

Proceed through the single door exit to the front entrance of the building.

Locate and speak to the Port Atlantis Official near the Economy building.

Accept the mission “Basic Teleporter Information.” It will provide a waypoint for you to return to the Teleporter.

Finally, speak to the Teleporter Technician next to the Teleporter. Doing so unlocks several Teleporters you will need in the future.

~ Chapter 5: Swamp Camp ~

Section 5.1: South Swamp Camp

The next destination is South Swamp Camp (which you may have already passed on your journey to Port Atlantis). Follow the road from the northeast exit of Port Atlantis.

Video of the trip from Port Atlantis to the South Swamp Camp:

The location is LAT: 62026, LON: 75547.

Inside the camp building, speak to Dr. Udenis.

The doctor will ask you to wipe the lenses of six cameras around the camp. Follow the waypoints to complete the mission.

After wiping the lenses and killing five Tripudion Punies, return to the doctor and she will reward you with 0.08 PED in Universal Ammo. She will then give you another mission to return to the swamp and pick some cherry trees.

After completing it, you will be rewarded with another 0.08 PED in Universal Ammo. Speak to her once more and she will send you back to Port Atlantis. Just follow the waypoint as usual.

Deliver the sample to Doctor Borev to receive some Botany skill. She will then ask you to return to the Port Atlantis Official you spoke with earlier. Reply “No I do not want to” or simply skip the mission if you accept it. There is no reward for completing it, and it does not unlock any further missions.

Section 5.2: North Swamp Camp

Proceed from there to North Swamp Camp. If you detour through the north exit of Port Atlantis, you can pick up a mission that provides a waypoint to get there, but doing so is not necessary. The Camp is located at LAT: 61964, LON: 76187.

Video of the trip from the north exit of Port Atlantis to North Swamp Camp:

Speak to Hokan when you arrive at the camp.

He will give you 0.15 PED in Survey Probes and send you to three waypoints. Go inside the camp building and speak to “Sweaty” George first.

George will ask you to enter the swamp again, this time to sweat some creatures. The other NPC in this room is Linn. Speak to her to receive another mission.

She will send you to kill thirty Exarosaurs, which can be completed later when stacked with other missions. Make your way into the swamp.

Inside the swamp, you will have to sweat creatures until you extract twenty bottles of Vibrant Sweat. Refer to Section 11.1 for a detailed explanation of sweating and keyboard shortcut configuration.

Use these shortcuts to extract the twenty bottles from creatures in the swamp. If you die, heal naturally, or use the Vivo Explorer (L) FAP. The Vivo S10 will work better when you have more skill.

The more the creatures' attacks connect, the longer it will take you to acquire the necessary Vibrant Sweat, but you will also net more defensive skills in the process.

Return to Sweaty George when finished to receive some Sweat Gathering skill. Sell your Survey Probes to the TT, then exit the camp and head toward the first waypoint of the mission “Allophylic Enmatters.”

At the first waypoint, use your Genesis Star Rookie Finder (L) to search for energy matter, the cheapest mining option. Ensure that it uses Universal Ammo to operate. If it does not, return to the TT and sell your Survey Probes. Then proceed to the second waypoint.

Perform a survey attempt here as well. Then head to the final waypoint and perform another. Don't worry if you don't find anything during these attempts. Mining results are fairly volatile, so it's generally best for newcomers to mine only for mission rewards. If you do find something, be sure to extract it, and consider it a bonus.

Run into the swamp and sweat a creature until it kills you. You should revive back at North Swamp Camp near Hokan.

Hokan will give you some Surveying skill and a waypoint to Argonaut Island for another mission chain. You will begin this chain after visiting the CDF Outposts.

~ Chapter 6: CDF Outposts ~

Section 6.1: CDF OP Alpha

Make your way back the Port Atlantis Teleporter and use it to travel to Cape Corinth.

When you arrive, enter the building and use the Televator in the middle of the room.

Go down to floor 1.

Leave the building and begin to drive along the road. This will be a long trip during which you'll acquire several missions. Drive left toward CDF OP Alpha located at LAT: 61435, LON: 87359.

When you arrive, speak with Corporal Dolph. He will give you a mining mission.

Section 6.2: CDF OP Beta

Keep following the road until you reach CDF OP Beta located at LAT: 60571, LON: 86822, where you will meet Private Carter and Specialist Eve.

Video of the trip:

When you arrive, talk to both NPCs. Carter will ask you to investigate Maffoid activity near the hangars, and kill some Maffoids. Eve wants you to kill Cornundos Punies. Do not engage either of these creatures for the time being; there are more missions to stack.

Section 6.3: CDF OP Gamma

Continue down the road to CDF OP Gamma, located at LAT: 59364, LON: 85139.

Video of the trip:

When you arrive, speak with Sergeant Rick and Corporal Carla. Find 300 missing parts for Rick, and mine some materials for Carla. Since the missing parts are looted from Maffoids, this will count toward your previously acquired mission as well.

Section 6.4: CDF OP Delta

Drive further down the road to CDF OP Delta located at LAT: 60253, LON: 84564.

Video of the trip:

When you arrive, speak with Corporal Alice and Private Brian. Brian will ask you to kill 300 Berycled Punies or Razortooth Juveniles. Alice will offer another mining mission.

Section 6.5: CDF OP Epsilon

Continue down the road once more to CDF OP Epsilon, located at LAT: 60898, LON: 82736.

Speak with Private Lance, who will send you to investigate some buildings. You can do this mission right away.

Video of the mission:

Simply visit each waypoint then return to Private Lance to complete the mission “Unknown Area.”

~ Chapter 7: Argonaut Island ~

Section 7.1: Mission Acquisition

Follow the road to Camp Phoenix, located at LAT: 62969, LON: 82737.

Video of the trip:

Speak to the privates outside to acquire three hunting missions, two to kill Snablesnots, and one to kill thirty Berycled Youngs.

Walk into the center of the Teleporter to unlock it, then use it to return to Camp Icarus.

When you arrive, open your mission log (there is an icon in the upper-right corner of the screen), select “To Argonaut Island,” and click the “Track” button.

Make your way to the Argonaut Island waypoint.

When you arrive, speak with Harzol Kenna inside the outpost. She will ask you to kill twenty-five Argonauts.

After accepting, a dialog for another mission called “Stroll on the Beach,” should appear. Accept this mission as well, by speaking to Taylor Strong.

Visit each waypoint for the mission “Stroll on the Beach.” Do not kill any Argonauts yet.

Video of the mission being completed:

Return to Taylor when finished to be rewarded with Surveying skill, and receive a mission to loot ten units of Argonaut Iron, a special mission item.

Before hunting the Argonauts, there is one additional mission to acquire. Make your way south to CDF Atlantic Outpost, located at LAT: 62772, LON: 75230.

Video of the mission:

Speak with Captain Reeves, who asks you to retrieve CDF supplies and flight records, and also kill ten Argonauts.

Go to the waypoint to recover the flight records, but do not kill any Argonauts yet.

Video of the mission:

When you arrive at the supply crates (after picking up the flight recorder), collect all five, then make your way back to Argonaut Island.

Section 7.2: Argonaut Hunting Time!

When you arrive back on Argonaut Island and the mission “Scare Tactics” reactivates, you can start hunting the twenty-five Argonauts. Track the missions “Scare Tactics,” “Hard Evidence,” and “Crash ‘n' Smash,” as your hunt will count toward all three simultaneously.

Use your EWE EP-1 Neutron (L) to kill the creatures. You may find it a bit difficult to kill them with this weapon, but should be okay if you focus on Argonaut Outrunners, as they have less health than the Argonaut Grunts. Feel free to use the Vivo Explorer (L) to heal, but try to still avoid using the Vivo S10. Don't be afraid to heal over time as well (as shown in the video).

Video of hunting on the island:

After knocking them out, you will be awarded Anatomy skill. The next step is to kill the three leaders on the island. Visit each of the waypoints and eliminate them one by one.

Video of fighting the leaders:

Section 7.3: Argonaut Cave

You will then receive a mission to enter a nearby cave. Go to the waypoint and enter Argonaut Cave.

You will have to kill every creature in the cave to complete the mission. This mission may take some time with your current equipment, but you will gain a decent batch of combat skills in the process. If your Vivo Explorer (L) breaks, you can use the Vivo S10 at this point (even though you are not yet skilled enough to use it with maximal efficiency). Take on the creatures one at a time, and only heal while you're not in combat.

Video of the mission being completed:

After completing Argonaut Cave, return to the researchers and turn in your missions. Harzol gives you 0.17 PED in Universal Ammo, while Taylor Strong offers a choice between an EWE EP-1 Neutron (L) and Universal Ammo. Choose the latter, and he will reward you with a batch worth 0.24 PED.

You will also be offered a daily mission. You may accept it, if desired, and complete it after finishing the walkthrough to earn Daily Tokens. Speak with the researcher to acquire the mission.

Next, return to Captain Reeves and turn in the other completed mission. Make sure you are tracking the mission “Crash ‘n' Smash” and travel south to the waypoint.

Speak with Captain Reeves to turn in “Crash ‘n' Smash” and claim 0.40 PED in Universal Ammo.